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  • New Overwatch Character Unveiled

    new overwatch ana amari

    A new character has been introduced to Overwatch and from what we've seen so far, it's something worth getting excited for. Ana Amari is the new Overwatch character and she has weapons to provide long range support for her team.

    Ana Amari's primary weapon is a Biotic Rifle. This rifle fires darts that can both deal damage to enemies and heal her teammates. It's clear that her marksman skills have been refined so that she can provide support from a distance, as opposed to getting up close and personal. Because of this, it's expected that she'll have quite limited defense.

    In a similar vein to her primary weapon, Ana Amari carries Biotic Grenades that can put up an area of effect that can both heal allies and take healing potential away from enemies. Her sidearm on the other hand shoots Sleep Darts that can bring down enemies temporarily, although this won't kill them. Ana Amari's ultimate is Nano Boost - this is a support ultimate that will give all teammates increased damage, speed and damage resistance.

    We imagine Ana could be an important part of any team and from what we've heard could provide a big boost to any lineup of characters.

    Whilst previous rumors may have suggested otherwise, the next character for Overwatch will definitely be Ana Amari. We're expecting to see her added into the game soon, but for now a definite release date has not been announced.

    Once we know more about Ana Amari and Blizzard's plans for releasing the characters we shall let you know.

  • Red Dead Redemption Hits Xbox One with Free DLC

    red dead redemption on xbox one

    It's finally happened. Red Dead Redemption is now available on the Xbox One via the backwards compatibility program. If you own an Xbox 360 version of Red Dead Redemption you'll now be able to play it on your Xbox One.

    If you don't own it, you'll be able to purchase the Xbox 360 version digitally or alternatively you could pick up a cheap second hand physical copy online or at a local retailer. Surprisingly the Red Dead digital version is under $10 so either way you'll be able to get the game on your Xbox One for cheap.

    Not only has Red Dead Redemption been added to the backwards compatibility version, but the previous DLC for the game has been released for free. Not all of the DLC content has been put up for free, but the vast majority of it has. This includes some single player content and all of the multiplayer content. The new free DLC includes the Legends and Killers Pack, the Myths and Mavericks Pack and the Liars and Cheats Pack. The Outlaws to the End co-op mission pack and the Hunting and Trading outfits pack are free as well.

    The only content that is still not free is the Undead Nightmare, which is currently available for just a little bit more than the cost of the standalone digital game. If you choose to purchase the digital copy, keep in mind that you'll need 7.5GB of free storage space to install the game to your Xbox One's hard drive.

  • New eSports Streaming Platform Znipe Detailed

    esports Znipe streaming platform

    A new eSports streaming platform like Twitch has been announced by two Counter Strike veterans that could potentially change the way we all watch eSports matches online. Traditionally, eSports fans will need to visit Twitch to watch a game live, but with the new platform, named Znipe, fans may have the option to watch an eSports match the way they'd like to.

    With Znipe, viewers are given the option to view multiple stream sources at once. However, these multiple sources will usually come from one match.

    Take this as an example - viewers on Znipe will be able to set up their own personal overlay, which could include a few POV streams of their favorite players, a stream that shows the view the commentators are seeing and additional widgets for the map or the radar. With this amount of control, players will be able to have their own interactive viewing experience. To really work, Znipe will need the support of tournament hosts to set up multiple streams and POVs for the viewers to use.

    For now, Znipe is in beta but the platform will be supporting games during the finals of Dreamhack Summer 2016 and the group stage of ESL One Cologne 2016. It looks like further games could become available for viewers willing to pay a subscription.

    Whilst Counter Strike is the initial focus of the Znipe platform, we could see it branching out to plenty of other games in the future if it ever takes off successfully. We'd love to see this work for console titles such as Call of Duty and Halo, or perhaps more interestingly a MOBA like League of Legends.

  • Halo Forge Weapon Glitch To Stay

    halo forge weapon glitch

    In a recent update, a glitch was found in Halo 5: Guardians that allowed players to have a whole world of new fun with custom weapons in Forge.

    The glitch in question essentially allows players to assign weapon effect, damage and fire rate to another weapon model by using the REQ pads. Not only did this glitch apply to Forge games, but the glitch carried out into custom games too.

    As an example, a player could place down a weapon pad and set it so that it spawns a REQ weapon. A player could then edit the item properties to change the weapon model. The end result allowed players to have SMGs that fired sniper bullets, plasma pistols that fired spartan lasers and all sorts of other things. Plenty of crazy combinations are possible with this glitch, and like mentioned before, this glitch does allow players to set up some incredibly fun custom games.

    Perhaps the most exciting bit of news to come from this all is that Tom French has confirmed that the glitch will be staying in the game. Tom French, the user generated content director for Halo 5: Guardians, wrote the following statement on Twitter.

    "FYI if you saw we decided to keep the weapon glitch. We were going to fix it but it's way too cool and the results are way too awesome!"

    The Forge weapon glitch is certainly way too awesome, Tom. We're excited to see that the glitch will be staying in the game.

  • COD World Championship Starting September 2

    CODXP World Championship 2016

    We recently posted about the upcoming BioShock collection being released in September and today we have some more news to get you excited for the 9th month of the year. The next COD World Championship will be taking place from September 2 to September 4 during CODXP 2016.

    For those unaware, the CODXP event will be held in Los Angeles. On top of the eSports championship, the three day event will be home to a number of other activities and happenings, including Call of Duty VR, real life Nuketown paintball, and a closer look at Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. As far as we're aware, those who purchase tickets should be able to take part in the VR events. We're not so sure about how the paintball event will work but we should hear more from the CODXP event hosts about that soon.

    As for the eSports tournament, the event will see 32 teams battle it out for a huge prize pool. The prize pool will see some funds from the CWL 2016. The prize pool will sit at $2 million, topping out the total prize winnings from CWL events in 2016 to a huge $3.5 million.

    There are different packages for fans that are wishing to attend the event. Whilst some tickets with extra privileges go for $199, the cheapest entry level ticket is going for $50. Fans will get access to the three-day event for $50, and all tickets will include additional digital content for Infinite Warfare.

  • "BioShock: The Collection" is Coming

    Bioshock The Collection Game

    2K Games has announced that a new BioShock collection will be coming soon. The collection will feature the previous BioShock games and all related DLC packs. As you can imagine, the title for the collection is simply "BioShock: The Collection."

    2K Games made the announcement with an announcement trailer, which has been posted to their Youtube channel. If you've played the BioShock games then the trailer is certain to send chills down your spine. It may be surprising, but it's been nine years since the first BioShock title. Nine years!

    2K Games has described the collection as being a $59.99 bundle with other $100 worth of content. Obviously this is taking the full game digital retail prices into consideration, and not the far cheaper price of a used physical copy.

    All three games have been remastered for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 with help from Blind Squirrel Games. Below, the content from each three games in the collection has been listed. On top of the full games and complete DLC, a number of extra have been added for each game. BioShock will receive a director's commentary called 'Imagining BioShock,' a virtual museum and extra challenge rooms.

    BioShock 2 will receive the Minerva's Den and Protector Trials DLC. BioShock Infinite will include all of the previously released DLC. Whilst everything seems pretty feature-rich, the multiplayer content in BioShock 2 will not be available unfortunately.

    The new collection will be available for purchase on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from September 13.

  • Overwatch Xbox One Gets Competitive Mode

    overwatch xbox one competitive mode

    A brand new update for Overwatch has been making ripples through the internet this week. The update, which has already seen a release on PC, has now made it's way to the Xbox One. So far the PlayStation 4 update has not been released but we expect to see it soon.

    The biggest addition to the new Overwatch update for the Xbox One is competitive mode. Competitive mode is open to all players over level 25. If you're not level 25 yet, you'll need to reach that level before you can take part in the new game mode.

    The new competitive mode will use a player skill rating, a new penalty system to punish quitters and rewards for winning games. Before a player is shown their skill rating they will need to take part in 10 qualifier games. Once the 10 games are finished, a skill rating will be assigned to your account.

    The skill rating in Overwatch competitive ranges from 1 to 100. 1 is the absolute lowest rating, whilst 100 is the highest. Players will see their skill rating adjust after the end of each game. Obviously performing well and winning games will help to increase the rating whilst losing games and playing badly will lead to lost skill rating. There will be seasons spread throughout the year - players will get their skill rating reset at the end of a season and rewards will be given out to the top performing players.

    A bunch of bug fixes have been added in the latest Overwatch update as well and perhaps more importantly, McCree and Widowmaker have both received balancing changes.

  • New Backwards Compatible Games Help Xbox One Library Surpass 200

    backwards compatible games july 2016

    The Xbox One backwards compatible games list has been growing ever since the feature was added to the console late last year. This month, new games have been added to the list and the total amount of compatible games has now surpassed 200.

    For those unaware, backwards compatibility refers to Xbox 360 games that are now supported on the Xbox One system. At the end of June Microsoft added the following games to their list.

    Bloodforge - Bloodforge is a third-person hack n' slash style game developed by the Climax Studios and Microsoft Studios. The game was originally released as an Xbox Live Arcade title in 2012

    Mars: War Logs - Mars: War Logs is a cyberpunk themed RPG game. The game was published by Focus Home Interactive. Originally Mars: War Logs was released in 2013.

    Gripshift - GripShift was a stunt driving game that was developed by Sidhe Interactive and co-published by Red Mile Entertainment, Sony Online Entertainment and Ubisoft Entertainment for the PlayStation Portable handheld in 2005. Later it launched as an Xbox Live Arcade title.

    Go! Go! Break Steady - Go! Go! Break Steady is a puzzle game developed by Little Boy Games. The game was originally released in 2008.

    Whilst these games may not be the most popular titles in existence, it's good to see that more developers are working to include their game in the backwards compatible program. A lot of the most popular titles have already been released for the backwards compatible program and plenty more games are going to be added in the future.

    With backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles, players are able to continue earning achievements and make save game progress. Unlike the backwards compatibility feature for the Xbox 360, the Xbox One essentially emulates the Xbox 360 system so that games can be played in their entirety.

  • Could There Be a Killer Instinct Mortal Kombat Crossover?

    Mortal Kombat Killer Instinct

    If you try to pair fighting games, Tekken and Street Fighter go quite well together, and this has lead to crossovers in the past. For Mortal Kombat, the best pairing would definitely have to be Killer Instinct. Both games offer a slightly more brutal approach to fighting, and according to Ed Boon, the idea of a Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat crossover would be a good idea.

    On Twitter, Ed Boon mentioned 'I loves me some KI but a crossover would have to be Xbox exclusive.'

    Funnily enough, Phil Spencer later tweeted in reply to state that he 'loves' the idea too. Well, right there we have the two men that could make a real crossover happen, and they both agree on the idea.

    Whether or not this was a little marketing ploy by both Netherrealm and Xbox is hard to say, but we wouldn't be surprised if a Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat crossover title was now in the works. Because Killer Instinct is Xbox exclusive, the crossover would also have to be Xbox exclusive, which is a bit of a shame because Mortal Kombat has always been available on multiple platforms.

    With that being said, with Xbox's recent adoption of Windows 10, it's likely that a future crossover would also be available on Windows 10 PCs. Unfortunately we doubt we'd ever see the game reach PlayStation and that's if it ever did come to light at all anyway.

  • Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC Now Free

    battlefield 4 second assault free

    If you're a Battlefield 4 player and own the game on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC, you may want to head into game because DICE has just released Second Assault as a new free update.

    The new change has been added as part of DICE's new 'Road to Battlefield 1' campaign, which will essentially re-release old content for free to hype up previous Battlefield players and encourage others to get back in the game in anticipation for the new Battlefield title later this year.

    Before this change, Second Assault was available for $15, so if you've always wondered what the Battlefield 4 DLC content was like but didn't want to spend any extra cash on the game, you can now find out for yourself.

    Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm are included in Second Assault, all of which are re-imagined versions of Battlefield 3 maps. Second Assault also adds five new weapons and 10 new assignments to the game.

    The new update will have to be downloaded manually - Simply head to the area you'd usually buy DLC once you are signed into your account and you'll find that the DLC will be available for free instead of the previous $14.99 price tag.

    If previous changes are anything to go by, we may see more DLC going free in the next few months leading up to Battlefield 1's release in October.

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