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  • Walker Assault Rebel Buffs Released for Battlefront

    walker assault buffs

    If you played much of the Battlefront beta you will know straight away that the Walker Assault mode was almost impossible for the Rebels. In fact, seeing a Rebel victory was so far and few between that it made us wonder how exactly they did it in the movies. Perhaps it was to do with Luke Skywalker being more of an asset, or maybe because the T-47 airspeeder pilots were more skilled at pulling down AT-ATs than your normal everyday gamer.

    Either way, the Walker Assault game mode has been adjusted slightly so that Rebels now have an easier time on the battlefield. It's not going to be a one-sided affair for the Rebels, but winning a battle on either side should now be just as easy as the other. Some more balancing may need to be done before we start to see a 50/50 win ratio for both sides though.

    The changes made to Walker Assault have only been made to the walkers. Before, when a walker was open to attack, the entire Rebel team had to unload bullets into the walker for them to stand a chance at winning, and even then it was a slim chance. Battlefront designer Jamie Keen made some comments on what has changed.

    “We have changed how the Walkers work," Keen explained. "We've got weak points on them now, so it's not a question of turning them into a bullet sponge. There have been general balancing tweaks like the damage levels from various weapons, different ion bursts and what they do to the walkers. It's not one specific area, it's across the board."

  • New Plans for Driveclub Released

    new driveclub plans

    New plans have been announced for Driveclub, including plans for a new update for release in December

    Currently, Driveclub Bikes is the latest content for Driveclub - this is a standalone DLC pack that contains bikes in the world of DriveClub. Unlike other DLC, DriveClub Bikes can be picked up and played without players owning the base DriveClub game.

    Now for the new upcoming content. Firstly, the new update coming to Driveclub in December will add some new content to the game. It's likely that the December update will include a number of new features but as it currently stands we only know that the December patch will include tyre deformation for all cars. This should mean that cars in endurance races will become harder to control as the race goes on. This should definitely make pit stops a possible game mechanic.

    Interestingly, the next update after the one in December is going to bring most fans more excitement and that is because 2016 will include updates that add new tracks to DriveClub. A date for the 2016 tracks has not been given yet and we don't know exactly how many new tracks will be added.

    Hopefully we will hear more about the new DriveClub tracks shortly. In the meantime, fans of the series can pick up DriveClub Bikes for $15 if they already own the base game. If players do not have the base version of DriveClub they will need to shell out an extra $5 for DriveClub Bikes, on top of the base $15.

  • Fallout 4 Game Crash Bug Found

    fallout 4 game crash bug

    A new game crash has been found in Fallout 4 and it could cause some issues with your current game experience. With any game of this scale, it's not surprising that a potential game breaking bug has been found in Fallout. In fact, it's great that there haven't been any more game breaking bugs being found in Fallout 4 just yet.

    Thankfully, most of the bugs and glitches in Fallout 4 are hilarious, true to Bethesda's development style. One bug isn't so funny, however. This bug happens when players head to Mosignor Plaza during a settlement quest. If you attempt to travel to the area, the game will either crash to the desktop or stop responding, depending upon what platform you are running the game on.

    So far, players from the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC have complained this bug happens, so whilst it does not occur all of the time it does seem to be quite common for those who follow the same steps listed above. The good news is that the bug has been posted in the Bethesda forums so it's likely to be seen by the right people. The exact reproduction for this bug is also quite easy to follow so from a development standpoint it should not be that difficult to fix. Hopefully we'll see a fix to this bug in the next update for Fallout 4.

    Perhaps we'll even see a fix to this bug before the end of November.

  • New Xbox One Experience Available

    new xbox ui

    The new Xbox One experience has now been released across all internet-connected Xbox One consoles. The new update brings a completely new UI redesign and adds a few new features onto the console software as well.

    The most talked about feature of the Xbox One experience is of course the backwards compatibility feature. Backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles is now possible and for the most part it works very smoothly with all backwards compatible games.

    In the new UI you'll get a new Xbox Home that is very simple to use. Within the new Xbox Home you are able to share achievements and game clips to friends within seconds. Finding out what your friends are playing has become more convenient as well. For the most part, everything has become more connected, more social and more streamlined.

    The Xbox Dashboard button has been reworked too - you're now given a game guide that can be accessed from within any game or app, or even from the home screen. The new dashboard has definitely taken a step or two in the right direction.

    The new user interface is also working really well and it's the UI that has been getting less attention than it deserves. The new UI elements have all been inspired by community feedback so this new Xbox One experience is the closest we've ever been to having it exactly how the community wants it.

    If you own an Xbox One you should check out the new UI refresh. The new changes have definitely been welcomed by the community.

  • Overwatch Will Be Available in Spring 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One


    Overwatch is a new class based shooter that has taken Twitch by storm over the past couple of weeks. The game has recently been released in beta and a lot of players have expressed their praise for the title. At Blizzcon this week, some details were revealed about Overwatch, including a release date.

    According to the Overwatch developers, the game should hopefully be available in Spring 2016 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Spring release date will be for the full game and not just another beta.

    In Overwatch, players play on either of two teams, both of which have six players on. Each player can choose between a selection of 21 different characters. These characters are known as Heroes in Overwatch and they all have their own special abilities, play styles and weapons. So far, most of the Heroes were playable in the Overwatch beta, but some of the Heroes were not.

    At Blizzcon, the Overwatch developers revealed details on the last three Heroes. Details for these Heroes have been provided below.

    Genji: A cybernetic ninja, is an expert assassin capable of extraordinary feats of agility, including reflecting enemy attacks with his blade.

    D.Va: A former pro-gaming superstar who pilots an experimental military mech in defense of her home country.

    Mei: Travels the globe applying her scientific expertise to protect the natural world; in battle, her arsenal of climate-manipulating technology has the power to put the opposition on ice.

  • Halo 5 Orion Removed for Bug & Exploit Fixes

    halo 5 orion exploits

    Despite the small map pool on Halo 5, it looks as if there are still some issues that has caused 343 Industries to take some pretty extreme measures. One of the Arena maps for Halo 5 is called Orion - this map is a small spaced 4v4 map designed mostly for objective modes like Strongholds.

    For now, Orion has been removed from the active map pool because there are currently a number of exploits that players have been using that 343 Industries would like to fix before reapplying to Halo 5 matchmaking.

    Whilst 343 Industries did not list the exploits that are being fixed, it's very clear that there are some that were very advantageous. One exploit allowed players to use ground pound to glitch themselves out of the map - they could stay there without dying and could attack players from outside of the map.

    On top of fixing Orion, 343 Industries has also stated that they are working on fixing up the spawn system - this seems to be an issue for some maps and game types, especially SWAT, which sees players respawning many times per game.

    Fixing spawns in Halo isn't an easy task - when it comes down to it, spawn control is a very important Halo strategy, so hopefully 343 Industries make the necessary changes without having to adjust the base Halo spawn mechanics.

    In other news, this week saw the addition of a Shotty Snipers playlist that should hopefully stay till the weekend.

  • DayZ Xbox One Early Access Planned for 2016

    dayz xbox one

    DayZ was originally planned for early access on the Xbox One at the end of 2015, but hiccups in the development process has pushed the Xbox One early access launch to 2016. If all goes to planned, hopefully the delay won't be that long - we are most likely looking at a quarter one release in 2016, although no date has been set in stone just yet and it is very possible that DayZ for the Xbox One could be delayed once again.

    DayZ is also planned for the PlayStation 4, but no details of a release date for this have been given yet. If DayZ can’t get it’s way onto the PS4 in early access, then PS4 players may have to wait a while before the game comes out of early access and gets a full release.

    Unlike early access on Steam, the early access on Xbox One offers players safer control over the games they play. The early access Xbox One program is called Xbox Game Preview, and once available later this year, will allow players to have a free trial of early access games before players can decide whether they'd like to purchase it or not.
    Early access titles on the Xbox Game Preview will include Ark: Survival Evolved, Elite: Dangerous, The Long Dark and of course DayZ.

    Will you be interested in trying out DayZ once it gets to the Xbox One? It had a lot of hype surrounding the PC release so it will be interesting to see how well it does on the Xbox and the PlayStation 4.

  • Xbox Players Having Issues with Black Ops 3 Nuketown Downloads

    xbox nuketown black ops 3

    As it currently stands, it seems like players on the Xbox One are having trouble with some of the Black Ops 3 DLC that was released as pre-order bonuses to some players. Both the Nuketown map and the Giant Zombies DLC has been having issues and Microsoft has acknowledged that some players are having trouble with accessing their content.

    "We understand some of you who purchased the Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Deluxe Edition are being prompted to repurchase a Season Pass for the game and can't access the NUK3TOWN and The Giant bonus maps. We want to assure you we're working to fix this as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience! We'll update you as soon as we know more."

    Players who pre-purchased the Black Ops 3 Deluxe Edition were supposed to receive downloads for both Nuketown and Giant Zombies but those that have purchased this version on the Xbox One have come across a bug that asks users to re-purchase the season pass to unlock the content.

    It is very important to note that players do not need to re-purchase the season pass to get the Nuketown and Giant Zombies DLC. Instead, players should be patient until a fix is resolved between Microsoft and Activision. Hopefully the issue will be fixed fairly soon - it seems very unfair to lock users out of content like this, but it is understandable considering that the problem was an unforeseen bug in the season pass system.

    It seems that PlayStation 4 players with the Black Ops 3 Deluxe Edition have not come across the same issues as on the Xbox One, and not every Xbox One player has been affected.

    Have you been affected by the Deluxe Edition DLC bug? Hopefully Microsoft will announce a fix to the problem very soon.

  • Fallout 4 soundtrack Will Have 65 Songs, Available on iTunes

    fallout 4 soundtrack

    It has been revealed that Fallout 4 will have a total of 65 different songs on it's soundtrack. All of the 65 tracks on the soundtrack have been composed by Inor Zur specifically for the Fallout 4 game. The main menu music for Fallout 4 was already revealed before, but a lot of the music in the soundtrack has not yet been heard.

    On top of revealing the 65 tracks on the Fallout 4 soundtrack, Bethesda has put up the soundtrack on iTunes for $16. So far, Bethesda has not revealed any plans to publish the soundtrack on other places, such as Soundcloud, Spotify, TIDAL, YouTube, Google Play Music or other spaces. That isn't to say that Bethesda won't publish the soundtrack on somewhere other than iTunes, but for right now, the only space to get it is on iTunes.

    Whilst the full soundtrack costs $15.99, if you would like to, you can purchase separate tracks for $0.99 each - if you'd just like your favorite tracks, such as the main menu theme, then you'll be able to save some cash by only purchasing the tracks you'd like to hear. Alternatively, you could wait for the release of Fallout 4 and hear the music in the game as you play through it.

    Fallout 4 is set for release on November 10. Once released, the game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Will you be playing Fallout 4 on launch day?

  • Download Codes for Gears of War Backwards Compatible Titles coming Soon

    gears of war backwards compatible

    When Gears of War: Ultimate Edition was announced, the developers revealed that pre-ordering the game would make players eligible for all four of the previous Gears of War games on Xbox 360 - these titles would be provided to players via digital download codes and they would be sent out once the backwards compatibility patch goes live on the Xbox One.

    Well good news is that the plans for the backwards compatible Gears of War games are still going ahead and now that the backwards compatible patch has been released, Coalition games has mentioned exactly when the four Xbox 360 Gears of War titles will be available for the Ultimate Edition pre-orderers.

    According to Microsoft, all four backwards compatible Gears of War games will be available for download from December 1 - if you already own either of the Gears of War titles on Xbox 360, you will also be able to insert the discs into your Xbox One after the November 12 backwards compatibility patch.

    So what games do actually come with the Ultimate Edition pre-order? You will get Gears of War Judgment, Gears of War 3, Gears of War 2, and surprisingly Gears of War 1, despite Ultimate Edition being a remake of the first game.

    If you are eligible for the Gears of War backwards compatible games, will you play through the three other titles once they are available on December 1? All four Gears of War games are absolute classics and hopefully the backwards compatibility patch for the Xbox One should help revitalize the online server population for all of the games.

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