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  • New Details Reveled for The Order: 1886

    UnknownFinally, we get a glimpse into one of the most anticipated exclusives for the PlayStation 4, The Order. Most of us were sold the moment we saw the steampunk-ish universe. DualShockers recently revealed this bit of info from a Japanese cinematic trailer which showcased these new bits of information.  Some of the key highlights are listed below but make sure to go to the site to get all the details.

    -- Suddenly, mutations appeared in the human genetic code. While the change wasn't immediately visible, some began to show traits similar to beasts. This turned them into a species different from humanity, and marked the birth of the half-breed (half man, half beast).

    -- Although mankind had the advantage in sheer numbers, it was inferior to the half breed because of their resilience and overwhelming regenerative powers.

    -- At last, after a few centuries passed, humanity is presented with a chance to retaliate. Brave men and women vowed to devote their life to the war against the half-breed and became knights. Those knights were named "The Order."

    -- If a knight is killed, a new successor to his name appears, and throws himself into battle on behalf of Humanity.

    -- In the London of 19th Century, the conflict between mankind and the half-breed continued, even in the terrible district of Whitechapel, one of the many districts that will be remembered by posterity. This area has become a major turning point in the battle over the years.

    --The development of science and the industrial revolution has become a mighty assets for the human race.

    -- In this time, when the threat of the half-breed begins to decline, a new threat attacks the knights: A full-scale insurrection in the British Empire. Suffering the poverty brought by the industrial revolution and the disparity between classes, angry citizens take arms and rebel.

    I am sold! I mean there are so many aspects being covered here, mythology, history, politics, an alternate universe running parallel to our own. One thing for sure, as of now it seems they are putting primary effort on the story which is exactly what draws in gamers. Can't to find out more and eventually see some actual gameplay!

  • Xbox One Indie Games Arriving From Early Next Year

    Last August Microsoft revealed their indie development program for the Xbox One, and now they the first batch of games are scheduled to release from the early next year. ID@Xbox director Chris Charla told Edge that Microsoft has 32 studios currently working on indie titles for the Xbox One. Charla said, "I think it will be early in the New Year, in the first three months. I would say closer to the third month."

    Xbox-One_2584436bCharla added that many of the games have been in development for months, "Some developers started developing for Xbox One, others already had games in development and are working on Xbox One versions. I would say they're at all stages of development, honestly. Other ID@Xbox developers however are waiting to gain access to the development tools. Microsoft is also planning on expanding the program and attempting to attract players to create to their own games using Project Spark.

    Although PlayStation 4 has definitely had the head start, Xbox One is slowly gaining momentum. Several developers have already expressed their renewed interest towards the Xbox One in interviews with the Verge. The ID@Xbox program might also lead to future apps for the Xbox One as there may be future plans to attract app developers. Definitely some great news for Xbox One owners as the original programming launch would them access to pretty unique stuff in the future.

  • DLC info Revealed for Capcom's Dead Rising 3

    Dead Rising 3 is probably the first game in a long while that has helped Capcom get back onto their feet, and they definitely aren’t going to let any opportunities to cash in on the Dead Rising series go to waste.


    Whether you're a fan of Capcom or not, there’s no denying that the whole DLC trend is becoming quite frustrating, but it is unfortunately a product of the modern day game industry that most of us have had to live with.


    Capcom has recently revealed details on new upcoming DLC content for Dead Rising 3, and it actually sounds like something i'd be interested in getting. Capcom has confirmed that there will be four DLC packs available in the future for Dead Rising 3, and they will all be part of the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos DLC series.


    Instead of just adding wacky new weapons or equipment, the game DLC will instead act as a story expansion that follows the life of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane, as players take control of Adam to learn about how the President goes missing.


    Of course, what's Dead Rising 3 without wacky weapons and equipment? - the first DLC pack will also add five new weapons, a new vehicle, a new combo weapon, and a new clothing outfit, as well as extra achievements to unlock and gamerscore to earn.


    The first DLC pack has been named Operation Eagle and will be available in “late December” for $9.99


    Dead Rising 3 DLC



  • Ford Mustang 2015 Added to Need for Speed for free

    If you're looking for an digital Christmas present this year, hop into Need for Speed Rivals as EA have a very special treat in-store for you. If you're a fan of cars, you'll know that it was only two weeks ago when Ford announced the new Ford Mustang 2015, but Ford and EA teamed up behind closed doors, and they have now brought the car to Need for Speed, and it's available for free.

    Ford Mustang 2015 NFS

    For those confused about how EA have managed to get the car into the game so quickly, Ford has given a statement on the Need for Speed website.


    "We worked closely with EA to provide engineering data for the new Mustang, several months before we showed it to the rest world. The computer design models enabled the game developers to create an accurate representation of the new Mustang."


    Despite the car being available now for free in Need for Speed Rivals, the Ford Mustang 2015 won't actually be available till late 2014, so this has given any car enthusiasts a chance to see it in action within the new NFS Rivals game.


    Although the new Ford Mustang 2015 is available for free, it remains to be seen whether any other content will be provided for free in the future. Going by EA's standards, it's likely at this point that there will be microtransactions or future DLC for new cars and content within Need for Speed Rivals, however at this point extra content for the game has not been announced.


    We'll keep you updated on any news that comes in about DLC content for Need for Speed Rivals, but in the meantime, If you've got Rivals, jump in game and let us know how the new Ford Mustang 2015 drives.

  • Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer released

    If you haven't got enough online DC face-smashing action out of Injustice: Gods Among Us or Batman Arkham: Origins, you may want to put your copy of Batman Arkham Origins into your Xbox or PlayStation as Warner Bros. have just released a new patch that adds an online multiplayer mode into the game.

    Batman Arkham Origins Multiplayer

    The new online multiplayer mode has been named 'Hunter, Hunted' and it splits players into three different teams. The first team is a three man team of Bane's thugs, the second is a similarly sized team of the Joker's thugs, and the last team is of course Batman.


    The game is in essence a team-based elimination game mode because after a player is downed, he or she will not be able to respawn in, making each game super fast paced. I've watched a little bit of gameplay footage and it seems as if the game plays out as a standard team-based elimination game mode, but because Batman is thrown in on top of things, the average experience of Hunter, Hunted is completely different.


    Players playing as batman can lurk around out of sight, picking off weak foes and waiting for the perfect time to strike, whilst the teams of thugs need to keep an eye out for batman and the other enemy team, and then work together to ensure they have enough team members left to kill off Batman at the end. Personally I think it looks like great fun.

  • Minecraft PS3 Set for Release this week

    Minecraft PS3 ReleaseDespite being out on the Xbox 360 since last year, no other ports have reached the market, apart for the pocket edition version for Android and iOS devices. However, that is about to change as it has been confirmed that 4J Studios, the team behind the console ports, has finally finished with the PS3 version and it is planned for a release this week.


    On Tuesday, 17th December, Minecraft for PlayStation 3 will be available as a digital download on the PlayStation store. The Minecraft Xbox 360 version is available for around $20, so it's likely the price of the PlayStation 3 version will be similar, however we won't be able to find out until it's release day tomorrow.


    Although it has taken 4J Studios a long time to port the Xbox version over to the PS3, the PlayStation version won't be missing out on any game content, and will include all of the features in the latest patch on the Xbox 360 version.


    The PS3 game will come with no extra skins or texture pack DLCs, but these will be added later on in 2014.


    The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ports were also planned for a late 2013 release, however they have since been delayed and will now only make it to consoles some time in 2014, along with the extra PS3 DLC content.


    4J Studios also have plans for improving upon the current gameplay experience for the console port, however they won’t be working on new updates for the consoles until all console versions are out, so TU14 for Xbox 360 has since been delayed.

  • Ogre and Stryder Titans Revealed by Titanfall Developers

    At the VGX awards this weekend, the developers behind the next gen FPS shooter, Titanfall, revealed two new Titans that will be operable within the game.

    Before this point, only one Titan, the Atlas was known by the public, but we now know of three total mechs that players will be able to control.

    The first one has been called the Ogre and, as the name suggests it will be a much, heavier, bulkier and more resistant version of the Atlas. The Ogre titan will have greater armor than any other titan, but at the cost of movement speed. To use this titan, players will have to unlock it first.

    The next titan revealed at the VGX awards was the Stryder, and it takes on a roll that is the polar opposite of the Ogre titan. This means that the Stryder will have considerably less armor than it's counterparts, but it will be relatively faster, allowing players to traverse the map quicker and dodge incoming attacks from other foot soldiers or other titans on the enemy team.

    Of course, the first Titan, the Atlas, will have a mid-range armor and speed rating. It will be interesting to see how well balanced all three of these titans will be in the average game of Titanfall. Hopefully we'll be able to find out upon the game's release next year on March 11th for North America and March 13th for Europe and Australia.New Titans Titanfall VGX

  • Halo: Spartan Assault Release on Xbox One

    New Titans Titanfall VGXThe top down shooter, Halo: Spartan Assault was first released on Windows Phone, but it looks as if the game will now slowly make it's way over to Microsoft consoles as well. A new announcement by Microsoft has revealed that the game will be available on the Xbox One by Christmas Eve, and will be running at 60fps and in 1080P, which really isn't anything special, considering that the game can be run on a smartphone.


    The game will be available on Xbox One for $15, however if you already own the Windows Phone copy (which costs $7) you'll only have to pay $5 for the Xbox One console version.


    So, if you are planning to purchase the Xbox One version, it makes sense to buy the Windows Phone version first to save yourself a couple bucks.


    The new Xbox One version will also include some new content such as a new cooperative mode that will allow players to team up over Xbox Live to fight oncoming waves of the flood. It will also include new useable weapons, and the operation Hydra expansion for free.


    Halo: Spartan Assault was also previously announced to be released on the Xbox 360 at the same time as the Xbox One, but it has since been delayed and the release date for the Xbox 360 version will be in January 2014.


    360 Players won't be able to play with Xbox One players, but the 360 version will include all of the same content as the Xbox One version and will be available at the same price point.

  • "Substantial" single player DLC coming for GTA V in 2014

    GTA V Story DLCThe Grand Theft Auto V storyline was one of the most enjoyable single player experience I've had this year, and despite there being some great releases this year such as the Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and so many more, there's nothing out there that could replace the GTA experience.

    If you've enjoyed Grand Theft Auto V but have run the bloodstream dry out of the current single player offering, you may be happy to hear that Rockstar have some great things planned for the story line in 2014.

    Just like with Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA V will have some extended storyline content added through DLC packs. Rockstar has confirmed that the DLC content will be released in 2014 and will continue the story's of Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

    On top of this, a lot of work is going into the GTA Online experience, and 2014 will be a great year for the multiplayer portion of the game. In 2014, Rockstar will fully release the content creator, introduce new missions and mission variants, and open up heist missions that can be completed with buddies over Xbox Live or PSN.

    A few changes will be made before the end of 2013 as well, including a new game mode called capture -

    "Up to four squads battle to steal contraband, trucks, buses or whatever from opponents' bases using high-speed vehicles, explosive weaponry and cunning teamwork. Craft, cooperation and team tactics are key. The free Capture update will bring a host of new jobs to GTA Online, accessible via the open world and also directly through your phone. Capture is broken down into four variations - 'Raid', 'Contend', 'Hold' and 'GTA'."

  • First Assassins Creed IV DLC Pack Released

    First AC4 DLC

    Whilst all of the downloadable content for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag was announced at it’s launch by Ubisoft, full details and pricing outside of the season pass was not given.

    This week, Ubisoft has released the first DLC pack for Assassin’s Creed IV. The first pack is the previously announced character pack that includes three new characters that will be playable in the game’s multiplayer.

    The first character is Blackbeard, one of the main characters in the story campaign. The second character is the Orchid, a deadly Assassin that grew up in China, and the third character is the Jaguar, an Aztec warrior from Mexico.

    I could imagine each three characters would have a different playstyle, with Blackbeard being the most in your face, strength based character, the Orchid being the weaker, but more subtle assassin character, and the Jaguar being a mixture of the two.

    The DLC pack is called Blackbeard's Wrath and will also add new achievements and trophies to the game. The new content pack is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and the PC for $2.99. Personally I think a few extra bucks ain’t bad for a few extra characters, but I suppose the argument that they should have been in the game for free from day one is still valid.

    On top of this, the second DLC pack will be released on December 17th, and will include over four hours of new single player content, and nine new missions that focus on Adewale, a close friend to Edward Kenway in AC4.

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