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  • Second-hand Games May Not Be Possible with Next Gen Consoles

    Second-hand Games


    With the current generation, second hand gaming is a whole market of its own, and being able to play and trade in multiple copies of the game keeps customers happy, and games retailers filled with stock. However, Sony and Microsoft don't seem to agree with this current method.

    An understandable reason for this is that with second hand copies available in such abundance, players have become more inclined to pass around copies of games, or buy second hand from a retailer to save costs, in turn generating less profit for the developers. However, being able to trade-in games and use pre-owned material is a commodity that gamers have become all too used to.

    SCEJ, (Sony's division located in Japan) recently patented a system that stops games from being able to run on any system other than the first machine or account it was used on. The patented technology will use a special and unique ID tag with each copy of a game. Once played on a machine with the same technology, the ID will be linked to the console ID, rendering that copy of the game useless on any other account other than the first account or console used with the game.

    If Sony implements this into their next generation line of consoles, it's more than likely that Microsoft will have something similar, and there has already been talk of Microsoft using such a technology in the new Xbox.

    Do you think this is a smart move by Sony? This idea will help game developers earn more income, and keep the PlayStation revenue higher, however it will affect the current game retail market, and may upset a lot of potential buyers and previous fans.


  • Black Ops 2: Zombie Modes

    This past week, Black Ops 2 information regarding their zombie mode has flooded the gaming industry, as the fans get ready for its release in November.

    Treyarch admitted that the zombie mode in World at War was just a time waster for the players but since the popularity around this mode has grown it was time for them to make this more than just that.

    The game will have three primary game modes regarding the zombie gameplay.

    Tranzit: This new mode is the primary one for Treyarch's new zombie gameplay. It involves a team of up to four players come together in a very large world fight the zombie hordes from place to place using, or not using, a bus to get from location to location.

    One cool option that Treyarch has implemented is the ablilty for players to build tools and weapons to help them through this journey.

    Grief: The most different mode coming to the zombie gameplay is Grief. Grief puts two teams of up to four people against each other in this zombie-infested world of Tranzit. The idea is the first team to lose all its members loses while the survivors are the winners. The catch?

    The other team cannot physically harm them so they must pit the other team in precarious situations. Treyarch said that new mechanics will be implemented into this mode especially.

    Survival: This is the classic zombie mode that the fans have grown to love. The basic concept is to hole up in a small world from the "Tranzit" maps and defend yourself from the hordes of zombies. A tried and true method that will let the purists indulge in the zombie apocalypse they know from the previous Treyarch Call of Duty games.

    If you aren't fully familiar with Evil Controllers, keep in mind Evil Controllers offers modded controllers for PS3 and Xbox 360 that are fully compatible with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. These mods include Rapid Fire and Drop Shot with over 20 mods available on the site.

  • Evil Controllers and GameTruck Partner Up

    Modified Gaming Controller Innovator Evil Controllers and Mobile Video Game Superpower GameTruck Join Forces to Provide Ultimate "Party" Experience Nationwide

    Exclusive partnership lets party-goers "test drive" the world's #1 modified Xbox 360 controllers

    Tempe, AZ. (March 6, 2012) - Evil Controllers and GameTruck, two companies recognized for their product innovation and creativity, are teaming-up to outfit GameTruck's mobile video gaming theaters with custom modded Xbox 360 controllers not sold anywhere else.

    The exclusive partnership, launching this March, will provide GameTruck party-goers with the unique experience of "test-driving" Evil Controllers' after-market modified controllers during birthday parties, corporate and educational events. "Until now, the only way to experience the thrill and excitement of playing with an Evil Controller was to borrow one from a friend or purchase one online through our company," says Evil Controllers Founder and Lead Designer Adam Coe. "By partnering with GameTruck, gamers will be able to tryout our products in the ultimate environment for an unbeatable gaming experience." Coe started the company at age 19, launching the first-ever after-market modified controller company in the world.

    GameTruck, the original mobile video game company, has more than 70 mobile video game trucks in most major markets across the country. The bus-size, self-powered trucks are fully loaded with giant HD plasma screens, gaming consoles to accommodate 16 or more players at one time and over 50 multiplayer games for customers to choose from.

    GameTruck's Official Evil Controllers Party, will include at least one "MVP Player" controller, outfitted with all of the aesthetic and performance enhancements available, including glow-in-the-dark LED lights, rapidfire and all of the master modifications available. Additional controllers will have aesthetic upgrades, plus Evil's pro gaming thumbsticks and their Evil D-Pad, voted the 2nd best piece of gaming hardware for the year 2010 by Inc Magazine.

    "Our goal at GameTruck is to provide a memorable event experience for gamers of all ages," says David Wachtel, chief operating officer of GameTruck. "Evil Controllers is an awesome addition to that experience - it's an exclusive distinction that will ensure our gaming experience continues to be the most superior in our industry." GameTrucks in major markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Portland will be ready to host an Official Evil Controllers Party starting this March.

    For more information regarding GameTruck, Evil Controllers or their modded controllers check out and

  • Jeff Says Thanks to Evil!

    Evil's Blog will be sharing customer emails with their names abbreviated for their privacy. These are real emails, real testimonials.

    From: Jeff [email protected]


  • Customers Are Evil's #1 Priority

    Evil's Blog will be sharing customer emails with their names abbreviated for their privacy. These are real emails, real testimonials.

    From: [email protected]
    Hello Amanda,

    No sweat and by the way I really appreciate knowing that as customers we are the number one priority. As I mentioned before in a phone conversation this will be my 2nd modded controller, the 1st one I obtained from a competitor (a bad experience overall... bad customer service, 1st shipment was defective so I had to send it back, 2nd shipment so far has shown poor quality- active reload works half of the time etc.) Because of all these problems I decided to find a different option, which happens to be you guys... so in essence waiting a couple of more days because I will be getting something of really good quality is definitely not a problem. Once again thanks for the info, God bless!


    Jose M. C

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