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  • Mortal Kombat X DLC Characters Will be "Try before you Buy"

    mortal kombat x dlcThere has been a bit of commotion on the internet this week because NetherRealm announced a feature of Mortal Kombat X that has two sides of the fighting game's community divided. On one half, those that purchased the premium edition or Kombat pack are frustrated, and on the other half, those that only bought the standard edition of the game are equally as pleased.

    The reason for this is because NetherRealm have announced that there will be ways to play the DLC characters for free, without purchasing any DLC at all. As you can imagine, those that have already paid for the DLC are quite mad at NetherRealm for making this decision, but it's important to understand the full picture first.

    Whilst characters like Jason Voorhees and The Predator can be played by playing in the special timed challenge towers, you will only be able to play one of the DLC characters when a premiere tower is live in-game. You also cannot play the DLC characters in versus mode or story mode - they will only be available in the premiere tower for the duration of that tower's presence. Eventually the tower will be swapped out with a standard challenge tower or a premiere tower with a different DLC character in.

    I think this approach is a great route for NetherRealm to take. Mortal Kombat X is going to release on April 14 for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the PC. An old gen version for the PS3 and Xbox 360 will be coming later this summer.

  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided Revealed

    deus ex mankind dividedA brand new Deus Ex game planned to follow on from the story of Human Revolution has been revealed and it will be making it's way to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and the PC.

    The new Deus Ex title has been named Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and it will take place in 2029, two years after the events of Human Revolution. Many of non-augmented civilians were killed in Human Revolution, leaving the divide between humans and augmented humans at an all time high.

    Factions will form in Mankind Divided, all of which will have their own agenda and attitude towards augmentation. The game will focus on Adam Jensen, the same protagonist from the previous Deus Ex games. This time round, players will need to rely even more on his augmented skills.

    Whilst not much else has been revealed about the game, a trailer was released which delved into the story of the Deus Ex universe a little. Deus Ex Human Revolution had one of the most engaging stories last generation and I hope that Mankind Divided will be just as good.

    We do not yet know when Mankind Divided will be released but it is clear that the game will arrive on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One and the PC. If we're lucky we may see the game release at some point this year, but either way we're bound to hear a lot more about Mankind Divided in the very near future.

  • Huge Witcher 3 Open World Shown in Gamestop Map

    witcher 3 gamestop mapA huge pre-order bonus has been created for The Witcher 3 and it will be available exclusively at Gamestop. The pre-order bonus is a huge map that shows off the grand scale of the open world in The Witcher 3.

    We already knew that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was going to have a very large map but nobody was quite sure about just how large the world would be. If the new map is anything to go by, the size of The Witcher 3 could make Skyrim look tiny.

    There are so many different sections of the world to explore, along with plenty of different towns and settlements, Witcher 3 is looking to have one of the largest open worlds in the history of gaming.

    It would take at least a few hundred hours to explore everything in The Witcher 3, from the huge open worlds to the plethora of side quests and main missions that follow the game's main storyline.

    If you are interested in receiving a physical copy of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt world map you will need to pre-order the game from Gamestop. Unfortunately the map is an exclusive deal that Projekt Red has made with the video game retailer.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt officially launches next month on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. I personally cannot wait to just how huge and open the world is on May 19 when the game releases.

  • Xbox Live downed by Hackers Again

    xbox live hackersThis week Xbox Live went down across the world and players were having trouble with connecting to the online service for a few hours. Whilst Microsoft did not explain what the issue was, a hacker group has already claimed that they were responsible for the shutdown.

    Last year Microsoft dealt with a large hacking problem around Christmas time and it stopped a lot of people from connecting to the Xbox Live servers for a few days. Whilst the latest attack was no way near as severe, it still shows that Microsoft's servers are still vulnerable to attack and this is causing a disruption to the service Microsoft provides to Xbox players.

    The hacker group claiming responsibility for the latest hacker attack is named TeamBudyBear and they have made statements on their Twitter to explain the attack.

    "We're doing these attacks to show everyone how bad big company's care about security. We as teenagers know how to fix their servers. Pathetic."

    Whilst TeamBudyBear are not using their technological expertise for any good, what they're saying does have an air of truth to it. If Microsoft's security was any better, none of these attacks from hackers would be possible. In fact, it's almost a little disappointing to see that despite the huge hacker issue from last year, hackers still find it incredibly easy to bring down Microsoft's servers.

    For the time being all of Microsoft's services are now working as intended and it looks like the attacks from TeamBudyBear have stopped.

  • Black Ops 3 Announced

    black ops 3Out of nowhere Treyarch has just announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will be coming this year. The developer also released a small teaser trailer showing very little of anything besides the Black Ops logo.

    Fortunately the teaser trailer does give us more information about when we can expect to hear more about Black Ops 3. According to the new trailer, there will be a worldwide reveal on Sunday, April 26.

    So far, we haven’t seen any gameplay of Black Ops 3 and we don’t really know what to expect. The last title in the game was from Sledgehammer Games and this was the first time the development studio created a Call of Duty game without any external help. Some players seem quite excited to look forward to a new Black Ops title, whilst others are wishing Activision chose to go for a different Call of Duty era.

    Considering Treyarch is still going down the futuristic Black Ops arch, it could be possible that the upcoming Black Ops title will come with some of the game content we saw in Advanced Warfare. It would be interesting to see the exo-suit abilities in Black Ops 3, although we can neither confirm nor deny whether this will happen or not.

    Hopefully we will learn all about Black Ops 3 and what to expect from the game on April 26. The April reveal is a little earlier than usual so perhaps we’ll see Black Ops 3 release earlier than scheduled too.

  • GTA V 1.10 Patch Out Now

    gta v 1.1.0 patchA new patch has rolled out for Grand Theft Auto V and it fixes a number of issues, namely for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

    One of the major fixes includes changes to the graphical quality of the game. Many players noticed that the graphical fidelity of Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One decreased after update 1.08. As you can imagine a lot of players were frustrated with this change, and Rockstar did not issue a statement as to why this happened at the time.

    The new update has reverted any of the graphical changes to how the game looked before update 1.08. Rockstar also mentioned that the 1.08 changes were not deliberate, and it was something that was put into the update by accident. So rest assured, GTA V for the PS4 and Xbox One isn't going to be looking any less gorgeous any time soon.

    Another fix for 1.1.0 resolves the problem some players would have on GTA Online which would make the appearance of their character change randomly across multiple occasions whilst playing. We're not sure what caused this strange bug in the first place but your characters will no longer be having an identity crisis in 1.1.0.

    A new fix to some of the animations now makes it clearer when another player is aiming at you on GTA Online. Previously it would not always display the right animation when a player was
    aiming at another player, and this made it hard to notice when a player was about to open fire.

  • Batman Arkham Knight Will be Just Shy of 50GB

    batman arkham knight file sizeA new screenshot has confirmed that the upcoming game, Batman Arkham Knight will include a huge install size, taking up to 50GB of hard drive space. If you are planning to play Batman Arkham Knight and your PlayStation 4's hard drive space is becoming limited, you may want to clear some space in anticipation for the game's launch later this year.

    There are plenty of reasons why Batman Arkham Knight will be 50GB on the PlayStation 4. Firstly, the game features an open world, and by the looks of things it is going to be quite a large world. Another thing to take into consideration is that Batman Arkham Knight has some very impressive visuals. The size of the high definition game files is expected to be very large considering the game looks so great.

    In other news, rumors suggest that the Batman Arkham Knight DLC will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 until Fall 2015. Some of this exclusive DLC will include the Scarecrow Nightmare missions, the Justice League 3000 and Classic TV Series Batman costumes and the Classic TV Batmobile skin.

    Whilst we do know the install size of the PlayStation 4 version, we do not know what the Xbox One file size will be. We can't imagine there will be much of a difference. We also do not know how much data players may have to install if they play the physical copy instead of the digital version.

  • GTA Online Exploiters Being Blown to Pieces

    gta online duke o deathIn a new update to Grand Theft Auto Online, a certain exploit is causing abusers to blow up into a fiery explosion of shame and guilt. Whilst the exploit that this new update applies to isn't entirely game breaking, it's nice to see that Rockstar are stopping bug abusers in an out of the box fashion.

    When the new generation version of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released, the Duke 'O Death vehicle was added to the singleplayer of the game. The vehicle was however not added to the multiplayer version of the game. Many players have managed to find an exploit that allowed them to add the Duke O' Death to Grand Theft Auto Online and it allowed them to drive the car around freely and even use it in certain events and missions.

    Obviously this is not a very fair exploit as it allows players to get a very decent car without putting any effort in. Fortunately Rockstar have stopped exploiters in their traps, and whilst the exploit can still be performed, as soon as a player tries to enter the Duke O' Death the car will implode, killing the player on impact.

    I think it's awfully fitting to see the Duke O' Death cause so many player deaths in the latest update, and I'm glad that Rockstar took this humorous approach instead of punishing the players further. The bug exploit was unfair but it was no way near as serious as cheating can be. In the past, Rockstar had to spend a lot of their resources dealing with online hackers that would fill other player's inventories with billions of dollars of cash.

  • New Bloodborne 1.02 Patch Released

    new bloodborne patchA new patch for Bloodborne has been released and it fixes a number of issues and exploits found in the game. One of the biggest changes includes a fix to a well known duplication glitch that was spreading through the internet.

    The item duplication glitch allowed players to practically duplicate any item in their inventory, and many players started to use it to get infinite consumables and increase their in game wealth. Whilst this duplication method has been fixed it would not surprise me if other players manage to find another dupe method before From Software have the chance to fix it.

    Another very important fix in the 1.02 patch changes the way a certain mission plays out, which previously caused some issues, stopping players from progressing through the game. If you ever had trouble with the Lunarium Key in Bloodborne you will be happy to hear that all issues relating to the key have now been fixed.

    If your game was previously unable to make the key spawn, you will now be able to head into game and collect the key to continue with the game. Without the Lunarium Key, players cannot fight the boss within that area, and that will stop the player from being able to complete many other areas in the game following on from the boss fight.

    Whether or not you're frustrated with the item duplication fix, I think it's great to see the developers of Bloodborne working quickly on major game issues and bugs. Bloodborne has been incredibly successful since it's release, and millions of players have already purchased the game.

  • Star Wars: Battlefront Playtest Happening Next Week

    star wars battlefrontIt's exciting times indeed - EA has just announced that they will be hosting some player tests next week for the new Star Wars: Battlefront and anybody can sign up for the chance to play test the game. The sign up page is online but players will need to be in either Burnaby, British Columbia or Redwood City, CA for next Friday.

    Two studios will be hosting the playtest event, including EA Redwood Shores and EA Canada, and whilst there are two playtest events happening, EA has not disclosed how many play testers will be invited to the event.

    We are pretty sure that the number of play testers allowed will be very limited, so if you are interested in trying it and are in either Burnaby or Redwood City then we would definitely suggest signing up whilst you still can.

    Unfortunately, those who play test the game will need to sign a nondisclosure agreement so the public won't be seeing any gameplay just yet. This play test does show that the game is in some kind of playable state though, so hopefully we'll finally see some gameplay of Star Wars: Battlefront very, very soon.

    We already know that EA will be showing off a Star Wars Battlefront trailer on April 17 at the Star Wars celebration event, so we think it would be very suitable for them to finally show off some gameplay then.

    We’re very excited about Star Wars: Battlefront, are you?

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