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  • We Might Just Be Able to Play Xbox 360 Games on the Xbox One in the Future

    New XBOX ONEBeing able to play the last generation of games on a brand new console may seem like a bit of a gimmick at first, but it is an incredibly useful feature that could help many gamers that are on a budget.

    Being able to trade in your Xbox 360 console to help cut down on the costs of the Xbox One is a great option to have, but after building up years worth of games, it may not be that easy for many gamers to give that all up. This is why Xbox 360 emulation on an Xbox One would be immensely handy. In fact, while they're at it, if Microsoft could make the Xbox One support original Xbox games as well, that'd be incredibly useful.

    Whilst Microsoft never revealed any plans to have such a feature on the Xbox One, recently Frank Savage, partner development lead at Xbox, revealed that it's not entirely out of the question. When asked whether there were plans to bring an Xbox 360 emulation system to the Xbox One, Frank replied with "There are, but we're not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there's nothing to announce, but I would love to see it myself."

    I'm sure if Sony were to offer an Emulation system on the PS4, Microsoft would feel obliged to follow through with a similar system, and vice versa. But until one player moves, no one is going anywhere with the whole emulation thing. Let's hope that Microsoft try to put more work into it, because I'd love to see it happen.

  • 6 Million PlayStation 4s Sold Worldwide so Far

    ps4 total sales

    Despite being released late last year, the PlayStation 4 has now been confirmed to have sold 6 million units worldwide. Thanks to the recent launch in Japan, the sales have been boosted a large margin, and the 6 million sales is a huge milestone for Sony.

    Sony have pushed for content sharing on the PlayStation 4, SOE's vice president of marketing, John Koller, revealed that it's sharing features have been widely accepted. "There have now been more than 3.6 million live broadcasts, and more than 56 million spectate sessions on PS4 through Twitch and Ustream," John Koller revealed in a blog post.

    According to Koller, A massive 20 percent of daily broadcasters are using the PlayStation 4 as their platform, which is pretty massive considering the PS4 hasn't even been out that for that long, and the new sharing features have made the PlayStation 4 a very sociable console.

    In comparison to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 is outperforming in sales by over 50%. According to Complex, the Xbox One has only sold 3.9 millions units, which, still impressive, isn't quite as much as Sony's 6 million sold units.

    So far, though, the game library for both consoles are fairly limited, so we'll have to see how each console fairs later on in the year, when hopefully more new video game titles will be revealed. We already have quite a big roster planned for both consoles, but if Sony wants to keep the reins firmly in their hands, then they are going to have some pretty impressive exclusives planned for the PS4.

  • Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 2 Release Draws Closer, Returning Character Revealed

    Walking Dead Season 2

    Telltale Game's The Walking Dead has been one of the most successful video games in the past year, and despite lacking much actual gameplay content, it's still considered a very successful and well-made game.

    Season 2 of Telltale Game's The Walking Dead was confirmed some time last year, however the release for the first episode is now drawing closer.

    Although an official date hasn't been confirmed, the first episode of season 2 has said to be made available this December, and Telltale Games have been trying their hardest to resist the temptation to release any spoilers.

    However, it looks like someone working at Telltale Games couldn't resist and has revealed a screenshot that shows a character from the first season making a return to season 2.

    This character is Omid - a man who managed to make it out of the first season alive and hardly remembered. He didn't play much of a part in the first season, but this new screenshot seems to suggest that Omid will play a bigger part in the story of season 2.

    Season 2 will be named "All that Remains" and will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 - players who have played the first season will be able to continue with their same story progress in season 2, as long as they have they still have the saved game file for the first season on their profile.

    No details have been given on a release for any other platforms.

  • Xbox One Issues Summary- Green Screen of Death, Broken Xbox One, DOA, Blu-ray Drive

    Xbox One Broken DOA

    It looks as if both Sony and Microsoft have run into problems, and an increasing amount of reports are coming in about broken Xbox Ones and issues with the console.

    Once again, it's unlikely there is a large volume of consoles with any issues at all, but the minority that are having problems are likely to shout about it, and that's why all of the current issues have been made aware of.

    If you're having any issues with your Xbox One, use the summary to find out about how to deal with your problem.

    Xbox One Blu-ray Disk Drive Problems

    Microsoft has acknowledged the problem with Blu-ray disk drives not functioning properly and has offered to replace any consoles that have this problem. "The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers", Microsoft said in the statement. "We're working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program."

    Obviously, at this time it’s hard to say just how long it will take to get a replacement console.

    Green Screen of Death

    This is a freezing problem that occurs on the Xbox One dashboard UI, but unfortunately a statement by Microsoft hasn't been made about this problem. If you still have the box and the receipt, you could try your luck at the retail store you purchased it from and try to get a new console. If your local area is out of consoles, you'll have to wait for an official reply.

    Xbox One Dead-On-Arrival

    This seems to be a very rare issue, but it is happening nonetheless. If you're unfortunate enough to have this problem, take it back to the store or try to contact the online e-commerce website you purchased your console from. Microsoft will probably offer a replacement console via the included warranty, but you'll have to directly contact them through their help lines.

    With such a huge global launch, hardware and software issues are bound to arise- it's likely most of you are enjoying your new console without any issues, but if you're unlucky enough to have problems, you'll have to go through one of the above routes to get it fixed.

  • Xbox One Sells 1 Million in 24 Hours

    1 Million Xbox One Sales

    Just like with the PlayStation 4's North American launch, Microsoft's new Xbox One console has managed to sell a total of 1 million units within the first 24 hours of launch.

    This is some pretty interesting news, and despite all of the criticism Microsoft have received, and the fact that the Xbox One is more expensive than the PlayStation 4, this shows that there is still a strong audience out there for the Xbox One.

    Microsoft made a statement to state that the Xbox One is now sold out in most retailers, despite other reports stating otherwise, however, the 1 million sales are most likely true at this point.

    To match the demand, Microsoft hope to mass produce more consoles before Christmas. Xbox's corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Yusuf Mehdi, has an offered a statement saying, "We are working hard to create more Xbox One consoles and look forward to fulfilling holiday gift wishes this season."

    Like mentioned above, we've heard a few reports about a large amount of Xbox One's still being available, so although the console has sold incredibly well, it looks like Microsoft's next gen console may not be dealing with as many production issues as the PlayStation 4 is.

    Most reviews for the Xbox One from customers and critics seem to be quite positive, and many are hailing it as the console of choice for those who are more likely to use their console for more entertainment mediums such as TV, internet browsing, listening to music or watching movies.

  • Xbox One’s Still in Stock, PS4 Users Out of Luck

    Xbox One PS4 Stock

    Despite Microsoft making claims that they have completely sold out of Xbox One consoles, just by visiting a few stores like Best Buy or Toys R Us will reveal that there are in fact many consoles still available for purchase right from the shelves.

    We're not sure why Microsoft decided to say that all Xbox One consoles were sold out when it's clear that there are many still around for purchase, and although some retailers may have run out of stock, the Xbox One inventory is still pretty high.

    Did Microsoft lie, or was it a silly mistake? At this point it’s hard to say but it's easy to assume that the former is the answer, however, let's not put too much focus on that and concentrate on the real problem.

    Even though 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold within 24 hours, it looks like Sony, unlike Microsoft, really have run out of stock, and according to GameStop, a lot of people are still waiting for their console to arrive.

    GameStop have announced that 2.3 million of their customers have signed up to their "first to know" email subscription system, despite already selling through their first shipment of consoles and then a second additional allocation from Sony.

    This is just news from one retailer, but it’s likely to be the same story almost everywhere else as well.

    If you haven't managed to bag yourself a PlayStation 4 already, it' s unlikely at this point that you'll manage to get one till more go into production. If you're living outside of North America, you still have a chance to grab a console at launch.

  • Some PS4 Launch Models Having Issues

    A small percentage of PlayStation 4 users are complaining about various issues related to the new next generation console, and some of these problems are even preventing customers from playing on the PS4 at all. These problems range from HDMI display problems such as a broken HDMI port out of the box, or a console that refuses to output any signal after downloading an update, to more mysterious updates that cause the PlayStation 4 to pulse it's line of lights a certain color depending on the issue that the console is dealing with. This has spread a lot of conversation across the internet, and the general consensus is that along with the HDMI problems, and what people are now calling the YLOD, (yellow light of death) it may be best to wait before buying a new PlayStation 4 console if you haven't pre-ordered already. The scale of the problem is of course hard to gauge at this point, and like any kind of product, the unhappy minority are always going to make more noise than the satisfied majority, and Sony have yet to comment on the scale of the problem. If you have ran into any problems, you are probably best off taking it back to the retailer you received it from and picking up another model if available, or if you ordered online, phone up or send an email asking for a replacement as it's likely the issues will be covered by the warranty. Sony are also suggesting that anybody with faulty hardware should send it back to them to get it fixed.

  • PS3 Firmware Update Bricked Consoles

    Whilst firmware updates are usually made for fixing bugs and issues on a system, there are times when a new bug goes unnoticed and slips into the firmware update. It seems a new update for the PlayStation 3, update 4.45, is causing issues for some people.

    Plenty of people are complaining that after downloading the update and rebooting their consoles, the console will then freeze every time it tries to turn on.

    Instead of showing the normal user interface, people have reported that the console shows strange wavy lines but never gets to the main interface.

    If you downloaded the new 4.45 firmware update, Sony has a new update to fix the error coming out on the 27th.

  • Microsoft Changes Policies on DRM for Xbox One

    One of the major reasons a lot of people have decided to side with Sony's PlayStation 4 instead of the Xbox One is down to the restrictions that Microsoft originally planned out for the Xbox One. These restrictions include clamping down on used games, no unhindered access to the console without a constant internet connection, and region locks forcing players to only be able to play their Xbox One in their home country.

    Since Microsoft's announcement of these features, there has been an outcry in the gaming community, and surprisingly, after noticing, Microsoft has decided to make an apology and make a change to the DRM features on the new Xbox One.

    The Xbox One will now be capable of playing used games, so gamers can still swap, trade and lend games between one another, and there are now no region restrictions on the console. On top of this, the console will no longer need to be online to be used after a first time set-up.

    It's really great that gamers have the voice to change such problems in the industry, and I’m happy to see Microsoft changing.

    Will you buy an Xbox One now that these changes are in place or would you still prefer a PlayStation 4?

  • E3 Press Release - One Last Look at a Fan-Made Concept art

    Whilst the Sony E3 press release, a place where we'll see the PlayStation 4 in all its glory for the first time is only just later today, we thought it'd be worth looking at a fan made concept design of the PlayStation 4. The Reddit user took lots of screens of the teaser video to help piece together what he thinks the PlayStation 4 may end up looking like.

    The Reddit user went onto describing his design, saying that "I rendered these a few weeks ago but didn't have the time to post these until now. Was finishing my bachelor in Graphic Design."

    The Reddit user got inspiration from Albino-Zebra's rendering and decided to have a shot at himself for the PlayStation 4.

    He then took inspiration from other renders and the teaser video to make his own, using plenty of ideas to fuel his imagination.

    Overall, the design looks like a more squared out version of the PlayStation 3, with a nice strip of cobalt blue going through the middle of the design.

    The end result can be seen on the Reddit page shown within the image.

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