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  • Watch Dogs 2 Now Available

    watch-dogs-2-releaseWatch Dogs 2 is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in most regions across the world.

    The sequel to Ubisoft's open world third person hacker/shooter title has impressed critics across the globe, and a lot of players are finding it to be a huge improvement to the original game. Watch Dogs 2 is selling well, too, and in some regions, it falls short next to Infinite Warfare in terms of units sold.

    This time around, the character you'll be playing as is named Marcus Holloway - in the first Watch Dogs game players found themselves in the shoes of Aiden Pierce. Marcus has a number of different traits that make him stand out when compared to Pierce, namely his agility and physical flexibility.

    Marcus Holloway has a better grip with hand to hand combat and his parkour skills are on another level, which makes traversing practically any object in Watch Dogs 2 a lot of fun. Holloway's agility also helps him to remain quieter when needed and stealth is a part of gameplay that players can opt for over violence in some situations.

    Watch Dogs 2 includes all of the hacks from the original game and a large selection of new hacks. Players can also jump into their friend's session and help them complete missions alongside their friend. New vehicles, new weapons and equipment have been added, and a variety of new multiplayer game modes have been crafted by Ubisoft to help flesh Watch Dogs 2 out with more content outside of the story campaign.

  • Killing Floor 2 Gets Full Release Launch Trailer

    killing-floor-2-releaseKilling Floor 2 has finally left early access on PC and that means it's coming to Steam and the PS4 as a full release title.

    If you're unfamiliar with the franchise, Killing Floor is a zombie shoot 'em up title that's gory, violent and filled with fast-paced action. The most fun you'll get out of Killing Floor 2 is within the round based survival mode - you'll need to survive for as long as possible, using whatever weapons you can get your hands on. Think of Black Ops Zombies but with much, much more blood.

    Killing Floor 2 is also a great co-op game to play with friends and it'll certainly make a night-in more interesting than ever before.

    The trailer showcases assault rifles, flamethrowers, shotguns and all sorts of other weapons in the player's hands as he and his team of friends group up to take down an onslaught of zombies, and other undead creatures.

    Killing Floor 2 has received a very positive rating from players and critics so far, with a 77/100 metascore critic rating, and an 8.7/10 user score rating at the time of writing. Many of the reviews have pointed out how addictive and engaging the game can be, despite the limited selection between two different game modes.

    No matter how many times you play Killing Floor 2, you'll always find yourself wanting to try new ways to survive for longer. Playing it takes us back to the early days of Call of Duty Zombies. That original excitement has certainly been resurrected with the release of Killing Floor 2.

  • Overwatch MLG Vegas 2016 Invitational Announced

    overwatch-mlg-vegasA brand new Overwatch invitational event has been announced for MLG Vegas 2016.

    The event will feature some of the top current Overwatch teams and the organizers will be putting $100,000 into the prize pool. Whilst the event was announced a little while ago, we've finally got details on the teams that will be attending MLG Vegas 2016.

    The first team to make their faces at the Overwatch tournament at MLG Vegas 2016 will be Team EnVyUs from Europe; currently, one of the teams with the longest winning streaks in Overwatch history. It'll be interesting to see how they fare across seas. FaZe clan will be joining as a multi national team, Cloud 9 from Canada will be taking part, along with the following US teams:


    - NRG eSports
    - Rise Nation
    - Fnatic
    - Team Liquid
    - compLexity

    The MLG Vegas eSports event will start on December 16 and will end on December 18. The event will take place at Mandalay Bay, Bayside E&F.

    Will you be interested in the upcoming Overwatch invitational tournament? It'll be great to see some awesome Overwatch teams fight it out against each other on an international level. Hopefully, MLG Vegas 2016 will be the start of many tournaments to come.

    While this tournament isn't open, there are bound to be plenty of open Overwatch tournaments to fight for a spot for in 2017. Make sure to keep an eye out here for more Overwatch eSports and event news.

  • Gfinity Modern Warfare Remastered Invitational is Happening

    modern-warfare-invitational-gfinityExciting news for OG Call of Duty fans. Gfinity has announced a $25,000 Modern Warfare Remastered invitational event.

    The new tournament has been sponsored by HP Omen, which is a gaming laptop brand. As a result, the tournament will be played on PCs. Teams will have the option to use controllers or a mouse and keyboard. This may be a surprise to some, especially considering the accuracy gap between traditional controllers and a mouse.

    The teams to take place in the event have yet to be announced, but we expect four picks from some of the best teams in the world. Whilst a $25,000 prize pool isn't massive, this being the first major cash tournament for Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered, makes it an important one to attend.

    Invitational events will feature a number of teams that the event organizers have invited themselves. These events are often designed to gauge viewer interest, so the highest skilled teams are often invited to ensure great gameplay is showcased. If you'd like to see future Modern Warfare Remastered events, including cups that you and your own team could take part in, make sure to tune into the Gfinity invitational when it launches.

    Gfinity wrote, "The OMEN Invitational will be held live at the Gfinity Arena on the 3rd of December, and will feature four of the world's most historic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare teams, as they compete for a slice of the $25,000 prize pool."

  • Capcom Cup 2016 to Have Best of 5's

    capcom-cup-2016The format for the top 32 Capcom Cup 2016 event has changed. Players will now find themselves battling it out in a best of five match throughout the entire event.

    Previously Capcom Cup has stuck to best of three, but after community input, the event organizers have updated the format. Players will now be playing against each other, all the way up to the final, with a best of five format. This means players will need to win three out of five rounds to take the match win.

    From a spectator point, this will mean we could see fights last just a little longer, which means close matchups will be even more exciting to watch. When a player massively outperforms another, we'll only be forced to sit through another round, (3 rounds out of 5 instead of 2 rounds out of 3). However, close matchups could let us see an extra two rounds at most.

    From a player's perspective, this allows players the wriggle room to make a mistake or two during games. It's a shame when potential event winners have an upset and fall into the loser's bracket - at this point, we end up seeing a series of less interesting games as opposed to close matchups in the loser's bracket. Hopefully, the format change should fix this for the most part.

    The Capcom Cup 2016 event will take place during the PlayStation Experience event in Anaheim, CA., USA on the 3rd of December. Will you be tuning in?

  • Skyrim Special Edition 1.2 Patch Released

    skyrim-special-edition-1-2-patchA brand new patch for the Skyrim Special Edition has hit the PC and PS4, and a similar update for the Xbox One is in the works. The patch number has been listed as 1.2 and it includes a number of important fixes, and gameplay tweaks.

    After patch 1.1, many players have complained about crashes and other optimization issues - this latest 1.2 patch will address any of these issues. On top of this, the new 1.2 patch will make some much needed changes to some other game bugs that have been pointed out by the community.

    This promoted Bethesda to release a beta patch, version 1.2, to address problems introduced with 1.1. Patch 1.2 is now out of beta and has been made available earlier for everyone to download on PC and PS4. The Xbox One update will arrive later this week, Bethesda said.

    If you're playing on PC, you will no longer have issues with alt-tabbing whilst playing Skyrim Special Edition. The crash that happened when players turned back into a human from the Werewolf form has been fixed, and a crash related to mod load order has also been worked on.

    The mod browser has had some overall improvements as well - console players can now browse mods smoothly and without any freezes or other issues. Bethesda has also released a number of general performance tweaks alongside the other changes listed above.

    Unfortunately, the new 1.2 patch doesn't add any new gameplay features, but the newly fixed mod browser will allow players to download new community content for free.

  • Battlefield 1 Fall Update Coming, Servers Going Offline


    The first big Battlefield 1 update will be coming soon and as a result, all live servers will be temporarily taken offline whilst the patch is applied.

    EA has nicknamed the upcoming patch as the fall update and it will come with a number of useful changes. EA and DICE have both remained quite open about the future features they plan to release to Battlefield 1, but so far we're not sure which of the planned features will make it into the fall update. We may see the introduction of hardcore and fog of war modes, and we may also see a number of overall optimizations and gameplay improvements.

    Whilst the servers will be going down for a short time, DICE has mentioned that the servers shouldn't be down for long - they've even opted to pick less busy hours to keep the outage complaints at a minimum. The outage, if all goes to plan, should last for just an hour. The outage times may differ depending on which platform you're using, but as a general guide, take a look at the listed times below to get an idea for when to keep yourself focused on another game instead.

    PC: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 08.00 UTC / 12.00 AM PT.
    PS4: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 10.00 UTC / 2.00 AM PT.
    Xbox One: Multiplayer will be offline for 1h starting 12.00 UTC / 4.00 AM PT

  • Smash Summit 3 Win Goes to Armada


    Whilst Smash Summit 3 didn't have as many exciting matchups as we had hoped for, the grand final for the event ended up being quite an enjoyable watch. For me personally, I was happy to see either player win but with Hungrybox recently going fulltime, I was secretly hoping for a Hungrybox win.

    To begin with, things were going in Hungrybox's favor. Despite Armada's attempts to play incredibly safe at the beginning of the series, Hungrybox managed to pull out a first game win. Armada, who opted to play Fox against Hungrybox's Jigglypuff in the grand final, managed to take the second game quite convincingly.

    The third game saw Armada and Hungrybox fight it out against each other on Dreamland 64. Hungrybox managed to do his best to take this win, giving him a game score of 2 and Armada a game score of 1.

    At this point, Armada's safe, passive playstyle helped him to take another victory against Hungrybox on Pokemon Stadium. The final map saw Hungrybox and Armada fight it out on Fountain of Dreams.

    Armada once again opted for Fox on the final map and managed to take the match quite convincingly. A lot of players were a little disappointed in the lack of action in the final, but there's no doubt that Armada's playstyle has been well calculated - after all, he's there to win events and he's been winning them all the way throughout 2016 in tremendous fashion.

  • New Infinite Warfare Rosters Flooding In


    The Infinite Warfare competitive scene is already heating up - we're getting plenty of organising new teams and players and new rosters are getting started up on the daily. In this article we'll provide an overview of some of the current Infinite Warfare rosters that have recently been announced.

    First off, let's start with Rise Nation - this organization has recently poached a few players from Elevate. They now have a lineup that includes Loony, Aqua, Faccento and Felony. The latter three of which originally came from the Elevate org.

    NAMELESS has also opted to create a new roster - he has teamed up with Havok, StuDyy and Nagafen - they are currently looking for organization opportunities and we imagine that'll be an offer that gets picked up pretty quickly.

    Another team that has recently been formed for the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare team includes ProoF, Nelson, SinfuL and TwiZz.

    We have one more team to announce and like the previous two, this team does not yet have an organization to back them. The team in question includes Qwiker, who has recently left HyperGames. Carbines, Colgate and Zerg.

    The new infinite Warfare competitive scene is going to be an interesting one. We can't wait for the roster swaps to settle down a little bit and see how well each of the newly formed teams perform against some of the longer standing rosters.

    Are you excited to see new Infinite Warfare rosters form? Let us know your opinions - we'd love to hear them!

  • Official Overwatch League Announced


    Blizzard has taken a huge step at Blizzcon 2016 and have announced a brand new Overwatch league, which should give a wide range of teams a huge level of opportunity to get paid to play.

    The Overwatch league has been considered a brand new competitive scene which should help to keep the competitive nature of the game as healthy as possible. The league has a focus to provide "long-term stability for teams as well as opportunities for players to establish the types of professional careers associated with traditional sports."

    The Overwatch league will start in 2017 - A number of current players will be given the chance to get invited to some tests run by Blizzard, and if they pass those tests they'll be given a spot in a team. If they get a spot the players will receive a contract and a minimum salary.

    Each of the teams will represent major cities and regions as opposed to sponsors and organizations like they do in traditional eSports. This will follow a similar system to traditional sports. This should give players "the best opportunity to grow and thrive for years to come."

    Blizzard has made it clear for players to make a name for themselves in the current competitive scene to have a chance to get invited to their test events. Hopefully Blizzard will announce more information about the upcoming league system soon.

    This certainly sounds like great information for any players interested in getting involved in competitive Overwatch.

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