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  • New Dead Space 3 Details from Various Sources

    Dead Space 3


    It's not long till Dead Space 3 will be available at retail stores across the globe, however details on the game are still quite sparse. Thanks to a few sources we have got a few extra bits of info that give us insight into what the game will include.

    The Entertainment Software Board (ESRB) has rated the game as 'M for Mature' and while this is not one bit surprising, the overall summary that ESRB has given, gives us a little idea on what will be included in the game, including combat scenes and dialogues.

    The following summary puts in detail the reason for Dead Space 3's mature rating, which has been given for blood, gore, intense violence and strong language.

    "Rating summary: This is a third-person shooter in which players assume the role of Isaac Clarke, an engineer battling a mysterious alien threat. Players use futuristic weapons (e.g., guns that fire explosives, spikes, incendiary shots) to kill various alien creatures and human enemies. The frenetic combat is accompanied by realistic gunfire and screams of pain. Players can also employ melee kills at close range: hand-to-hand combat, stomping down on enemies, using the butt of a weapon to eliminate adversaries. Blood-splatter effects occur when characters incur damage, and some environments depict blood-splattered floors and mutilated bodies; enemies can be seen impaled, decapitated, and dismembered during the game. The words 'f**k,' 'sh*t,' and "a*shole" can be heard in the dialogue."

    It's surprising how much information can be picked apart from the ESRB summary, but as this game is not the first in the series, the above information has already been expected. However, the achievement list for Dead Space 3 has also been leaked, and contains some details about the game. If you don't want to risk reading spoilers about the game, keep your eyes away from the bottom of the post, and possibly the internet, until the game is released on February 15th, 2013 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, otherwise, take a read below.


    10 G: My Buddy - Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench

    10 G: Stranger in a Strange Land - Complete the Prologue

    10 G: Strapped - Craft a Weapon

    10 G: Circuit's Edge - Add a Circuit to a Weapon.- 10G

    10 G: Get On My Level - Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

    10 G: Under a Buck - Shoot the deer head trophy in the Admiral's Quarters.

    10 G: From the Jaws - Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the attacker.

    10 G: Share and Share Alike - Use the RIG to give an item to your Co-Op partner.

    10 G: Medic! - Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.

    10 G: Architect - Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.

    10 G: Close Encounter - Kill 10 alien Necromorphs.

    10 G: Go for the Limbs! - Dismember 500 limbs from living enemies.

    10 G: And Then We Doubled It! - Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.

    10 G: Slow Mo - Kill 50 enemies while

    they are in stasis.

    10 G: Blast Corps - Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.

    10 G: Shootbang - Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.

    10 G: Empty Chamber - Kill 30 enemies using melee strikes or a melee Weapon Part.

    10 G: Dropping Acid - Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.

    10 G: Electric Lawnmower - Kill 30 enemies using an electrified Ripper blade.

    10 G: Overpowered Healing - Use quick heal to heal yourself 20 times.

    15 G: Space Odyssey - Survive your first spacewalk.

    15 G: Critical Mass - Recover the shuttle.

    15 G: Snow Crash - Reach Tau Volantis.

    15 G: Payback - Kill a Soldier by TK'ing a grenade or rocket back at them.

    15 G: Hydra - Kill the Snowbeast.

    15 G: Aliens - Collect all Alien Artifacts.

    15 G: Together as One - Reassemble Rosetta.

    15 G: Infernal Machine - Reach the Alien Machine.

    20 G: Space Ace - Shoot at least 70 targets during the ride to Tau Volantis.

    20 G: Hungry - Reach the pump room of the Waystation without alerting any Feeders.

    20 G: Axes High - Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.

    25 G: Intestinal Fortitude - Defeat the Hive Mind.

    25 G: The Explorer - Complete all optional missions.

    25 G: Ghosts of the Past - Face all of Carver's demons by completing all Co-Op only optional missions.

    25 G: Gun Collector - Collect all Weapon Parts.

    25 G: The Professor - Collect all Artifacts.

    25 G: The Librarian - Collect all Logs.

    25 G: The Armorer - Collect all Circuits.

    25 G: EMT - Craft a Large Med Pack.

    25 G: Full House - Craft a Weapon with 2 Tools, Tips, and Attachments with all Circuit slots filled.

    25 G: Master Plan - Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth of parts and Circuits to build.

    30 G: Metal Detector - Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.

    30 G: Drill Sergeant - Complete the Drill Room without taking any damage.

    30 G: Weedkiller - Kill 5 Cysts in the Biology Building with a single poison gas cloud.

    40 G: Epic Tier 4 Engineer - Complete the game in Classic Mode.

    40 G: Survivalist - Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.

    50 G: Aren't You Thankful? - Complete the game on Hardcore Mode.

    50 G: Shoot for the Moon - Defeat the Moon.

    50 G: There's Always Peng! - Find Peng.

    50 G: RIG Master - Fully upgrade your RIG.

  • 2 New Armor Abilities Found in Halo 4

    New Abilities Halo 4


    Halo modding prodigy nowise10 has managed to find some interesting things locked inside the Halo 4 game disc, including two armor abilities that never made it into the full release game.

    A video by Halo Council has been put up on Youtube showing the new armor abilities in action. The first ability, teleport, works similarly to thruster pack does currently. However, you can teleport from one position to another without being in danger of getting damaged by other players and the distance seems a lot larger compared to the thruster pack jump distance.

    The second armor ability is named hacker and it can in essence stop other players from using their armor abilities. In the video the player demonstrates good use of the hacker ability by stopping a player from using a jet pack while he's in mid-air, as well as disabling most of the other abilities too.

    It's unknown why these armor abilities weren't put into the game physically, however the teleport armor ability is still unfinished and at times kills you when using it, and the hacker ability isn't fully polished either. No previous builds or game footage ever hint at these abilities, so either 343 Industries plan on releasing these at a later date, or they were scrapped early on in the dev build and were never planned to be available for use after that point.

    The teleporter ability does seem a lot handier than the somewhat useless thruster ability, and I, along with many players would probably like to see it into the game. The hacker armor ability seems a little overpowered, and being able to disable other Spartan's armor abilities may unbalance the game.

    What are your opinions on the two newly found armor abilities? Should they be added to the game?

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  • Big Borderlands 2 DLC Planned For Next Year

    Borderlands 2 DLC


    As well as confirming that Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt will indeed be a new DLC update next year, Randy Pitchford, President of Gearbox Games, has told fans that there will be a lot more content to follow in 2013.

    Randy had used Twitter to give details on upcoming content, such as Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt, and fans have responded eagerly.

    "Sir Hammerlock has a grand adventure in store for us all in the deepest wilds of Pandora. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is really badass. Will be best BL2 DLC yet."

    As well as new DLC missions and stories, new content for Borderlands 2 will help to keep maxed out players enjoying the game, whilst still offering new content for newer players as well. Around 15% of players are currently maxed out with at least one character in Borderlands 2, according to Gearbox Games, and Randy and the Borderlands 2 team want to act accordingly. 2013 will bring a higher level cap raise, and a possible inclusion of a more difficult 'veteran' mode.

    "We are working on a big add-on/expansion for next year with deeper progression," Randy stated on his twitter, "I will share details and timing as we settle in with them."

    Thanks to the Digital era, we're getting more content from great developers, and because of Gearbox's overwhelming success with Borderlands 2, the team seem very inclined to keep improving their current game even further.

    If you want to keep an eye out for more Borderlands 2 information, check back here regularly, and keep a watch on Randy's twitter @DuvalMagic.

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  • iOS Devices Now Offer Xbox Live Achievements

    iOS Xbox Live


    One of the big benefits to Windows Phone currently is the inclusion of its services into the Xbox Live ecosystem. Playing arcade games on your Windows mobile could gain you achievements just like you can on the Xbox 360 or certain Windows Live PC titles.

    It seems Microsoft wants to offer more compatibility to their Xbox Live services, because it's now possible to earn achievements straight from an iPhone or an iPad. Although no announcement has been made regarding the unexpected addition to the iTunes app store, it's now possible to download Wordament for the iPhone and iPad, and gain Gamerscore and achievements from this game.

    The game was previously released on Windows Phone and one of its main features includes 'cross-play' suggesting that it may just be a one-off title that offers achievement stats on devices other than the Windows brand.

    In other news, Sony has planned to import their trophy system into the mobile SDK of their Android devices, which would make it possible to play games and earn trophies straight from a Sony device. It's unclear whether all Sony handsets would receive this feature or not, but at first, it's probably a feature reserved for upcoming high-end Xperia handsets like the Sony Xperia T.

    Do you think being able to play games on the go and add to your Gamerscore is a cool feature for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3? Or do you think the two Console manufacturers should focus solely on their console systems instead of spreading out to the smartphone industry?

  • Big Christmas Sales on Xbox Live

    Christmas Sales


    Christmas marks the time for frantic last-minute shopping and frenzied retailers trying to push more and more customers to their 'winter season sales'. However, if you have a keen eye, you can usually find yourself quite a bargain amongst all of the chaos.

    Xbox Live may be a place you'll be happy to find some decent digital sales in time for Christmas, and this is a perfect time to grab the games you haven't had the chance to get your hands on.

    Microsoft has put on a sale offering a decent amount of games each day available for you to purchase at discounted prices. Although each day adds new items to the sale, you can still access games from previous days, and will be able to right up to the end of December.

    Look Below to see what deals are available as of December 22nd.


    Full Games

    Midnight Club: Los Angeles
    L.A. Noire
    Max Payne 3
    Red Dead Redemption

    Rock Band 3

    Bully: Scholarship Edition



    The Simpsons Arcade Game - 600 MP
    SONIC 4 Episode II - 600 MP
    Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - 160 MP
    Plants vs. Zombies - 600 MP
    Super Meat Boy - 600 MP
    Fire Pro Wrestling - 400 MP
    RAW - 400 MP
    Joe Danger 2: The Movie - 400 MP
    Jet Set Radio - 400 MP
    Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition - 400 MP
    Zuma's Revenge! - 400 MP
    Peggle - 400 MP
    Peggle Nights Content Pack - 200 MP
    A World of Keflings - 400 MP
    A World of Keflings - Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice - 160 MP
    A World of Keflings - It Came From Outer Space - 160 MP
    Wreckateer - 200 MP
    Kinect Party - Free


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  • The next-gen Xbox, Rumors and Speculation

    Next Gen Xbox Info

    Next gen consoles are coming, there's no doubt about it. When though, is another question. The Wii U has managed to steal the show this year, similarly to the original Wii's release, but what we’re really waiting for is word of the big boys' new consoles. Both Sony and Microsoft have sent out dev kits of their new consoles, although word of what they contain and what each product consists of has been a closely kept secret.

    Little to no news has emerged regarding the PlayStation 4 as of now; however, there has been a fair amount of speculation regarding the Xbox 720.

    First off, is the name of the console; at first the new console was believed to be named the 720, but it's clear now that this name was simply used as a placeholder by fans whilst waiting for more solid information. The codename Xbox 'Durango' has splashed around the internet as well, but we're uncertain that this will be the Xbox's new name. OXM magazine has given some details on the new Xbox, whether this is just pure speculation or not is currently unclear, but they're pretty confident that the new Xbox will simply be called 'The Xbox.'

    Hardware-wise, the Xbox is expected to come with what we see in mid-range PCs today; 8GB RAM, a decent mult-core processor, and a decent graphics processor as well. Xbox is also believed to include a Blu-Ray drive, which is a bit strange considering Blu-Ray is an innovation of Microsoft's biggest console rival, Sony.

    Controller-wise, Microsoft aren't ditching Kinect yet, and it's more than possible that motion controls will play a big part of the standard Xbox experience. Some sources say that Xbox 720 will include some sort of 3D augmented reality hardware, but seeing as nothing else on the market comes near to this, even if this did appear with the next Xbox, it's likely to be nothing more than a cheap gimmick.

    For a physical controller, it's hard to say what Microsoft will do next. They'll probably improve upon the current controller on the Xbox 360, but in terms of physical button layout, I don't expect much to change.

    When will the next Xbox be released? It's hard to say, but more and more sources are pointing to a late 2013 release.

  • Borderlands Celebrates VGA awards with Free SHiFT Keys

    Borderlands Gives SHiFT Keys

    So the VGAs have come and gone, and many developers have been honored with awards for their games. Borderlands 2 developer Gearbox, earned in total 4 different awards at the VGAs, and as a company that started out relatively small, this is an amazing accomplishment.

    Surprisingly, the biggest award Borderlands 2 took home from the VGAs was the award for the best shooter, and even with the hugely popular Halo 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 being released this year as well, Borderlands 2 managed to grab the award, most likely due to its originality and overall unique combat scenarios.

    On top of the best shooter award, Gearbox received best performance by a human male, best multiplayer, and best character of the year for their Borderlands title. The best human male performance was given to Handsome Jack, and the best character award was given to Claptrap.

    Gearbox wanted to award the players and the fans for such a successful night at the VGAs, and has given out multiple SHiFT keys for players to use on the PS3, Xbox 360 or the PC.

    Here is a list of the SHiFT codes given out from Gearbox's twitter:










    Xbox 360:













  • Win a Car with Halo 4 and Virgin Media

    Win a Car

    343 Industries have tried hard to create a lot of incentives to keep people playing Halo 4, but this new competition looks to be the biggest of them all.

    Virgin Gaming have teamed up with 343 Industries to create a competition in which all you have to do to play a part is play Halo 4.

    The biggest two prizes include a UNSC-themed Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck and a cameo in an upcoming Halo game.

    Other prizes include hundreds of Halo memorabilia, Halo DVDS, books, Mega Bloks, and pretty much anything else to do with Halo.

    To be in with a chance of winning, you'll need to register your email at and then climb the ranks as quick as possible. There are different tier prizes, meaning that even if you don't have the time to reach tier 1, you may be able to reach tier 2 or 3.

    On top of the tiered prizing structure, the first 20 players to complete the weekly challenge each week will be given a Halo 4 Master Chief T-shirt, Halo 4: Forward unto Dawn Blu Ray, and the Halo 4 OST.

    If you're feeling confident enough to try your best in the competition, it's best to start playing now and keep track of your progress on Halo Waypoint. To get the most EXP as quick as possible, try to aim for completing the challenges and earning commendations, especially the weekly challenges, as you'll earn a chance to win more prizes if you're quick enough to complete them.

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  • Assassin's Creed 3 Bug Erases All Player Data

    Assassin's Creed Bug

    It's rare that DLC ever causes problems, and usually if any download content does happen to have a major bug or glitch, it's usually postponed until fixed. However, every now and then players will come across a bug that has slipped past the game testers, and at times it can be totally game-breaking.

    This is certainly the case for Hidden Secrets, a new download content pack available for Assassins’ Creed 3.

    Players that have downloaded the new DLC are complaining that after first playing the game after installing the DLC, the game has erased nearly all of the player's progress and hard work back to 0% completion

    After a bit of investigating, players who have come across this glitch have noticed that not all progress has been erased.

    Side mission progress has been kept, as well as stats and total time played within the game, however main missions, all in-game cash and courier mission progress has been erased, and for some, this may be frustrating enough not to play again, and it's unlikely that these players will have the chance to receive their saved files back again.

    The Hidden Secrets DLC pack was first only available for season pass holders, but was then made available to everyone by December 11th.

    What's also interesting is that this bug has only been noticed to happen on Xbox 360 consoles, although if you haven't downloaded the Hidden Secrets DLC yet, and don't want to take any risks, it may be best to wait till an official announcement by Ubisoft on the matter.

    Are you one of the players that this happened to?

  • Huge Ubisoft Digital Sale on Xbox LIVE Dashboard

    Ubisoft Sale

    Ubisoft is one of the biggest publishers out there, and they've been responsible for some of the most successful video games of this decade. Thanks to Ubisoft we've had Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Assassins' Creed, and a whole lot more.

    But today, it's Ubisoft that are saying thanks to their fans, and they're doing this by releasing a huge sale on Ubisoft titles available to download from the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

    The discount sale has been planned for a while now, but after a fair amount of waiting, the winter Ubisoft sale has finally started on the Xbox 360.

    At the top of the discount are the Assassins' Creed games. Assassins Creed 1 and 2 have both been discounted by $10 and can now be purchased digitally for $19.99 and $9.99 respectively. Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelations have also had $10 removed from their prices, and are now both available for $19.99.

    Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell Conviction have also been reduced in price, along with a huge discount of up to 75% on arcade games, and a similarly generous discount on DLC for Ubisoft titles.

    In total 30 items have been put on discount on the Xbox LIVE marketplace, and will remain there for a reasonable amount of time to mark the beginning of winter. So far there has been no news on a similar winter sale for PS3, although there was a big sale for the PlayStation network back in spring, so it could be possible PlayStation owners may miss out this quarter.


    What will you be picking up from this sale? Let us know in the comment below!

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