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  • Screenshots Released for Sony's Zombie Sandbox Game H1Z1

    sony zombie game
    If the massive recent success of the early alpha game DayZ Standalone is anything to go by, zombie survival games are where all the money is right now in the gaming industry, and it looks like Sony has spotted the great potential.

    This week, Sony revealed a brand new IP under the moniker H1Z1 - the game is set to be a post apocalyptic survival sandbox game that has an eerie and ominous game play. Whilst details on the game are still on the low, it's starting to sound like H1Z1 plans to be the DayZ for console, and surprisingly, Sony wants the game to go the path of free to play.

    The developers behind it plan to go past the basic ideas of survival though, and the future of H1Z1 could hold a huge world that embodies player trading, economies and player-ran urban desolate cities. It sounds very ambitious, and it could be a very long time before we ever see such a game be released.

    The developers working on H1Z1 want to give players the freedom that is given to the characters in the Walking Dead - the ability to drive to a city, or fight for territory in a dark urban environment, or even the chance to team up to build the game's very own Woodbury, or safe haven town.

    The game is being quoted as an MMO, and this could mean hundreds, if not thousands of players on a single server.

    It all sounds very exciting, but we shouldn't hold our breath just yet - it is a very ambitious project, and it may take a very long time to perfect it.

  • Final Fantasy XIV Released on PS4

    final fantasy 14 ps4Any news about new titles on either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One at this point is good news, regardless of what titles they might be. This week, Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn will be making it's early access debut on the PlayStation 4, meaning players can jump onto the latest gen console to play the title.

    Previously Final Fantasy XIV was released for the PC and the PlayStation 3, but a PlayStation 4 version has always been planned. However, development delays have slowed down the PS4 version release.

    If players had already purchased the PlayStation 3 version, there is an option to upgrade to the PlayStation 4 version for no cost, which means players can easily get access to the game on the PS4 in the most convenient way possible.

    So far, transfer between PC and console versions is not capable, and once players have switched from PS3 to PS4, there will not be an option to play on the PlayStation 3 beyond the switching point.

    For those that didn't know, Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer online role playing game with a similar game infrastructure to World of Warcraft. The console version, just like the PC version, does have a monthly subscription fee, despite the original upfront cost for the title.

    So far no details have been given on an Xbox compatible version, and whether players will be able to transfer their accounts from the PlayStation to the Xbox is unclear, but at this point it does sound unlikely, if Final Fantasy XIV does ever come to Xbox.

  • New Arkham Knight Game Will Have the Arkham Knight as The Villain

    arkham knight new villainSo far, every Batman game under RockSteady's wing has been Arkham something; Arkham Origins, Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, etc, and it's all led back to Batman. However, some new information reveals that despite our previous thoughts, the Arkham Knight isn't Batman at all.

    In fact, the Arkham Knight will be the main villain in the upcoming Batman game, and if you're a fan of the Arkham series, you'll agree with me when I say that this sounds absolutely exciting.

    However, the odd thing is, this will be the first time that RockSteady Studios change up the world of Batman so much that they introduce a completely new character unseen in the world of Batman before.

    This is obviously a big move for the franchise in general, especially considering that it's now many decades old, but if anyone were to bring a new villain to the world of Batman, I entrust RockSteady to do a pretty job at it.

    It seems the new villain has taken inspiration from Batman himself, and early images show the Arkham Knight wearing some sort of futuristic bat suit. I'm sure Batman won't be pleased that someone else there is impersonating him, and I'm sure it will create for some very interesting moments in the upcoming Batman Arkham game.

    As it stands, Batman Arkham Knight is set for release on October 14th, for the Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, we'll probably see a lot more about the new villain, and the various other new mechanics of the new game leading up to it's release.

  • EA Flash Sale Puts BF4 Up for Just $25 in US PSN

    ea flash saleThe weekend flew by, and for whatever reason, EA decided it was a nice idea to unleash a flash sale over on the PlayStation Network in the United States. The deals were only available for over the weekend, but it allowed PlayStation owners to grab some sweet deals for their PlayStation 3.

    The most notable addition to the EA flash sale this weekend was Battlefield 4, which despite only being released last year, was put up for just $25, a whole 50% cheaper than it's full retail price.

    The EA flash sale weekend also included some other pretty enjoyable games, and things such as EA Sports FIFA Street and Crysis were available for between $5 and $10.

    The Crysis 3 Ultimate Bundle also went for a pretty decent price, and like Battlefield 4 was 50% off, making it just $21.99 instead of $43.99.

    It's a bit odd for EA to suddenly offer a flash sale like this out of the blue, and it'll be interesting to see if they offer any other deals in the future for other platforms. All of the games are PS3 only, and are available only in digital format.

    The sale is still going on but will end this Monday at 12PM Pacific Standard Time. We'll let you know if any more deals like this pop up any time in the future. For those interested, the BF4 digital copy on sale here is eligible for the PS3 to PS4 upgrade.

  • Evil Controllers Offers Custom Controllers on Etsy

    etsy-logo-xsokxgAt Evil Controllers we are always looking for new ways to reach out to our customers, whether it's through great new products for the latest consoles, or new ways for you to find our controllers, and today we're proud to announce that we've gone one step further to making it as easy as possible for you to get hold of the controller you've always wanted.

    We have just opened up a storefront on Etsy, and you'll now be able to purchase our unique controllers straight from our Etsy store page. This should help anybody who hasn't yet managed to purchase a controller through other methods.

    Our Etsy store page accepts Etsy gift cards, and has a wide range of custom controllers for Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One, just like our main website. On top of this, we'll be providing unique products each week on our Etsy store page, so make sure to check back regularly for the best deals on the hottest controller designs around.

    If you want a unique and custom controller then the Etsy store should be your first stop, our unique Etsy designs may not be around forever, so favorite our page to keep up to date with any new designs we bring to the store.

    If you're unfamiliar with Etsy, you can always still rely on our website store which is filled with dozens of different designs for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, or use our custom controller creator to create the perfect controller that's unique to you.

  • Master Mod Now Available for Xbox One


    Evil Controllers releases their infamous Master Mod for the Xbox One!

    Tempe, AZ. (January 2014) - Evil Controllers has brought advanced gameplay features to the newest generation of hardware, aimed at enhancing a player's gameplay experience.  On Monday, January 27th, Evil Controllers released their world famous Master Mod for the Xbox One. Hardcore gamers can now purchase modded Xbox One controllers, featuring the most sought after mods: Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Auto Spot and many more! The Xbox One Master Mod is only available at and features 9 mods for Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

    "In the last generation of consoles,  we really learned a lot about our fans favorite mods and gameplay enhancements, and we're excited to put what we learned into this new generation of hardware," said CEO and mastermind, Adam Coe.

    The Xbox One Master Mod features 10 pre-set rapid fire speeds that that allow the user to jump into the action immediately with rapid fire for either Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 or future titles. In addition, for users that would like to fine tune their rate of fire for enhanced accuracy or extreme speed, they will be able to do so with an additional setting that allows them to adjust their rate of fire for their favorite weapons. The Xbox One Master Mod includes 10 additional slots that a user can use to pre-set their custom firing rates for easy pick up and play usability.

    Experienced modders will be familiar with the Master Mod for the Xbox One as it incorporates all of the most popular mods in a single controller. These Mods include: Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Auto Run, Auto Spot, Akimbo Rapid Fire, Left Trigger Rapid Fire, Fast Reload and Auto Scope. The Master Mod v3 is compatible with Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, including an adjustable Rapid Fire setting to ensure compatibility with future titles in the FPS and third-person shooter genres.

    Evil Controllers is known throughout the gaming industry as the mecca of custom gaming controllers. Evil prides itself on its advance modifications that fit the needs of the core gaming audience, through both internal and external personalization options for gamers at every level.

    "We hope to excite our fans and help increase their gaming experience! We plan to take modifications a step further with the latest console, and we cannot wait to show our fans what we have in the works, but for now our latest offering gives them everything they need to take their experience further in the newest Battlefield and Call of Duty."

    Xbox One modded controllers are available at The available Xbox One mods can be seen in action here:

    For now, PlayStation 4 fans can continue to create one-of-a-kind custom controllers via Evil's Controller Creator. Evil Controllers will continue to support the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 platform with custom and modded controllers.

    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.

  • Custom Xbox One Controllers Now Available!


    Evil Controllers offers custom options for Xbox One, allowing gamers to personalize controllers before the official Microsoft Xbox One Release!

    Tempe, AZ. (November 2013) - Evil Controllers announces custom Xbox One controllers. Available November 20th, 2013, gamers can take advantage of the new Xbox One Console through the creation of completely personalized Xbox One controllers. The new controllers come straight from Microsoft and are customizable both internally via modifications, and externally via aesthetics.

    Evil Controllers is well known throughout the gaming world as the go-to stop to create custom accessories for all your gaming needs, aimed at adding personalization through customization, these internal and external changes improve your gaming ability, while allowing you to create something one-of-a-kind.

    Xbox One controllers will be available via Custom options will include countless decals and colors, as well as custom buttons, bumpers, and thumbsticks. Xbox One Controllers will also house internal modifications capable of improving your game play.

    "Evil Controllers is a company that celebrates all things gaming, and we are excited to offer fully customizable Xbox One Controllers prior to the release of the Xbox One,"   said Adam Coe, CEO of Evil Controllers, "Evil prides ourselves on our superior products, customer service, and creative options, and we cannot wait to show our fans the brilliant options we have in store  for Xbox One!"

    Evil Controllers has also unveiled custom options for Playstation 4, currently available at Evil will also continue transforming standard products into exceptional necessities for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. To build  your custom controller visit our controller creator at

  • Evil Controllers introduces: Evil iD

    Evil iD is here! This is a feature that we've been working on for quite some time and it's a feature that will continue to evolve over time. A lot of gamers have been requesting their custom gamertags be added to their custom controllers and Evil iD makes that possible.

    At the moment, Evil iD is only available on the right side of your Xbox 360 controller and is not available for the PlayStation 3. We know our PlayStation fans want the same opportunity as their Xbox 360 friends, so you can expect Evil iD to be available on custom PS3 controllers in the near future.

    So for now, play with our Controller Creator and start adding your gamertag, clan name, or personal name. Whichever you wish, the controller you make is your creation. Evil iD can be added in Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink.

  • Girl Gaming Month - Brynne

    Girl Gaming - Brynne


  • February is Girl Gamer Month!

    Girl Gamer Month

    This month we're celebrating Girl Gamers! Why? Because your just as fierce as your male counterparts! Because you're often ignored, or assumed to only play "Girly" games. Because you so often have to prove your Gaming cred. Because at Evil Controllers, we know that Girl Gamers make up 47% of all gamers, and that women over 18 are the industry's fastest growing demographic!

    Throughout February, we will be celebrating Girl Gamers by featuring one exceptional gamer each week of February. This week we are featuring Oonagh, learn more about her by checking out her profile below!


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