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  • The Last of Us Could Get a PS4 Port

    The Last of Us has been one of the many PlayStation exclusive titles that truly rocked it last year, however, with it being on the end of a generation, it left some gamers stuck between purchasing the game and saving for a new PS4 game upon the console's release later on in the year.

    Last of Us PS4 PortBecause of this, it's been pretty commonplace to hear players asking for a PlayStation 4 port for the Last of Us, and Naughty Dog may actually be considering it.

    It's not a definite yes at this point, but it's certainly not a definite no when it comes to a PS4 port for the Last of Us, and instead we're greeted with a "We'll see what the future brings" from community strategist Eric Monacelli.

    What this suggests is that Naughty Dog aren't quite sure what the demand would be for a PS4 port, and they are probably happy working on other projects until the answer to that question is more clear.

    If you'd love to see a PlayStation 4 port for the Last of Us, your best bet is to try and get out there to get your name heard, let Naughty Dog know that it is something that we all want.

    Personally I think the launch window title selection for both the PS4 and the Xbox One has been a little weak, so anything to add to our play experience would certainly be worth it at this point in time.


  • New Killer Instinct Patch Introduces New Free Character

    As Killer Instinct is a free to play game, there are certain elements that are "locked down" for every user until they splash out on cash. One of the biggest things that is limited for the basic player is the available character roster. In fact, only one character is available for play at one time, and the others must be purchased permanently before they can be played.

    New Character Killer Instinct

    Before you shout about how money-grabbing this screwy tactic is looking to be, one thing that makes it more reasonable is that the character that is available for free changes regularly, thanks to the rotation system that works similarly to the weekly system found in League of Legends.


    This means that players will always have a chance to try each and every character, but they'll have to put in money to purchase a character that they enjoyed playing with.


    Right now, Jago has been replaced with Sabrewulf. On top of this, some character balancing has been put into place, and some bug fixes and menu changes have been added with the latest patch.


    The store has been fine tuned to make browsing through it more easy on the eye, and the annoying bug that forced players to put their controller in USB slot 1 has also been resolved.


    If you're still not happy with the whole "one character at a time" thing, there are packages that give players access to all eight characters, and it costs roughly the same price as a full retail game.

  • Two New Assassin's Creed Projects Launching in 2014?

    Well I don't think fans would really mind if Assassin's Creed took a year off. The fact that a lot of them were not happy with the idea of Assassin's Creed 4 coming out so quickly was subdued because the game was good, but fear is rising that this franchise is turning into Call of Duty.

    AssassinsCreedBut lo behold, recent rumors suggest that Ubisoft might not be just coming out with one, but two Assassin's Creed installments for 2014. One of the games are supposedly being developed just for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U while the other is being developed for the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to that, the franchise is supposedly attempting a "massive re-scope" which could mean that they are going to change up how the entire story is going to head.

    Considering that the open world gameplay of AC4 which got most of the credit while the story sticking to the usual formula got most of the flak, it seems that Ubisoft might indeed be thinking that change is due. In the middle they even had a survey asking if players wanted an open world sailing and exploration game, without the need to connect Assassin's Creed core story.

    For now it seems that we might see some changes coming in the future, and this might be a way they hope to avoid the entire dilemma COD is facing right now. Other than that, it could just be that Ubisoft will be coming out with one game, but two different versions for current and next-gen consoles. Only time will tell what to really expect.

  • New PS4 Games to Be Announced at November 14 Spike TV Event

    We're now all pretty clear about what games to expect for the PlayStation 4 upon its launch later this month, however we haven't heard much information about any video games that will be released after the launch window period.

    If you're dying of curiosity and can't fathom waiting for more information on upcoming releases, Spike TV has come to your rescue.

    American gaming TV personality Geoff Keighley will be hosting yet another Spike TV event this year, and it will be streamed online on November 14th for everybody to watch.

    Geoff Keighley took to twitter to make the announcement with a tweet saying "Get ready for an epic night of @PlayStation world premieres and announcements. #PS4ALLACCESS, Live from NYC in 2 weeks, 11/14, 11PM on Spike."

    He was then asked by a follower whether the PS4 All Access event would showcase new games for the next gen Sony console, to which he simply replied "Definitely."

    We haven't heard anything about games after launch,  so it will be interesting to see what Geoff Keighley and co. will have on show on November 14th.

    I personally cannot wait to see more information on upcoming games for the PlayStation 4, and hopefully the Spike TV All Access event will show the world something exciting.

    The series of confirmed launch titles are enough to whet our gaming appetites for the time being, but 2014 and beyond better have some extraordinary titles waiting for us all.

  • PlayStation 4 Amazon Pre-orders delivering on launch day, Sony ramping up production

    If you were worried about Sony running out of PlayStation 4's due to production issues before, you now don't need to worry.

    Firstly, Sony are pushing hard to produce as many PlayStation 4's as needed, and that high demand should hopefully be met with enough consoles spare for the shelves on launch day. A leaked image has shown boxes upon boxes of PlayStation 4's leaving a manufacturing warehouse so the PS4 is definitely now in mass production.

    Another good piece of news for those that haven't pre-ordered yet is that you still have a chance to pre-order and receive a console on launch day. Amazon are ensuring that any pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 console, even if they are just being pre-ordered now, will get the pre-orderer their console on launch day.

    However, if you do want to pre-order from Amazon and haven't yet, you will need to pre-order a bundled version that costs $459. This is the same bundle as the standard launch edition except that it includes an extra controller.

  • OUYA Android Mini-Console Is released

    You may have seen a lot of hype for the OUYA, a small console that can be held in your palm and runs off of the Android operating system, the same OS that Samsung's Galaxy phones are based on.

    Surprisingly, this small console managed to rack in millions from crowdfunding on kickstarter, and the company has been busy since then signing deals with game developers and manufacturing enough consoles to meet the demand that has been set out.

    Finally though, the OUYA is now available to purchase by anybody worldwide, and can be picked up off of the website.

    Whilst the OUYA console is miles behind the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in terms of hardware performance and gaming quality, the small box offers a bit of gaming for just $99.

    The console includes a dashboard that can be used to download free games- these games will be similar to the kind of games you can get on Android devices- so expect a lot of arcade-type gaming.

    Is the OUYA something you'd be interested in or are you happy with having mobile games on your phone?

  • You'll need an HD Capable TV to Play PlayStation 4

    As technology evolves, there are some steps that are needed to move the masses forward. For example, we went from video and cassette tapes to CDs and DVDs, and before that we had vinyl. We're currently seeing a shift from DVD to Blu-ray as well, and now, on top of that, a lot of the world has started to move to 'HD only.'

    This is certainly the case when regarding the PlayStation 4- the next gen console will only have HDMI adaptively, so if you want to make the most of it, you'll need an HD capable TV.

    Luckily though, if you've bought a TV in the last 6 or 7 years it's more than likely your TV already has HDMI input, and if it doesn't perhaps it's time for you to update your living room a little.

    Although it's not confirmed, it wouldn't surprise me if the Xbox One had the same connection options. We also don't know yet whether you'll be able to use an adapter, and if you can, what quality will be reached by using such equipment.

  • Not all Countries will Have Access to the Xbox One at Launch

    Although most of the largest consumer countries will get access to an Xbox One, there are still a large amount of countries that Microsoft won't support, at least at launch, and there's a possibility the new console won't be available in other countries at all, or at least for a while either.

    If you're located in the following countries, getting an Xbox One should be easy enough for you, as long as you can find stock:

    New Zealand
    United Kingdom
    United States

    On top of this, the Xbox One will be 'geographically locked' to the country it first resided in. This will mean that your country will not be able to be usable in any country other than the one it was used in, so if your country isn't on the list, you won't be able to ship an Xbox to your country, as the mandatory online will mean Microsoft will be able to suss out whether you're in the right country or not based on your IP address.

    If you move to another country, you'll have difficulty using your Xbox One as well- Microsoft may work on adding more countries.

  • Despite Controversy, Xbox One is incredibly popular

    You may be wondering how we could make such a claim before the new Xbox console is even out, and with gamers shouting the walls of the internet down with their rage-filled cries of shock at the new Xbox, it would sound like a crazy claim to even think about making. However, Microsoft must be on the right track despite what many have been thinking.

    Blockbuster has recently reported that the Xbox One has received more preorders than any other preorder in the history of Blockbuster (around 24 years). What this says at face value; many families and gamers alike seem to dig the home-media combo that is the Xbox One, and two, the Xbox One now caters for what the average consumer feels the need to have in their household.

    If the Xbox One was released ten years, ago, I doubt it would reach this many pre-orders, but as we become more and more connected, Microsoft's direction with the Xbox One does actually make sense.

    Perhaps the console isn't as game-centric as the Xbox 360 was in its early days, but the console will still have games, and on top of that, enough media to keep you spending any more money on TV boxes, music players and other living room electronics. (unless you already have all those features of course.)

  • Sony Trolls Xbox with 'Slow News Day' On Xbox One Reveal

    There's nothing like a bit of a public trolling to reignite the fires of the console war. At least in Sony's eyes that is. Hours before the launch event for the Xbox One, Sony took to Twitter to poke fun at the Xbox and promote their new PlayStation 4 with a new Youtube video.

    The tweet that was posted on the official PlayStation Europe twitter page said 'Also - If you haven't seen our #PS4 teaser video, where have you been?! As it's a slow news day... here it is:'

    The link sends the reader to a new Youtube video showing quick glimpses of the new PlayStation 4. Due to all of the added photo and screen effects, it's hard to make out what the PS4 actually looks like. It is however nice to see Sony showing something of their new console.

    Microsoft's Larry Hryb similarly poked fun at Sony at their reveal earlier in the year by saying "Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach."

    It'll certainly be an interesting year, and there's no doubt that the spotlight at E3 will be battled over by both Microsoft and Sony.

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