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Evil Controllers is now sponsoring players and clans to promote Evil Controllers!

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1) Create a account. Input your information, your gaming specialties and write something about yourself.

2) Find Us: Use Spawnsors search function to find Evil Controllers and hit Apply for Sponsorship.

3) Fill out our questionnaire: Be sure to tell us about your biggest gaming accomplishments, your gaming goals and to tell us about your personal gaming networks.

Once youve applied wait to see if youve been approved. (*Please allow for 5-7 business days*)

Upon approval and depending on your level of experience, Evil Controller will give you a specific level of Spawnsorship. Regardless of what level of approval you receive, if you get approved you always have a chance to build up a personal relationship with us. The more you promote Evil, the more Evil helps to promote you.

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52 thoughts on “Get Spawnsored!”

  • Arnold Tippett

    I am a MLG player and I am looking for a sponsore my team has potential to be a top 16 team we would jus like the sponsore to pay for something plane tickets hotel rooms anything to benefit us and we will benefit evil controllers

  • Brandon Exconde

    We are a videogaming clan that has many players that make youtube videos, compete in and will be in locak tournaments. We hope to build up our youtube team and our competitive team. Our youtube team will build up both of our names, and the competitive team would like to represent evil.

  • ThinkSnipinq

    We would love to be sponsered by you as you have amazing controllers and look like a good sponser

    Are current aims

    -To Have Fun And Get Big
    -More players(PVR or Not)
    -Teamtage by xmas
    -A sponser

  • John Cuevas

    It would be great to be "Spawnsored" by Evil Controllers, You can look me up in GTA IV I was 14th in the world in Turf War(22nd True Skill). Until COD changed everything, I have a legit 50 kill streak in MW2, My K/D is a legit 2.12. I do Quickscope/ Trickshot, but I play to win. I play competitive FFA. Not asking to pay for my traveling/hotels/ and parking^^ =P. Just give me a T-Shirt, a controller, and the pleasure to put EVIL in my clan tag and GT. >=]


  • team cradle

    hey bro my clan is going into clash of the clan and would like another sponsor and would like you guys to be it we are under rated and are a strong team but needs some help on the subs we post a few times a week and another team montage coming out soon please hit me up on my channel thanks for the time

  • Cyrus LeFever

    I am a above average gamer i play every day and upload high K/D games and commentate over them, i would love to get "Spawnsored" by Evil Controllers

    Get Sponsored

    Reach 100 Subs

    Get Partnered

    To Get Known

  • Deven

    Hi Evil Controllers. I would Love to Get Spawnsored by You guys And Achieve my Goal of Becoming the best clan to ever play in Any gears of war GAME. I have a 2.57 In gears of War 3, 3.2 in Gears of war 2 and an unknown K.D in gears of war 1. i Plan on Making it to the top and hopefully ill be able to get there much quicker with your Spawnsor". Thank You
    Sincerely, The Best

  • Noel Exinia

    I would have the honor of getting spawnsored by you guys and be able to have my clan spawnsored as well. I have a 6.7 in modern warfare 3 and around a 3.37 in black ops. I would love to promote your controllers and have the opportunity to be able use them. My goals :
    Get spawnsored
    Me and my clan get known
    be able to promote your controllers
    just have a good time

  • siniper warrning
    siniper warrning March 21, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    me and my clan would love to sponsor you we play mw2 everyday we trickshot quickscope snything with a sniper we can do it we are great and would love to sponsor yhank you...

  • tyler shifflett

    our clan would like to get sponsored we are up;oading videos we called SyKe quick scope on mw2 trickshot as well we have a great intro and make videos all the time we are great and expanding and would love to sponsor you thank you email me [email protected]

  • josh  kahklen

    my clan would love to be sponsored by evil controllers. we are a legit clan we would go on win streaks in public matches everyday, in MW3, we are going to be doing gamebattles here soon as well. we are growing fast as well. our clan is well active theres always someone on to get a full team going. as a clan we play mostly just play MW3. we also try to play BF3 when we can.

  • Nick Caron

    Hey I'm the major general from wreckless gaming. We are a elite clan on mw3 and have placed gold in over 25 clan ops placing in the top 30 in over half our highest being 11 and only getting better. We also have a MLG team and are working our way through the leader boards. We would love the support of evil and we believe it would help us reach our goals. We have a website if you would like to check us out we also have a YouTube account so you can see some of our gameplay. If you would like to contact me my gamer tag is static xhazex . Thank you!

  • Oliver  Parkinson
    Oliver Parkinson June 26, 2012 at 10:07 am

    I am a call of duty player. i have over 100,00 kills on every cod. on mw3 i am in number 1 headquaters clan havent been beaten in months. but i am looking to go solo and would love to get sponsored by evil crontollers. check me up on xbox LsZ x Parky

  • Wesley Bosse

    Hey Evil Controller i play with MLG and my friends and i are trying to move up to the next level and we thought it would be a great idea sorry not a great idea it would be amazing idea to get sponsored by you guys and we love to be sponsored

  • abraham aka D4rK Flexxx

    you guys i are the best spawnsore for a small rising clan we only whant to be spawnsore by you we dont want u guys to give us super promotional stuff we just need a good spawnsore to be the face of our chanel or clan:)Thanks

  • Ian

    Hey Evil Controllers! Im in a clan called TGEx, were looking for a sponsorship like you guys, were a Call of Duty gaming group. Some of us record but some do not. We are a small clan right now but were trying to get bigger. My biggest accomplishment is hitting trickshots online, getting killfeeds, big scorestreaks, and doing commentaries. It'll be really cool if we can get sponsored! Thanks

  • Alex

    We are a great gb team, we respect everyone and have much love for you guys, we have potential to become the best, and all we need is a boost, in my opinion i think that boost is you. Thank you for reading this msg Nice iLy

  • Dmx Clan

    Hello evil controllers I was trying to get a chance of a sponsorship by you as me and my clan would love you to represent us as a clan we have not long ago made our clan but we shall produce more and more video's, please email us back as it really would help check out our YouTube ' Dmx Clan ' Comment on the video or something just to let us know that you have replied Hope you understand we really would want a sponsorship! Thankyou Dmx Clan

  • CJ

    Hey Evil Controllers I know that you get one of these all the time but I think I'm a lot different than all these other kids. I personally have been gaming all of my life. I'm always the one to stop the bullying in the pre game lobbies of when someone is being made fun of for having a high pitched voice. Or anything of that matter. So respect for gaming, and gamers alike is always the first order of business for me. Following this is my competitive drive. I have recently started a doubles GB team and will not stop until my team and I are the best! Please check out my youtube to actually see what i am like. thanks, goodbye

  • Bryce Tyler

    Hey evil controllers me and a friend has started a two man clan so far. We have gained 350 subs on youtube in three days, so if you can sponser us maybe you would get more costumers. And we will get more more players to join our clan. So think about this hard evil controllers and lets us known thanks. And we will be glade to get sponsered by you.

  • jerric fillmore

    Hey evil controllers I am the leader of STaRT Gaming we would love to get sponcored by you guys the reason is somebody in my clan is getting a PVR and we are getting our YouTube channel ready to videos up and we are also working on a teamtage to get our name our name out there we are a small clan with a roster we just started doing clan battles. We do have a Facebook fan page ypwe get a teamtage uploaded check it out I will not rest until me and my clan are on top! I have been gaming my whole life my older brother who does professional PC gaming inspired me to start gaming ever since cod I haven't stop sniping meand my clan are planning on taking STaRT to the top and be on a whole other level of Console gaming we are a Xbox clan if you guys sponcored us it would be wonderful thanks, goodbye

  • andrew erebia

    hey evil controllers my names andrew and me and my clan are looking for sponcers we are good at black ops 2 and if you could help us out that would be great

  • Shaun Cross

    I been on EvilControllers for along time now i bought about 4 controllers from here i love this website also i do work with Tommy he's a friend over on FaZe i play mostly everyday i have a 1.50 K/D above in every COD. I have a huge fan base on xbox, and i would matter of fact it would be a honor for me to advertise this website on my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and over xbox live, i also trickshot, 4 man feed and up, i do it all i also do some editing.

  • Matt Heggie

    Hello Evil controllers, I would like to have a great partnership with you and become well known friends. I have played Call of Duty for the past four years and attended Lan tournament in Toronto for the past three. I have won 2 Free for all tournaments at the lan, and several online tournaments on gamebattles. My MLG rank is a 1k with a few trophies. I am not asking for money or anything in that standpoint but I could use a new controller and become more known. I hope to hear back from you guys soon, thank you for the time.

  • Matt Heggie

    Hello Evil controllers, I would like to have a great partnership with you and become well known friends. I have played Call of Duty for the past four years and attended Lan tournament in Toronto for the past three. I have won 2 Free for all tournaments at the lan, and several online tournaments on gamebattles. My MLG rank is a 1k with a few trophies. I am not asking for money or anything in that standpoint but I could use a new controller and become more known. I hope to hear back from you guys soon, thank you for the time

  • alex

    hello im in a clan its a sniping clan and we bearly began

  • CORY


  • CORY


  • Colin 'Hybrid' Kerns
    Colin 'Hybrid' Kerns June 19, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Im a feeder i play BO2 i hit clips everyday i have been asked to join vG they have 4.5k and dawn they have 5.3k i think your controllers are beast they are sick all the athor controller companies are rip offs there controller break to easy thank you sooooo much

  • Justin "TxcT1cS" Graciano

    Hello, my clan is called HaVoK we are one of the top ps3 clans in league play out line up consists of HaVoK_TxcT1cS MiDNiTE Triikz and LEGiT. Accomplishments: we Are sponsored by kontrol freaks we have been chosen to go to MLG and other tournaments. I'm close friends with heist so we have a AMAzing editor and we could promote ur clan and sell 10000 more controllers. Hope to accomplish: reach 2,000,000 subs on youtube, win MLG Columbus this year and go to more tournents in the near future.
    Sincerely, HaVoK clan and Justin Graciano

  • Justin HavoK Graciano
    Justin HavoK Graciano July 16, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Hello, my name is Justin"HaVoK_TxcT1cS" Graciano. We are 7 best clan on ps3 from grey arch and league play. This year we were asked to attend MLG.we are also sponsored by kontrol freaks. Accomplishments: biggest ps3 clan sponsored MLG approved , was in soar sniping. Hope to accomplish: Get 3 sponsors or more, teenage, 3000 subs, win MLG, win 10 tournament(pro circuit tournaments). My clan can make u sell tons more controllers if u give us the chance we will promote you like crazy! Hope u guys give me the yes and my clan so thanks for your time.
    Sincerely, Justin"HaVoK_TxcT1cS" Graciano

  • Alex

    I'd like to be sponsered so then I can give some to my clan I just started my clan on ps3 were ok but not the best

  • Alex

    I just started a clan to day so I'm trying to make it a good clan


  • Kalid Knox

    Hello the name of my clan is MysticGaming. And we started about a month ago. Since then we have made the GB playoffs. going 3-2, We have took first in the PGL Professional Gaming Leauge. And are being entered as firs seed into the next one. Our hopes are to finally be sponsored we have a lot of friends and communities that see us. Such as ChroniK and OuTBreak. We also hope to attend a LAN ps3 tournament soon so we can be well known. You can check out gameplay from us in Twitch. Thanks.

  • Austin

    Hi the name of our clan is EXC Gaming which stands for excellents gaming and we just started this clan recently and we are just looking for sponsors and I have always loved evil controllers and there style and also their controllers. We are a MLG clan and we have good players that quick scope and we are a run and gun any game type clan. The games we play are Black Ops 2, Grand Theft Auto 5 and 4 , and Modern Warfare 2 on occasions. Hopefully we will have YouTube and twitch streams coming. Thanks for reading this article.

  • Ethan

    Hey evilcontrollers, I'm Ethan and I'm the leader of my clan vscalliance and we are growing but we need a sponcership. It would help us out so much if you did it. We are a ps3 sniping clan on black ops 2 and we have 117 subs on youtube. The youtube channel is vscalliance. And we have been trying to get bigger so we some day may go pro. Thank you for your time.

  • eddie

    Hello evil controllers i am dropshotz from x21CG (21st Century Gamers) we are a new clan we have 32 members. We have been a clan since 27th August 2013 we have started a competitive team with four skilled players with over 6 years of playing call of duty each. We would love to be sponsored by your company , we are a skilled clan and we are not just friends we are a family .
    So hope you will consider us thanks alot.

  • Blake

    Hello my clan LGxC would like to get sponsored by evil controllers we just hit 1k on youtube it would be great if we could get sponsored thank you

  • Bailey Chang

    Hello my gamertag is JG_Trimax and I'm a part of a PS3 clan called JG (JokerzGamingHQ), we are a Trickshotting, Feeding and MLG clan who would like to be sponsored by you. We have 551 subscribers on YouTube and are still growing. We would like to be sponsored by you because we think it would help us out a lot. We have many experienced players who go back till COD: 4 and earlier. We would really appreciate the sponsorship, thank you in advance.
    ~JG_Trimax and the whole family.

  • Bailey Chang

    Hi Evil Controllers, I'm JG_Trimax from a PS3 clan called JokerzGamingHQ, we're a sniping and MLG clan. We're an experienced clan with experienced gamers. We have 551 subscribers and are still aiming for more. We would like a sponsorship with you because we think it would help us out a lot. We have many players who have been playing Call of Duty since CoD: 4 or even earlier. Thank you in advance

    ~JG_Trimax and the family.

    PS. This is my second application, I don't if the first one sent or not but just in case I'm making a second one to be on the safe side.

  • Tempo

    We are a xbox one and xbox 360 clan.We just started put about a week ago so we dont have that many videos but we have got a lot of members already.We have about about 20 members in about a week.Our leader is Tempo Dayze and we already have a gfx artist,about 4 editors,including the person writing this.We have a competitive side on the xbox one and the xbox 360.We are working on getting a sniping clan on the xbox one and we do have one on the xbox 360.We have a website,twitter,facebook,youtube,and a twitch.We are a competitive clan focused on hitting feeds,trickshots,and livestreaming.We mostly all are going to get hdpvrs and we will probably post montages weekly.Thank you for reading this and have a good day.

    Tempo Gaming

  • freaksh0w

    My name is freakshow I am part leader of the gamning team OZMT(ozz money team) I do my best not to call ourselves a clan, as so many others do. We play several games and are not limited to cod. We have been up aproximately 2 months and hold a exytremely professional status quo at all times. This is not only with our team but other outside gamers. We are looking for sponsorship and feel you would be great. We would love the oppertunity and privledge to sport your repesctive comany name. We have several goals. One in which is to host our own game tournaments within the next two years. If you are intrested in sponsoring a true gaming team that has high hopes and dreams. Please contact us at my given email ASAP. We are looking for your help in all avenues of competitions/tournaments.

  • Miguel Garcia

    Hi my name is Miguel I am Currently starting a youtube channel and trying to upload gameplay footage of black ops 2. My channel was created about a week ago and I already got 50 viewers and 4-10 subs I am under free agent at the MLG web page and have gotten contacted by two teams that really liked my gameplay and techniques. I am not sponsored by anything right now but would like to get sponsored and make my youtube grow. My gameplay is not similar to others as where I understand the game and can tell a persons next move before they take it. I play with nothing more than a White original xbox controller and xbox headset but my actions in the game make people think I got good equipment. I am waiting for the right moment and hoping to get noticed by a MLG team and become a MLG player I think if I am sponsored by Evil Controllers it can really help me out alot. I do not have much to offer as my channel is barely spreading around. Like I said earlier Im waiting for the right thing to happen at the right time. patients is key. Thank You for reading my comment and please take consideration in sponsoring me If you chose not to I will Understand as Im not offering much on my part.

  • Ben Haszlauer

    89th the singles ladder for Gamebattles. Own the top Clan in Clan Wars. Fifth clan to get red clan tags. Have a team that could run top 1 hundred easy. With your help we will win tournaments easy. We will make evil controllers great.

  • Jose Lopez

    I'm am part of the QSG clan I know you proble won't read this but we need a sponsorship we don't have a gold clan tag but we are very good at quickscoping and we want to get sponsored and we have a clan channel QSG CLAN but it only has 4 videos I need to put more up there but I'm just giving this a try to get sponsored for my clan Thank you. have a nice day.

  • Sean Smith / LGxC Oz
    Sean Smith / LGxC Oz February 11, 2014 at 9:51 pm

    We are a new MLG Team called LGxC, 1k subs 6k followers on instagram! we have bought previous controllers and never had a problem! just wondering if you could sponsor us which would be a pleasure! if you got anything to say please feel free to email me!

  • Tyler Parr

    hello evil seconded time ive messageed you im wondering how can i get sponsored by you guys ? id really love it ! to be sponsored by you guys

  • AciDic Gaming

    It would be cool if you could sponsors my clan we are snipers we play all day & would be a good team for y'all & would support y'all in our videos.

  • OrdeaL Gaming

    My Team OrdeaL Gaming is in need of a sponsor. We are currently 10-0 on Ghosts. We have won three clan wars and are now in platinum division. We have all wanted to be sponsored by Evil. It would mean a lot if you sponsored us. Thanks for your time.

  • SG14 Gaming

    Im looking in to getting sponsored by you guys "Evil Controllers". Were just a couple of friends from the same area we game everyday we play cod a lot mostly ghosts. Our goal is just to get sponsered get known or not that really it

  • Bionic Gaming

    Hello ive re-started my Xbox 360 Clan on the Call of duty series and im currently looking for sponsers we will make video's on youtube and will offcourse advertise also i will be doing live commentairy videos and i will mention Evilcontrollers multiple times so people come here. i will advertise the most i can. just to get some sponsering. wich could get me more players in my clan wich i could use for more clips more clips means more video's wich means more advertising. i hope you will contact me as soon as possible. if you want to know more please mail me As soon as possible.

    my youtube account :

    my clan name : Bionic Gaming

    my xbox 360 Gamertag : Bionic Killah

    i hope you are interseted in sponsering Bionic Gaming.

  • Isidra

    Good site you've got here.. It's hard to find good quality writing ike yours these days.
    I reallly appreciate people like you! Take care!!

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