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  • New Master Chief Collection Patch Coming

    master chief collection april updateA new blog post has been posted by 343 Industries that details some changes that will be made to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in an upcoming patch. The new patch will be releasing in April as part of the "April Update," which will include new features to matchmaking and the game in general.

    Whilst a lot of the major issues with the Master Chief Collection that were apparent at launch have now been fixed, there are still some problems with the game that 343 Industries are trying to iron out. These changes include adjustments to the different game modes across various games in the collection.

    In the blog post it wrote, "Based on results and feedback, we'll be looking to update team sizes and player counts across existing and upcoming playlists, including Team Doubles, as we get closer to the next update. Lastly, SWAT and Team Snipers will both make a return into the rotation in the near future, and we'll continue to evaluate playlist data to determine which playlists become permanent additions."

    The next update will also "Address a variety of issues across the game, including specific improvements to ranking, new quit and betrayal penalties, and more as we prepare to roll out ranks to additional playlists."

    Whilst the full patch notes have not yet been published, 343 Industries plan to do so closer to the patch release. "We'll provide more about what's included as we get closer to the release of the CU." 343 said, "As always, full patch notes will be released once the CU becomes available."

  • Halo Spartan Ops Added to MCC

    halo spartan ops mccWhilst we all rightly presumed that the Master Chief Collection was going to be released with all of the content from previous games at launch, 343 Industries has been very far behind with development, due to server issues and other problems with the new Halo 2 anniversary multiplayer.

    As a result, many in-game features and content of the Master Chief Collection has been unavailable since launch, including the Spartan Ops missions that were released as part of Halo 4.

    The Spartan Ops missions were a set of in-game objectives that followed a set story and played out like the firefight game type in both Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST did. Unlike firefight, Spartan Ops were specially designed to delve into the story that took place whilst the Master Chief was floating about in space, and many players have complained that they are an incredibly important part of Halo 4.

    Fortunately enough, 343 Industries have just launched Spartan Ops for the Master Chief Collection in a new patch, and it contains all of the episodes from Halo 4 right at launch - this is a total of 10 co-op based episodes that can now be accessed from the Halo 4 section of the Master Chief Collection.

    If you didn't play through the Spartan Ops episodes on the Xbox 360 due to 343's strange release schedule for them, then you should definitely give them a go now that they are on the Xbox One, especially if you are a fan of the Halo universe and it's story.

  • Halo Master Chief Collection Launch Details

    halo master chief collectionThe Halo Master Chief Collection has finally launched, but the game has so much content inside it that there's a lot to take in, so we'll be giving you a quick insight into what's new.

    The Campaigns

    All four original Halo campaigns from the main franchise, including Halo Combat Evolved, Halo 2, 3 and 4 can be played within the Halo Master Chief Collection. All games have had a makeover, although the most difference has been made to the Halo 2 campaign.

    The Matchmaking

    343 Industries are still slowly rolling out the matchmaking playlists for the Halo Master Chief Collection, and so far there have been a few issues - give it a week and everything should be running. From there, we may have to wait a couple months before all of the playlists and the entire ranking system is ready for play.

    New Forge

    As well as providing forge mode to all of the Halo 2 online levels, 343 have thrown in a few blank canvas maps that can be used to build to your heart's content. The new forge has tons of new items, scenery objects and special triggers to give you the chance to make the biggest virtual rube goldberg machine in the world.

    Halo 5 Beta

    If the Halo Master Chief Collection isn't enough for you, then you may want to check out the Halo 5 Beta when it launches - this is an exclusive to those who pre-ordered Halo: MCC.

  • PC and Xbox 360 Versions of Halo The Master Chief Collection Unlikely

    halo master chief collection xbox 360Would you be surprised if I told you that 343 Industries have no plans to introduce Halo: The Master Chief Collection to the Xbox 360 or the PC? I know I certainly wouldn't, as it seems Microsoft have found that The Master Chief Collection would be a solid way to encourage a bunch of their core fans to move over to the Xbox One platform.

    However, it's not all just about business practice - according to a blog by 343 Industries on the Halo Waypoint, the Xbox 360 just wouldn't be able to handle the Master Chief Collection. At first, that seems like an odd thing to realize, especially considering all four games in the collection were released for either the Xbox 360 or the original Xbox, but if you think about it, it makes sense.

    Halo 4 on it's own already takes two discs to play on the Xbox 360, and that doesn't include the extra included DLC maps. Throw in Halo 3, Halo 2 anniversary, which has been overhauled with brand new cutscenes, and the Halo Combat Evolved anniversary, and you'd have a collection that spans across at least four to five different discs.

    That kind of approach to the Master Chief Collection would certainly not be the kind of unified experience 343 Industries were looking for. Of course, there's always the question of why 343 can't port the collection over to the PC, but I'm sure that really does just come down to Xbox One business practice.

    The Master Chief Collection will be released for Xbox One on November 11th, 2014, alongside a brand new digital Halo series.

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  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection Definite, Coming This Year

    Halo Master chief collectionA couple of weeks ago, some information about a possible Halo collection was spread around the internet, and whilst at the time it did seem quite likely, it was certainly not official at that point in time. However, Microsoft took to E3 to reveal that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is planned to be released this year for the Xbox One.

    Like previously expected, Halo: The Master Chief Collection will come with all four of the main Halo games, and will be packaged into one standalone experience. Halo 2 will take the focus and will serve as the mainframe for the whole collection, and online multiplayer will be based on Halo 2's infrastructure. This means we can expect dual wielding, elites vs spartans, and pretty much everything we knew Halo 2 to be, including the wide range of strange bugs and glitches.

    Halo 2 will also get a full HD re-texture, similarly to Combat Evolved anniversary, and players will be able to switch between old graphics and new graphics with the tap of a button.

    All campaign levels from all four games will be fully unlocked from the start, allowing players to jump in at any point they feel comfortable with, and new modes will be available that will mix and match campaign levels from all four games to create a fun and varied experience. Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be out later this year for $59.99. The game will also run at a steady 60FPS at 1080P resolution.

  • Halo: Spartan Assault Release on Xbox One

    New Titans Titanfall VGXThe top down shooter, Halo: Spartan Assault was first released on Windows Phone, but it looks as if the game will now slowly make it's way over to Microsoft consoles as well. A new announcement by Microsoft has revealed that the game will be available on the Xbox One by Christmas Eve, and will be running at 60fps and in 1080P, which really isn't anything special, considering that the game can be run on a smartphone.


    The game will be available on Xbox One for $15, however if you already own the Windows Phone copy (which costs $7) you'll only have to pay $5 for the Xbox One console version.


    So, if you are planning to purchase the Xbox One version, it makes sense to buy the Windows Phone version first to save yourself a couple bucks.


    The new Xbox One version will also include some new content such as a new cooperative mode that will allow players to team up over Xbox Live to fight oncoming waves of the flood. It will also include new useable weapons, and the operation Hydra expansion for free.


    Halo: Spartan Assault was also previously announced to be released on the Xbox 360 at the same time as the Xbox One, but it has since been delayed and the release date for the Xbox 360 version will be in January 2014.


    360 Players won't be able to play with Xbox One players, but the 360 version will include all of the same content as the Xbox One version and will be available at the same price point.

  • Next Halo Game Confirmed as Halo 5.

    Recently we discussed 343 Industries strange way of saying "This is the next Halo, but it isn't actually going to be called Halo 5." After this point a lot of us decided to go ahead and accept that the first Halo game on the Xbox One might not be called Halo 5.

    No one is really bothered about such a trivial thing, but a new leaked trailer seems to show that the next game will in fact be called Halo 5. The trailer shown is the same one as before, however this time round it ends with a Halo 5 logo being shown.

    The new trailer shown is made by the same animation studio, Axis Animation, as before. Axis Animation seemed to have just edited the previous version to add Halo 5 onto the ending cutscene, although there doesn't seem to be any real reason for it.

    This leaked video could of perhaps been made before Microsoft decided to change the new Halo's name into something other than Halo 5.

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  • Microsoft gives a few New Details on New Xbox 360 Free Games Promotion

    If you didn't know already, Microsoft revealed at E3 that Gold members will now be eligible to two free Xbox 360 games each month. There wasn't really much information on how this new promotion works, although some keen-eyed Gold members had already spotted that Fable 3 was up for grabs for free before Microsoft even announced the new promotion.

    To clear a few things up, Microsoft has now given a few new details on their promotion, stating that "As our way of saying thanks, we're giving all active Gold members two bonus Xbox 360 games each month for the rest of the year. Each specially selected, fan-favorite game will be available to download only for a limited time, so grab them before they're gone and keep them no matter what."

    A new game will be available on the 1st and the 16th of the month for free for a limited time, and every Gold member that downloads the game will then be able to play the game for free forever, even if there Gold membership runs out.

    Next month we will have Assassin's Creed II and Halo 3 up for grabs for free, and this month we had Fable 3, so it seems Microsoft are offering the games that no one really buys.

    It's nice that these games are being offered for free, but if you do miss a game, don't worry because the 'specially picked' games seem to be ones that can be picked up from GameStop for a few dollars.

  • 343 Industries Drops Some info on Competitive Skill Rank

    New Halo Ranking System

    Competitive Skill Rank will be making its way to Halo 4 this week, and to help players get to grips with the new ranking system, 343 Industries has given some insight on Competitive Skill Rank and how it works.


    The Halo 4 Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) will rank players from 1 to 50 based on the player's performance in multiplayer matches, as well as the rank of those you play with.


    Everybody will start out with a rank of zero, and will be able to achieve higher ranks based on their performance. The CSR is also based individually on each playlist, similar to Halo 3's matchmaking system, meaning if you had a high rank in Team Slayer, you wouldn't have it in any other playlists.


    As some playlists are based on different rules, the CSR score will be calculated differently, however most playlists will rely mainly on your overall win/loss and kill/death record.

  • Destiny Info Roundup

    Destiny Info.

    So Bungie has given the world a preview into the world of Destiny. Although no gameplay footage was shown, we've been given a bit more insight into how the game will work, and what we can find within the game.

    Always on Connection

    This was a big gripe for some players, an always on connection just doesn't make sense when you don't need the connection constantly to play the game, however with Destiny it makes a little more sense, and according to Bungie, bad connections won't affect your connection too badly.

    "Activision has run a site-specific infrastructure on the world's biggest multiplayer game for several years. While you can play campaign in Call of Duty without an internet connection, you can't play multiplayer, which is what tens of millions of players all over the world do. It's not flawless, but it's pretty satisfying for a lot of people so we're confident we can get the things we talked about today to work."

    Bungie seem pretty confident the always-on connection won't be an issue too, and with Bungie's and Activision's experience put together, online play should be super smooth.

    An always on connection will be needed for the game as it will be an MMO FPS and although it's not definite, no local play may be completely possible.

    2013 Release Unlikely

    For a minute we all thought the game would make a release for this October. The truth is, a rumor spread, and GameStop starting showing off some Destiny-esque posters, and everyone got a little too excited.

    Geoff Keighley, the big game presenter for various events has responded on Twitter after a tweet directed towards him asked him about a possible 2013 release was to happen for Destiny. Geoff simply replied with "If it does, I'll be shocked." Although this doesn't really imply anything, it could be possible he's seen the game's progress, and he really doesn't see it coming.

    Geoff could be wrong, but he's been a video game journalist and fanatic for a very long time. For now, we'll have to keep ourselves patient while we wait.

    Gameplay Elements

    As we already know, Destiny will be an FPS-based MMO. The game will be classed based, and players will be able to do quests, level up, and earn equipment to customize their character and their own vehicles.

    The game may have a similar loot system to Borderlands 2, which I would love to see, however the game will be an MMO meaning you'll be playing alongside hundreds, maybe even thousands of other players.

    The first Destiny game will be released for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but it could be possible that it will make it to the next-gen consoles later on as well.  Bungie do plan to support the PS4 and Xbox 720 with their future games.

    More information has popped up after Bungie's formal unveiling, giving info on the world of the game, and the base game mechanics. I'm buzzed to see some gameplay footage, are you?


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