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Battlefield 4

  • Upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC Will be Free

    battlefield hardline dlcBattlefield 4 has already had a season pass but DICE aren't quite done with developing content for the game just yet. However, instead of charging players extra on top of all the other additional DLC costs already tied onto Battlefield 4, DICE has made the noble choice to release all of the future DLC content for free.

    Whilst previous DLC will still cost players the same it does today, any new content created by DICE and released for Battlefield 4 from this day forwards will be absolutely free to all players.

    So far there are a lot of details that haven't been shared by DICE, but we do know that they are working on some new maps, including night time maps. The night maps should be variants of previously released maps. So far we already know that Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311, and Golmud Railway will be receiving nighttime variants. A new community-made map is also in the works and should be released for free in the not too distant future.

    A new patch is planned for this Spring and it will come with some new content too. As well as fixing up some bugs, the Spring patch will add in five new weapons and the Gunmaster game mode.

    For those new to the Battlefield series, Gunmaster plays out just like other Gun Games. You'll start with one weapon and each kill will reward you with a new weapon. There are seventeen weapons to get through until you finally get given the knife. A knife kill will end the game.

  • Battlefield Hardline Beta Starting This Week

    battlefield hardlineThe second Battlefield Hardline beta is set for release this week, and a lot of players are getting ready to jump in to the game. The beta will be running from the third of February to the eighth of February, and it will include a previously unplayed game mode called Hotwire.

    Hotwire is perhaps the best game mode to capture what Battlefield Hardline is all about. Both the cops and the criminals will need to take control of marked cars, and each team will need to take down the other team's car. I'm expecting to see a lot of high speed chases through cities and other environments.

    On top of Hotwire, players will also be able to play Heist mode in the new Battlefield Hardline beta, and that will be on the Bank Job map. In Heist mode, criminals will need to break into an area and collect a certain number of packages, then take them to drop off points in various locations on the map.

    As you can imagine, the cops job is to stop the criminals from stealing the valuables. Unlike previous betas, every weapon and gadget will be made available in Battlefield Hardline this week, and full level progression will be open to players.

    If you feel like a Battlefield gaming marathon, you may just be able to get through the leveling system and try out all of the new items in Hardline before the game is even released.

  • EA Flash Sale Puts BF4 Up for Just $25 in US PSN

    ea flash saleThe weekend flew by, and for whatever reason, EA decided it was a nice idea to unleash a flash sale over on the PlayStation Network in the United States. The deals were only available for over the weekend, but it allowed PlayStation owners to grab some sweet deals for their PlayStation 3.

    The most notable addition to the EA flash sale this weekend was Battlefield 4, which despite only being released last year, was put up for just $25, a whole 50% cheaper than it's full retail price.

    The EA flash sale weekend also included some other pretty enjoyable games, and things such as EA Sports FIFA Street and Crysis were available for between $5 and $10.

    The Crysis 3 Ultimate Bundle also went for a pretty decent price, and like Battlefield 4 was 50% off, making it just $21.99 instead of $43.99.

    It's a bit odd for EA to suddenly offer a flash sale like this out of the blue, and it'll be interesting to see if they offer any other deals in the future for other platforms. All of the games are PS3 only, and are available only in digital format.

    The sale is still going on but will end this Monday at 12PM Pacific Standard Time. We'll let you know if any more deals like this pop up any time in the future. For those interested, the BF4 digital copy on sale here is eligible for the PS3 to PS4 upgrade.

  • Battlefield 4 Home Page Now Showing Ads

    battlefield 4 nfs adEA has done another move to make sure that players of their published games will never respect them by placing advertisements within Battlefield 4.

    Despite the title being $60, and premium and DLC content reaching upwards of $110, EA still feels like they can squeeze more money out of the title. From now on, when players start playing Battlefield 4, they will be greeted with an advertisement for the premiere of the Need for Speed movie.

    These advertisements can also be seen on the loading screen, and whilst they aren't particularly in the way of any actual game content, it has frustrated a lot of players, and I think they have good reason to be frustrated.

    For starters, Battlefield 4 has been struck with countless bugs, glitches exploits, and most annoyingly, server issues, some of which have still not been resolved today. Despite this EA keep pushing DICE to put out more DLC content instead of working on the major issues, and now these new advertisements really make it clear that EA will do anything they can to get every last penny out of their titles, even if it paints an even worse name on themselves.

    This isn't the first EA title to receive in-game advertisements, but it's certainly going to cause the most controversy. After the problems BF4 has had since launch, it really isn't a surprise.

    Let's hope that EA doesn't do anything else to ruin the games it publishes, including it's whole sports franchise range, to the brand new Titanfall.

  • First Screenshot of Naval Strike DLC for BF4 Released

    naval strike dlc bf4

    Just as the player appreciation month for Battlefield's players comes to an end, DICE has released a brand new screenshot to show off the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC pack, which has been named Naval Strike.

    The new DLC pack has been scheduled to launch later this month, although Battlefield Premium players will be able to access the content two weeks before any other players. As the name Naval Strike suggests, the DLC will be filled with content focused on a water-filled theme.

    This DLC pack will include four new maps set in the South China Sea. All four levels will have some element of water based combat, however, it's unclear what these maps will actually consist of.

    On top of the four new maps, the Naval Strike DLC pack will also come with five new weapons, a new amphibious hovercraft vehicle that has been shown in the released Naval Strike screenshot, and a new mode called Carrier Assault. This game has been rumored to be similar to Titan mode in Battlefield 2142, where players have the sole objective to destroy the other players airship.

    Considering that the Naval Strike DLC is water-based, it's likely the airships will be replaced with airship carriers or other large ships.

    Naval Strike is the first DLC planned for this year, and DICE plan to release four more by the end of Summer 2014 - players can save money and access the content earlier by purchasing the $50 Battlefield Premium pack.

  • Police Themed Battlefield May Be Planned for 2014

    battlefield 2014 police

    We've already got Titanfall planned to shake up the first person shooter scene for this year, but it's not going to stop both EA and Activision from putting their developers to the test on yet another round of Battlefield and Call of Duty games.

    However, it's quite clear that the development teams behind both FPS titles are starting to realize that the same old content just isn't working anymore, and new, original ideas will need to be put into place to make sure the franchise continues successfully.

    One new idea may end up making the next Battlefield game completely different. This idea is a concept that will take the modern military warfare concept and replace it with a police themed environment.

    Unfortunately apart from a report from Polygon, no details have yet been given on what a police themed Battlefield game would entail. It could potentially be a very different game to the current offering in the series, but on the other end of the spectrum, it could end up being painfully dull, and a simplistic new "skin" plonked on top of the same game modes, same game mechanics and same core Battlefield class system that has been in the game franchise for donkey's years now.

    I personally wouldn't mind hearing a bit more about a police themed Battlefield, it would certainly be the first time any AAA developer has worked on such a game.

    The 2014 release date seems like a longshot unfortunately, but the same report from Polygon does suggest this date for a release window on the alleged new Battlefield game.

  • Watch Dogs Delay Stopped Disaster According to Pachter

    Watch Dogs Delay

    There was a certain trend for many top publishers last year - the likes of Activision and EA seem to be pushing their developers to the limits by trying to release games as quickly as possible to reduce any possible competition in the market and ensure that games like Call of Duty or Battlefield are bringing in nice, fluid streams of revenue.

    The problem with this is that on our end of the stick, we're often handed a mangled, chewed up representation of what the developers originally had envisioned. Both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts had their issues at launch, and DICE and EA are still going through the problems with Battlefield 4 today.

    This makes the average gamer feel a little cheated on, really, and at least for me personally, I hope that this kind of tactic changes.

    One game that I'd happily wait for is Watch Dogs, and despite it's delay, I'm still excited as ever for the release of the game.

    According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, the delay of Watch Dogs could have potentially stopped the game turning into a complete disaster, just like Battlefield 4 has. When asked about the Ubisoft development team behind Watch Dogs, Pachter said, "I admire them. Their stock got hammered. The management got criticized. And that franchise matters; it sounds really good. And if it doesn't work, it's a big waste of time and waste of money. So I'm hopeful that that six month delay makes that game great. But I think that was headed for disaster."

    As you can see, sometimes it's best just to be a little patient, especially in the games industry.

  • Battlefield 4 will have "Deepest Online Career Ever"

    All of the hype that has gone towards Battlefield 4 has gone straight towards the online multiplayer portion of the game, and whilst there will be a story driven campaign as always, all eyes are on online.

    DICE seem to understand that because they have put a lot of effort into making sure the Battlefield online multiplayer experience is better than any other previous game in the series. In fact, DICE are calling the online multiplayer on Battlefield their "deepest online career ever."

    So, what gives DICE such a strong pride towards their online multiplayer on Battlefield 4? Apart from the all new customizable weapons system, weapon and vehicle camo's, and the brand new progression system, there is actually quite a lot to be proud of.

     "While sharing similar basics with Battlefield 3, we are now offering a cleaner upgrade path, clearer Ribbon and Medal progression, and an increased focus on richly rewarding great team play."

    On top of the ranking system which starts at 0 and ends at 100, there will also be new redesigned ribbon awards, making all of your actions in Battlefield 4 that much more worth it.

    "We know our fans can spend literally hundreds of hours on the Battlefield. With Battlefield 4, we want to make sure players have goals to aspire to at the end game, while at the same time rewarding players at earlier ranks as well. Ribbons are the quick fixes, whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to the series."

    "You typically can get one or more of these in a single round if you perform well. They can be awarded for anything from repairing vehicles, capturing flags, or reviving team mates. There are 45 unique Ribbons in the game, and you can earn each of them an infinite number of times."

    The ribbon system was a good addition to the Battlefield online system because it added more goals to achieve within a game, and this is especially important for making those long game modes more enjoyable and more engaging.

  • New Obliteration Mode Added to Battlefield 4 Beta

    Despite only launching with two different gameplay modes, Conquest and Domination, DICE have just rolled out an update to the Battlefield 4 BETA to add another multiplayer game mode.

    The new game mode is named Obliteration and should be available to play on all platforms that currently support the Beta. (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

    In Obliteration, a bomb will spawn in a randomly selected location on the map, and two teams will fight to pick up the bomb and then plant it in one of the three team's objective points.

    As you can imagine, the bomb spawn point will be incredibly hectic, and once the bomb has gone off at an objective point, both teams will then have to fight for a new randomly placed bomb on the map.

    Once a team has destroyed all three of their objectives, they will win the game. Alternatively, the game will end after the timer runs down.

    In the full version of Battlefield 4, there will be a total of seven different multiplayer modes and ten different maps, however Obliteration is only the third available game mode on the BF4 Beta, and there is only one map available to play on.

    No news has been given on whether any more game modes or maps will be available in the Beta.

  • Battlefield 4 Game Modes Revealed

    Battlefield 4 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated next gen FPS games so far. And from all the trailers, gameplay reveals, and multiplayer gameplay videos we've watched, we can tell you that it's looking incredible.

    The only problem is, and as unfortunate as this sounds, there is a point in time where the good graphics, awesome weapon customization, great destructible environment and every other cool aspect of Battlefield 4 gets boring, and to make the game life last longer, DICE are going to have to make sure there is more to do on multiplayer.

    To accomplish this goal, DICE have made a bunch of new game modes for the BF4 multiplayer, and they have revealed them all this week. In total there are seven different game modes.


    Conquest best explains what Battlefield is best known for- awesome ground, air and sea combat, fused in with on-foot battles for total conquest.


    Domination is a fast paced game type for those that don't have the time to invest in a lengthy game of Conquest. All vehicles are removed, and instead it's all down to on-foot infantry combat. Maps are considerably smaller, and things usually get down a whole lot faster.


    In Obliteration, each team must rush to the randomly placed bomb on the map and use it to detonate a certain area on the map. The bomb area is always going to be a hotspot for combat, and both bomb plant points will need to be watched carefully to stop any bomb carriers achieving their goal.


    If you've ever played Search & Destroy on Call of Duty, you'll recognize this game type. Players are given only one life per round, and one team must attempt to plant a bomb, whilst the other team must defuse it. If all players of one team are eliminated, the other team wins.

    Team Deathmatch

    The classic. Instant team vs. team action.


    In Rush, one team must destroy two points, whilst the defending team must protect it. Each team has a limited amount of respawns, so teams will have to be careful with the way they use their lives.

    Squad Deathmatch

    If you prefer to work in a smaller tight-knit group, Squad Deathmatch is the game for you. In Squad Deathmatch, 4 teams of 5 fight it off in a simple deathmatch game type.

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