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  • Dishonored 2 Will Get New Difficulty Modes

    dishonored 2 difficulty modesA new update is being planned for Dishonored 2 that will add new difficulty modes to the game.

    The new update will include a number of other features and will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on January 23. PC players will be able to download a beta update on Steam on January 18 to test it early.

    The level of control a player will have over how difficult Dishonored 2 can be may be the most impressive we've seen in a game so far. Instead of having locked difficult levels, the new update for Dishonored 2 will give players access to 20 different sliders, all of which can be used to adjust the difficulty of different game mechanics.

    For example, one slider can change how many enemies are likely to attack you at once, while another can change how quickly it'll take for a sleep dart to take effect. One slider will be named Iron Mode, use this slider and you can turn off manual saving, load functionality and even add permadeath.

    Finally, the other major feature of the upcoming Dishonored game update will allow users to select and restart previous missions at their discretion.

    The update will include a range of other features and fixes, all of which haven't yet been announced by Bethesda, but are said to be based on player feedback. This upcoming update for Dishonored 2 is the second large free patch for the game since its release date.

  • Cloud9 and Fnatic Drop Out of Overwatch NGE Winter

    cloud-9-fnatic-overwatch-nge-winterSuddenly the trophy at the Overwatch NGE Winter Premiere is up for grabs, as both Cloud9 and Fnatic have dropped out of the event completely.

    It's been confirmed on the official NGE event team list that Fnatic and Cloud9 will no longer be taking part. FaZe Clan and Citizen7 will take their place.

    Whilst both FaZe Clan and Citizen7 have both shared their great news, surprisingly neither Fnatic nor Cloud9 have made any mention about their quiet drop out. Fnatic's insane performances in 2016 allowed them to get a direct invite to the tournament and Cloud9 were following closely behind.

    Dropping out of an event this big is rare, but it does happen, usually when scheduling issues are involved. For example, official news on the OGN Apex Season 2 event is rumored to be hitting soon, and if the drop out from Fnatic and Cloud 9 is anything to go by, both teams may have chosen to attend the OGN event instead.

    We think this is a great thing for the Overwatch scene - not only will the battle to the grand finals at Overwatch NGE Winter be even closer, but the OGN Apex Season 2 event is expected to be even bigger and potentially include a bigger prize pool than the previous season, so it's certainly going to attract top talent from around the world.

    What event are you looking forward to the most? OGN Apex Season 2 or the NGE Winter Premiere?

  • LDLC Say Goodbye to COD

    ldlc-call-of-duty-team-spartanWhile it may not be a permanent goodbye, seeing LDLC saying their farewells to a game that helped make their name famous is slightly unsettling.

    LDLC have always been one of the organizations at the top of Call of Duty, but after their struggles to get hold of a good enough team, it seems like LDLC may be putting their feet up for a while.

    Almost a year ago, LDLC picked up Team Spartan, and while their year wasn't completely terrible, the mixed results that the team achieved just didn't quite hit the expectations the LDLC organization had for the newer players.

    To begin with, the LDLC team managed to take a win at the South Lan Event. As a result, they bagged themselves a spot at ESWC COD in Paris. The team managed to just scrape by in ESWC to get a spot in Call of Duty XP in LA.

    Unfortunately though, Activision has pulled their funding for the LDLC team, and because of a lack of big prize wins and sponsorship deals in 2016, LDLC has had to pull the rug underneath their roster.

    Hopefully we'll see more developments from the LDLC organization in the future, but for the time being we won't be seeing LDLC at any future Call of Duty events.

    How do you feel about this news? Seeing a big organization like LDLC fail to hold on to enough sponsors to support their players in 2016 certainly isn't a good sign for the Call of Duty competitive scene in 2017. Only time will tell how things will go over the next year.

  • HungryBox has Broken Finger

    hungrybox-broken-finger-genesis-4After going full-time Smash pro, the worst thing that could happen to a Smash player would be to have their finger or hand broken.

    Unfortunately for Hungrybox, exactly that has happened. During a game of Dodgeball, Hungrybox ended up breaking his index finger, which might just be one of the most important fingers for playing games on a controller.

    The injury was a fracture in the top knuckle of Hungrybox's index finger. With Genesis 4 just around the corner, it was first rumored that Hungrybox would not attend the event at all.

    However, Hungrybox is going to soldier on - he will remap his controller so that use of his index finger is kept to an absolute minimum. As a result of this, Hungrybox may not be at top form, but we still feel he has a good chance at ranking high at Genesis 4.

    It's frustrating to see such a thing happen, but we can't wait to see how Hungrybox performs despite his injury. Fortunately, the injury should heal within a few weeks, so he won't be out of the game for very long.

    With Genesis 4 starting on January 20, his finger won't be completely healed until after the event.

    Do you think Hungrybox is doing the right thing to attend the event regardless of his injury, or should he sit it out so that his finger can heal properly? We'd love to hear your opinions on this topic.

  • New Overwatch Map Released

    new-overwatch-map-oasisA brand new map has been released for Overwatch and it's now accessible for all players on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

    The new map is called Oasis, and it features a couple of concepts new to Overwatch. Before we get into that, though, let's take a look at the official description for Oasis.

    "Researchers and academics from around the region came together to found a city dedicated to scientific progress without restraints -- a monument to human ingenuity and invention. The city and its inhabitants are governed by the Ministries, a collection of brilliant minds who possess many secrets that have attracted the interest of powerful organizations from around the world."

    The first interesting addition to Oasis is the traffic - moving traffic will prove to be an obstacle, or potential weapon - if a hero comes into contact with the traffic, chances are they're going to need to be scraped off of the pavement.

    Oasis also has jump pads, which should add a new level of verticality to Overwatch. Many Overwatch maps have multiple levels for players to traverse, but a jump pad will allow less mobile heroes to reach these different heights easier.

    As for the appearance of the map; it's set in a city in the Arabian Desert. Players will be able to play the Control map on Oasis.

    Will you be testing out the new Oasis map? It's been on the public test realm for PC in the past but this is the first time it's openly available to all platforms.

  • Official Red Xbox One Controller Coming

    red-xbox-one-controllerIn an interesting move to stand out from the crowd, Xbox has announced a bright and colorful red Xbox One controller.

    The new all-red controller is expected to hit the online Xbox store from January 11. By all-red, we really mean it by the way. Everything from the accents on the buttons to the chassis and bumper buttons is red. The only hint of non-red is seen on the Xbox symbol, which remains white.

    The new controller will be on sale for $64.99, and GameStop will also stock it, both online and in-store.

    This isn't the first time Xbox has attempted to offer their customers new personalization options. In the past, they released the Xbox Design Lab, which allowed players to pick out their own colors for each part of an Xbox One controller.

    Despite the selection of colors, the Xbox One Design Lab still can't trump our own Custom Controller Creator - we add a greater range of colors for selection, and also have a variety of decals and fancier graphics available for the main chassis. And let's not get started on the variety of features and mods that can make our controllers even more elite than the Elite controller itself.

    We like where you're going Xbox, but you've still got a lot of catching up to do in the custom controller game.

    Why not take a look at our custom controller creator to see how it compares to the Xbox Design lab? We'll be surprised if you disagree.

  • Overwatch Nerfs and Buffs Coming

    overwatch-roadhog-nerfAfter what felt like a lifetime, Roadhog is finally getting a nerf, and other heroes are getting changes too.

    The times of Roadhog's overpowered hook are soon to be over - Blizzard has announced that they plan to nerf the big pig in Overwatch, and they also have a number of other balancing changes planned for the near future.

    The new changes don't focus on cooldown time or damages, but instead add more of a skill curve to the hook ability. In simple terms, Roadhog players will need to practice a little bit to get good with using the hook. Blizzard think the hook should be a high risk high, reward play and it's slowly leaning towards that.

    "There is a cap on how far 'to the side' you can be pulled, so you can't just hook someone, spin 180, and dump someone off a cliff," principal designer Geoff Goodman mentioned.

    "There is a new persistent line-of-sight check back to Roadhog once the hook has landed. If this check fails, the hook breaks off and returns to Roadhog." This means players will need to keep their line of sight locked onto another player to ensure the hook connects.

    These changes will first make their way to the public test realm, potentially alongside other nerfs and buffs.

  • Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Hitting January 4

    mass-effect-andromedaWe've got big news for any Mass Effect Andromeda fans out there.

    It's been confirmed that a gameplay showing for Mass Effect Andromeda will take place on January 4 at NVIDIA's CES Keynote. We're not sure what sort of gameplay will be showcased, although a small description alongside the announcement mentioned that the game environments and some gameplay will be shown.

    By this logic, it may make sense that we'll be getting a look at the scale of the universe in Mass Effect Andromeda and a close look at the environments on each world. Whilst this is mostly speculation, it would also make sense considering that the event is being hosted by NVIDIA. It may also be possible that NVIDIA will be announcing some of their own new products at the CES Keynote, especially in regards to PC gaming.

    While the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay shown at the CES event may be broadcasted from a PC, it'll still be a great look at what the game will have to offer on other platforms as well.

    This isn't the first time gameplay for Mass Effect Andromeda has been shown. Last month, a near-five minute 4K video was released by Bioware that showed some of the gameplay mechanics for Mass Effect Andromeda and also some of the kind of environments players can look forward to.

    While it isn't set in stone, the release date for Mass Effect Andromeda is currently slated for Spring 2017.

  • Street Fighter V Season 2 Patch Details

    street-fighter-v-season-2Street Fighter V Season 2 has now dropped and with it comes a huge number of balance changes and the new character, Akuma.

    Capcom stated, "Akuma will be making his debut to Street Fighter V and is coming tomorrow alongside his Story, Premium Battle and Nostalgia costumes. If you want to make sure you're set for next year, the Season 2 Character Pass is available for purchase here, and will grant you with Akuma, five brand new fighters throughout the year, Premium Battle Costumes for each and an exclusive PS4 theme."

    On top of a range of balance changes, Capcom have added a few new features and Quality of Life updates. Here is a breakdown of features.

    - Direct Input controller support

    We are happy to announce that Street Fighter V on Steam now officially supports Direct Input controllers. You’ll find this in the Other Settings section of Options.

    - Background Music Select

    In Battle Settings, you'll now be able to select your preferred music in Training and Versus Modes as well as Casual and Ranked matches.

    - Fighter Profile Radar Charts

    Additional updates and fixes have been implemented into Fighter Profiles.

    - Updated Rage Quit System

    The current Rage Quit System has resulted in a significant decrease in rage quitting. That said, we always planned to take this one step further and are ready to further address the issue with this update. In addition to losing League Points and being locked out of online matchmaking for a set time, the following additions have been made to the system.

  • Surprising Win at 2GGT ZeRo Saga

    2ggt-zero-sagaAfter an incredible performance from ZeRo this year, it was a surprise to see that a player managed to outperform him in an event sporting ZeRo's name.

    Funnily enough, this wasn't the first time ZeRo has lost at his own event. In fact, every event in the past that has included ZeRo in the title has seen ZeRo fail at getting a win.

    This particular event was 2GGT ZeRo Saga, and it saw some of the best Smash players across the globe fight it out for a $10,000 prize. Whilst it was surprising to ZeRo not take the win, it was perhaps even more surprising to see the actual winner.

    MKLeo managed to take the grand prize after fighting his way through, Larry Lur, VoiD and plenty of other players. In fact, Leo originally found himself in the loser's bracket earlier in the tournament. It wasn't until MKLeo beat ZeRo in the loser's finals that he saw himself in the grand finals against Larry Lur.

    MKLeo took the first set of matches in an impressive fashion with a 3-1 score line. However, with MKLeo coming from the loser's bracket, he had to face up against Lur for another time. The fight was close, but MKLeo managed to just peel away with a 3-2 score.

    This win makes it MKLeo's first ever on an international stage and it's also the first time MKLeo has defeated ZeRo. For those maybe unaware of this new and upcoming player, MKLeo is just 15 years old, and after this latest event it's clear he has plenty of potential.

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