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  • New Advanced Warfare DLC Available on Xbox One

    advanced warfare reckoning dlc

    The latest Advanced Warfare DLC pack is now available on the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. As part of the exclusivity deal with Microsoft, the latest DLC will not be available on other platforms until next month.

    The new DLC pack is called Reckoning and it features a variety of new content. Unfortunately Reckoning does not include a bonus weapon like previous DLC packs have, but it does include other exciting content.

    In total, there are four new multiplayer maps in the Reckoning DLC pack and a new exo-zombies map. The first map is called Fracture and it features an ice digging facility located near one of the poles. You'll find yourself on a sinking ice cap that slowly sinks throughout each match.

    Overload is the second map and this is located in the middle east. Players will find themselves fighting in a large, luxury hotel filled with all sorts of expensive items.

    Quarantine is the third map and this places players on a disease ridden island. The map is very close quarters. Finally, Swarm is the last multiplayer map and this features a Korean suburb.

    The new exo-zombie map is called Descent and this puts players on an island.

    The new Reckoning DLC is part of the season pass but if you'd like to pick up the DLC without owning the season pass you will have to cough up $14.99.

    Reckoning is the fourth and final DLC pack for Advanced Warfare. In the past, three other DLC packs have been released with extra maps, more exo-suit survival chapters and some extra weapons. Players can also pick up various cosmetic DLC packs but these are not available within the season pass.

  • New Official Xbox 360 Controller Released

    new camo xbox 360 controllerMicrosoft has just announced a brand new controller for the Xbox 360, despite a lot of their effort now focusing on their latest console, the Xbox One. The new Xbox 360 controller follows the same design as previous controllers for the console, although it has been printed with a brand new skin.

    This skin has been named the Arctic Camouflage skin, and can be seen in the picture above. This skin is another attempt by Microsoft to offer players customization when it comes to buying accessories for their console, and is certainly not the first official skinned controller.

    This particular Xbox 360 pad will set you back $54.99, and will be available in North America next month.

    If you want more customization options for Xbox 360 controllers or controllers for other consoles you may want to check out our custom controller creator - on here you'll be able to find a huge range of great controller skins, as well as other mod options and customization features.

    In other news, Microsoft has revealed plans to fix the drivers for the Xbox One controller so that gamers can use the new controller with their PC. Currently the Xbox One controller has a few compatibility issues with Windows PCs, but these bugs should be fixed in the upcoming driver updates.

    So far details on what controllers will work is unclear. It would make sense that you'd need to use a wired connection for the controller, although a wireless option may be possible in the future. We'll keep you update with any news on this as it is released by Microsoft.

  • New GTA V Story Content Coming, Beach Bum Pack Released

    Rockstar have been pretty generous with their Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer game, and have given out a lot of content for free. Along with having GTA Online as a free game, and sending out free cash packs as a way to say sorry for the server problems, Rockstar are still giving out freebies.

    The new free Beach Bum pack has been released, and it brings in a bunch of new content and features. The Beach Bum pack adds a new survival mission, a new race, a new team deathmatch, a new bike race and a new parachute job.

    On top of this, it also brings in beach themed customization options such as tattoos clothes, haircuts and even beach themed vehicles.

    The single player and story haven't been left in the dark though, and just like with Grand Theft Auto IV and the two extra DLC story content packs, Rockstar has announced that there will be new story content available in the future for Grand Theft Auto V.

    Whilst Rockstar didn't give any information other than stating that there will be "exciting Story Mode updates" in the future, it's very likely that the upcoming updates could be new DLC packs similar to the ballad of Gay Tony and the Lost and the Damned in GTA IV.

    Unlike all of the recent free GTA Online content, the new story content will probably be released as purchasable DLC packs on the PSN store and the Xbox Games Store.

  • Xbox Games with Gold Going to be Permanent

    The fairly recent loyalty program, Xbox Games with Gold, has been confirmed by Microsoft as a permanent feature that will continue on past the Xbox One's launch. Before this confirmation, it was discussed by Microsoft that the promotion would only stay till the end of the year, but it looks as if somebody has managed to convince the big M to keep us a little bit happier with our monthly Xbox Gold subscriptions.

    The Xbox Games with Gold loyalty promotion offers two free games each month to everybody who has an Xbox Live Gold account. It started out with little mention from Microsoft when Fable III mysteriously appeared on the Xbox marketplace for free, but it was later revealed that the game was part of the ongoing Games with Gold loyalty service.

    Since then, Xbox Live Gold members have been treated with a bunch of fairly outdated games over the last few months, including games like Halo 3, Assassins' Creed II, Dead Rising 2, Crackdown and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

    Currently Halo 3 is available till October 31st as a free title, and after this date Microsoft will introduce another game that will be available on the Xbox Games Store for half a month.

    Once a game has been up for half a month it will then be available for purchase again through the Xbox Games Store.

    However, Xbox Live Gold players can "buy" the free title and then play or download it whenever they feel necessary, even after the promotion runs out or their account reverts to a free account.

  • Evil Controllers introduces: Evil iD

    Evil iD is here! This is a feature that we've been working on for quite some time and it's a feature that will continue to evolve over time. A lot of gamers have been requesting their custom gamertags be added to their custom controllers and Evil iD makes that possible.

    At the moment, Evil iD is only available on the right side of your Xbox 360 controller and is not available for the PlayStation 3. We know our PlayStation fans want the same opportunity as their Xbox 360 friends, so you can expect Evil iD to be available on custom PS3 controllers in the near future.

    So for now, play with our Controller Creator and start adding your gamertag, clan name, or personal name. Whichever you wish, the controller you make is your creation. Evil iD can be added in Black, White, Yellow, Green, Orange and Pink.

  • Take Two Wants Developers like Rockstar to Make Permanant Games

    We all know Grand Theft Auto is a series of games that is likely to prosper even after Grand Theft Auto V and beyond, but if Take Two is to go by, we may be seeing a lot of other Rockstar games being made into permanent franchises, along with some other games from other well known developers.

    CEO of Take Two Studios, Strauss Zelnick has said at last week's Q1 FY14 earnings results last week that their unique goal in the industry is to try to "create permanent franchises."

    "Outside of our business you can look at James Bond, for example. And it's been our goal not just to preserve and grow the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but also to build other franchises that we think can be permanent, whether that's the Red Dead franchise or the Borderlands franchise or the BioShock franchise or others, Civilization, for example."

    "Our competitors do not see it that way. Our competitors' view is that our franchise will have a certain life, and at the end of that life, you move onto the next thing, so you better make hay while the sun shines. Our view is to the contrary. The best franchises are permanent franchises."

    Strauss Zelnick didn't state just how likely each of these franchises were to succeed at becoming 'permanent franhiches' but judging by previous success it's not crazy to expect a Borderlands 3, a Grand Theft Auto 6 and beyond, a Red Dead Redemption 2 and many other game sequels.

    Many Red Dead Redemption fans have been hoping for a sequel and Rockstar has said to "stay tuned for further announcements about the future of the Red Dead series".

    Hopefully this means for almost 100% certainty that a Red Dead 2 will make it's way to our lives soon.

  • Evil Controllers featured on Joystiq

    Evil Controller's new Vision Backplate has been generating quite the buzz! The awesome gaming magazine Joystiq recently unveiled their hands on review of the new backplate and not only did they give the controller awesome reviews, but they also turned the feature into a giveaway!

    The review from Joystiq is both in verbal and video form, and covers all the capabilities of the controller. From over 60 hrs of battery life, to the awesome addition of a charging LED light, the people at Joystiq are big fans of the only rechargeable, wireless Xbox controller.

    The controller we custom made for Joystiq features a white shell, blacked out ABXY buttons, orange thumbsticks and the Evil D-pad! The controller also has a one-of-a-kind logo imprinted on both the right handle and the back of the controller (you know, where the standard bulky battery pack goes!). The video goes in depth about the different capabilities the backplate offers, including the improved performance offered by the Evil D-pad for action games and shooters.

    Joystiq also notes the excellent build quality of the controller, as well as the added on/off switch and cooling vents. The best part about the review, is that after talking up the revolutionary new controller, the awesome people at Joystiq are offering it as a giveaway!

    The giveaway is for those residing in the U.S. only, and must be entered by subscribing to Joystiq's channel on YouTube. After you subscribe, simply send Joystiq a message with Evil Controllers in the subject line and your name and email in the message. There is only one entry per person, and the contest ends Friday, May 31, 2013 at Midnight!!

    Check out the complete review here

    Thanks for being a fan!

  • New Batman Arkham Origins Screenshots

    We've heard bits of info on Batman Arkham Origins here and there, but so far we haven't seen any in-game 'evidence' of the game. No screen shots and no videos have previously been shown. That is till now though, as Warner Brother's has just released some images on the upcoming title, and they are good enough to convince us that the third Arkham game may be the best one yet.

    While we've discussed the strange combination of enemies found within Arkham Origins, there's no denying that the new screenshots really show how amazing the characters look. Villains like Deathstroke, Black Mask, and the slightly slimmer version of Penguin have been redesigned a little to better reflect the dark atmosphere in Arkham Origins and they fit right in. Of course, Batman is looking just as good as ever.

    Are you looking forward to Arkham Origins? The game is releasing on October 25th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and the PC.

  • New GTA 5 Character Trailers Shown off

    We've already talked about Rockstar's reveal on GTA 5's multi-protagonist story line, and have also talked about missions that involve two or more of the three main characters where players may switch between each character to get different benefits. Rockstar has now revealed three new trailers to show the three characters and their unique traits.

    We can learn from the trailers that the first character, Michael, is a man who is going through his midlife crisis with his own family, but has also been brought into an action packed life of chaos and crime. He's pushed himself so far into the chaos that he's found himself addicted to it, and despite his huge fortune, he says he’s miserable and I’m sure his story will follow his choices between chaos or his family.

    The second trailer shows Franklin, a character that has become trapped in gang violence and crime. His story will focus around cop chases, helicopters and the street life we've come to know from many popular Hollywood movies.

    The final trailer shows Trevor, the awkward, crazed drug dealer who seems to be followed around by a constant steam of comedy behind him. He gets himself involved in some pretty deep stuff, but manages to shrug it off lightly.

    These new trailers have been really interesting to watch and have not only shown us what the new GTA storyline may be like, but also what the game will feel like and how it looks, and boy does it look good!

  • Evil Controllers' New Vision Controller Receives a 90 out of 100 from Gaming Trend

    See the full review at Gaming Trend by clicking on the following link:

    This Evil Controllers Review focuses on the benefits of the Evil Backplate in addition to giving readers a quick snippet on the evolution of gaming controllers. For those of you that want a bit more info it's a great resource to get a third party's opinion.

    Gaming Trend Considers the following the major pros of owning an Evil Controllers Vision Controller:

    -Slick presentation thanks to carbon printing
    -Uses Xbox 360 shell as a reference so it's not a '3rd party' controller
    -Far better ergonomics
    -Battery life is pushed from 15 hours to 60 hours
    -Decent-length included Mini-B USB cable
    -Logo is flawlessly printed
    -Underside gives real estate for HUGE logos, gamertags, or images

    The Special Gaming Trend Controller was created specifically for Gaming Trend, but stayed tuned as hardcore gamers will get an opportunity to have their own special gamertags or PSN IDs featured on their controller as well.

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