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  • Danganronpa Another Episode coming September for Europe and NA

    A brand new trailer and a number of screenshots have been released for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, and alongside it a release date has been announced by NIS America. Danganronpa Another Episode is set for release this September in Europe and North America.

    Danganronpa Another Episode will be released on the PS Vita on September 1 in North America and September 4 in Europe.

    Danganronpa Another Episode will take a slightly different approach to the first two games in the series. This time round, the action adventure title will focus on two heroines - Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa. Both the characters are thrown into Towa City, and it’s been plagued with despair and depression.

    The Danganronpa series has always been one of NIS America’s more action packed titles, so if you’re not so much for the turn based JRPG style of their other games, you may be more interested in Danganronpa Another Episode.

    In Danganronpa Another Episode, Komaru Naegi plays a large role in the story of the game. Komaru is Makoto Naegi’s younger sister, and she has been imprisoned inside a mysterious building for over a year. In Danganronpa Another Episode Byakuya Togami, a member of the Future Foundation attempts to rescue Komaru.

    The rescue is derailed as swarms of Monokumas attempt to attack Byakuya Togami. Eventually, Komaru does escape but she finds that the city has been taken over by a group of child warriors named the Warriors of Hope.

  • Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 Scheduled for October 30

    NIS America has announced that Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 will be making it’s way to Europe on October 30 for the Nintendo 3DS with English voiced dialogue. The game will be launched as both a physical and digital release, so you’ll be able to download it online or purchase it in-store. Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 will also be published by Atlas Inc. in North America following the European release.

    Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor 2 features turn based combat and an interesting storyline to keep players captivated. In Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor, the world of Record Breaker is on the brink of destruction - An apocalypse has begun.

    Before the apocalypse, a group of thrill-seekers registered to a website that claimed to deliver fake videos of their friends being killed. These videos had some kind of other meaning behind them though, and as people tried to understand the true meaning of the videos, an alien invasion forced humanity to struggle to survive.

    For the protagonist and his friends, it’s up to them to stand up for humanity. The very same website ends up downloading an app onto their smartphones, and it has the ability to summon demons. These characters manage to learn how to tame the demons, and they’re given the chance to save the future of humanity. The choices the player makes as the protagonist could help save the world … Or seal the fate of their friends.

  • 8 new Destiny House of Wolves Bounties Revealed

    destiny house of wolves bounties8 new wanted bounties have been found out by Destiny players and they have been in the game since the House of Wolves expansion.

    The 8 new bounties can be collected by killing different enemies spread across different locations in Destiny. When you claim a bounty, you'll be rewarded with Grimoire. There will often be Weekly Bounties that offer extra rewards for claiming a spotlighted enemy, and these 8 new bounties are likely to appear in the Weekly Bounties for the House of Wolves expansion over the next couple of months.

    The first new bounty is Wolf Enforcer and this can be found in the Devils Lair Strike. The second bounty is Silent Fang - this one can be located in the Forgotten Shores. The final bounty in the Patrol Cosmodrome is Queenbreaker Captain and this bounty can be found at Dock 13.

    For Patrol Venus bounties, The Ether Runner can be found in the same place The Gate Lord was originally found and there's also the Repeater Shank which is in the first spawn area for the Nexus Strike. There's one bounty near the Vault of Glass entrance at Campus 9 named Wolf's Guard.

    Finally, the Patrol Moon bounties include the High Servitor and the Twisted Claw, both of which can be found in The Summoning Pits.

    In other news, Bungie has made subtle hints towards cheaters, stating that they are "always watching." They haven't threatened to get the banhammer out yet, but it could certainly be coming to those who aren't playing by the rules, especially in the Crucible.

  • New Tekken 7 Character Revealed

    tekken 7 shaheenA brand new Tekken 7 character has been revealed - the new character is of Arab origins and was previously teased in late 2014. Named Shaheen, the new Tekken 7 character will be joining the full character roster upon Tekken 7's release.

    Previously, a character named Lucky Chloe was announced for Tekken 7, and the developers received a lot of criticism, and as a result, she was removed from the western version of the game.

    At the time, the developers suggested that another character would take the place of Lucky Chloe, but it's unclear whether Shaheen was designed to be the replacement character, or whether he was planned to be released alongside Lucky Chloe.

    Either way, it's likely that there may be more characters planned for reveal for Tekken 7 in the near future. Previously, a latin American character named Katarina was announced, and a male counterpart, Claudio was revealed alongside her.

    That means there are currently four new characters we know about so far, and previous Tekken characters will also be making a return, including Kazuya, Paul Phoenix, King and Heihachi.

    So far, it's looking like the lineup for Tekken 7 may be the best yet - there is certainly a large variety of cultures within the upcoming game, and both seasoned players and newcomers to the series should enjoy the wide variety of characters to choose from.

    Tekken 7 will be released exclusively in Japan arcades this February for a short time, before being released to consoles in the East, and then in the West further on in the year.

  • All GTA V Cheats Added to In-Game Cell Phone

    gta v cell phone cheatsGrand Theft Auto has always been filled with hilarious cheats, and whilst the cheats in Grand Theft Auto IV could be accessed via Niko's cell phone, they could only be accessed on the last gen version of GTA V via in-game button combinations.

    The new version of GTA V, which was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, has now been confirmed to have cheats that can be activated via the cell phone, as well as through in-game button combinations.

    We aren't sure whether Rockstar have added any new cheats to the franchise, but we have compiled a list of the cheats that we are currently aware of, along with the numbers needed to access them.

    If you open up the cell phone dialler app whilst playing as Trevor, Michael or Franklin and type in any one of these numbers the corresponding cheat will be activated.

    Flaming Bullets
    Give Parachute
    Moon Gravity
    Recharge Ability
    Slow Motion
    Slow Motion Aiming
    Spawn Comet
    Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike
    Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle
    Spawn Rapid GT
    Spawn Trashmaster
    Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter

  • Tekken 7 Screenshots Reveal New Characters

    tekken 7 new charactersNew screenshots of Tekken 7 have hit the internet that show off a few aspects of the game, including two characters new to the franchise. The first new character shown in official screens has been named as Claudio. Not many details have been given about Claudio, besides from the fact that he dons a white cloak, and some players have made relations to Maxi from the Soul Calibur series.

    Another character in the screens by the name of Katarina has also been revealed, but once again, details on this character have been left out. Both characters can be seen in the image shown above. Along with the two new characters, Tekken 7 will host all previous characters seen in previous games in the franchise.

    Whilst Tekken 7 is still under development a few arcades in Japan have the game available for play, and players have reported that the game will come with a few new gameplay mechanics, including Power Crush, a new ability that allows players to take hits from the opponent whilst trying to perform a certain move or combo.

    Other than this, no more new information has been shared about Tekken 7, and we are still unsure when the game will be released. I expect the game will be released at some point in the second half of 2015, but I cannot guarantee that, so I'd take my speculation with a grain of salt.

    Hopefully we'll learn more about the two new characters closer to the launch of Tekken 7.

  • New GTA 5 Character Trailers Shown off

    We've already talked about Rockstar's reveal on GTA 5's multi-protagonist story line, and have also talked about missions that involve two or more of the three main characters where players may switch between each character to get different benefits. Rockstar has now revealed three new trailers to show the three characters and their unique traits.

    We can learn from the trailers that the first character, Michael, is a man who is going through his midlife crisis with his own family, but has also been brought into an action packed life of chaos and crime. He's pushed himself so far into the chaos that he's found himself addicted to it, and despite his huge fortune, he says he’s miserable and I’m sure his story will follow his choices between chaos or his family.

    The second trailer shows Franklin, a character that has become trapped in gang violence and crime. His story will focus around cop chases, helicopters and the street life we've come to know from many popular Hollywood movies.

    The final trailer shows Trevor, the awkward, crazed drug dealer who seems to be followed around by a constant steam of comedy behind him. He gets himself involved in some pretty deep stuff, but manages to shrug it off lightly.

    These new trailers have been really interesting to watch and have not only shown us what the new GTA storyline may be like, but also what the game will feel like and how it looks, and boy does it look good!

  • New Knife of Dunwall DLC Available for Dishonored

    There's been talk for a while of the Knife of Dunwall DLC for Dishonored, but it's finally hit PS3, Xbox 360 and Steam, making it the second DLC pack available for the action title published by Bethesda.

    In the Knife of Dunwall DLC, unlike the original game, you will play as the character Daud, a legendary assassin who killed the Empress in the original game, forever changing the world of Dunwall. Daud looks for redemption in the Knife of Dunwall, whilst followed by his loyal band of mercenary assassins, the Whalers.

    The Knife of Dunwall will include new and never seen before areas of Dunwall, as well as new enemies that require new strategies to complete. New weapons and powers will be available to the players who play as Daud in the Knife of Dunwall, including abitilies that enhance the dynamic combat, mobility and stealth systems found within Dishonored.

    The new DLC pack can be purchased for $9.99 on Steam and PS3, or 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. Bethesda has also said that the Knife of Dunwall is the 'first story based DLC.'

    Have you played the new Knife of Dunwall DLC yet?

  • Ubisoft gives info on Assassins' Creed 4's Main Character and Game Locations

    More Details on AC4

    Ubisoft have tried their luck with yet another Assassins' Creed title, and although true fans are growing thin, there's no doubt that Assassins' Creed 4 will see good sales. Despite the game being talked about a fair amount in the industry, details on the game are quite sparse, and the strange pirate theme hasn't been discussed by Ubisoft much. We can gather a little information from Ubisoft though, and the developer has started giving more info on the title through interviews and press releases.

    It turns out that there will be a total of three major locations in Assassins' Creed 4, with each one fitting into the Caribbean environment that Ubisoft has chosen for the game for its 'unique and fresh' feel to it.

    The first location, Havana, is a city with a lot of tight streets and alleys, allowing the player to do a lot of rooftop missions, whilst the second city, Kingston, has intertwined buildings into a natural environment, allowing players to make use of trees and other naturally formed objects. The third city, Nassau, better relates to the pirate theme, as it is in essence the head base of operation for pirates, meaning the streets are hectic, and built in strange and unorganized ways.

    Despite the three differing locations, Ubisoft has worked hard to link these into the '50 plus locations' also found in the game, so that players feel that the different locations come together to represent themselves as a fully immersive game world.

    When it comes to the main protagonist, Edward Kenway, Ubisoft has said that he descends from Connor Kenway, a pirate in the world of AC4. This would explain the pirate theme, but other details about the character are small. However, game director Ashraf Ismail has said in an interview to the Examiner that, "He is charismatic and brash but also selfish and immature. In a way we wanted to show a character who is a teenager in terms of maturity and who eventually becomes a man. As the game progresses Edward needs to figure out his role in life and what taking responsibility means."

    The story in Assassins' Creed has always deeply involved the characters into the storyline, so it'll be interesting to see how the story of AC4 plays out.

  • God of War At it again with new 1.04 Patch

    God of War 1.04

    We last posted about God of War's patch 1.03, where we commended Sony Santa Monica for working hard on their game and releasing game improving patches for the newest God of War title, and once again, Sony have been at it again. This time, with the 1.04 patch for God of War, Sony Santa Monica has focused on multiplayer aspects, including a level cap increase, allowing players to reach level 40 of their allegiance. This new level cap increase also adds a new God item, two new relics, and an ultimate magic for every allegiance, unlocking new abilities.

    Other multiplayer additions include the player stat card that allows you to access information and stats about your Champion such as win/loss ratios, k/d ratios, and other game related stats. It was interesting to not see this feature at launch, but it's good that Sony have now patched it in. The game mode inspect card has also been added, which allows you to see scoring options for each game mode so new players can understand point values for each game mode before jumping in.

    The match of champions 4 player mode has now been adjusted so that 1600 favor is now needed to win instead of 2000, making the average game time in line with other game modes.

    As well as the multiplayer changes, some fixes and tweaks have been made to combat, which can be seen below;

    • Zeus Spear now uses correct damage multipliers: L1 triangle special was not correctly using elemental damage multipliers (was using physical instead).
    • Global Spear Attacks: Triangle in the air with spear was unblockable, yet could still be parried, it can no longer be parried.
    • Poseidon Shield God Item: The shield will now become active when the player recovers rather than while still in the activation animation.
    • Adjusted stats of the Hades spear to better suit the intended gameplay.
    • Medusa Armor is now slightly easier to acquire.
    • The healing amount granted to the player when using the Poseidon Heal Magic will now increase as the magic is ranked up.
    • Miscellaneous fixes to slow debuffs/animations not displaying correctly. Will now prevent most related cases where the player would get get stuck in a bad state, and unable to respawn. This is greatly improved, per this fix.
    • God ability pickups for new God items now appear in the correct order in the customization menu.

    On top of this, a lot of bug fixes have been made in the new patch, and a double XP weekend took place last weekend.

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