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  • Civilization Revolution Free in Xbox Live Games with Gold Promotion

    games with gold civilization

    Just as information about Sony's free game lineup for March was released, we're hearing rumors about what games may make it into Microsoft's similar loyalty program, Xbox Live Games with Gold.

    So far, nothing has been made official, but according to WorthPlaying, a pretty reputable source when it comes to this stuff, Civilization Revolution will be one of the titles made available in this month's Games with Gold promotion.

    Civ Revolution is a pretty fun game, but it has been out since 2008 now, and whilst Microsoft is offering 6 year old games to their loyal gamers, Sony is giving away free copies of Tomb Raider, a game that was released just 1 year ago.

    Of course, Microsoft could be giving no games away at all, so we shouldn't really complain at these free titles, but still, it would be nice if the guys behind Xbox decided to put a bit more thought into the loyalty rewards for those paying a monthly subscription to get the most out of their consoles.

    So far, there's no details on what game will be accompanying Civilization Revolution later on in the month, but let’s hope it's something enjoyable. If you haven’t played any Civilization games, Revolution is definitely a good way to get into the series. Back in 2008 I absolutely loved it. You'll have till the end of the first half of the month to download Civilization Revolution to your games library, at which point the game will be replaced with the next March title planned this month.

  • Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer released

    If you haven't got enough online DC face-smashing action out of Injustice: Gods Among Us or Batman Arkham: Origins, you may want to put your copy of Batman Arkham Origins into your Xbox or PlayStation as Warner Bros. have just released a new patch that adds an online multiplayer mode into the game.

    Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer

    The new online multiplayer mode has been named 'Hunter, Hunted' and it splits players into three different teams. The first team is a three man team of Bane's thugs, the second is a similarly sized team of the Joker's thugs, and the last team is of course Batman.


    The game is in essence a team-based elimination game mode because after a player is downed, he or she will not be able to respawn in, making each game super fast paced. I've watched a little bit of gameplay footage and it seems as if the game plays out as a standard team-based elimination game mode, but because Batman is thrown in on top of things, the average experience of Hunter, Hunted is completely different.


    Players playing as batman can lurk around out of sight, picking off weak foes and waiting for the perfect time to strike, whilst the teams of thugs need to keep an eye out for batman and the other enemy team, and then work together to ensure they have enough team members left to kill off Batman at the end. Personally I think it looks like great fun.

  • Minecraft PS3 Set for Release this week

    Minecraft PS3 ReleaseDespite being out on the Xbox 360 since last year, no other ports have reached the market, apart for the pocket edition version for Android and iOS devices. However, that is about to change as it has been confirmed that 4J Studios, the team behind the console ports, has finally finished with the PS3 version and it is planned for a release this week.


    On Tuesday, 17th December, Minecraft for PlayStation 3 will be available as a digital download on the PlayStation store. The Minecraft Xbox 360 version is available for around $20, so it's likely the price of the PlayStation 3 version will be similar, however we won't be able to find out until it's release day tomorrow.


    Although it has taken 4J Studios a long time to port the Xbox version over to the PS3, the PlayStation version won't be missing out on any game content, and will include all of the features in the latest patch on the Xbox 360 version.


    The PS3 game will come with no extra skins or texture pack DLCs, but these will be added later on in 2014.


    The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports were also planned for a late 2013 release, however they have since been delayed and will now only make it to consoles some time in 2014, along with the extra PS3 DLC content.


    4J Studios also have plans for improving upon the current gameplay experience for the console port, however they won’t be working on new updates for the consoles until all console versions are out, so TU14 for Xbox 360 has since been delayed.

  • Warner Bros. Working to Fix Batman Arkham Origins Save Issues

    After an increasing number of reports about save game bugs and issues, Warner Bros. has made an official statement giving information on a variety of Batman: Arkham Origins problems that they are aware of.

    In the official statement, Warner Bros. has listed all of the bugs and issues, however they have not yet made a fix for "rare" corrupted save problems, and it's unlikely that those who have encountered this bug will be able to get their saved content back.

    "We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues," Warner Bros. said in its statement.

    The list of bugs includes both small issues like occasional crashing and freezing and more serious game breaking problems like corrupted save files and bugs that stop players from being able to access and play the story mode.

    Although Warner Bros. haven't released any information on how to avoid these bugs from happening, they have mentioned a few times in their statement that they are working hard on ironing out game breaking bugs and plan to send out fixes via patches that will be made a necessity to be able to play the game once they've been made available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The full statement can be read below.

    Known Issues

    • 1) Infinite Falling/Falling Out Of World - All platformsSome players have been stuck in an endless loop of falling, making it impossible to complete certain missions and progress through the single-player campaign. We believe we have identified the issue and are currently testing the software update, which will push most players back to their previous save so that they will not be stuck in an infinite loop.
    • 2) Unable To Continue Story - All PlatformsSome players can see their story progress in the main menu, but once they choose the story slot they don't see an option to "Continue" and only "New Game" shows up. This issue should be resolved and the "Continue" option will once again be available.

      3) FreeFlow Focus mode not unlocking upon reaching "Shadow Vigilante" rank 3 will be fixed - All Platforms

    Specific to the PC, an update that addresses the above issues, as well as the following, recently went live:

    • Fix for progression blocker keeping some players from navigating through the vent in the Burnley tower.

    We have not yet solved the following rare issues and are continuing to investigate.

    • Corrupted Saves - Xbox 360 onlyPlayers have reported losing their saved game to data corruption. Specifically, when you try to choose a story slot to continue, it says "Corrupted" and if you select it, an error message appears which says, "The save is corrupt. Please delete it." We believe we know what is causing this and need a few more days to validate before pushing a patch through.
    • 2) Ongoing Crashing/Freezing Issues - Xbox 360 onlyPlayers have reported recurring crashing and freezing while playing the game. We have been working hard to track down and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We believe we know what is causing these issues and need a few more days to validate before pushing this patch through. In the meantime, some players have managed to avoid the freezing by disconnecting their console from the Internet while playing.
  • Battlefield 4 will have "Deepest Online Career Ever"

    All of the hype that has gone towards Battlefield 4 has gone straight towards the online multiplayer portion of the game, and whilst there will be a story driven campaign as always, all eyes are on online.

    DICE seem to understand that because they have put a lot of effort into making sure the Battlefield online multiplayer experience is better than any other previous game in the series. In fact, DICE are calling the online multiplayer on Battlefield their "deepest online career ever."

    So, what gives DICE such a strong pride towards their online multiplayer on Battlefield 4? Apart from the all new customizable weapons system, weapon and vehicle camo's, and the brand new progression system, there is actually quite a lot to be proud of.

     "While sharing similar basics with Battlefield 3, we are now offering a cleaner upgrade path, clearer Ribbon and Medal progression, and an increased focus on richly rewarding great team play."

    On top of the ranking system which starts at 0 and ends at 100, there will also be new redesigned ribbon awards, making all of your actions in Battlefield 4 that much more worth it.

    "We know our fans can spend literally hundreds of hours on the Battlefield. With Battlefield 4, we want to make sure players have goals to aspire to at the end game, while at the same time rewarding players at earlier ranks as well. Ribbons are the quick fixes, whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to the series."

    "You typically can get one or more of these in a single round if you perform well. They can be awarded for anything from repairing vehicles, capturing flags, or reviving team mates. There are 45 unique Ribbons in the game, and you can earn each of them an infinite number of times."

    The ribbon system was a good addition to the Battlefield online system because it added more goals to achieve within a game, and this is especially important for making those long game modes more enjoyable and more engaging.

  • New Obliteration Mode Added to Battlefield 4 Beta

    Despite only launching with two different gameplay modes, Conquest and Domination, DICE have just rolled out an update to the Battlefield 4 BETA to add another multiplayer game mode.

    The new game mode is named Obliteration and should be available to play on all platforms that currently support the Beta. (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

    In Obliteration, a bomb will spawn in a randomly selected location on the map, and two teams will fight to pick up the bomb and then plant it in one of the three team's objective points.

    As you can imagine, the bomb spawn point will be incredibly hectic, and once the bomb has gone off at an objective point, both teams will then have to fight for a new randomly placed bomb on the map.

    Once a team has destroyed all three of their objectives, they will win the game. Alternatively, the game will end after the timer runs down.

    In the full version of Battlefield 4, there will be a total of seven different multiplayer modes and ten different maps, however Obliteration is only the third available game mode on the BF4 Beta, and there is only one map available to play on.

    No news has been given on whether any more game modes or maps will be available in the Beta.

  • You can buy In-game Cash with Real Cash in GTA Online

    When Rockstar announced that Grand Theft Auto Online was going to be a game separate from GTA V and will live on past the lifespan of the fifth game, many expected there to be some kind of catch.

    This week the catch has been revealed by Rockstar themselves after speculation and rumors of purchasable in-game gift cards spread the internet.

    It has been revealed that you will be able to purchase in game currency cards for Grand Theft Auto Online with real cash straight from your wallet.

    The cards will range from $100,000 to $1,250,000 with various valued cards in between. The cheapest $100,000 card will cost £1.99 (or ~$3.20) and the $1,250,000 card will cost £13.99 ( ~$22.40)

    Interestingly, the money system will work differently to GTA V in GTA Online. For example, you’ll be able to pick up a pricy car for $150,000 instead of $1 million, and the most expensive property only costs $400,000.

    Guns and car modifications will end up costing more though, and these will be the items most players will aspire towards.

    GTA Online will be available to play by anyone with a copy of GTA V on either PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 on October 1st for free.

  • How to Get Property for Free in GTA V Glitch

    There is a whole lot to do with your money in Grand Theft Auto 5, but unless you're smart about spending and investing your cash, you can end up running out pretty quickly. If you're looking for a better way to earn cash without doing it the legit way, you may be interested in this glitch which can allow you to buy ANY property in the game for free, as long as you have more money than the cost of the property.

    Warning: Some users have reported that this glitch has broken their mission files and have said that they cannot continue on with missions. Do this glitch on a new save or wait to complete the story first.

    This glitch is actually fairly simple to reproduce. All you need to do is make sure you have the cash for the property in the first place. (in the case of the more expensive properties like the golf course, this may take time to earn.) Once you have the cash, go to buy the property like you normally would, however as soon as the quick cutscene starts, pause the game immediately and choose a mission to replay.

    To save time, pick a quick and easy mission. Once you've completed the mission, you will appear in front of the property you bought, and you will own it and still have the money left over from before.

    One more tip: Consider saving the game before buying a property. This way if you fail to do the glitch, you don't have to waste your hard earned money and can just load up the save before you tried to buy the property.

  • For $10 you can swap your Current Gen Games to Next Gen through Microsoft Store, Amazon or Best Buy

    The transition to a new generation of consoles isn't exactly the most convenient thing in the world. Firstly you have to fork out money for the new console, and then you have to invest in new controllers, new games and new peripherals. On top of this, this time round we won't be able to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One so if you want to play games like Battlefield 4, COD Ghosts or FIFA 14 on the new generation console, you'll have to go out and buy the Xbox One version.

    Luckily, Microsoft is making the transition a lot easier and a lot less tight on your wallets. You will be able to 'trade in' your current gen copy of games and in return receive a next gen version. For example, if you have purchased COD Ghosts for the Xbox 360 but want to play it with your buddies when they get it on Xbox One, you'll be able to drastically reduce the cost of the Xbox One version by trading in the Xbox 360 version.

    In fact, you'll only have to fork out another $10 to receive a copy of the game on Xbox One.

    Unfortunately this deal seems to only be available on Amazon, the Microsoft Store and Best Buy and will probably be exclusive to the US. Currently there doesn't seem to be any similar deal for PlayStation either.

  • Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic: 2013 Available for free With Xbox LIVE Games with Gold

    This week, an announcement was made to reveal the upcoming games for September's Games with Gold campaign, a new scheme that gives two free games to Gold members each and every month.

    Like previously, the first half of the month will open a window to download the first game, and starting from the 16th September to the end of September, the first game window will close and the second one will open up, allowing Gold members to download the second game.

    This month, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas and Magic 2013 will be available for free. Whilst Rainbow Six Vegas is a very old game and was released back in 2006, Magic 2013 is a pretty new game, so if you're into the gameplay that the Magic series offers, this month's offering of free games in the Xbox LIVE Games with Gold campaign is pretty decent.

    Magic 2013 can usually be bought online brand new for $9.99 and includes a previously unseen multiplayer version. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six can be bought for $19.99 brand new and for a few pennies used, and is an enjoyable team based strategy shooter. The game also includes multiplayer action.

    To be able to enjoy these games you will need an Xbox 360 with a large enough hard drive to store these games as they will need to be downloaded to your console and will play locally, even when you are not connected to Xbox LIVE.

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