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  • Hideo Kojima Explains Reason for Ground Zeroes, Announces new Second Screen App

    phantom pain idroid app

    Some people have been confused as to why the developers behind the Metal Gear Solid franchise have split Metal Gear Solid V into two separate titles, but Hideo Kojima has created a video to help gamers understand why, as well as to reveal the new second screen application that will work alongside the Phantom Pain.

    In simplicity, the Phantom Pain is not yet complete, but Kojima wants players to experience a taste of what's to come in the game, and to do this, they have decided to go for a second title, Ground Zeroes, to act as a prologue.

    Metal Gear Solid V is taking a huge leap from it's routes, and a lot of new gameplay mechanics are being opened up. Ground Zeroes will give players a small taste of what to expect in terms of gameplay content, but it will also give a bit of background history behind the characters and world of MGS, which will be perfect for players who aren't accustomed to the story of Metal Gear Solid.

    The story for MGS has always been quite complex, so personally I think that it's a good way to get players into the series. Of course, Ground Zeroes is not necessary to purchase, and gamers could wait for the Phantom Pain instead.

    In the video Hideo Kojima goes on to explaining the new app that will be paired with the Phantom Pain. This app will allow players to use their smartphone or tablet to access the in-game menus and interfaces. This means that the open world will continue to breathe on whilst players are nose deep in their inventory.

  • Battlefield 4 Home Page Now Showing Ads

    battlefield 4 nfs adEA has done another move to make sure that players of their published games will never respect them by placing advertisements within Battlefield 4.

    Despite the title being $60, and premium and DLC content reaching upwards of $110, EA still feels like they can squeeze more money out of the title. From now on, when players start playing Battlefield 4, they will be greeted with an advertisement for the premiere of the Need for Speed movie.

    These advertisements can also be seen on the loading screen, and whilst they aren't particularly in the way of any actual game content, it has frustrated a lot of players, and I think they have good reason to be frustrated.

    For starters, Battlefield 4 has been struck with countless bugs, glitches exploits, and most annoyingly, server issues, some of which have still not been resolved today. Despite this EA keep pushing DICE to put out more DLC content instead of working on the major issues, and now these new advertisements really make it clear that EA will do anything they can to get every last penny out of their titles, even if it paints an even worse name on themselves.

    This isn't the first EA title to receive in-game advertisements, but it's certainly going to cause the most controversy. After the problems BF4 has had since launch, it really isn't a surprise.

    Let's hope that EA doesn't do anything else to ruin the games it publishes, including it's whole sports franchise range, to the brand new Titanfall.

  • Titanfall DLC Could Include Monsters

    titanfall dlc new monstersAccording to Respawn Entertainment community manager Abbie Heppe, Titanfall's upcoming DLC content could include some creatures and monsters that may allow players to discover the various alien species within the lore of the game.

    Despite three DLC packs in the works, it seems as if Titanfall aren't yet 100% sure what the three packs will consist of, but we all know new maps will be included. When asked about aliens and monsters, Heppe stated that, "We are going to have maps added, and we're trying to give players as much of a varied look at things as we can so that is definitely a possibility."

    Many maps in Titanfall already have various creatures and spaceships in the background that can be killed for extra experience so it's possible that the DLC maps will make similar creatures more of a focus, instead of just a background element.

    Whatever content the DLC packs include, Respawn seem to be keen on allowing players to explore the world of Titanfall even further, and it could be possible that these DLC packs will included more scripted content, similar to the current campaign offering available already.

    As for other content, Titanfall DLC will most likely not include any new Titans, as Heppe has admitted that it's a huge undertaking to integrate a new Titan that is both a useful asset to the game and balanced enough to not be either underpowered or overpowered.

    It could be possible that we see more weapons or pilot equipment though.

  • Screenshots for Batman: Arkham Knight Appear

    batman arkham knight batmobile

    The last Batman game let the rest of the series down a little, but it looks like Rocksteady Studios aren't looking to slow down production any time soon. New images have been shown off for the new and upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game, and they pretty much capture everything we've already come to know and love in the dark Batman Arkham universe.

    The screenshots show a few different characters and gameplay mechanics in action. The most interesting is the new batmobile game mechanic. As players are traveling through the city in Batman: Arkham Knight, players will be able to call in the batmobile whilst gliding to a landing spot.

    The batmobile will smash through anything in it's way to give Batman a safe place to land. From here, players will be able to travel around the city streets with the vehicle, instead of just on foot or in the air.

    If you were let down by Arkham Origins, it's important to note that Origins was developed by Warner Bros. The upcoming Arkham Knight game will be made by Rocksteady Studios once again, so we can expect that the title will have the same gameplay quality as the first titles under RockSteady's name.

    Batman Arkham Knight has been speculated to release this October for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We'll probably see some gameplay leading up to that, and perhaps a full gameplay teaser at E3 this year.

  • Private Lobbies and Companion App Coming for Titanfall

    A scene from "Titanfall," a promising new game for the Xbox and Windows PCs.
    Despite the game being already available for purchase, Respawn Entertainment's executive producer, Drew McCoy, has revealed that they have plans to include a few new features for Titanfall free of charge.

    One of these features will be the inclusion of private lobbies, which will allow players to play outside of a matchmaking lobby. This will open up a bunch of new opportunities for Titanfall, from competitive matches to machinima. Private lobbies are definitely something that the game needs so I'm excited to see them being integrated into the game.

    The second upcoming feature mentioned by McCoy is a companion app for Titanfall. The companion app had already been planned alongside the game's development, but it has since been delayed. Drew McCoy has stated that the companion app is coming soon, although he hasn't detailed what the app will actually be capable of doing.

    Finally, McCoy has touched on the subject of adding new game modes. He has revealed that although new game modes are on the drawing board, it's not likely we'll see any new modes for a while. This suggests that they'll either be bundled in with upcoming DLC, or they will be made available in future Titanfall games.

    Titanfall adds a whole host of new game mechanics that other FPS games have never seen before, so it's understanding why Respawn have to be extra certain everything is balanced before integrating anything new into the game. This seems to be the case with any new weapons, titans and game modes.

  • Console Players Will be Able to Rent BF4 Servers Soon

    bf4 server rental

    Whilst matchmaking systems can get players into games quickly, it can effectively ruin the potential that custom game lobbies have, and when it comes to games like Battlefield 4, which have dozens of variables to take into consideration, the overall game experience can get a little diminished. So far, custom game lobbies haven't been made available in Battlefield 4 for console gamers, however, just like with Battlefield 3, EA have plans to introduce a system that will allow players to rent out servers.

    Once a server is rented out, the server renter will be able to choose between plenty of variables, set up map rotation, and choose between various other multiplayer lobby options.

    Once a server has been rented, there are certain rules that need to be stuck to in order to keep your server from being removed from the "official server pool." Servers the official pool are very similar to official EA servers, and if a player chooses to quick join, there is a chance official pool servers will be picked, even if that server isn't an official EA server.

    However, if a server renter tweaks too many settings, the server will be removed from the official pool. This is a system that has been put into place to avoid unsuspecting players ending up in servers that could be controlled by potentially abusive server renters.

    So far, no details on pricing or availability for BF4 server renting, but it's likely to be made available fairly soon.

  • 6 Million PlayStation 4s Sold Worldwide so Far

    ps4 total sales

    Despite being released late last year, the PlayStation 4 has now been confirmed to have sold 6 million units worldwide. Thanks to the recent launch in Japan, the sales have been boosted a large margin, and the 6 million sales is a huge milestone for Sony.

    Sony have pushed for content sharing on the PlayStation 4, SOE's vice president of marketing, John Koller, revealed that it's sharing features have been widely accepted. "There have now been more than 3.6 million live broadcasts, and more than 56 million spectate sessions on PS4 through Twitch and Ustream," John Koller revealed in a blog post.

    According to Koller, A massive 20 percent of daily broadcasters are using the PlayStation 4 as their platform, which is pretty massive considering the PS4 hasn't even been out that for that long, and the new sharing features have made the PlayStation 4 a very sociable console.

    In comparison to the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 is outperforming in sales by over 50%. According to Complex, the Xbox One has only sold 3.9 millions units, which, still impressive, isn't quite as much as Sony's 6 million sold units.

    So far, though, the game library for both consoles are fairly limited, so we'll have to see how each console fairs later on in the year, when hopefully more new video game titles will be revealed. We already have quite a big roster planned for both consoles, but if Sony wants to keep the reins firmly in their hands, then they are going to have some pretty impressive exclusives planned for the PS4.

  • Titanfall Sequel Could be Cross-Platform

    titanfall ps4

    Titanfall has only just been released, and we're already talking about the sequel. However, we have good reason to. Titanfall was never originally planned to be a Microsoft exclusive, however it seems that Respawn decided to partner with Microsoft after being sent the offer to, most likely for extra revenue reasons.

    It's probable that the choice was on EA's hands, but even though Titanfall has been confirmed as an Xbox and PC exclusive, the rights to Titanfall have not been sold to Microsoft, which means it's completely possible that the Titanfall sequel could be cross-platform.

    Vince Zampella stated on Twitter that Respawn have not sold the rights to Titanfall to Microsoft, and although there hasn't been any confirmation, many Respawn developers have hinted that a Titanfall sequel for all consoles could be very possible.

    Titanfall 2 will most likely be made, and EA seem to be very confident that the title could do extremely well as a franchise, but EA would be stupid to leave out the potential of the PS4, too. For this reason, I think it's very likely that Titanfall 2 will be made available for the PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One and PC. Of course, it's hard to guarantee that at this point, but it would make perfect sense if it did happen.

    When that will happen is a different story, though. EA seem to be keen on focusing on Medal of Honor and Battlefield, still, so it may be a three year development cycle for future Titanfall games.

  • Microsoft's "Biggest Surprise Ever" Planned for E3 2014

    microsoft plans e3 2014

    One year after the launch of the next Xbox console already makes it clear that this year's E3 will be important for Microsoft, but a new radiospot heard by a NeoGAF user suggests that E3 2014 may be the event to hold Microsoft's "biggest surprise ever."

    According to the NeoGAF user, the radio spot revealed that Summerset Mall in Troy, Michigan will be hosting a super sized launch party for Titanfall at the Microsoft store, but it's something else in the radio ad that really got us interested. A message in the ad stated "Free food, drinks and $2,000 in prizes! First 50 people in line will receive a custom Titanfall t-shirt." The advert continued on until ending with, "One select winner will receive a free ride and ticket to this year's E3 to witness Microsoft's biggest surprise ever."

    Whilst a free food, drinks and T-shirts does sound pretty cool, I'm personally more intrigued by this supposed 'biggest surprise Microsoft has up it's sleeves. This E3 needs to be big for Microsoft, and it looks like they already have something planned to make sure that it is big. All we need to do is sit and wait for them to actually reveal what it is.

    E3 2014 will take place on June 10th, so we have a got a few months of waiting to do, unfortunately. Luckily though, we'll have games like Titanfall to keep us occupied until then.

  • Watch Dogs' Drop-in Multiplayer Can Be Turned Off

    watch dogs drop in multiplayer

    Watch Dogs will have an interesting multiplayer options that will allow other online players to join uninvited to an open sessions, from which they can choose to do a variety of things.

    The full multiplayer experience has not yet been detailed, but it's understood that the system will allow other players to drop in and out as they please, and this opens up open lobbied players to a lot of potential griefing.

    Whilst the option is there for players to work together, Ubisoft has taken into consideration that some bad eggs may attempt to join open lobbies simply to ruin the experience of others, and according to lead game designer Danny Belanger, there will be a bunch of integrated features to allow lobby hosts to combat griefing.

    Firstly, if players simply want to play on their own, they can completely switch off the drop in, drop out multiplayer, which will completely cut any ties with any other players, and allow people to play through the game by themselves as a single player experience.

    Danny Belanger also says there will be other mechanics in the game to make it harder for players to ruin the fun of others. A system called the shield will be integrated that will stop players from repeatedly connecting to another person's game, unless that particular person is also aggressively joining other's lobbies.

    So far, no more details have been given on the shield or any of the other multiplayer options, but I expect more will be revealed by Ubisoft shortly.

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