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  • Despite Controversy, Xbox One is incredibly popular

    You may be wondering how we could make such a claim before the new Xbox console is even out, and with gamers shouting the walls of the internet down with their rage-filled cries of shock at the new Xbox, it would sound like a crazy claim to even think about making. However, Microsoft must be on the right track despite what many have been thinking.

    Blockbuster has recently reported that the Xbox One has received more preorders than any other preorder in the history of Blockbuster (around 24 years). What this says at face value; many families and gamers alike seem to dig the home-media combo that is the Xbox One, and two, the Xbox One now caters for what the average consumer feels the need to have in their household.

    If the Xbox One was released ten years, ago, I doubt it would reach this many pre-orders, but as we become more and more connected, Microsoft's direction with the Xbox One does actually make sense.

    Perhaps the console isn't as game-centric as the Xbox 360 was in its early days, but the console will still have games, and on top of that, enough media to keep you spending any more money on TV boxes, music players and other living room electronics. (unless you already have all those features of course.)

  • Sony Trolls Xbox with 'Slow News Day' On Xbox One Reveal

    There's nothing like a bit of a public trolling to reignite the fires of the console war. At least in Sony's eyes that is. Hours before the launch event for the Xbox One, Sony took to Twitter to poke fun at the Xbox and promote their new PlayStation 4 with a new Youtube video.

    The tweet that was posted on the official PlayStation Europe twitter page said 'Also - If you haven't seen our #PS4 teaser video, where have you been?! As it's a slow news day... here it is:'

    The link sends the reader to a new Youtube video showing quick glimpses of the new PlayStation 4. Due to all of the added photo and screen effects, it's hard to make out what the PS4 actually looks like. It is however nice to see Sony showing something of their new console.

    Microsoft's Larry Hryb similarly poked fun at Sony at their reveal earlier in the year by saying "Announce a console without actually showing a console? That's one approach."

    It'll certainly be an interesting year, and there's no doubt that the spotlight at E3 will be battled over by both Microsoft and Sony.

  • Pre-owned Games Will cost to install on the Xbox One


    There is a huge market for pre-owned games currently. It offers a way for gamers to grab games cheaper than prices for new games, and allows retailers to generate profit from circulating old stock and older games. It keeps companies like GameStop from stopping, but as the next generation of consoles leans closer, a lot of gamers and those in the gaming industry have wondered what will become of second hand games.

    Microsoft revealed a bit about how second hand games will work on the new Xbox One at their launch event, and whilst they didn't go into full detail, there are bad things about the news, and slightly good things.

    According to Microsoft, the new Xbox will require users to install a game after purchasing it, and this will then lock that game to the Xbox account. For other gamers to then use and install this game on their system, they will have to pay a fee for it to install.

    Details on how much this fee will cost is currently unknown, but if it isn't too expensive, it'd mean second hand gaming is still an option, and games developers can still profit of reselling of games.

    It is good news that the new Xbox doesn't prohibit second hand gaming like many had feared, but it does mean that it will end up costing gamers more than it currently does on the Xbox 360.

  • Xbox One Modded Controller

    Evil Controllers will offer the world's first Custom Xbox One Modded Controller as well as the world's first Modded Xbox One Controller. Be sure to follow Evil Controllers on facebook to stay updated.

    Here are some of the designs that we have brainstormed. Be sure to let us know what you think!

    Original Post Below:

    The new Xbox One was revealed today in Redmond, Washington showcasing the new controller. Evil Controllers is excited to announce that Evil Controllers will be the first company in the industry to release an Xbox One Modded Controller.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts was announced to be released on the new console in addition to the title's Xbox 360 and PS3 release. We are confident that we will be able to modify the controller to feature our well known rapid fire feature. The Rapid Fire Xbox One Modded Controller will give all of our fans the fastest firing rate, what they have come to expect from Evil Controllers.

    EA Sports demonstrated the potential of their Ignite engine which will utilize Microsoft's new hardware for their sports title, but with EA's full support for the next Xbox you can expect to see more Battlefield on that hardware as well. Evil Controllers will be sure to make the next generation of rapid fire controllers compatible for Call of Duty: Ghosts and EA's next First-Person Shooter offering, which is likely to be Battlefield 4.

    Be sure to follow us on facebook and to check our blogs regularly for Xbox One news and info. We can't wait to give custom Xbox One controllers a surge of Evil.

    When it comes to the next generation of Call of Duty titles, you can expect Evil Controllers to give you the edge.

  • Ridge Racer Goes Free-To-Play with Driftopia

    Next Ridge Racer is F2P

    It's not strange to see a free-to-play PC or mobile title, however free-to-play on the console is something you'll rarely see, especially when the game is part of a previously successful franchise. However, Namco Bandai has recently announced that Ridge Racer Driftopia, a new Ridge Racer game, will in fact be a free to play title for the PC and PlayStation 3.
    The launch is currently slated for 'later in 2013,' and although the vague date means the game could be out anywhere between next month and December, the announcement focused on the choice for free to play, and a few questions have been answered about the type of free to play model found within Ridge Racer Driftopia.


    As with most free to play or 'freemium' game models, players of Ridge Racer Driftopia will be able to pay for in-game items via micro transactions, although details on the depth of the micro transactional items and the effect they have on gameplay are currently unknown.


    Senior Vice President of Namco Bandai, Olivier Comte has given a little insight into why the free to play model was chosen for the new Ridge Racer title, and it feels as if it will play out like an arcade game instead of a fully-fledged retail game.


    "Free-to-play is playing an increasingly important role, so it's very exciting to be bringing one of our most successful franchises to the free-to-play space for everyone to enjoy," he said.


    Olivier has also mentioned in the past that a developed free to play title "can't be high quality," and it'd be surprising to see Ridge Racer Driftopia breaking that rule, mainly because the game could end up leaning towards 'pay-to-win' and the transactional aspects of the game could make Ridge Racer Driftopia feel unbalanced and restrictive to non-paying players.


    Whether the game itself will be worth it is currently unknown, but if it is developed well enough, it could make itself a great experience for paying and non-paying customers, despite the controversy surrounding the free to play model.

  • 343 Industries Drops Some info on Competitive Skill Rank

    New Halo Ranking System

    Competitive Skill Rank will be making its way to Halo 4 this week, and to help players get to grips with the new ranking system, 343 Industries has given some insight on Competitive Skill Rank and how it works.


    The Halo 4 Competitive Skill Rank (CSR) will rank players from 1 to 50 based on the player's performance in multiplayer matches, as well as the rank of those you play with.


    Everybody will start out with a rank of zero, and will be able to achieve higher ranks based on their performance. The CSR is also based individually on each playlist, similar to Halo 3's matchmaking system, meaning if you had a high rank in Team Slayer, you wouldn't have it in any other playlists.


    As some playlists are based on different rules, the CSR score will be calculated differently, however most playlists will rely mainly on your overall win/loss and kill/death record.

  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Coming to Western Markets

    Dynasty Warriors 8

    Dynasty Warriors 8 is a game that is usually released first to the Asian market, and if it sells well it is then brought to western markets, and it seems DW8 has now done well enough to deem itself a release over in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world.


    Tecmo Koei has just officially announced that it will launch Dynasty Warriors 8 for PlayStation and Xbox 360 in North America on July 16th, 2013, and in Europe on July 12th, 2013.


    Surprisingly, each region has had its region specific voice overs added to the game, and although Japanese with English subtitles is a choice for gamers, subtitles have been added for English, French, and German.


    The game was first released in Japan in February this year, so by the time it reaches release over in the western markets, it's likely most of the game issues will have been ironed out, which will include the story mode that involves itself around the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, with a slight twist to military and political history similar to what would have been witnessed during the golden age of the three kingdoms of China


    There will also be plenty of additional content in Dynasty Warriors 8, including 40 repeatable stages, more than 70 characters, and different scenarios varying on the character the player chooses to play as.



    Are you interested in the squad based gameplay found in Dynasty Warriors 8?

  • Battlefield 4 release date on German EA page a "placeholder"

    Battlefield 4 Release October

    Excitement arouse when EA's German Facebook page made a post to let its fans know that the release date for Battlefield 4 will be on October 31st for PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.


    This has been previously rumored for the European launch date, but EA quickly made a statement on the post, and posted straight onto the German Facebook page.


    The statement on the Facebook page was made by EA and told fans-


    "We were contacted today about the release date of Battlefield 4, which could be seen on one of the tabs in this page. That one was merely a placeholder date, which was published by a technical defect. We apologize for this error. The correct release date will be available on the official Battlefield site."


    There could be two reasons that EA made this statement. Either the October 31st date really is just a placeholder date, or perhaps EA isn't quite ready to release the real date. The game will release some point this year, and as October was the release date for Battlefield 3, it would make sense for Battlefield 4 to release in October this year as well.


    EA may be being patient as they wait for the new Xbox to be announced and the PS4 release to be announced so that they can reveal a next gen release for Battlefield 4 alongside the current gen release.

  • Third Arkham Game, Batman Arkham Origins will Reach PS4 and Xbox 720

    New Batman Arkham Game

    The two previous Batman games for the current generation of consoles, Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, have seen great success thanks to the great gameplay and story that fit perfectly into the Batman universe.

    A lot of fans may have been led into the games by the recent Batman films, but regardless, the games have been produced at top standards with beautiful scenes and story elements involved.

    Looking forward to a new Batman game on the next gen will be exciting for many reasons, and although the gameplay itself is sure to be very enjoyable, it'll be great to see what a new Batman game could make of the next generation hardware.

    It isn't confirmed but rumors have cropped up about the new Batman, Arkham Origins, which will be announced at E3 for next gen consoles. The Arkham Origins game is expected to be a prequel of the previous two games, following in the footsteps of Batman and his actions within the comics of the 1950s-1970s era.

    Despite the great game, two key players of the previous game's development won't be involved, including the great Paul Dini, a writer of Batman stories, and Mark Hamil, the voice of Joker.

    Story elements are currently unknown, but appearances by other DC super heroes such as the Green Lantern and Superman may make it into the game.

  • Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Montreal teaming up to Bring More Assassin's Creed Games

    More Assassins Creed Games Will Come

    The Assassin's Creed series has been one of the most enjoyable franchises I've played for a long time, at least for the singleplayer that is. And despite the plentiful amount of titles, I've accepted that Ubisoft has managed to keep it relatively new each time round.

    However, with the announcement of the new Black Flag game, you start to wonder how far is too far, and now Ubisoft has planned to drag the franchise out with even more Assassin's Creed games after Black Flag, and there's now no doubt that the AC series has turnt into one big cash cow.

    Apparently, after Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, the two Ubisoft developer studios will work together on a newer Assassin's Creed game, most likely filled with unneeded DLC that should have been in the game at day one, and pricy season passes to go along with it.

    More news has followed on the collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and it seems development from them won't all be groan worthy. In total 5 games will be developed, including a new Splinter Cell game, and two new unannounced IPs.

    New IPs are always exciting to look forward to, and even if they fail terribly, it will be nice to see some new content in the gaming industry.

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