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  • West Ham United Soccer Team Picks up eSports Player

    west ham united fifa 16 esports

    In a surprise move, British soccer team West Ham United has picked up an eSports player to add to their player roster. It may be unheard of, but we expect this kind of thing may be happening a lot more in the near future.

    The player fittingly has competitive experience in the FIFA franchise and after seeing the player's talent, West Ham United went ahead and brought him under their wing. The player, who is known as Sean 'Dragonn' Allen is now a part of the West Ham family and will even have a West Ham jersey to wear at offline FIFA events. The jersey features the number 50 and his own username. In the recent FIFA 2016 Interactive World Cup, Dragonn came in second place. Despite failing to reach the first place spot, Dragonn was inches away from securing a victory.

    After a superbly close 5-5 draw against Mohamad Al-Bacha from Denmark, Dragonn lost on Away goals in the New York finals.

    West Ham United aren't the first soccer team to move into the world of eSports. In the past, VFL Wolfsburg has put attention into eSports, as have other teams, including BeÅŸiktaÅŸ from Turkey. West Ham United has been keeping an eye on eSports for a while, according to a statement from the football club, but it's taken until now for them to act and snatch up Sean 'Dragonn' Allen.

    Do you think more football clubs will start to pick up FIFA eSports players in the future? This could mean a great deal for sponsorships and for building the FIFA pro scene.

  • Overwatch Goes Big with eSports Twitch Match

    overwatch esports cloud 9

    Overwatch may just be the next biggest thing in eSports. Recently an eSports event covering an Overwatch game that featured some familiar names made it's way to the front page of Twitch.

    Pulling in over 18,000 viewers at peak, the Overkill tournament had a $5,000 prize pool on the line and it saw competitive teams battle it out in the Overwatch beta. Since then, the beta for Overwatch has ended but it was certainly a spectacular way for Blizzard to end the whole event.

    During the 18,000 viewer peak, Cloud 9 and played against each other in a huge, marathon-like best of nine series. In the series, Cloud 9 managed to come out on top with an impressive 5-3 score line. Despite winning two more games than, the match was still a lot closer than you'd have expected and it really showed the eSports potential, both for competitive play and for the viewing experience.

    In fact, one map saw Cloud 9 get 99/100 percent for the capture on LiJiang Tower before managed to pull back an incredibly close victory. A lot of the maps featured similarly close scenarios and the pros were working well to use their limited knowledge of the current Overwatch beta meta. In some cases, the pros went against the norm to try out new techniques, showing us that there's a lot of room for creativity in the pro scene. For example, Cloud 9 even chose to pick Bastion on one map, a hero that is considered to be worthless in the current high competitive meta, and it almost got them the win!

  • Titanfall Devs Making New Star Wars Games

    titanfall star wars

    Star Wars is going to blow up. Again. The revitalization of the Star Wars franchise is being charged ahead by plenty of big time companies, including the likes of Disney and EA. On the gameplay front, EA has a huge amount of resources at their disposal to use as they please, one such resource being Respawn Entertainment, the development team that launched Titanfall.

    Whilst Respawn Entertainment are currently working on the development of Titanfall 2, they've also undertaken the task to develop a brand new Star Wars title. We know absolutely nothing about the title yet, other than it will be considered an "all-new third-person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe."

    Don't worry if you're concerned about Respawn juggling too much at once. They might be the biggest development team out there but rumors suggest that Titanfall 2 is nearing completion and it may even be launching later this year, so this leaves a lot of the current development team with little to work on in regards to the first Titanfall sequel.

    Respawn Entertainment isn't the only development team under EA's umbrella that'll be working on a new Star Wars game. In fact, the entire following list of development studios, all of which are now owned or partly owned by EA, will be working on a Star Wars game.
    + Capital Games
    + Visceral Games
    + DICE
    + BioWare
    + Motive
    Too much Star Wars? Well, the Star Wars universe is massive and each of these teams are highly skilled and have their own experience with different video game genres. We think it could go well for EA, although the thought of a new Star Wars title will start to get less and less exciting for existing fans.

  • Five of Ten COD 4 Remastered Maps Revealed

    cod 4 remastered

    If you've been anywhere near the internet over the past few days then you'll know that Infinity Ward will be launching their latest Call of Duty game later this year. Unfortunately we don't know much about Infinite Warfare yet, but we do know that a slightly more expensive version of the game will be coming with a remastered version of COD 4.

    Although the entirety of the singleplayer game will be getting a remaster, only 10 have been picked out for the multiplayer portion. This is going to be a little disheartening for any hardcore COD 4 fans out there, but we're hoping that Infinity Ward picks out the most popular maps.

    Recently Activision has been slowly revealing each of the maps and so far we know what five of these are. In the latest reveal, Overgrown and Bog have been announced. In a previous announcement, Activision let us know that the first three maps will be Crash, Backlot and Crossfire.

    Activision hasn't mentioned whether more maps will be added in the future but they did make it clear that the remaining five confirmed maps will be announced soon.

    It was also announced recently that the upcoming Call of Duty 4 will not be sold as a standalone title, which means that players that are interested in owning the remaster will need to purchase the $90 Infinite Warfare bundle.

    For all those out there that only want to play the remaster, would you be willing to pay $90?

  • HCS Pro League Lands Evil Geniuses and EnVyUs in a Tight Battle

    pro league hcs EG vs EnVy

    Recently the HCS Pro League Invitational took place and two of the top Halo teams made it into the grand finals. Only one team could take a spot for the HCS Pro League, whilst the other team would be sent back home.

    Read on to find out how the final match for the Pro League Invitational went ahead between Evil Geniuses and Team EnVyUs below. Keep in mind that this article is filled with spoilers so if you'd like to watch the match yourself, you can do so on the Halo Twitch channel under the past broadcasts section.

    Things started promisingly on Team EnVyUs' side for the first game as they took a 3-0 victory against Evil Geniuses on Coliseum. Game mode was Capture the Flag and EnVyUs completely shut down their opponent's hopes at getting a single flag.

    For all those watching for the action at home, Evil Geniuses put the ball in our court by taking the second game, albeit in a fairly close fashion. Lunchbox managed to pull out a decent 18-7 K/D in their second game, which was Slayer on Plaza, putting the end score at 50-33 in Team EG's favor.

    Team EnVyUs weren't getting shut down here though - they had a lot of surprises up their sleeves in game three, which was Strongholds on Eden. With an impressive 100 to 33 scoreline, EnVyUs triumphantly took their second win for the grand final.

    Despite the huge victory in the first CTF game of the series, EnVyUs couldn't quite pull it out again on the second CTF title on Fathom. Evil Geniuses managed to hit three flag captures whilst EnVyUs could only bag one.

    For the fifth game, things were looking pretty close to begin with but Evil Geniuses managed to pull out and get a huge lead on Regret Slayer that helped them end the match with their 50 kills before EnVyUs managed to hit 30.

    With things not looking so good at this point for EnVyUs, the team crumbled in the final match, leaving Evil Geniuses to pick up an easy 100 points versus EnVy's 15 on Strongholds on the Rig. Despite the intense back and forth action, Evil Geniuses definitely got a much deserved 4-2 victory which has secured their place in the upcoming HCS Pro League.

  • Two New Operators Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

    navy seals rainbow six siege

    Details on two new operators dropped during the recent ESL Pro League for Rainbow Six. The two new operators will be part of a new faction. Which, unsurprisingly will be representative of the Navy SEALS. Even though the addition of the SEALS faction was expected, we're pretty excited to see them make it into the game, because let's be honest the Navy SEALS have always been pretty awesome, especially in Rainbow Six.

    We'll be getting a defender and an attacker for the new Navy SEAL team, and in similar fashion to the previous Black Ice DLC release, one of which will be a male character whilst the other will be a female character. The first character for the upcoming DLC is named Valkyrie - she will be the defender and will have a range of extra surveillance systems at her disposal. On the other side of the field Blackbeard has been introduced as an attacker who will have access to a rifle with a deployable shield weapon attachment.

    Unfortunately we haven't received much more information besides the details listed above and the promo image also provided in this article, but we will be hearing more about the new DLC operators on May 9 during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals. Following from that, season pass holders will be given access to the operators for free a few days after the finals. We'd expect, alongside the new operators, a new map may also be added for all players.

  • Rocket League Getting New Update with New Hoops Mode

    rocket league hoops mode

    I've always thought that Rocket League looked like an absolutely solid title but after a bit more of a look at the latest update, it turns out that the game does actually have room to get even better. Instead of just adding new cosmetic items or a new arena, the next Rocket League patch will add new gameplay content that could add hundreds of hours of new fun and completely change the direction of future eSports events.

    The biggest new addition is the new game mode named Hoops. As the name suggests, Hoops is a basketball inspired mode. The new game mode will feature a 2 v 2 setup on a new arena called Dunk House. To get players in the spirit, NBA flags will be added as cosmetic items in the new update too. The new flags can be purchased, although the NBA logo will be given out for free.

    To begin with the Hoops mode will be limited to unranked but a ranked playlist could be possible in the future. So far Psyonix is yet to confirm the future of Hoops, we'll have to see how well the game mode is received by the community. A few changes will be made to tweak game settings, fix UI issues and smooth out any overall problems that have been apparent in previous builds. This includes a rare glitch where the ball could actually leave the arena completely.

    Whilst the Dunk House arena is specifically released for the Hoops mode, another new arena will be added. The new arena is named Cosmic and it will be available from within the Rocket Labs playlist.

  • Uncharted 4 will Shed Light on Nathan Drake's Mysterious Past

    uncharted 4 sam and nathan drake

    Nathan Drake may be one of the most appreciated characters from within the range of PlayStation exclusive franchises released over the years but there's a lot that the fans don't know about him. Through the first three games we do learn quite a lot about Nathan Drake and his personality type, but I honestly know very little about his past and there's still a lot about him that remains mysterious.

    Fortunately Uncharted 4: A Thief's End will have a big approach on Nathan Drake's childhood, revealing details about his upbringing according to lead designer Ricky Cambier.

    If you're already aware of the current details released about Uncharted 4, you will know that the game will introduce Nathan's older brother, Sam Drake to the players. Ricky Cambier mentioned in an interview that, "We don't know a lot about his childhood and what happened." "We bring a character like Sam in and now you get to meet his older brother. And you get to see a little about what that relationship is like and how formidable that was to who Nathan Drake is."

    Obviously Uncharted 4 is going to be the final title for the franchise, at least as the main story arc is concerned, so the Naughty Dog team have a big task on their hands if they want to wrap things up properly. Naughty Dog seem to think they've done a good job and I personally believe they have what it takes to send out the franchise with a bang.

    Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer ended with "At the end of Uncharted 4, we've put together a great closing chapter for Nathan Drake and his adventures. It feels really great for us to wrap up some of his storylines and answer some of these questions. I hope our fans feel the same way. It feels like a good time for us to step away from the entire series."

  • When is Street Fighter V's Guile Coming?

    street fighter v guile

    The next Street Fighter update will be adding some new content for Street Fighter V and it will be paving the way for the next DLC character, which we all know will be Guile. For a while, however, the exact landing date for Guile hasn't been known. So when exactly can we expect to see Guile in Street Fighter V and how will he work as a DLC piece?

    Guile has been around for a long, long time so it's definitely pleasing some fans (and potentially frustrating others) to see him make a return in Street Fighter V. Not only has Guile made a name for himself in the main Street Fighter story arc, but he's been in plenty of other crossover titles too, including Marvel x Capcom and Street Fighter x Tekken. So Guile was previously announced as DLC but fortunately he will be available for free to all players until the Zenny shop opens, at which point we're guessing players will have to pay points for him.

    Guile will have his own Character Story and set of trials too and to sweeten the deal, all season pass owners will get access to his Battle Costume. So when is Guile coming? Before the end of this month! There won't be much waiting left to do because the Capcom team has promised that the legendary character will make a return before the end of April.

    The new update that rolls out alongside Guile's release will also include some much needed improvements to the matchmaking system and there will be work done to a new rage quite system to punish leavers.

  • Paragon Finally Gets Open Beta Dates Locked In

    paragon open beta

    If you didn't want to pay upfront for Paragon there wasn't much of a chance you would have been able to get into the recent closed beta. The Epic Games team has planned an open beta for all players, however, and it looks as if we're finally getting details on exactly when the open beta will pan out.

    The upcoming open beta will start on April 28 and will run until May 1. This upcoming four day Paragon weekend will be the first phase for the open beta, whilst a second phase will spark up open beta play a week later and will continue till May 8. Servers will open up on both April 28 and May 5 at 9AM Pacific Time.

    If you already signed up for beta access in the past, chances are that you should be able to play during the first phase, although it's not absolutely guaranteed. Epic Games mentioned in their press release that, The first stress test will include invites for the first 500,000 people who signed up for the beta only.

    If you haven't signed up yet, you still can by heading to the Paragon website. If you sign up for the beta before the end of the first phase on May 1, then you'll be able to play. Epic Games confirmed that the second phase will include invites for anyone who signs up before May 1. This should include the initial 500,00 players as well.

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