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  • New Uncharted Will Be "Darker" According to Insider

    uncharted 4 releaseYou may be getting a little tired with hearing leaks and rumors from "insiders" instead of actual official news from the developers behind the games they are supposedly involved with, but you do end up picking up bits of information from these "insiders" that developers aren't quite ready to share yet.

    According to Tidux, a pretty well known profile when it comes to game industry leaks, the next Uncharted game will be "darker" than previous games when it comes to the story line. Uncharted 4 will also have more of a focus on the story than previous games in the franchise, suggesting that it will take a delve into the hearts of some of the characters in the series.

    Tidux also mentioned that despite the game having a more story-driven experience, Uncharted 4 will be "blended with some awesome epic moments," suggesting that the game will still have just as many action packed moments as previous games in the series.

    Tidux's final comment on Uncharted 4 is that the game will be "bananas, simply bananas." This really doesn't say that much, but it certainly gets me pretty hyped for the game. Perhaps there will be some kind of monkey them to Uncharted 4, or maybe I'm just reading into his information a little too far.

    Uncharted has been an iconic franchise for the PlayStation 3, so I cannot wait to hear more about the next game in the series. Hopefully we'll hear something about it at this year's E3.

  • Watch Dogs Receives Praise, Despite Concerns of Poor Graphics

    watch dogs releaseEver since Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs for Xbox and PlayStation, we have constantly seen criticism over the gameplay reveals and leaks for the open world game. No complaints were made about the actual core gameplay, but instead gamers were moaning and groaning about graphical quality, frame rate and resolution.

    Personally, I don't really care at all about this. From what we've seen, Watch Dogs doesn't look absolutely terrible, and despite claims about the Xbox 360 version looking like a PS2 game, the graphical quality across all platforms really isn't that terrible.

    Besides from the graphics, critics and reviews seem to be pretty excited about Watch Dogs. The concept behind the title is a pretty interesting one to say the least, and gameplay is both enjoyable and engaging.

    The whole idea behind being able to hack into the world around us is quite a neat idea, and Ubisoft have presented it well to us. Overall, it feels like an open world game similar to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and Just Cause, but the new hacking mechanics and interesting backstory make it unique, and a great milestone for next gen developers to build from.

    On next gen versions, Watch_Dogs is looking pretty presentable, and there really isn't anything worth complaining about when it comes to the graphic quality on either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

    Watch Dogs was released on the 27th May for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

  • Big The Order 1886 Reveal Shows Gameplay

    theorder1866PS4 exclusive developer Ready At Dawn recently unveiled a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming new title, The Order 1886, and oh boy does it look good. The Order 1886 is a third person action shooter that has been set in a pretty unfamiliar timezone for this particular genre, and if the gameplay is anything to go by, the game is going to be pretty good.

    Compared to previous screens, the game looks a lot more polished now, and we can expect that The Order 1886 will truly live up to "next gen" standards as far as critics of graphical quality are concerned.

    The game features an above-the-shoulder camera view similar to that seen in the Gears of War series, and the overall experience feels very cinematic thanks to this chosen camera angle. The kind of shots you can get from this game make it feel like you're truly part of an intense action movie, although it's hard to say whether this kind of feeling will go beyond the gameplay picked for this particular gameplay reveal.

    I personally see similarities with Gears of War here, and although the premise is entirely different, I think The Order 1886 will be seen as a true competitor to the Xbox exclusive Gears of War series, which Microsoft already have revealed future Xbox One plans for.

    We'll see which game manages to take the cup, but I think both The Order 1886 and Gears of War will offer different gameplay experiences. If you could choose between The Order 1866 and a new Gears of War title, which would you take?

  • Remastered Halo Series, The Master Chief Collection Coming to Xbox One

    the master chief collection

    Whilst 343 Industries are still working on the next Halo game for the Xbox One, they have also been working on something completely unexpected that many fans of the series may be looking forward to. This something has been named Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and it will be a bundle of games that features all four previous Halo titles that follow the story of the Master Chief.

    This includes Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4. Games such as Halo ODST, and Halo Reach will not be included in the bundle. According to rumors, all four games will also be 'remastered,' probably in a similar fashion to how Halo: Combat Evolved was remastered in the recent Halo anniversary release for the Xbox 360.

    So far it's unclear how the multiplayer will work for this bundle, but it is expected that the Master Chief Collection will come with some kind of online multiplayer matchmaking. It's quite a big project to port all four games into one collection, and so far we aren't sure whether all four games will be available in one single experience, or whether they will be separate standalone titles.

    343 Industries also announced that Halo 5: Guardians will be released in 2015, however the Master Chief Collection should be released some time this year for the Xbox One. We'll probably hear more about 343’s exact plans later in June at Microsoft's E3 press conference, which really isn't all that far away now.

  • Microsoft Offers Refunds on Unused Xbox Live Gold Time

    xbox live gold refunds

    Microsoft has just announced a whole list of changes to their Xbox Live service that will completely overhaul the overall experience for their average user. One of the biggest changes in this new move by Microsoft will allow gamers who make use of quarterly or yearly Xbox Live Gold subscriptions to receive refunds for any time they did not make use of on their Xbox.

    If an Xbox Live Gold user cancels their yearly or monthly subscription, they will receive a refund for the remaining time available on that subscription, which should then go into their Xbox Live account balance.

    On top of the changes to subscriptions, Microsoft is working hard to remove any paywalls on their current entertainment offering. Whilst Xbox Live Gold will still be needed for online multiplayer, services like Hulu Plus and Netflix will now be accessible without an active Gold subscription.

    These brand new Xbox Live changes will go live in June, and it's another portion of their efforts to make sure their customers are getting the best service possible. The Xbox One certainly went off to a rocky start, but a lot of work has gone into rectifying their previous mistakes, and making sure things are easier and more convenient on their customers in the future.

    This change was just announced after Microsoft revealed their brand new Kinect-less Xbox One SKU which can now be pre-ordered from online retailers for $90 cheaper than the Xbox One with Kinect.

  • Ubisoft Warns of Early 'False' Watch_Dogs Reviews

    watch_dogs early reviews

    Ubisoft doesn't want you to learn anything about Watch_Dogs until it's finally released, but that hasn't stopped some early birds from playing through the game and putting up a review online anyway. It seems that some review websites have managed to get their hands on a copy of Watch_Dogs early, and they have played through the game and given it a verdict.

    One such website is WCCFtech, and despite being quite a well known online news portal, Ubisoft have warned that any reviews online at this point are 'false' and should be avoided. Whilst they didn't directly mention WCCFtech, it's pretty clear who Ubisoft are talking about here.

    WCCFtech gave a fairly positive review towards Ubisoft's new game, and they gave Watch_Dogs a score of 7.5, which to be frank isn't entirely terrible, however despite this, Ubisoft seem to be uncomfortable with the review.

    If you're wanting to get an early idea about what Watch_Dogs is like, feel free to read through the reviews online - they certainly aren't false, and they'll give you a good idea of what to expect from Watch_Dogs when it is released on May 27th.

    Of course, we won't get a full rounded up verdict on the game until the actual release date, at which point we'll be able to read reviews from multiple different sources that should offer different perspectives on Watch_Dogs.

  • Kinect-less Xbox One SKU Pre-orders Go Live

    xbox one without kinect

    One of the biggest reasons many gamers have gone for the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One is the price point; no matter how many discounts Microsoft have managed to put on their console, the PS4 has still remained the cheaper console, and this may have helped Sony to push a larger number of units.

    However, the extra cost of the Xbox One isn't for nothing - the console comes packed with the Kinect, the motion sensing, speech detecting equipment that tin foil hat wearers claim spies on you whilst you eat your TV dinners.

    Whether or not you're a fan of the Kinect really comes down to personal opinion. As far as I'm concerned, it's always felt like a bit of a gimmick and being forced to purchase the Kinect alongside the Xbox One is a move that certainly makes me route for the PlayStation 4.

    It looks like Microsoft realized the potential behind an Xbox One bundle without a Kinect though, as Microsoft have recently announced that they will put a kinect-less SKU up for sale. In fact, the new kinect-less Xbox One is already up for pre-orders from various retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.

    Without the Kinect, you'll be saving around $90 which makes for a pretty decent price cut. Currently the Xbox One with Kinect can be picked up for $489.99, whilst the Kinect-less Xbox One SKU can be pre-ordered for $399.99.

    Now that there is a Kinect-less Xbox One bundle available, will you be interested in purchasing the Xbox One, or would you still go for the PlayStation 4, which can also be picked up for $399?

  • Far Cry 4 Announced By Ubisoft

    Despite the release of Far Cry 3 not being all that far away, Ubisoft have already announced the next title in the series; Far Cry 4. The new game in the Far Cry series will take place in a fictional Himalayan territory named the Kyrat, which will be ruled by what Ubisoft have called "a despotic self-appointed king."

    Ubisoft plan to take the Far Cry franchise "to the next level" and create a game that will "surprise and exceed fan expectations." So far, not many details have been revealed on exactly how Ubisoft will plan to do this, but we'll definitely hear more about it at E3 in June.

    Like previous Far Cry games, the new title in the franchise will most likely have a focus on makeshift weapons, vehicles and interactions with wildlife and animals in the world.

    Surprisingly, Far Cry 4 has been set for a release on November 18th this year in North America, and two days later for Europe. Far Cry 4 is being developed for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PC.

    Ubisoft have confirmed that pre-ordering Far Cry 4 will reward gamers with a free upgrade to the limited edition which will include three exclusive single player missions that feature Hurk, a character seen in DLC from Far Cry 3. We'll keep you updated on any more information about Far Cry 4 as it's released, but we probably won’t hear too much about it till E3.


    Evil Expands Their Product Line-Up To Include Nintendo's Newest Console

    Tempe, AZ. (May 2014) - On May 23rd, Evil Controllers will be expanding their lineup to include Custom Wii U Pro Controllers for Nintendo's newest console. The line-up will feature the awesome shell options our loyal customers have come to expect, as well as controllers inspired directly by legendary Nintendo characters.

    "We have always had interest in offering Nintendo products; we grew up playing Nintendo, but not until the Wii U did the perfect opportunity present itself," mentions Jonah Coe, Chief Operating Officer. "During our last creative brief, we got to talking about our love of Nintendo, and the passion was evident. We decided then that we should just jump right in; if this is how excited we were, we knew our customers would feel the same."

    The starting lineup will include the most popular shell options available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in addition to a Nintendo inspired line up, just in the time for Nintendo's Mario Kart 8 release later this month. The controllers will pay homage to some of the most inspiring characters from the home of Nintendo.

    Evil Controllers will be giving the Wii U Pro line-up the same extensive treatment that is given to all of Evil's products. Custom Wii U Pro Controllers will be official Nintendo controllers, modified with an automotive quality lead-free paint, and sealed with a gloss or matte finish.

    Custom Wii U Pro Controllers will be available for as low as $79.99, in numerous configurations, so gamers can find the particular theme or style that best suits them. All Evil Controllers come with a standard six-month warranty. Custom Wii U Pro Controllers are available at: http://www.evilcontrollers.com/products/custom-controllers/wii-u-custom-controllers.html

    Evil Controllers will continue to support the 360 and PS3 generation, as well as continue to produce exciting new products and services for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Gamers may completely customize their Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation controllers by visiting Evil's Controller Creator at: http://www.evilcontrollers.com/controller-creator.html.


    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.



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  • YouTube Set to Acquire Twitch for $1 Billion

    Youtube Buys Twitch

    Over the past year, Twitch has transformed from a niche video game streaming community to a huge platform that hosts hundred's of thousands of viewers worldwide. Twitch now takes up a huge portion of the world’s internet traffic, and it's certainly turned a few heads.

    Some of those heads are the owners of big internet companies like Facebook and Google, and these companies are renowned for spending big on other businesses to buy out their own competition.

    It was inevitable really, but rumors suggest that YouTube is planning to acquire Twitch for a massive $1 billion, all in cash. For the small home-grown Twitch team, this is an offer that's going to be hard to turn down, so it's very likely that the internet's favorite video game streaming service will soon be handed over to YouTube.

    For a lot of gamers, this news comes as quite a shock - Youtube is already renowned for being incredibly strict on the content video game broadcasters can submit to their channels, and if these same rules move over to Twitch, it could potentially put a lot of streamers out of business, or certainly make their streaming lives a little bit harder.

    YouTube's acquisition of Twitch could also be bad for the average viewer, too. If YouTube decide to integrate their Google+ account system into Twitch, then the overall chat experience could be watered down a little.

    What are your thoughts on this? Would you be happy to see YouTube acquire Twitch, or would you prefer it if Twitch refused the $1 billion offer?

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