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  • Titanfall Gamescom 2013 Gameplay Demo Looks Epic

    At first, the concept of sticking huge titanic mechs into a free flowing shooter that played out similarly to Call of Duty sounded a bit alien to me, but after seeing the Titanfall Gamescom 2013 demo, I can truly say that i'm bought on the idea.

    The developers of Titanfall have somehow managed to fit a multi-floored dynamic movement system that allows you to jump from building to building in the neatest ways possible into a world that is inhabited by player controlled mechs.

    I've noticed a trend with any game that has included player controlled mechs, and it usually ends with the game selling poorly and no one really interested in it, but Titanfall makes the transition between on-foot combat to mech combat so smoothly.

    The gameplay shown seems to make out that there isn't any one loadout or mech that is overpowered, and there is always a combination of weapons to deal with any annoying enemies that you can't seem to kill with your old loadout.

    For me, that makes gameplay exciting and more competitive, and the gameplay we're seeing shows that each game is packed with non-stop adrenaline.

    Titanfall has been confirmed to be released in Spring 2014 for the Xbox One and possibly the Xbox 360 later on. Rumors have spread that Titanfall will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One and that it may eventually make it's way to the PlayStation 4 as well.

  • New Killzone: Shadowfall Gameplay

    Killzone seems to be one of those FPS games that is being pushed to compete for the first person shooter crowns this generation and whilst everyone's favorite game might be different to their friend's, there is no denying that Killzone Shadowfall is something to look forward to.

    To keep us all excited, new gameplay footage of Killzone Shadowfall's multiplayer in action has been released, and it looks spectacular.

    From what the gameplay shows it seems that Shadowfall will have a similar scoring points system to Call of Duty, and there seems to be some kind of D-pad enabled ability system that looks similar to the one used for Halo 4's personal ordnance drop system.

    Apart from that, the HUD seems quite minimal, although the kill log that tells players who's killed who may end up cluttering smaller screens.

    The graphics are incredibly good, although in some areas this makes it quite hard to spot the enemy so some players may be turned away by this. Others may enjoy the immersive experience. It really comes down to preference and at this point what makes your FPS crowned king this generation really is based upon your own opinion on the games available.

  • Xbox One Final Confirmation on Launch Date Titles

    Microsoft revealed at this year's Gamescom 2013 the release day launch titles that will be available to purchase on the day of the Xbox One Launch.

    There seems to be a mix of various different games including Xbox One exclusive games, next gen exclusives, older gen games that will make their way to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 first, and even a Kinect game, despite rumors that there weren't going to be any Kinect games at launch.

    There is a wide range of games to enjoy as well, including a mix or racers, sports games, action and FPS games, as well as other more arcadey and family friendly games.

    Here is a compiled list of all of the games available at launch from Microsoft's statement on their website:

    Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Ubisoft, Ubisoft)
    Battlefield 4 (DICE, Electronic Arts)
    Call of Duty: Ghosts (Infinity Ward, Activision)
    Crimson Dragon (Grounding/Land Ho!, Microsoft Studios)
    Dead Rising 3 (Capcom Vancouver, Microsoft)
    FIFA 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts)
    Fighter Within (AMA Ltd., Ubisoft)
    Forza Motorsport 5 (Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Studios)
    Just Dance 2014 (Ubisoft Paris, Ubisoft)
    Killer Instinct (Double Helix, Microsoft Studios)
    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (TT Games, Warner Bros. Interactive)
    Lococycle (Twisted Pixel, Microsoft Studios)
    Madden NFL 25 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts)
    NBA 2K14 (Visual Concepts, 2K Sports)
    NBA LIVE 14 (EA Sports, Electronic Arts)
    Need for Speed: Rivals (Ghost Games, Electronic Arts)
    Peggle 2 (Popcap, Electronic Arts)
    Powerstar Golf (Zoe Mode, Microsoft Studios)
    Ryse: Son of Rome (Crytek, Microsoft Studios)
    Skylanders: Swap Force (Vicarious Visions, Activision)
    Watch Dogs (Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft)
    Zoo Tycoon (Frontier Developments Ltd., Microsoft Studios)
    Zumba Fitness: World Party (Zoë Mode, Majesco)

    Microsoft has still not confirmed a release date for the console, but it seems likely that it will arrive before next year.

  • GTA V Has Gone Gold

    Rockstar made a post on their website This week to announce that their new open world game, Grand Theft Auto V has finally gone gold. This means that the game is 100% finished and fully developer and Rockstar will now work on manufacturing and shipping out copies to ensure we can all get the game on it's release day, September 17.

    Earlier in the year Rockstar delayed the release of Grand Theft Auto V so that they could work on the game more and fine tune the experience for the players of the game, however this time round, the stated September 17 release date will be the true final release date for the game.

    Rockstar also mentioned that some gameplay leaks happened due to a glitch in the system of the PlayStation Network's digital pre-order system. Some PS3 owners managed to download the game as soon as they pre-ordered, and this caused some leaks around the web.

    The footage included some in-game TV cut-scenes that will be viewable at some point in the game, and videos and images have been sent around the web.

    Rockstar has pointed out that they are disappointed about the leaks, but it looks as if there isn't any actual gameplay footage leaks at this point.

  • Different CoD: Ghosts Editions Announced

    If you're into collecting limited edition games at launch, you may be interested in the different COD Ghost game editions that will be available for purchase.

    Whilst these aren't 100% confirmed by anyone working on Call of Duty Ghosts, it is quite likely that these retailer descriptions are the real deal and we will be seeing these packs available soon across the globe.

    So far people will be able to buy the standard edition of the game, the prestige edition and the hardened edition.

    The standard edition simply includes the game, whilst the other two editions include both physical and digital content.

    The Hardened Edition includes:

    -Military style Paracord Strap
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass
    -Extra multiplayer map: Freefall
    -Ghosts Badge Pack with extra accessories to use in-game
    -Call of Duty Digital: Ghosts digital soundtrack
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts Steelbook collectors edition case

    The Prestige Edition includes:

    -1080p HD camera (memory card, various fasteners and rechargeable)
    -Military style Strap Paracord
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC Season Pass
    -Extra multiplayer map: Freefall
    -Ghosts Badge Pack with extra accessories to use in-game
    -Call of Duty Digital: Ghosts digital soundtrack
    -Call of Duty: Ghosts Steelbook collectors edition case

    I'm not sure why the Prestige edition includes a HD camera and what exactly that has to do with COD ghosts, but over the Hardened edition, that really is the only difference between the two limited edition versions.

  • 5 DLC Packs Confirmed for Payday 2

    If you're enjoying the criminal life in Payday 2, you'll be glad to know that you'll be able to enjoy it even more as the developers of Payday 2, Overkill Software, plan to release a total of 5 different DLC packs in the future. David Goldfarb, the game's director, has said that Payday 2 is "just like it's predecessor, Payday: The Heist' and that it's 'a living thing."

    All of the 5 DLC packs are planned for release over the next year, however details on what these DLC packs will include has been kept behind bars for now.

    If you're not up for spending on new DLC packs, Payday 2 has also been planned to have free content updates according to David Goldfarb, meaning you'll be able to enjoy some new content for the game in the future without having to pay. Once again, no details have been given on what exactly this new content will include.

    Will you be buying the DLC packs for Payday 2? Many have been playing this game recently and despite it being an underdog in a time very close to GTA V's launch, it has proven to be very popular and many gamers are now enjoying the game.

  • GTA V Online Trailer - GTA V Multiplayer Hits October 1st

    If you haven't watched the GTA V Online trailer already, go watch it! If you have, then I expect you are just as excited as me!

    First things first though- some have been a little confused at the whole GTA V Online thing. The trailer has made it to sound like some kind of standalone game, but Rockstar have cleared things up. GTA V Online will be accessible from any standard GTA V and won't require a code, a subscription or any kind of money to access.

    However, the online multiplayer portion of GTA V won't be available until October 1st. This means that if you get the game at launch or before October, you won't be able to play online with your buddies and will only be able to play single-player.

    The reason for this is most likely that Rockstar wants to spend two more weeks truly polishing up the multiplayer experience so that it arrives in tip top condition for all of us to play how Rockstar wanted us to play it.

    If you've watched both gameplay trailers, than you can see why this is definitely understandable and I think Rockstar deserves to spend the time they need to put even more love into the game.

    Rockstar is one of my favorite developers because they don't release their games and tie them to any random publisher deals which means we won't be paying more for content and Rockstar even said that they'll be constantly updating the online world and making changes that we can access for free!

    Stay tuned for our custom controllers themed around Grand Theft Auto V in the near future!

  • Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal - Actual Gameplay

    So this time round we got an actual reveal instead of just a reveal of a reveal, and not only have we seen a gameplay trailer, but tons of Youtubers and MLG players have had the chance to go out and test out the game's multiplayer.

    That's great for us because it means we can get a look at what the game really feels and looks like. First of all, it's Call of Duty so we're not really expecting much difference from the previous games, but there are some key differences. Firstly squads will play an interesting parts, with separate playable characters all capable of prestiging, and there are a few new kill streak rewards and game modes.

    Weapons work pretty similarly to the current games we've been playing and although there's been a few new changes that make you go 'oh, that's pretty cool' there really isn't enough to make it feel like a new FPS game.

    I've noticed a lot of people seem to be gravitating towards Battlefield 4 this time a round, so it'll be interesting to see whether Battlefield 4 will be able to absorb more of the Call of Duty fan base or if Ghosts with it's next gen iteration will out shine the Battlefield franchise for another year.

    In the offices were are looking forward to both Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 with our modded controllers ready! Be sure to use our Controller Creator to make yourself one with our Master Mod and get all of the mods you need to cause your enemies some serious havoc.

    What game are you looking forward to most?

  • PlayStation 4 Release Unveiled at This Year's Gamescom

    Sony finally revealed all about the PlayStation 4 this week at Gamescom 2013. Representatives took to the stage to discuss new features such as the social sharing button and video game streaming partnerships and then went on to announce the release date for the PlayStation 4 console.

    Whilst Microsoft failed to reveal any more details on their next gen console the Xbox One, Sony was enthusiastic to give fans peace of mind by announcing the release day for the PlayStation 4 in different regions.

    The PlayStation 4 will be launched in a total of 32 countries this year (almost three times as many as Microsoft's 13 for the Xbox One) and will reach stores and homes on 15th November in the United States and 29th November in Europe.

    Other dates have not yet been revealed.

    Sony also announced plans to help gamers transition from one generation to the other by offering discounts on games when a gamer already owns a current gen version. For example, those with a copy of Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassins' Creed Black Flag or Battlefield 4 on the PlayStation 3 will get a discount when buying the corresponding game for the next gen PlayStation 4.

  • Microsoft Says You Won't Need Your Kinect Plugged in Anymore

    Well, well well, it looks as if Microsoft has completely made a turning point on their new Xbox One. Now, not only can you use the Xbox without a constant internet connection, but we can now play the next gen Xbox console without the kinect entirely.

    This change has come about after privacy concerns were made public due to the worry that Microsoft or a malicious third party could sneak in and watch your living room at any time.

    Coupled with the always on internet, an always 'kinected' camera could only spell trouble in the eyes of those that take care of their own privacy, but luckily all of the DRM features have been removed, and now the Kinect always-connected rule has been removed.

    Currently there still isn't an Xbox One with a Kinect not included and Microsoft still believe strongly in the success of the party peripheral, but perhaps we'll see a cheaper SKU without the Kinect 2.0 bundled in the future.

    For those already interested in getting a PS4, if you could purchase an Xbox One without a Kinect and save yourself some pennies, would you think about changing you decision and route for an Xbox One instead?

    Now that the similarities between the Xbox One and PS4 are slowly becoming larger, the only real thing keeping both of the consoles apart are the exclusives. What exclusives are you most looking forward to playing?

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