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  • COD Ghosts Current Gen Version will have Limitations

    Despite many of the launch titles being available for both current generation and next generation consoles, it's looking like Infinity Ward and Activision are having to make some sacrifices to the current generation version of Call of Duty Ghosts to ensure things run smoothly.

    Thanks to a new leaked image of the back cover for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty Ghosts, we now have found out that the online multiplayer will only feature up to 6 versus 6 combat, with the largest games only having a total of 12 players, instead of the standard 18 seen in previous COD games.

    On the next gen version and the PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts, the 18 player standard is present, so it looks as if sacrifices have had to be made. Although we haven't seen a PlayStation 3 copy of the game, it's likely that PS3 will only support up to 12 players online as well.

    The leaked image also gives us information on the mandatory download for COD Ghosts on the Xbox 360. Luckily, it will only take up 3GB of storage space, which means that even if you don't have a hard drive, you'll still be able to install the game onto your hard drive and play the full game once you've cleared a little space.

    It will be interesting to see what other sacrifices have had to be made to make sure Call of Duty Ghosts run smoothly on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Details are quite sparse at the moment, but I'm sure we'll notice a difference once the game releases.

  • Huge COD Ghosts Multiplayer Info Leak after Early Retail Units Sent Out

    When developing content that will be available to millions of people upon its release, it becomes very difficult to manage and stop content from leaking out before its planned release date.

    Activision and Infinity Ward have been pretty generous leading up to the Call of Duty Ghosts launch and have given us a lot of information on the upcoming game, however despite this, leaks and information on the game are spreading out all over the place, and the cause of this seems to be that some lucky people have been able to get hold of a copy COD Ghosts before its launch in November, and thanks to these people, we now have pretty much everything we could want to know about the multiplayer.

    Below you can see a summary of the content available on the Call of Duty Ghosts online multiplayer, thanks to various leaks throughout the internet.

    Multiplayer Modes
    Blitz - Make it to the portal on the enemy's spawn point.
    Cranked - Kill enemies before the timer ends. Each kill restarts the timer.
    Domination - Capture and hold the flags. Every two seconds a flag is held, the team gets a point. First team to 200 points wins.
    Free-for-All - Every man for himself. First player to 30 kills is the winner.
    Grind - Recover dog tags and take them to the objective marker to score for your team.
    Hunted - Resources are limited. Fight for control of weapon drops to gain superiority.
    Infected - Eliminated players become Infected. Last player to survive when the timer ends wins.
    Kill Confirmed - Recover dog tags to gain points for your team. First team to 100 points wins.
    Search and Destroy - Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Every player has
    Search and Rescue - Teams take turns defending or trying to destroy the objective. Recover dog tags to allow or deny respawns.
    Team Deathmatch - Kill players on the enemy team. First team to reach score limit wins.

    Multiplayer Maps
    Free Fall
    Prison Break

  • Xbox One Release Date is November 22nd

    Xbox One Release date has been officially announced by Microsoft as November 22nd.

    All of us at Evil Controllers are excited. We plan to offer all of the incredible products we offer for the Xbox 360, but for the Xbox One. The transition will take Evil Controllers some time as we ensure the quality of our Xbox One products will match what you have come to expect.

    We plan to offer modded Xbox One controllers in addition to custom xbox one controllers.

    Be sure to follow us on facebook to learn about our Xbox One and PS4 product announcements as they become available.

    If you missed it, here's the incredible line up in store for fans of the Xbox One:

    Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Ubisoft, Ubisoft)
    Battlefield 4 (DICE, Electronic Arts)
    Call of Duty: Ghosts (Infinity Ward, Activision)
    Crimson Dragon (Grounding/Land Ho!, Microsoft Studios)
    Dead Rising 3 (Capcom Vancouver, Microsoft)
    FIFA 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts)
    Fighter Within (AMA Ltd., Ubisoft)
    Forza Motorsport 5 (Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios)
    Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft)
    Killer Instinct (Double Helix, Microsoft Studios)
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (TT Games, Warner Bros. Interactive)
    Lococycle (Twisted Pixel, Microsoft Studios)
    Madden NFL 25 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts)
    NBA 2K14 (Visual Concepts, 2K Sports)
    NBA LIVE 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts)
    Need for Speed: Rivals (Ghost Games, Electronic Arts)
    Peggle 2 (Popcap, Electronic Arts)
    Powerstar Golf (Zoe Mode, Microsoft Studios)
    Ryse: Son of Rome (Crytek, Microsoft Studios)
    Skylanders: Swap Force (Vicarious Visions, Activision)
    Watch Dogs (Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft)
    Zoo Tycoon (Frontier Developments Ltd., Microsoft Studios)
    Zumba Fitness: World Party (Majesco)

  • Different CoD: Ghosts Editions Announced

    If you're into collecting limited edition games at launch, you may be interested in the different COD Ghost game editions that will be available for purchase.

    Whilst these aren't 100% confirmed by anyone working on Call of Duty Ghosts, it is quite likely that these retailer descriptions are the real deal and we will be seeing these packs available soon across the globe.

    So far people will be able to buy the standard edition of the game, the prestige edition and the hardened edition.

    The standard edition simply includes the game, whilst the other two editions include both physical and digital content.

    The Hardened Edition includes:

    -Military style Paracord Strap
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass
    -Extra multiplayer map: Freefall
    -Ghosts Badge Pack with extra accessories to use in-game
    -Call of Duty Digital: Ghosts digital soundtrack
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts Steelbook collectors edition case

    The Prestige Edition includes:

    -1080p HD camera (memory card, various fasteners and rechargeable)
    -Military style Strap Paracord
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass
    -Extra multiplayer map: Freefall
    -Ghosts Badge Pack with extra accessories to use in-game
    -Call of Duty Digital: Ghosts digital soundtrack
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts Steelbook collectors edition case

    I'm not sure why the Prestige edition includes a HD camera and what exactly that has to do with COD ghosts, but over the Hardened edition, that really is the only difference between the two limited edition versions.

  • Infinity Ward 'Teases' Fans With Multiplayer Reveal Event Reveal Trailer

    So last week we let you know about an upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer reveal trailer. Well today the trailer has hit, and I've got to say i'm more than disappointed. Not because the multiplayer shown was lackluster or boring, but simply because the trailer that was shown didn't actually show any game play at all.

    Instead, we've been given a 36 second video that announces a few events that will take place across the world where we'll actually see the multiplayer in action.

    The first event will be August 15th, so although that date isn't too far away and we'll finally be able to see some actual gameplay footage, this new reveal trailer hasn't done the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game any favors.

    It would have seen some gameplay to hype us up for the release, and to be honest this new reveal or announcement trailer or whatever it is really only let players of the series down.

    Hopefully Infinity Ward can surprise us with something new and exciting on August 15th, because at the moment many gamers are complaining that the COD series is getting too old and repetitive.

    They'll have to be something new and spectacular in the new Call of Duty if Infinity Ward want to stay ahead of DICE's Battlefield 4.

  • Call of Duty Ghosts may Have 'Squads' Mode

    Although we've seen a bit about Call of Duty Ghosts, most of the game has been kept under wraps. Seeing as it's a Call of Duty game it's quite easy to take a guess at what's definitely making it to the game, such as a leveled campaign, and an online multiplayer with a ranking system- most likely the same prestige system from previous Call of Duty games like Black Ops 2.

    However, when it comes to new additions to the game, we're all out of guesses. It'll be interesting to see what game changes are implemented on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions compared to the current console generations.

    To keep us interested till the release of COD Ghosts, executive producer of Call of Duty Ghosts, Mark Rubin, has released a quick sneak peak at what looks to be a new game mode for the upcoming COD game.

    The peak is a small six second video that shows a quick look at the menu. The menu seems similar to the one found in Black Ops 2 and has a few options for 'Squads.'

    Previously Infinity Ward has stated that Call of Duty Ghosts will have a co-operative mode of sort, so perhaps Squads could be a brand new co-op game mode similar to the spec ops missions seen on older games like Modern Warfare 2.

    For those too impatient for release to find out just what Squads is, we may hear more about it this month in Infinity Ward's previously announced multiplayer reveal. It'll be interesting to see if they reveal any unique methods of play utilizing the Ps4 controller's touch pad.

  • New Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode Soon to Be Available for Borderlands' third Playthrough

    New Mode for Borderlands

    When you reach the highest level in Call of Duty multiplayer, you don't think twice about prestiging, and starting back at square one can be an entertaining challenge. But when a similar option is available in an RPG game that can take up to a hundred hours of gameplay to fully complete a first playthrough, it seems like a strange option to take.

    However, many hardcore Borderlands 2 players did go through a second playthrough in Gearbox's True Vault Hunter mode after reaching level 50 for the first time, and some reached all the way to level 50 once again.

    Gearbox have recently announced a third tier to your playthrough which will up gameplay difficulty, and will require you to reach level 50 on both the first playthrough and the second True Vault Hunter playthrough.

    The third playthrough has been named 'The Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode' and will be included into the game in an upcoming free downloadable content pack.

    The gameplay will be increased in difficulty by giving all enemies roughly four times as much health, and all enemies will have health regeneration skills. However, to make up for the increased difficulty, all Slag weapons will do an extra 3x damage, and weapon switching will be sped up to allow quicker switching to Slag weapons.

    What are your opinions on the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode? Would you sit through another 50 to 100 hours of the game?

  • Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kit

    Do it yourself

    Here at Evil Controllers, we are always striving to be ahead of the pack and to give our customers the best. Whether that is the best mods or the latest imaging, we are always looking for the coolest tricks for our customers.


    Lately, we have added a whole new helping of Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kits. There, customers can completely customize their own controllers with the latest mods and shells without having it built for you.


    We understand our customers are smart and can customize their own controllers with our Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kits.


    So if you are feeling in a DIY mood or are a real-life engineer, then be sure to check out our DIY page with our all-new options.



  • What Will The Next Gen Bring to The Tables?

    Next Gen Console Predictions

    There's been a lot of talk about the two next generation consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox "Durango," but so far there hasn't really been any roundup or analyzing of what the new consoles will bring, and how games will be responded to by the gaming communities.

    Below is a list of what I believe to follow in the next two to three years, however these are just speculations, so it could be right, but it could be wrong.

    The PS4 Brings in More Hardcore Gamers

    We all already know the PS4 will be packing more raw power than the next Xbox, and because of this the Xbox may have trouble competing with the PlayStation 4, especially in 6-10 years' time. Developers may favor the PS4 over the Xbox because of the extra hardware capabilities, allowing them more freedom for their games. Because of this, Microsoft may focus the new Xbox towards a more casual market, which will eat into the sales of the spectacularly unsuccessful Wii U. Along with the Kinect 2.0, the Xbox has the ability to appeal to the casual gamers with ease.

    Battlefield will take the FPS Crown

    Everyone loves a good first-person shooter game, but if you've been in the loop recently, you may be starting to get the jist that a lot of gamers are getting a little tired of the constant slew of FPS games with little change. It's true that gamers are usually happy with playing with the same concepts for a long time, but unless the COD and Halo developers come up with good ways to make better use of the next gen hardware, they will fall behind. The Battlefield engine is perfect for the next generation. Destructible scenery and up to 64 player multiplayer should be a huge appeal to players when other levels on Battlefield's competition keep to rigid and static structures.

    Ouya and Steambox won't be considered competition

    The only reason you'd buy either of the above would be if you're an Android fan or a Valve fan, or you have enough money to "try it out." Both consoles will have the ability to change and renew hardware just like you can with a PC, but with the Android ecosystem not having enough games to appeal to mainstream gamers, and the Steambox to be an undefined, unknown brand to most everyday gamers, they'll both most likely be considered separate from the main console war, even if they did gain a considerable amount of success. In three to four years, when new hardware comes out at a decent price, both consoles may have a chance to kick ass though, thanks to the handy removable hardware.

    Both Consoles will Make Good Use of Mobile devices

    Smartphones are a huge part of everyday life, and because of this, businesses in the media are seeing the potential and are creating apps to allow users to access more of what they love via their smartphone. Social TV apps are available to give smartphone users more information on their TV shows, and Xbox has already created an app that lets users remotely control their console via a smart device. The next gen consoles will definitely make use of this capability, and it'll be much more convenient than the current offering. Gamers will want to use their smartphones for the functionality instead of silly reasons like trying to impress their friends.

    A lot more will come from the next-gen consoles, and at such an early stage it's hard to predict much else, however you can still stitch together a few possible outcomes from rumors, developer talks and other information spread through media channels.

    What do you think will happen in the first few years of the next-gen console's lifespan? What do you think about out newest modded controllers?

  • Next Call of Duty Being Developed By Neversoft?

    New Call of Duty- Neversoft

    Apart from a few rumors saying it will release some time in 2013, haven't heard too much about the next Call of duty game, and that may be down to the bigger publishers focusing on getting a strong title out on the next-gen Xbox and PS4 before other competitors.

    However, according to a leaked poster uploaded online, we may still be getting something Call of Duty-like this year anyway. The image shows a grainy figure who appears to be standing in the rain, with the date 11-11-13 centred in the middle of the image. Underneath the phrase 'Ready to Get Back to Basics?' Is shown.

    For a second, let's imagine that this poster was confirmed as the real deal, what would that phrase mean exactly? It could be possible the game could be going back to the classic world war Call of Duty style games, or maybe the game follows a soldier-in-training. Either way could explain the phrase, however the reality is, this poster could be far from true.

    One thing fishy about the poster is the release date, it would make more sense to release the game on 11-12-13, which is a Tuesday, a rather common day for Call of Duty release. A Monday release could happen, and one reason this may be is because the new rumored CoD game is under a different development team.

    Information along with the image says that Neversoft are the developers working on the next Call of Duty game. At first, this does sound a little peculiar, but when you look at Activision's strong relationship with the developer over the years, it's clear that Neversoft would be Activision's first pick for a replacement whilst Treyarch and Infinity Ward work on next-gen titles.

    Do you think this poster is real or fake? Does it make any sense for Neversoft to develop the next Call of Duty game? Be sure to drop by our Controller Creator and check out our modded xbox 360 controllers!

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