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  • New Concept Art Shows the World of Dragon Age: Inquisition

    Dragon Age Inquisition Concept Art

    For some of you, news of concept art might sound a bit boring. It's one of the major milestones in game development though, and you can usually get a pretty good idea of how a game is going to look through concept art.

    Some new concept art has been shown of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I'm pretty happy to see that the world is shaping up to be pretty magnificent.

    The graphics on the previous Dragon Age games have never been stunning, but they've certainly never been bad enough to put you off playing the game, and I expect that Dragon Age: Inquisition will have graphics that are slightly more impressive than the previous title, even if it has been announced to be released on the Xbox 360 and PS3, along with next generation versions.

    The concept that has been shown gives us the impression the Inquisition will take place in the same grimy & mythical environments as the previous games, and a lot of the huge open atmospheric spaces that you usually find yourself stumbling across will most likely return in Inquisition.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition has been planned for a late 2014 release for the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, however it's unclear whether this date is set in stone or not.

    Let's hope BioWare do release Inquisition this year, and hopefully it will be an enjoyable game to play through. We've got a lot of great next gen games lined up this year, but at the moment, there really isn't that much to offer on the PS4 or the Xbox One.

  • Upcoming Killer Instinct DLC Includes New Character

    Killer instinct Spinal

    If you haven't quite found the perfect character for your preferences in Killer Instinct, you may want to check out the new DLC that will be arriving to the game.

    The new DLC includes Spinal, a character that has been around since the origins of Killer Instinct, and, like the rest of the game's current character roster, he has undergone massive changes to his appearance.

    It's still easy to tell it's Spinal though, but the graphics upgrade given to him certainly makes him look like a badass. Spinal can be purchased for $5 as a DLC addition. It's unclear at this point whether it will be included in the $40 Ultra Edition that originally came with the first eight characters, accessory packs, costumes and the original Killer Instinct as an arcade game, but it's likely that you will have to throw out another 5 bucks for Spinal.

    No details have been given on when the Spinal DLC will be available yet, but it's probably going to reach Xbox One before the end of January, along with a new patch that should hopefully address more balancing issues, tweak up ranked play a little, and add a new character to the free character rotation system.

    Hopefully Spinal will eventually be available for a week in the free character rotation system, but there is a possibility that he will disclosed from this because he counts as DLC content.

  • Huge 13GB Dead Rising 3 Update Available

    Dead Rising 3 Patch

    I mentioned a while before about how the digital era of video games isn't quite here, and the main reason for that is because games have got to the stage where they are so graphically advanced, and so full of content that they take up masses of storage space.

    The following news should simply prove my point further that digital downloads will not be able to push the disc format to extinction for at least another 5-10 years, at least where the console scene is concerned.

    The news is that Dead Rising 3 has just received a huge 13GB download update, and to be honest, we're not quite sure why. Xbox Studio manager tweeted out "Wow, a 13GB DR3 update? Holy ... good thing I have 110mbps."

    Unfortunately for those that live in more rural areas, you may have to wait a few hours, or a day, before your update completes.

    One possible reason for this huge 13GB update is that it will patch in the four upcoming DLC packs for Dead Rising 3, which would mean that when a player buys a DLC pack, they'll simply be able to unlock it and play it straight away, instead of having to download it once it has been purchased.

    This would seem to make sense, especially considering the first DLC pack will be released this week.

    Operation Broken Eagle is a story expansion which adds on a subplot to the main game, and follows a different character instead of the main protagonist, as well as adding a few new items to play around with.

  • Xbox One Beta Planned for Project Spark Next Month

    Project Spark Beta february

    Project Spark is an interesting venture for develop Team Dakota - the idea is that you take your typical open sandbox world even further by opening up new options and opportunities for players to turn their world into a unique playing experience that other players can then get involved with.

    Project Spark has been dubbed the video game that lets you make video games - whether or not it’s actually officially considered a game or just a software studio is unclear, but the compelling nature of the games shown within the creator have certainly turned a few eyes.

    To make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible Team Dakota has confirmed that they will be running a beta to test drive everything before full release. The beta has now been announced on their Facebook page to be planned for next month.

    On top of the announcement, Team Dakota’s Facebook page has information on how players can access a beta key, and how they can redeem it.

    For those playing on Windows 8, your key can be used on Xbox One, and the same goes for any Xbox One beta key owners who may want to play the game on Windows 8.

    Project Spark is planned to be a free to play title, but beta access will be limited so that Team Dakota can focus on any issues that arrive instead of a huge surge of new players all at once.

  • Beyond Two Souls Reached 1 Million Sales Last Year

    Beyond Two Souls Sales

    For a game that really isn't that much of a game, Quantic Dream's Beyond Two Souls has done significantly well. Despite critics complaining at the lack of gameplay content and the small amount of punishment that was given for player mistakes, it was all in all quite a nice game, and I think QD reached the goals they wanted to with this title.

    Beyond Two Souls was never really meant to be about the gameplay content, and instead offered a new "cinematic experience" if you will - something that feels like a movie but gets you just a little bit more involved.

    I can personally say I really enjoyed the title myself, and I'm sure a good portion of the 1 million players that bought the game did too.

    Quantic Dreams' previous game, Heavy Rain, has managed to ship an impressive 3 million copies since it's launch in 2010, so it'll be interesting to see whether Beyond Two Souls will be able to do the same.

    Considering that Beyond Two Souls is console exclusive, I really do have to tip my hat off for Quantic Dreams, and hopefully there will be more story-centric games from them in the future.

    Because of the simplicity of gameplay in Beyond, there really was no way for Quantic Dreams to tie in bonus content, DLC or paid extras whether they liked it or not, and that's another reason why I personally liked the game. There are too many developers out there that have money as their main goal.

    For those that are interested in the game but don’t want to splash out for a full copy, there is a free demo available for you to download in the PlayStation Network store.

  • Call of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC Announced

    Ghosts Onslaught DLC

    New information has come in about a brand new DLC expansion pack for Call of Duty Ghosts. So far details are on the low, but a new teaser can get us guessing at what's to come. Infinity Ward have called the new DLC pack Onslaught, and apart from a very quick Instagram video, there really isn't much to know about the new upcoming DLC.

    Fortunately though, there are a couple things that give away what could make it's way to COD Ghosts in Onslaught. The first thing is the name - in FPS games, onslaught is usually given to game types that have waves of incoming enemies that attack a base or shelter, which players have to try to defend for as long as possible.

    The second hint is the Instagram video, which shows a dark and damp trailer park, a player holding what looks to be a hatchet, a few flashes, and that's it.

    Right off of the bat I thought "Zombies." Will Call of Duty: Ghosts ever get Zombies? If it does, the Onslaught DLC pack will be the one for it. If not, then we'll probably get an expansion to the Alien exterminating game mode already in the game.

    On top of the new extra content, we're more than likely going to be greeted with at least a couple of new maps, and if we're lucky, a new weapon and some more gun camos.

    Microsoft has called shotgun on this one, and it will be an Xbox One timed exclusive.

  • More State of Decay Games Planned

    New State of Decay

    State of Decay has become one of the most sold Xbox Live Arcade games in the entire history of the online Xbox LIVE service, making it's way right behind Minecraft in the XBLA charts and has been selling like hot cakes ever since it's release.

    If you didn't already figure out that Microsoft are happy with the outcome of State of Decay by an appearance of a State of Decay t-shirt wearing Phil Spencer at last year's Xbox One reveal, then new information about a partnership with the development team should confirm it for you.

    The developer of State of Decay, Undead Labs, has recently signed a multi-year, multi-title partnership with Microsoft, which suggests that there are going to be a lot of new zombie games from Undead in the next few years, and they will probably be  exclusive to Xbox One.

    Undead Labs previously had plans to make a zombie MMO similar to State of Decay, which had been named Class4, however this new partnership may put a halt to this development.

    Alternatively, this could mean the developers behind State of Decay now have more time and reason to pursue developing Class4 for Microsoft, along with other titles.

    Community manager Sanya Weathers was asked about Class4 and her reply was "We have to agree on where we think the technology is going to be in a few years (since the game will take a few years to develop); we have to agree that we have the same goals; and we have to agree on how we'll collectively run and support the final game. Those discussions are still in progress."

  • 343 Industries Apparently Working on New Halo

    New Halo 343

    Halo 5 is-a-coming, but new information suggests that it may not be the only game 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios are working on right now. It's more than likely that early development processes for Halo 6 is already under way, but I'm talking about something entirely different, and it might not even be a cheap mobile game.

    This information comes from 343 Industries very own website, where they have a new job listing that has some rather suspect details in. Here is a little cut out from the job listing.

    "343 Industries is searching for a rock star engineer to join the team developing a new experience in the Halo universe. Work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry; we are gathering an incredible team to help drive the future of Halo."

    A new experience in the Halo universe suggests that this could be a completely brand new game - it's unlikely it's referring to Halo 5, because development for this game has been going on for a while now. It could possibly be referring to Halo 6, but once again, it wouldn't make sense for the current engineers to quit their job and force 343 Industries to hire a new set for a game in the same trilogy.

    I have a feeling this will in fact be a new Halo game, but so far have no clue what it could be. Another paragraph in the job listing does however suggest that the game will be a triple A title.

  • Grand Theft Auto Title Update 1.09 Tries to Fix Hackers

    GTA V Hackers 1.09

    GTA Online had a rocky start, but after all of the bugs and server issues were ironed out, it has been clean sailing for a lot of player since then. However, that all changed over the Christmas period when a huge surge of exploits, hacks, cheats and glitches came in that completely ruined the economy and made getting a shiny new Adder as easy as buying your first new pair of pants.

    The newest title update for Grand Theft Auto V, update 1.09, has been release to try and combat all of the recent going-ons and happenings, and with no real content released in the latest update, it's clear that these problems have slowed down content production just a little bit.

    The biggest change for any wannabe cheater is that Rockstar have now improved and bolstered up their anti-cheat system. It's so far unknown how effective it will be, but hopefully it will be able to do a good job at catching the culprits, and won't bring up any false negatives.

    A lot of the glitches and exploits that have involved GTA$ and RP have also been fixed, but it wouldn't surprise me if a new one is found eventually. It's always an ongoing game of cat and mouse with cheaters and hackers, but this new patch should certainly trap a large amount of them.

    If you've been gifted a large sum of money, or collected a double-quadrillion bounty from your next door neighbor, chances are this has now been removed from your account, but you won't face any penalty or bans against your name.

  • Titanfall Player Count Only 6v6

    Titanfall 12 Players

    Titanfall has so far been predicted to be the game that will slay the FPS giants, and has shown a lot of very interesting gameplay elements that really could make it a unique first person shooter experience.

    Unfortunately, it may not be the game for everyone. Some news has recently come in about the multiplayer details on Titanfall, and one bit of information in particular has caused a bit of distress for the average Battlefield or Call of Duty fan.

    Respawn Entertainment's guy in charge, Vince Zampella has taken to twitter to announced that Titanfall will only be a 12 person game. Vince stated "6v6 is max player count. Turned out to be the best balance with AI for us."

    Being a huge fan of the small team combat in most Halo game modes, this really didn't bother me much, but I can understand why a player who enjoys intense 32 to 64 player combat may be a little upset about this new discovery.

    The only thing I can say to these people is that Titanfall is meant to be a game changer - it's going to have certain rules and mechanics that you may be scared to try first, but if Respawn didn't take the initiative to change these things, then it would just end up like another Call of Duty.

    Before we all frown at the idea of 6-aside multiplayer, let's give it a rest and give ourselves an actual verdict on Respawn's decision when the game is actually out.

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