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  • Smash Summit 3 Player Votes are Coming In


    Smash Summit 3 is going to be huge and we're starting to see the invitation list fill up.

    The full invitation lineup for Smash Summit 3 may not be filled just year, but it has now been confirmed that both Mafia and S2J will be attending the event. This brings the total confirmed player list to 12.

    Mafia had a shot at attending last year's summit but he fell out short and was eliminated from voting. This year will be Mafia's first Smash Summit even so we can expect him to be incredibly pumped for the event.

    So far this year Mafia has placed top 2 at the Apex 2016 event and had a top twelve finish at Super Smash Con earlier this year.

    On the other side of things we have S2J who has been at Smash Summit before. In fact, with an invitation to Smash Summit 3, he will have attended every single Summit since its beginning. So far S2J has represented himself at a variety of events this year, but his best performances were a top 6 finish at EVO 2016 and a top 8 finish at Pound 2016. Hopefully S2J will now have another shot at getting better results at Smash Summit 3 later this year.

    There are still four more spots open for the event, which will make a total of 16 players to attend from November 3 to November 6 in Los Angeles, California. Below the current invitation list for Smash Summit 3 has been posted.

    Adam "Armada" Lindgren
    Jeffery "Axe" Williamson
    Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma
    William "Leffen" Hjelte
    James "Mafia" Lauerman
    Joseph "Mang0" Marquez
    Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman
    Justin "Plup" McGrath
    Johnny "S2J" Kim
    Zachary "SFAT" Cordoni
    DaJuan "Shroomed" McDaniel
    Weston "Westballz" Dennis

  • Daigo Takes EU Win to Advance to Capcom Cup Finals


    Daigo has taken a win against Phenom in the Capcom Pro Tour European Regional finals to land himself a spot in the Capcom Cup Finals.

    The European Regional was a delight to watch and we saw a variety of players battle it out, some known, some unknown. However, it was all left down to the grand final of the event, where the winning player would be granted an invitation into the upcoming Capcom Cup Finals.

    Daigo unsurprisingly had a great performance throughout the entirety of the European Regional, but so did Phenom, which made for an interesting grand finals match-up. In fact, both players managed to make their way to the Winner's Finals, but Daigo managed to push Phenom into the loser's bracket. Phenom quickly fought it out against Bonchan in the loser's finals in an 3-0 impressive fashion to bring him back into the grand finals.

    To begin with, Phenom's quick win in the loser's finals gave him the momentum he needed to take the first match against Daigo in the grand finals. However, things quickly changed from here. Following Phenom's first victory, Daigo managed to hit out a quick consecutive three wins against Phenom.

    It wasn't a surprise to see the legendary Daigo take the win at the European Regional finals - we'll be seeing him at the Capcom Cup finals, along with some of the other top tier players in Anaheim on December 3. Make sure to check back here before then for more details on the event.

  • Hungrybox is Now a Full Time Smash Player


    It's exciting news for any potential Smash esports players today because Hungrybox has confirmed he has quit his job to focus on Smash full-time.

    Whilst it has been easier for esports players in other games to make a living, the Smash scene has not yet been lucrative enough in the past to support most players full time. Hungrybox's jump to full time Smash playing is great news to the scene and shows that prize pools and sponsorships are finally becoming large enough to sustain players.

    Having enough money on the line to support players enough for them to be able to play full time will be incredibly important for the health of the Smash Bros scene and we'd hope to see more players follow suit soon.

    Despite Hungrybox's insane ability as a smash player, he has always had to put his full time job first. Recently, Hungrybox was forced to choose between Smash Summit 3 and Big House 6 due a lack of remaining holiday time and this was the turning point for him.

    Hungrybox mentioned on his Twitch stream that, "There comes a time when you have to choose what makes you happy." Hungrybox continued by asking, "Do I want to have maybe a little more money because I'm working a full time job and can save up that money, or do I want to have experienced everything that I truly want to experience?"

    We're glad to see Hungrybox take this bold move in his Smash career. Hopefully it'll benefit him well.

  • New Doom Free Update Launched


    A brand new free update for Doom has landed and it features a number of interesting new features.

    Firstly, the campaign mode for Doom now has a new scoring mode. The new scoring mode is called Arcade and it will give players score for completing levels as quickly and with as little failures as possible. In arcade mode, all items will be unlocked, so players will be able to make a choice about what to equip themselves with for the best possible outcome.

    The new update also adds new features to the SnapMap level editor. Players will now be able to use assets from the classic Doom games. Not only has ID Software opened the doors for potential Doom classic remakes, but they've released a number of classic style maps that were made from SnapMap for players to try.

    Multiplayer has been given some love too - A new game mode has been added called Possession. It's your typical infected game type where a group of marines have to fight against player-controlled Prowlers. If a marine gets killed, they'll respawn as a Prowler. The game continues until all players are converted or the time limit runs out.

    A new FFA mode has been added to multiplayer too. The new game mode is called Bloodrush - in this, players have a constantly draining meter. If they kill an enemy or get an assist, the meter will temporarily be boosted. If you die, your bar will drain quicker and the in-play bar drain will speed up as the game continues. Once the bar is drained completely, that player is out of the game. The last player standing wins.

  • Dead Rising 4 DLC Features Announced


    Details for the DLC content for Dead Rising 4 has been announced by Capcom. The upcoming game will feature a number of DLC releases, all of which will be available as part of the deluxe edition.

    Alternatively, players can pick up the standard version of Dead Rising 4 and purchase the season pass in December. The other option is to purchase the base game and then purchase the DLC packs seperately once they are released some time after the launch of Dead Rising 4.

    The first DLC pack for Dead Rising 4 will feature a number of holiday themed items and will be called the Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack. This first pack will include vehicles, zombies, and costumes, all of which will be based around the holiday theme. The Stocking Stuffer Holiday Pack will most likely launch before the end of 2016.

    The next DLC pack to launch will be golf themed mode. Player can play with up to three of their friends online in an eighteen hole golf course. Instead of water and long grass, zombies will be the obstructions and players will be able to use weapons that Frank West finds in the main game as golf clubs.

    Finally, Dead Rising 4 will get a story-based DLC pack called Frank Rising in which Frank West becomes infected and must find a cure within a certain time period.

    Dead Rising 4 will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 from December 6.

  • ZeRo Wins Smash 4 at Big House 6


    Does it come as a surprise to anybody that ZeRo has managed to bag another win at Super Smash Brothers 4 at this year's Big House event?

    Last year, ZeRo managed to take a victory at Big House 5, with just a single loss and this year he followed a similar path.

    To begin with, ZeRo didn't show the best of results - he dropped out of the winner's bracket to ANTi, who at the time was tearing through his opponents like never seen before.

    In fact, ANTi beat VoiD, Mr. E, Komorikiri, and of course ZeRo in incredible fashion before securing his place in the grand finals.

    After ZeRo dropped down to the loser's bracket, things started to ease up for him. ZeRo managed to outplay Tweek, Abadango, and Dabuz. In the Loser's finals, ZeRo took down Komorikiri in an impressive 3-1 battle.

    This put ZeRo against ANTi once again - but this time, ANTi not only had the one game advantage but he also had shown his ability to pummel ZeRo to the ground confidently. ZeRo wasn't taking any of it and managed to destroy ANTi in the first game with a clean 3-0 scoreline. In the second game, ANTi deployed Charizard, Mario, and Cloud in each separate match, but ANTi still couldn't get a single win against ZeRo's impressive Diddy Kong skills.

    ZeRo took the second game with a clean 3-0 scoreline once again, finally securing himself with the Big House 6 win.

  • Mang0 Takes SSBM Big House 6 Win


    If you've followed the Smash Brothers scene then you'll know that Mang0 has been a big player for a long time. It's no surprise that he has managed to capture a win in SSBM at Big House 6 this year.

    Mang0, still under the Cloud 9 organization, hasn't had the best of results this first half, but it looks as if his performance at the older part of 2016 is seeing more success for him. The Big House 6 event saw some of the greatest Melee players make it participate. As a result, there were a lot of close matchups that Mang0 narrowly won.

    Mang0 first when undefeated against Nintendude, The Moon, Ice and then put himself to the test against Armada and took the win 3-2 in the winner's semifinals. At this point, Armada dropped down to the loser's bracket.

    Following Armada's story after his drop to the losers, Armada managed to take a win against the infamous Hungrybox and Mew2King to take his win in the loser's finals. Mang0 on the other hand hastily won the winner's finals to see a Armada versus Mang0 rematch in the grand finale.

    Armada had a pretty stunning performance at the beginning, stealing the first set of three from Mang0 without much hesitation. That wasn't enough, though. Because Mang0 had already beaten Armada earlier in the tournament and knocked him down into the loser's brackets, Armada needed to win two best of three series.

    Fortunately for Mang0, the Cloud 9 player managed to pull back and take the second series from Armada in a close 3-2 battle. After Mang0s down period, he has managed to pull back and secure the Big House 6 win as his third first place tournament finish this year.

  • NuckleDu wins Fall Classic


    Even though NuckleDu fell into the loser's bracket at Fall Classic 2016, he managed to retain his playstyle and push him back into the grand finals and take a convincing victory.

    Not only did NuckleDu take the grand final win, but he did so in the most convincing way possible with a double 3-0 finish. NuckleDu didn't have the easiest time getting to the grand finals, though, with some of his previous matchups being more of an interesting watch than the finals itself.

    For example, NuckleDu lost against the infamous Rashid player Takeuchi "John Takeuchi" Ryouta. Despite the lack of good Rashid players, Takeuchi has come out of nowhere to take plenty of wins this year so far. Unfortunately, Takeuchi also lost out in a winners bracket match.

    NuckleDu churned his way through the loser's bracket, fighting and winning against Raynel "RayRay" Hidalgo, Ricki Ortiz and Ludovic Mbock. Finally, NuckleDu's last challenge before the grand finals was against Takeuchi again in the loser's finals.

    This time, NuckleDu came back with an undefeated look on his face, but Takeuchi still put up a fight. The loser's finals game ended with a 3-2 scoreline going in favor of NuckleDu.

    After this, the quick, clean grand finals finish saw NuckleDu beat XsK_Samura 3-0 twice in a row. It would have been nicer to see a more challenging matchup in the grand finals of Fall Classic but this type of tournament bracket can sometimes lead to lesser skilled players making it to the winner's finals if any upsets happen early on.

  • Dishonored 2 Details Shared


    Bethesda has finally spilled the beans on the Dishonored storyline and we've got plenty of juicy details to share with you about the upcoming game.

    First off, let's start with some of the story details we now have. It's been confirmed that Dishonored 2 takes place roughly 15 years after the original game. The Lord Regent may have been taken care of, but the throne has now been taken by an otherworldly creature.

    Players must travel through the streets to restore the throne to its rightful owner, Emily Kaldwin. You'll obviously be equipped with all sorts of supernatural abilities, which will certainly make completing your missions far easier.

    Now for some details on the actual gameplay. This time, players will have the choice between playing as Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano. It seems, though, that either way players will have the same storyline to follow for the most part. The gameplay experience for both characters will differ, massively. Both characters have their own set of abilities or gadgets and players will have more choice over whether to go for the sneaker, assassin style gameplay or the brutal, action-packed combat style.

    There will be a lot more room for creativity when it comes to taking down enemies, too. No matter which character the player chooses, the options to choose from in each mission should hopefully be limited only by the player's imagination.

    Dishonored 2 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in November.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience Teased


    Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience was revealed back at the end of August, but we have now received a teaser trailer that shares more information on the upcoming collection.

    The definitive experience is slated to release next week and the new teaser trailer is hyping us up for the release.

    Unfortunately, the content of Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience won't be that exciting for those that have already played the game. The collection will include the full version of The Phantom Pain, alongside the full version of Ground Zeroes, and some additional content thrown in here and there.

    The additional content includes the two Deja Vu and Jamais Vu missions which were previously exclusive to the console versions. Definitive Experience owners will also get access to some new weapons and costumes for use in The Phantom Pain. If you pick up the Definitive Edition, you'll also get to play the Cloaked In Silence expansion and use the various Appeal Packs that were released for Metal Gear Online.

    If you've not played Metal Gear Solid V before then the Definitive Experience may take your fancy. Currently the Definitive Experience is slated for release on October 11th for North America and October 14th for Europe. The price tag for Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Edition will go for $49.99 in North America and 34.99 in the UK. European prices are sitting at 39.99 euros.

    Would you consider picking up the Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Edition?

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