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  • Blood Ties DLC for Tomb Raider Revealed

    Blood Ties DLC Tomb Raider

    A brand new trailer for an upcoming DLC release for Rise of the Tomb Raider has been uploaded to the internet. The trailer showcases that the new DLC will be named Blood Ties and it will have some juicy new story content for players to check out.

    The new DLC will be available as part of the season pass for Rise of the Tomb Raider and both PC and Xbox One players will be able to download it once it has been released.

    The Blood Ties DLC for Rise of the Tomb Raider will focus on Lara's childhood home. Lara will take a visit to her home to uncover some mysteries about her past. Along the way, Lara will find out new secrets about the Croft Manor and it'll inevitably end with a zombie invasion with Lara's dream world.

    We're sure you weren't expecting to see zombies in Lara Croft, we certainly weren't, but we can't deny that we're quite interested to see how the whole thing turns out. Hopefully, the new Blood Ties story content, along with the 'Lara's Nightmare' zombie invasion game will be a whole bunch of fun.

    The new DLC will be available soon for Xbox One and PC. The DLC will also be available as part of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration on the PlayStation 4, which will be releasing on October 11.

    What do you think of the Blood Ties DLC so far? Will you be playing it?

  • Overwatch Eichenwalde Map Gets a PTR Release


    Have you been playing much Overwatch recently? You may want to get back in game soon because the Eichenwalde map will be pushed to live servers soon. At the moment the map is planned for a PTR release, along with other changes. The PTR stands for public test realm and it features a number of features in Overwatch that players can test to help with development before they are pushed to live servers.

    The PTR versions can sometimes have bugs or glitches but it's a great way for players to experience new content before it's officially released. Currently the PTR for Overwatch is only available on the PC, but with the latest addition of the Eichenwalde map on the PTR, we can get a glimpse of what the newest map will be like on all platforms.

    Eichenwalde is based upon a small German town in Stuttgart. The town is abandoned and a lot of the buildings have taken considerable battle damage. Despite the serious damage to the town, the place is undeniably pretty and we cannot wait to see it get pushed to live servers.

    Currently Eichenwalde features a game mode where one team must attack a castle with a battering ram whilst the other team must defend. Hopefully upon release Eichenwalde will support other game modes as well.

    Will you be trying out Eichenwalde when it gets released? If you have a PC you can sign up to the PTR to test it out for yourself now.

  • New Rainbow Six Patch Released

    New Rainbow Six Patch Released

    A brand new patch for Rainbow Six Siege has been released for all platforms and it brings a number of balancing tweaks, among other changes. This new patch is labelled version 4.1 and the biggest inclusions in this patch are related to shotguns and the operator Pulse.

    Let's start with the shotguns - if you've played Siege you'll know that the shotguns are a little over-powered. Ever since Frost got thrown into the mix, shotguns have been a very dangerous weapon to play against. In version 4.1, shotguns will now be less effective at long range. Damage at short range is also being reduced slightly, and medium range damage is said to be reduced by 25-30%. Valkyrie, Frost, Caveira, Thermite, Pulse and Castle will all be affected by these changes.

    The changes to Pulse are also quite interesting and are certainly worth a mention. Pulse now takes longer to swap back to his weapon after using his heartbeat sensor. The difference in time has gone from 0.4 seconds to 1.2 seconds, so it's quite a dramatic change. An update about Pule from Ubisoft has been provided below.

    "The previous update that we did on Pulse's Heartbeat Sensor not only made it more comfortable to use, but it also made him stronger since the frequency of the heartbeat detection updates became higher. Combined with the fact that it was possible to switch extremely fast from the Heartbeat Sensor to the main gun, this made him too strong--our gameplay stats and the community feedback made that very clear."

  • Mang0 Wins Super Smash Con

    Mang0 Wins Super Smash Con

    Cloud 9 Mang0 has taken the Melee victory at the Super Smash Con. His victory looked very promising from the start of the grand final event, where he managed to make none other than Hungrybox bow down to him.

    This wasn't the first time Hungrybox lost to Mang0 in the 2016 Super Smash Con. In fact, Hungrybox lost 3-1 to Mang0 in the Winner's Finals. By losing in the Winner's bracket, Hungrybox then fell down into the loser's finals to go up against Mew2King.

    Hungrybox then took the win against Mew2King without a single ounce of respect in a quick 3-0 victory. At this point, we were expecting an exciting fight in the grand final with a newly refreshed Hungrybox. Surely Mang0 couldn't beat out Hungrybox again within such quick succession?

    As it turns out, Mang0 managed to pull an even sweeter victory in the finals. In fact, Mang0 and Hungrybox's last match of the day saw Mang0 hit a 3-0 scoreline against Hungrybox. Hungrybox almost took one match, but Mang0 managed to pull it back in an exciting fashion.

    This marks Mang0's third big win of the year. Mang0 has been one of the best Melee players for a long time and it's clear that his lack of major title wins in 2015 may have been more down to a small slump than a permanent decline in his performance because he has come back this year with a lot of power.

  • Duck Gets Dropped from Melee it On Me

    Melee On it Me Duck

    Duck is one of the most legendary Smash Bros players the world has ever seen, but sometimes things happen that lead the organizations to say goodbye to some of their best opportunities.

    Duck was only on the Melee On it Me team for just two weeks before he got dropped. Whilst we're unsure why things happened so quickly, it seems that Duck may now be looking for new options elsewhere.

    So far we only have a very small statement on Twitter to go by. The statement comes straight from Melee On it Me and it reads, "It's the shortest tenure, but we will release @ssbDuck today. We wish him the best of luck. Full announcement later this week."

    Whilst it's easy to speculate at this point, it'd be better to wait out for a longer statement so that we can get a proper understanding of the situation. Duck has managed to bag some great results this year so we're shocked to see him dropped from the Melee On it Me team.

    So far this year Duck has taken a win at Combo Breaker 2016, but he also got a 5th place at EGLX and nearly all of the events he has taken part in this year has put him in the top 10 spot.

    Even though Duck has been dropped from the organization, we'll still get to see him playing at events in the future and we wouldn't be surprised if another org picks up him soon. Duck may have a long way to go before he is considered one of the very best, alongside names like ZeRo and Mang0, but there is a lot of room for improvement in his career.

  • No Man's Sky Launched This Week

    no mans sky release
    No Man's Sky has finally launched this week and critics are giving it tons of praise. The new game features a procedurally generated universe unlike any other we've seen before. Imagine the scale of Minecraft, which is just a single world, and then put it to a scale that matches the scale of the actual universe.

    No Man's Sky features a number of sci-fi based gameplay element. Players are given control of a spaceship and they are given the option to travel the universe to collect resources, upgrade their spaceship and get into combat both in space and on the surface of each and every planet.

    No Man's Sky is a multiplayer game in the sense that every player connects to the game online and every player is within the same server. The opportunity to see another player is there, but the chances of this are so ridiculously slim that it may as well not happen. There are so many planets that the chance of finding a player is apparently less than 1%.

    Instead of seeing other players, those who play No Man's Sky are more likely to come across happenings changes the universe that have been made by other players. When this happens, the developers have mentioned that players will get a sense of feeling that other players have been there before, which certainly helps to make the universe feel more alive.

    Will you be picking up No Man's Sky?

  • Battlefield 1 Digital Buyers Can Get Disc-Free Collector's Edition

    [battlefield 1 collectors edition

    If you are planning to purchase the digital version of Battlefield 1, or have already made a digital pre-order, you may be happy to hear that Amazon is offering a version of the Collector's Edition without the disc. This means that owners of the digital version of Battlefield 1 are given the opportunity to buy the extra in-game content and physical bonuses without having to fork out for the copy of the game for a second time.

    This also gives an upgrade option for physical Battlefield 1 owners that would like to get the extra content. Without the disc you can pick up the collector's edition for $129.99. On the other hand, the version without the game costs $189.99. The Xbox One version is currently available for $209.99 on Amazon, so the non-disc version is certainly good on your wallet when compared to the other versions. It's great that EA has finally given us the option to be able to purchase the extra content without buying the game again.

    You may be wondering what is included in the collector's edition. You can view the features below or take a closer look at the image provided above.

  • Collector's Edition Statue (14" Tall)
  • Exclusive Steel book
  • Exclusive cloth poster
  • Deck of playing cards
  • Messenger pigeon tube with exclusive DLC content
  • Exclusive patch and Premium packaging
  • We don't think that the additional content will be at all necessary for the standard Battlefield player, especially considering that most of the content includes physical-based features such as the collector's edition statue.

  • First Doom DLC is Released

    doom dlc is released

    Doom has finally received its first DLC release. The new DLC pack is available for $15 and includes a number of new features such as new maps. The DLC is also available as part of the $40 season pass.

    The release did come as bit of a surprise. We’re excited to see that ID Software are still working on releasing new content for Doom, both in terms of free content patches and paid DLC.

    The newly released DLC pack includes the following:

  • New map: Cataclysm
  • New map: Offering
  • New map: Ritual
  • New weapon: UAC EMG pistol
  • New item: Kinetic Mine
  • New demon:the Harvester
  • New armor and taunts, including robotic sets and a golf club-swinging taunt
  • In most cases the new maps are locked out to those who hold the DLC pack. However, if you party up with a player that owns the DLC pack you’ll be able to play the new maps even if you do not own the DLC yourself. This gives friends an option to party up and try out the new maps without everyone being forced to pay for them.

    ID Software has a number of other plans for future DLC packs and they also plan to keep updating the game with regular free updates and content drops as well. In other news, Doom went on sale to celebrate Quakecon. The developers also recently added two new multiplayer game modes for all players for free.

    With the new DLC will you be picking up the new Doom again?

  • Optic Vs EnVyUs: MLG Orlando Grand Final Results

    optic envyus mlg orlando
    Optic has made their way to another Call of Duty grand final event, this time at MLG Orlando against EnVyUs. Because EnVyUs came from the lower bracket, they had to win two best of five series to take the championship win, whilst Optic only needed to take one series win.

    In the first series, things were very neck and neck. The first game saw EnVyUs and Optic battle it out on Breach Hardpoint. Things were very close but EnVyUs managed to bag 250 points whilst Optic was just a little behind with 231 points.

    The second match of series 1 was Hunted Search and Destroy. Optic managed to take 4 rounds, but EnVyUs took 6 rounds, giving them another win for that series. EnVyUs was doing well in the event so far, but they had a long time ahead.

    Unfortunately for EnVyUs, Optic started to pick up their game after match 3. The third match was Evac Uplink and Optic took the win with a 14-9 scoreline. Match 4 was Stronghold Capture the Flag and once again Optic took an impressive victory with a 3-1 score.

    The last match saw the tables turn again. EnVyUs managed to take a 6-3 score on Fringe Search and Destroy to take the first series win.

    Clearly the short break between each series was enough for Optic to regain their composure because Optic completely crushed EnVyUs in the last series, taking the grand finals win. You can view the last three match scores below.

  • Stronghold Hardpoint: 250-226 to Optic
  • Redwood Search and Destroy: 6-0 to Optic
  • Fringe Uplink: 15-6 to Optic
  • Virtus Pro Beat Fnatic In ELEAGUE Grand Finals

    virtus pro ELEAGUE

    Whilst this may not be big news to all of you, we think it's a story worth commenting on. Recently TBS started an e-sports exclusive tournament called ELEAGUE. During its first season the tournament was for the PC title Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    The finals recently took place and Virus Pro managed to take the crown from Fnatic to become the first ELEAGUE champions. There are a few reasons why this story is so huge.

    To begin with, this is the first time in a long time that an esports tournament has been specifically broadcasted on an American TV channel. The e-sports league was also put on in between other sports events.

    The tournament also boasted an absolutely gigantic prize pool. $1.4 million was paid out to 24 different teams. At the top, Virtus Pro received a gigantic $390,000 prize.

    The interesting thing is that Virtus Pro has been in a slump of sorts for quite some time. On the other hand, Fnatic was considered the team to beat for a very long time. It's amazing for us to see how fast things can change within the fast-paced scene of Counter Strike - top teams and top players switch out faster than any sport we've seen before and it’s incredibly exciting.

    Hopefully this huge tournament will make the start of a new era of e-sports. Whilst Counter Strike was the game to debut on ELEAGUE, we may see other games make it to TBS and if not, we may still see other TV networks starting their own e-sports content.

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