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  • Guild Banks Disabled In ESO to Cut Down on Duping

    eso duping glitchLast Friday Zenimax Online chose to cut off access to guild banks temporarily, most likely in an attempt to stop players from duplicating gear and equipment via various bank exploits.

    Whilst Zenimax didn't mention exactly why they disabled guild banking, it was disabled shortly after a Reddit post pointed out an exploit that allowed players to potentially get infinite gear and currency.

    Zenimax has since banned thousands of cheaters according to community forum members, with most of the bans being related to in-game exploits and cheats. It sounds like it's been a rocky start for Zenimax and Elder Scrolls Online, but things will most likely get smoothed out in the future.

    If you're a little disappointed that the console release of the Elder Scrolls Online has been pushed back past the PC release, hopefully this news should reassure you a little. MMOs are known for having troubles at their launch, and this is usually because the games are filled with thousands of hours of content, and it's hard for most bugs to found by in-house game testing, and even through various beta tests, some bugs still remain hidden until the floodgates open up and the game releases fully.

    The Elder Scrolls Online was released on PC on April 4th, and will be made available on both PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One some time in June. Hopefully by that time all of the game breaking issues will have been resolved.

  • H1Z1 Stream Shows 50 Minutes of In-Game Footage

    h1z1 gameplay footageDayZ Standalone has taken the world by storm, and the game and it's mod have brought a whole new genre of games into the world of gaming. However, since it's release, we have yet to see a decent zombie survival game make it to consoles.

    Sony plans to change that by releasing their game, H1Z1, which has ambitions to be the very best in open world apocalypse survival. It sounds like a very ambitious project, and last week I talked about how it would be unlikely to see it released anytime soon.

    I was clearly wrong, and Sony Online Entertainment really want to push forward with this game. Last week, a live stream by the developers of H1Z1 made it to Twitch.TV, and it included around 50 minutes of real in-game gameplay footage.

    Nothing was scripted, and we were literally subjected to the whole H1Z1 experience, or at least what was available of it at the time.

    It look underdeveloped, and a little patchy on content, but this is what we've come to expect from a game so early on in development. By watching the gameplay I did see a lot of potential for the title though, and the developers talked a lot about building mechanics similar to Rust, survival mechanics, gunplay and servers that could support up to 1000 players thanks to the powerful Planetside 2 engine that the game is being built upon.

    H1Z1 is certainly a game to look forward to, and early access will be made available later this year. Upon it's full release, players will be able to hop in-game completely for free.

  • Destiny Is "Close to Shipping," According to Bungie

    destiny releaseIt's always reassuring to hear that a game has gone gold, especially when it's a game coming from a development team that is pretty well known for postponing and delaying releases of their titles. Bungie is one of those companies, but luckily it won't be long before their game is ready to ship out to retail stores across the world.

    This means that the previous release date set in September will not be delayed any longer - this information comes from Pete Parsons, chief operating officer for Destiny. Pete went onto state that the game still requires "lots of tweaking and Tuning," but a "lot is already complete."

    In an interview with Eurogamer, Pete Parsons said, "I believe people will be transported not just by the activities and the stories within the Destiny universe but by the sights and the wonderful sounds and music."

    Despite O'Donnell's sudden departure from Bungie, his music and collaborations with both Michael Salvatori and Paul McCartney will still make it into the final release of Destiny, giving it that amazing immersive experience that O'Donnell's previous work in games like Halo has been known for.

    For those that can't wait for the September release, an open beta is going ahead this summer that can be accessed by pre-ordering Destiny.

  • New GRID Teaser Coming This Week

    next gen grid gameI've always been a fan of the GRID racing game series, and whilst they not be getting as much attention as Forza or Gran Turismo, or maybe even as much notice as DIRT has been getting, they are still worth playing, especially if you're a fan of racing simulators.

    A new video was just posted up on the Youtube channel for Codemasters, and the video shows what looks to be a teaser for a brand new GRID game. The teaser suggests that there will be a revealing this week, so we can expect to see some kind of new racing title from Codemasters, even if it isn't a GRID game.

    Rumors have swirled around that all seem to point at a possible mobile interpretation of the racing series, but since the video was posted, the community manager working on the upcoming title has confirmed on Twitter that the upcoming announcement "will NOT have the words Android or iOS in them."

    GRID 2 managed to get a lot of praise in 2013, so I'm personally looking forward to seeing what Codemasters may have in store for us next. Hopefully it'll be something worth getting excited for.

    If I were to make a guess, it's possible that the upcoming title will be a brand new GRID game targeted for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 - this will be the first next gen title from Codemasters, so I'm hoping they'll be extra effort into this one.

  • Octodad Coming to PS4 This Week

    octodad ps4Octodad: Deadliest Catch may look like a bit of a laugh, but it should be taken very seriously - it has sold incredibly well on the PC since it's release, and since then it has gained a lot of praise across the internet for being a zany and original title that offers laughs for anybody playing.

    So far, it has been limited to the PC, but Octodad: Deadliest Catch has now been confirmed to be releasing on PlayStation 4 on April 23rd in Europe, and on April 22nd in North America. The North American version will cost just $14.99, although PS Plus subscribers will be able to get 20 percent off of the game if they buy it before the 29th of April.

    Phil Tibitoski, the president of Young Horses, the development studio behind Octodad has stated that the PlayStation version will see a few enhancements over the original version launched on PC in January.

    Tibitoski wrote on the PlayStation blog that "The latter third of the game in particular has gone through some radical changes, with added challenges like deck swabbing, jig dancing, and some new disguises to wear."

    If that's not enough of a change for you, a new co-op mode will be added that will allow for up to four players to take control of one Octodad leg each, which is sure to ensure lots of hilarity. This mode will let players use the PlayStation Move controller to interact with the game.

  • Rumor Suggests GTA V Will Come to Next Gen in June

    next gen gta vGrand Theft Auto V was such a big success on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, that it'd almost seem stupid for Rockstar to not release it on next gen consoles. However, ever since it's release, all we've had to hear about a next gen GTA V are rumors, rumors and more rumors.

    At this point in time, it would make sense that Rockstar are probably already working on it behind closed curtains.

    Recently, an international retailer has put up a product listing for none other than Grand Theft Auto V for PC and Xbox One. The product listing also included details on a release date. Not only is there a product listing up for GTA V next gen, but the retailer in question, SuperGame Czech, is actually taking pre-orders for an Xbox One version and a PC version for Grand Theft Auto V.

    Either the Czech retailer has made a very, very big slip up, or they have received information from Rockstar about a release date for a PC and a next gen version of the latest Grand Theft Auto. According to SuperGame Czech, the Xbox One version of GTA V will be released on June 13th, along with the PC version.

    It seems like quite a while since it's original release now, but Rockstar may have simply been waiting for the sales for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to bulk up a little before releasing GTA V. Let's hope this rumor is true, because otherwise it might just be possible that a next gen GTA V may never come.

  • Next Gen The Last of Us Coming Summer 2014

    next gen the last of usThe Last of Us was definitely one of the best games of 2013, and with it being right on the edge of a console generation shift, it wasn't strange for many fans of the game to wonder whether the title would ever be remade and resold as a next gen title.

    Of course, at the time the likelihood of this actually happening to the Last of Us was pretty low, but since then it seems that Naughty Dog have went over their choices and have decided to go full steam ahead with a relaunch for The Last of Us on the PlayStation 4.

    The name of the PS4 title will be The Last of Us Remastered, and as the name suggests, the game won't simply be ported to PlayStation 4. It will be fine tuned, tweaked and improved. Some of the changes include a resolution upgrade to 1080p and higher detailed character models.

    All of the shadows, textures and lighting will be redone for The Last of Us Remastered, too. To bundle it all up, Naughty Dog have got back together with the voice actors of the game to create an in-game director's commentary.

    The Last of Us Remastered will also come packed with the Left Behind DLC expansion, the Abandoned Territories multiplayer expansion, as well as a brand new Reclaimed Territories pack. Remastered should be released in Summer 2014, although pre-orders for the game are already up, and come with a bunch of free pre-order bonuses.

  • New Destiny Screenshots Released by Bungie

    destiny screenshotsIt's been a while since we've seen any official promotional content for Bungie's upcoming title Destiny, however Bungie is still quietly working away at the title, and the release date of the game is nearing closer and closer. This week, Bungie released a few new screenshots to show off the game, and these screenshots have captured a few moments that have not yet been shown off to us.

    One such screenshot shows a guardian riding a hover-bike type vehicle, which Bungie have named the Shirke bike. Once the game is released, players will have access to these vehicles, and will be able to use them to travel between two destinations quickly.

    A couple of the screenshots also picture how the amazing ambient occlusion in the game has been used to give Destiny a very impressive appearance.

    At first glance, I mistook the images for concept art, but it's clear to see that the images are in fact screenshots of actual gameplay content, so if you enjoy beautiful looking games, then you really are in for a treat when Destiny finally releases.

    However, we will have to wait a little while longer, Bungie like to take their sweet time with their games, and the release date for Destiny has been set for September 9th for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

    There is also a planned beta for Destiny, however the release date for that has still not been announced, and has been estimated as "early 2014."

  • First Titanfall DLC Coming in May

    titanfall dlcRespawn Entertainment has just announced that Titanfall will be receiving its first DLC pack later this year, some time in May. The new DLC pack has been named Expedition, and Respawn announced the pack at a panel at PAX East last weekend.

    At the panel, Respawn revealed that the new Titanfall DLC pack will include three new multiplayer maps, each with their own theme.

    The first map to be included in the Expedition DLC pack is Swampland, which is a map that has been based off of 'archaic alien technology.' The second Expedition map has been named Runoff, and this will be a water based map, perhaps similarly to the lagoon map already in Titanfall.

    The third and final map for the new Titanfall DLC has been called War Games and it is based off of the training simulator that players play through when first starting the game. Perhaps the most interesting map is Swampland, which, according to Respawn Entertainment, will include lots of tree running parkour opportunities.

    The Expedition DLC pack will be available for $9.99 in May, however players with the $24.99 Season Pass will get access to it for free.

    Respawn have also announced that they plan to include new burn cards and game modes in the future to all players free of charge. Respawn also plans to create limited game modes that are based off of the official game modes but have varying factors included to offer a fresh experience.

  • Screenshots Released for Sony's Zombie Sandbox Game H1Z1

    sony zombie game
    If the massive recent success of the early alpha game DayZ Standalone is anything to go by, zombie survival games are where all the money is right now in the gaming industry, and it looks like Sony has spotted the great potential.

    This week, Sony revealed a brand new IP under the moniker H1Z1 - the game is set to be a post apocalyptic survival sandbox game that has an eerie and ominous game play. Whilst details on the game are still on the low, it's starting to sound like H1Z1 plans to be the DayZ for console, and surprisingly, Sony wants the game to go the path of free to play.

    The developers behind it plan to go past the basic ideas of survival though, and the future of H1Z1 could hold a huge world that embodies player trading, economies and player-ran urban desolate cities. It sounds very ambitious, and it could be a very long time before we ever see such a game be released.

    The developers working on H1Z1 want to give players the freedom that is given to the characters in the Walking Dead - the ability to drive to a city, or fight for territory in a dark urban environment, or even the chance to team up to build the game's very own Woodbury, or safe haven town.

    The game is being quoted as an MMO, and this could mean hundreds, if not thousands of players on a single server.

    It all sounds very exciting, but we shouldn't hold our breath just yet - it is a very ambitious project, and it may take a very long time to perfect it.

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