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  • Sunset Overdrive with White Xbox One Leaked

    sunset overdrive white xboxSunset Overdrive has been seen as one of the most interesting and unique exclusives for the Xbox One so far, and it's clear that Microsoft don't want to let it's release go unnoticed. Along with a pretty decent marketing campaign following Sunset Overdrive, Microsoft may be teaming up with Insomniac Games to release a brand new Xbox One bundle to promote Insomniac's new game.

    The new bundle will allegedly include a copy of Sunset Overdrive, along with a brand new white version of the Xbox One console. The bundle will also come with a white Xbox One controller, and a Kinect unit, which will still be black.

    So far, we aren't too sure how likely it is that the Sunset Overdrive white Xbox One bundle will actually make it to retailers, as the only information we have on the new bundle is a product listing from a French online retailer by the name of Micromania, who have since removed the listing from their website.

    If the new white Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle is really happening, we'll probably hear more about it at Gamescom later this month.

    The product listing for the white Xbox One bundle was priced at €399.99, which can roughly translate to $535 US dollars. A kinect Xbox One with a game can be picked up for around $450-$500, so the $535 price tag for a limited edition white Xbox One doesn't seem too far fetched.

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  • Details for GTA 5 Alleged Zombie's Leaked

    GTA 5 Zombies DLCRockstar have already mentioned in the past that they have plans for new DLC content for Grand Theft Auto 5, however unlike previous GTA games, the developer has solely focused on releasing new free content for the online portion of the game since it's release.

    However, despite this, Rockstar still have been quietly working out their plans for new singleplayer DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5, and thanks to new rumors, we may now know a fair amount about the new upcoming content.

    Allegedly, Grand Theft Auto 5 will soon be receiving a brand new DLC pack that will include some kind of zombie related content. The rumors surrounding this report are very loosely based on some leaked code found within Grand Theft Auto 5, so we'd better take this with a very large grain of salt.

    However, we've also been hearing a lot about a set of casino based DLC content from a few various sources, some of which suggest that the new DLC pack will include multiple casinos, three mini games 12 new assassination missions, as well as other missions for Trevor, the IAA and other characters.

    So, can we expect a brand new zombie themed DLC pack alongside a casino DLC pack for GTA 5 in the near future? Honestly, we have no clue, but it could be possible. Hopefully we'll hear something official from Rockstar as soon as the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are released.

  • Hour Long MGS5 Gameplay Will be Shown at Gamescom

    MGS5 gamescom gameplayFrom what we've seen so far, Metal Gear Solid 5 is looking to be one of the most anticipated games for the new generation of consoles. So far, we haven't really received anything that exciting to keep our trigger fingers going, but Metal Gear Solid 5 might just be enough to wow those on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 enough to tempt them over to the Xbox One and PS4.

    If you're undecided on whether Metal Gear Solid 5 will be a worthwhile buy or not, you may want to free up an hour or so on August 13th; Kojima has just revealed plans to live stream a whole hours worth of gameplay content from Metal Gear Solid 5, which will perhaps be the most in-game content we've ever seen of the game in one sitting.

    The live stream event will also be showcased to visitors to this year's Gamescom, and will showcase a bunch of brand new gameplay mechanics, and many different areas of the game that gamers have not yet laid their eyes on.

    Kojima also seems to be confident that viewers will be impressed with Metal Gear Solid 5 after watching the hour long gameplay stream, and the live stream will show off the "impressive capabilities of Kojima Productions' breathtaking FOX Engine and more".

    For those interested, the live stream event will begin at 8pm CET/7pm GMT/3pm EDT on August 13th. The event will also be home to a brand new Q&A with the developers, as well as a place to show off a "few surprises."

  • BioWare's 'Spark' Project Teased for Gamescom Reveal

    bioware new ip gamescomThere is no doubt that there are a bunch of great creative minds over at BioWare, so it's always great to see new IP from the development studio, and that's exactly what's going to happen at this year's Gamescom, later in the month.

    Whilst a lot of effort is still being put into the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises right now, BioWare has now grown to be a behemoth of a company, and it's given them the chance to work on many titles at once.

    One such title is a brand new IP that hasn't yet been named. However, the last teaser trailer for the new IP from BioWare, named Spark, suggested that the game would have some sort of relation to strange phenomena.

    One piece of the new BioWare IP puzzle suggests that the new game will be related to some kind of 'shadow realm' which could possibly be a strangely alternate version of reality, albeit with some very odd and quite creepy differences.

    Honestly, we're not quite sure what the new IP from BioWare will consist of, but luckily that won't be the case for too much longer, as BioWare has suggested in both the Spark trailer, and the previously released Nemesis trailer, that the new IP will be revealed at Gamescom in Cologne on August 17th.

    We'll keep you updated about BioWare's new IP as more information comes in.

  • Battlefield Hardline Delayed to 2015

    hardline delay 2015Despite releasing a new Battlefield title every year for the past few years, Visceral Games and EA have made the collective decision to push back the release of Battlefield Hardline, breaking the current annualization of the franchise and offering the developers more time to iron out any kinks with the game in it's current state.

    The reason behind the delay is primarily down to a range of new inspiration that has led Visceral Games back to the drawing board, thanks to the community's input from the recent Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta.

    Visceral Games recently made a blog post on the EA Battlefield website to address the sudden launch date change, and details of that post can be read below.

    1. Multiplayer Innovation: Coming out of our E3 beta, internal focus tests, and work with our community, we have received a lot of great Multiplayer thinking. We're going to be adding some new feature ideas direct from the community that will evolve the cops and criminals fantasy into a truly unique Battlefield Multiplayer experience.
    2. Single Player Story Depth: In order to ensure our Single Player experience delivers on player expectations, we're spending more time polishing our core features, as well as adding a few new ones that will support a deeper "crime revenge" story experience.
    3. Stability: This has been a focus for our team since day one and we're going to be using the extra time to continue to optimize the game for a stable launch. We have learned a lot from Battlefield 4, are continuing to learn from our Community Test Environment and will learn more from another Hardline beta. More time allows us to surface issues that the team can attempt to fix prior to launch.

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  • Character Customization Revealed in Sunset Overdrive

    sunset overdrive character customizationA brand new video has been released by Insomniac Games at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and it shows off the various character customization options available in their latest upcoming game, Sunset Overdrive. So far, we haven't seen a huge amount of depth into the options players will have in Sunset Overdrive, but the new Comic-Con trailer shows that we'll definitely be able to dress in style.

    When creating a character in Sunset Overdrive, players will be able to choose their gender, ethnicity and body type, along with other options to create a character that looks unique. Once a character has been made, players will be able to find various types of clothing and gear that can be worn and switched out at any time.

    In a game as wacky as Sunset Overdrive, you really can't expect any sets of clothes that are really that normal, and instead players will be able to mix and match various crazy post-apocalyptic costumes, casual clothes and other odd pieces of clothing to create something humorously wacky.

    Players will be able to don their new costumes in single player, as well as in online co-op mode alongside up to seven other players.

    Sunset Overdrive is set for release on October 28th in North America and October 31st in Europe, and will be exclusive to the Xbox One. Players who pre-order the title, whether the digital or the physical version, will be given a range of different pre-order bonuses in-game.

  • Assassins' Creed Unity Live Demo Showcased

    assassins creed unity demoThis week Ubisoft shared an eight minute long video at San Diego Comic-Con showing off gameplay footage of their latest title, Assassins' Creed Unity. Whilst the footage hasn't been professionally released to the public, a (rather shaky) recording of the eight minute live demo has been making rounds on the web, and despite it's rather poor quality, the game is looking pretty good.

    Assassins' Creed Unity is said to take the previous games in the franchise and improve upon the core experience those games have offered by making the gameplay experience feel more streamlined and open. For example, in Assassin's Creed Unity, in some instances failing a mission will not force the player to restart, and will instead force them to find another way to amend the mistakes they made before going for the main objective that players tried to accomplish in the first mission.

    Assassins' Creed Unity will also have a large focus on online co-operative content, which will be separated from the singleplayer gameplay. As expected, thanks to the new hardware in the PS4 and the Xbox One, Unity is expected to look a whole lot nicer, and pretty much every element from background details to combat animations will have an overhaul.

    Assassins' Creed Unity is set for release this year on October 28th, and will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC. Last gen consoles, such as the Xbox 360 and PS3, will not receive a version of AC: Unity.

  • Tekken 7 Extended Trailer Shown at Comic-Con

    Tekken 7 extended trailerAfter the recent pre-announcement slip-up for Tekken 7 earlier in the month, it looks like Bandai Namco have taken to the stage at this year's Comic-Con to do themselves justice. The developers of the latest Tekken games have just released a brand new extended trailer to officially announce Tekken, without any leaks getting in the way this time.

    The new Tekken 7 trailer is just over 3 minutes in length, and depicts part of the story the franchise the game has already laid out in previous games. Whilst it may be an exciting watch for many fans of the franchise, the latest extended Tekken 7 trailer didn't really do enough to draw many people in, and it will definitely have a tough time going up against Mortal Kombat X, a game which has recently had a reveal trailer that depicts some very epic fight scenes.

    Whilst we haven't seen any actual gameplay of Tekken 7 yet, we can expect the game to look absolutely incredible, thanks to the new Unreal Engine 4, which series game director and producer Katsuhiro Harada announced the game to be developed on.

    It will definitely be a fierce battle between Mortal Kombat X and Tekken 7, and I personally cannot wait to see some actual live gameplay of both games in the near future.

    Tekken 7 has not yet got a set release date, however it is likely that the game will be released within the next year. Tekken 7 will definitely make it to the PS4 and Xbox One, but it could possible be released for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 as well.

  • New GTA 5 Jobs Take Inspiration From Previous Games

    gta 5 franchise jobsDespite releasing new Rockstar verified jobs just last week, Rockstar have just approved a bunch of new jobs that focus on content paying homage to previous games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

    If you're a big fan of Grand Theft Auto, and have played through the various other games in the franchise released in the past by Rockstar, you may be interested to try out the new Rockstar verified jobs on GTA 5.

    In total, there are nine new missions, each paying homage to a different game in the GTA franchise, including references to Chinatown Wars, GTA 3, GTA 4, Vice City and San Andreas. The new Rockstar verified jobs can be read below.

    TA III
    Team Deathmatch: The Exchange by JIIThe_JokerIIK (Xbox 360)
    Here we see the explosive final mission of GTAIII reimagined as a Deathmatch alongside the Land Act Dam. Extra points awarded for authenticity here as JIIThe_JokerIIK has carefully placed props to match Claude's final showdown with the Colombian Cartel. We recommend seizing control of the Buzzard quickly to gain the edge if you're playing this with one with your Crew.

    Team Deathmatch: Bomb da Base by DuPz0r (PS3)
    This Deathmatch - based on Act II of Bomb da Base in GTAIII, where Claude and 8-Ball blow up the Les Cargo ship - offers its own fair share of bang for the buck on a shipping vessel docked just off the Port of South Los Santos terminal. Be sure to check out the empty containers raised from the ground for some juicy firepower, though beware - someone else might have gotten there first...

    GTA Vice City
    Team Deathmatch: Four Iron by auclair-O_o (PS3)
    Tommy Vercetti had to check his firearms at the door at Leaf Links in Vice City. Luckily, they seem to be far more liberal on weapon checks at the Los Santos Golf Club. In this Deathmatch remake of the Four Iron mission in VC, you'll find a few handguns scattered around the greens and fairways. Of course there are plenty of golf clubs lying around in case you feel like working on your short game.

    GTA: San Andreas
    Race: Farewell, My Love... by iLewisGTA (Xbox 360)
    After Carl Johnson spurned the dangerous affections of Catalina in San Andreas, she pit her new boyfriend (a certain strong, silent type) against CJ in a race around Red County. In his GTA Online remake, iLewisGTA has selected Coupes as the default vehicle for authenticity and really nailed the tight, slippery corners of the original circuit around The Panopticon in Red County. A major Rockstar fan, Lewis had made a bunch of Throwback Jobs that you can check out on his Social Club profile.

    Race: Valet Parking by DrHoctor (Xbox 360)
    "Being a valet at the Richman Hotel has its perks, like all the nice cars that pull in. -Borrow- one of them and take it for a test drive" says DrHocter's description to this Lap Race, based on the valet parking side mission from San Andreas. Starting and ending at the Richman Hotel, and weaving through the tight Morningwood streets, there's a lot more to it than parking for sure. Watch out for approaching opponents along the looped section and try to get the customers' cars back without a scratch.

    Race: High Stakes, Low Rider by thewolfking90 (PS3)
    Top marks for authenticity go to thewolfking90 for this Race, which nicely captures the feel of its inspiration - the High Stakes, Low Rider mission in San Andreas. Set to Muscle Cars and finishing up at Del Perro Pier, you can almost feel Cesar Vialpando bearing down on your rear bumper. The choice to set West Coast Classics as the default radio station is a lovely nod to the classic wessyde vibe as well.

    GTA IV
    Capture: GTA: Lost Angels by RikkiVercetti (Xbox 360)
    Inspired by the conflict between The Lost and the Angels of Death in The Lost and Damned, this Capture Job from prolific GTA Online Creator RikkiVercetti pits two teams in a proxy war for these two notorious motorcycle clubs, each tasked with stealing the signature rides from the other group. A broad stretch of rolling hills between West Vinewood and Stab City ensure that in this large capacity Capture you'll need to spread out and leave skilled defenders to protect your precious hogs from getting stolen. Sawed-off Shotguns and Molotovs as the default weapons setting also force you to pick your shots and cover choices wisely when nearing the enemy base.

    GTA: Chinatown Wars
    Capture: Chinatown Wars by Choc_late (Xbox 360)
    This is an intimate, close quarters Capture amidst the urban neon and colorful lanterns of West Vinewood's Mission Row. Expect a heavy exchange of gun fire as two teams battle it out for domination of the central alleyway where the Capture Objects are to be found. The situation is further intensified by the accurate resident gang members who carry equal contempt for both teams as well as high-grade firearms. Respawning in Canis Mesas means either bag is never far away, so stake your claim on cover to protect your teammates during a desperate grab.

    Team Deathmatch: Chinatown Wars by WinR4R (PS3)
    Attrition across the rooftops or balls-out carnage in Sinners Passage - this Deathmatch features well thought out weapon placement ensuring that each match outcome here in Textile City has the potential to play out differently.

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  • Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 3 In The Works

    walking dead season 3Telltale Games have managed to be incredibly successful with their story-driven The Walking Dead game series, and it looks like it's been so successful that the development team are already working on a third season for the project.

    Revealed this week via the developer's official Twitter page, Telltale Games announced that there was going to be a third season to their The Walking Dead video game series, and a few details about their development were shared at Comic-Con in San Diego.

    Unfortunately, the developers really didn't go into much detail other than confirming that they are planning to work on a third season for the Walking Dead, however the release date, and the date they start actively developing the game aren't known.

    Telltale Games are currently already piled in with work from The Wolf Among Us, The fifth episode of The Walking Dead in Season 2, and Tales of The Borderlands, so it may be a while before we finally see progress on the third The Walking Dead Telltale Games season.

    Interestingly, Telltale Games are also working on an adventure story game based on HBO's Game of Thrones, and after the undoubted success of that, it's very likely they'll have many other movie, TV and game creators asking to partner up with them on future projects.

    What Telltale Games do is quite unique, and I'm pretty excited to see various other projects being worked on from the same development team, such as Tales from the Borderlands, so we'll definitely have enough content to enjoy whilst waiting for The Walking Dead season 3.

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