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Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kit

Do it yourself

Here at Evil Controllers, we are always striving to be ahead of the pack and to give our customers the best. Whether that is the best mods or the latest imaging, we are always looking for the coolest tricks for our customers.


Lately, we have added a whole new helping of Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kits. There, customers can completely customize their own controllers with the latest mods and shells without having it built for you.


We understand our customers are smart and can customize their own controllers with our Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kits.


So if you are feeling in a DIY mood or are a real-life engineer, then be sure to check out our DIY page with our all-new options.



3 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Xbox 360 Mod Kit”

  • Codey Grimm

    One how do you install mods!?! And how will they help

    • Evil Ambassador Reyes
      Evil Ambassador Reyes January 13, 2014 at 1:20 pm

      Hi Codey,

      At this time our kits are only cosmetic. However, our Mod Kit for a Vision backplate does allow you to install a rechargeable backplate to your controller to remove the need for AA batteries. Check it out!


  • Zach McCafferty
    Zach McCafferty January 17, 2014 at 3:30 pm

    Hey I'm leader of The Sound sniping and I was wondering If your would be great full and sponsor us... it would be helpful to us! If you could that would be wonderful. Thx!

    - Sound Bluu

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