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  • Xbox One Support for Original Xbox Games Still Coming

    xbox one original xbox supportWhile it may have been some time since Xbox originally announced backward compatibility for original Xbox games, it's been reiterated recently that the feature is still being worked on.

    Phil Spencer was the person to step up and speak about the progress that's currently being made for the backward compatibility feature.

    When asked about whether Xbox would make any announcements about original Xbox compatibility, Phil Spencer responded by saying "I hope to bring more on Original Xbox backward compatibility this year, yes."

    By this comment, it sounds like the feature is still in the works and it may be some time before it's finalized. There may be some blocks that could potentially slow down the project, but if we're fortunate, we may get more finalized details about an expected release date for the feature before the end of the year.

    It's already been previously confirmed that original Xbox games will run better and look nicer on the Xbox One. While games won't have texture overhauls, their frame rates will be improved thanks to the increased performance of the Xbox One over the original Xbox.

    There will be a library of games available for original Xbox compatibility, starting with Crimson Skies and Fuzion Frenzy. The library of compatible original Xbox games won't be as extensive as the Xbox 360 compatible library, but it'll without a doubt feature some of the most popular original Xbox titles.

  • New Starfire Character DLC for Injustice 2 Released

    starfire injustice 2 DLCA brand new character for Injustice 2 has finally made its way into the game. The new character is called Starfire and is based on the DC character of the same name.

    Starfire is a character from the Teen Titans universe, so it's interesting to see her make her way into a brutal 3D fighting game.

    In Injustice 2, Starfire is grown up and ready to beat any opponents that challenge her.

    Starfire is designed to be a character suitable for beginner players. Her move set is very simple when compared to other Injustice 2 characters, which should make it easier for newer players to master her.

    Starfire will be available for free to anybody that owns the Injustice 2 Deluxe or Ultimate editions. Alternatively, if you own Fighter Pack 1, you'll also have access to Starfire. If you have neither of the things above, you'll have to purchase Starfire separately.

    There are a number of shaders available for Starfire, including one that makes her look like her sister, Blackfire.

    Starfire is marked as the third and final fighter for Fighter Pack 1. Soon, Netherrealm will announce all three characters for Fighter Pack 2. According to Netherrealm’s Ed Boon, players will be very excited to see the three characters in Fighter Pack 2, and the last one should have a big 'wow' factor amongst Injustice and DC fans across the globe.

    Will you be playing Starfire at all now that she's available to play in Injustice 2?

  • New Summer Overwatch Skins Released

    summer overwatch skins 2017The new Overwatch Summer 2017 season has begun, and it has brought a number of summer themed skins to the game. These new skins are available in the game right now, alongside some other summer themed content.

    The new Summer Overwatch 2017 skins are perhaps the most colorful skins yet. Soldier: 76 is the first on the list to receive a new summer skin; he's got a red Hawaiian shirt on and a new 'A-Salt' Rifle for his primary weapon.

    Mercy has been transformed into a Greek goddess with her new 'Nike goddess' skin. Reaper is ready to hit some sick flips in his new BMX biker themed skin. Next up in the list is Widowmaker, who's received a classy bikini skin.

    Sombra is getting a summer snorkeling outfit. Junkrat has been given a Cricket suit, and McCree is given a lifeguard outfit.

    The new Summer Skins and Summer features are available right now. They'll remain in the game until August 29.

    You'll also be able to use this month as a chance to get the skins that were released for Overwatch last Summer. The skins from last year are also now available at a reduced price, so make sure to jump on that deal to get cheaper skins for Lucio, Tracer and more.

    If the Overwatch 2017 Summer season isn't exciting enough, Lucioball has also made a return. If you want a break from ranked play on Overwatch, Lucioball is the perfect place to do it. This game mode is without a doubt one of the most fun game modes to make its way into Overwatch so far.

  • New Battlefield 1 Specialization System Coming

    battlefield 1 specialization systemThe Specialization system in Battlefield 1 is soon to get a complete rework and it'll completely change the balancing of the game, hopefully for the better.

    Specializations have been in Battlefield since the very beginning, but surprisingly they never made it into Battlefield 1. Well, with an upcoming update, they'll finally make their way into Battlefield 1.

    Players will be able to pick up to three perks at once, from a collection of 15 different perks.

    The new perk and specialization system will first make its way to the PC public test environment for the community and developer testing. It may then take some time for any issues to be ironed out before it's pushed to all live servers on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

    To begin with, Battlefield 1 will give players the three same specializations to play with. This may change in the future, but for now, players will have decreased damage from explosives, reduced suppression, and quicker heal regeneration. Players will then need to play more and complete Service Assignments to unlock the rest of the 15 specializations.

    If you are on the PC and would like to take part in the community test so that you can try out the specializations early, you'll need to go to the Battlefield 1 website and sign up. It should be noted that once you've signed up, you'll only be able to play on specific community tests servers when playing the community test version. You won't have access to these specializations on the standard servers.

  • Tekken 7 Player Knee Gets Signed With ROX

    tekken 7 knee roxROX has taken their first steps into the world of fighting games by signing legendary Tekken 7 player Knee.

    Knee is a South Korean Tekken 7 player that's currently considered to be amongst the very best. Knee is a very respected Tekken player, and many in the Tekken community will often look up to him and his fighter tier lists.

    After Knee's recent performance at the 2017 Evolution Championship Series, in which Knee placed third, ROX approached Knee with a deal. As expected, Knee happily took the deal and he's now a part of the ever-growing ROX family.

    Knee has pulled in wins and trophies from around the world in Tekken tournaments since 2007. 10 years later, Knee is still going strong and he's still considered to be one of the best players, if not the best, in the scene.

    ROX made a statement on the recent acquisition of Knee. "We were impressed with Knee's consistent level of play and his ability to perform at the highest level for over a decade now," said Eliot Namgung, Director of Esports for ROX Gaming. "His personality, skill level and class all align with the ideals that ROX instills in its players and teams."

    Knee also made his own statement, mentioning that Knee will try even harder now that he's joined the ROX family. Does this mean we'll be seeing Knee going in even harder in future events? That'd certainly be exciting to see.

  • 5 Hours of free Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gameplay Available

    ghost recon wildlands free trialIf you're unsure whether to pick up Ghost Recon: Wildlands or not, you'll be happy to hear that you'll now be able to play up to 5 hours for free in a brand new trial.

    Unfortunately, the trial is only available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for now, but if you own a PS4 or an Xbox One, you'll be able to play the full game for 5 hours without spending a penny.

    To access the trial on the PlayStation 4, follow the steps below:

    - Go to the PS Store
    - Search for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
    - On the game page, start the download by selecting on “Try Free Demo”.

    To access the trial on the Xbox One, follow the steps below:

    - Go to the Xbox Marketplace
    - Search for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
    - On the game page, select "Try For Free" to start the download.

    The trial will include the full game. (without any expansions) When you try the trial, you'll be asked to download the entire game. Once your 5 hours are up, you'll be given the option to purchase the game and after that, your trial version will convert to the full game and you won't have to download any additional files.

    Thankfully, any progress you make on the 5-hour trial will be saved for you if you do decide to purchase the full version. Considering it's free, you may as well give it a go if you've got enough space on your console hard drive.

  • Play the COD WW2 Beta For These Live Game Bonuses

    COD WW2 BetaIf you play the COD WW2 beta, you'll get access to a number of bonuses when the game finally gets a release.

    Learn about the different bonuses you'll get for the live game when you participate in the COD WW2 beta below.

    For those unaware, the private beta for COD WW2 will be going live this month. You'll need to pre-order Call of Duty World War 2 to get access to the beta. Once you've pre-ordered it, you'll be guaranteed access.

    The PS4 beta will start on August 25 and will end on August 28. The beta for the Xbox One and the PC will take part on September 1 and will end on September 4.

    If you have pre-ordered Call of Duty WW2 and you take part in the beta, you'll get access to the unique MP Private Beta Combat Pack.

    This Private Beta Combat Pack includes a helmet, a calling card and a unique emblem that you can use to showcase your loyalty.

    If you pre-order the game but don't take part in the upcoming beta, you'll still be given the Nazi Zombie Camo, which can be used exclusively in the Nazi Zombies Mode. You'll also get given 500 COD points for spending on items in-game. The Nazi Zombie Camo will give your gun an animated electricity effect.

    Call of Duty World War 2 will be launching later this year on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    Will you be playing Call of Duty World War 2 on launch day?

  • Gears of War 4 August Update Arrives

    gears of war 4 august updateA brand new update has landed for Gears of War 4 and it adds two new maps and a number of other changes. Learn about the new features in Gears of War 4 below.

    First things first, let's talk about the new maps that have made their way to Gears of War 4 in the new August update. The first map is Canals. This is the return of a classic. The map features three bridges that cross over a small canal. The map itself is quite small, and players will best remember it for the Longshot spawn that is available at the very center of the map.

    In fact, Canals is all about sniping. The three bridges create three lanes for snipers to aim down - getting hold of a sniper on this map will be very useful. It's the sniper's dream.

    The next map is Forge Blitz - this is an even tighter and more fast paced version of the original Forge map. A few changes have been made to the original version of Forge to make Forge Blitz flow much better. You'll be in the action within seconds after spawning, but don't worry, there's just enough room to give a few seconds of peace each time you spawn.

    Some other changes have been introduced to the August Gears of War 4 update. For example, the daily first win credit reward has been increased to 500 credits instead of just 100. Some small changes have also been made to the Escalation map.

  • New Injustice 2 Update Brings Superman Premier Skin

    injustice 2 superman premier skinA brand new update for Injustice 2 has landed and it brings a new Superman skin into the game.

    The new Superman skin is called the Bizarro Superman and it is a premier skin.

    The trademark feature of the Bizarro Superman skin is the reversed 'S' on his chest. The character also looks zombified in many ways and has bright blue laser eyes. You can see an example of the skin's appearance in the image above.

    Some of the moves on the new Bizarro Superman skin have changed when compared to the standard Superman. For example, one move will now burn opponents instead of freezing them. His laser beam attack now produces icy, cold damage instead of red, hot solar damage.

    The Super ability of the Bizarro Superman skin remains the same as the standard Superman, but there are a number of other small changes to some other skills that are available to both Superman and Bizarro Superman.

    The Bizarro Superman also has new voice lines. The lines include things like "You Bizarro new best friend," "Bizarro need not worst friend," and "Why am you so polite!?"

    While Bizarro Superman's ability to speak may not be the best, his ability to pummel enemies is certainly up with the best.

    The new Bizarro Superman skin was introduced in an update that predates the upcoming new character DLC, which will introduce Starfire to Injustice 2.

    What are your thoughts on the new Bizarro Superman skin? Leave your thoughts below!

  • Brand New Weaponized Vehicle Added to GTA Online

    gta online pick up insurgentA brand new update has been added to GTA Online that introduced a new weaponized vehicle and a number of other changes. As usual, a new list of items has been put up for discount and the items on sale last week have now reverted back to their standard prices.

    The biggest feature in this new update is without a doubt the new vehicle. The vehicle is weaponized and is called the Insurgent Pickup Custom. As the name suggests, the Insurgent Pickup Custom is essentially a Pick-up style Insurgent vehicle. A player can sit on the top of the Pick-up and use the heavy machine gun that the vehicle is equipped with.

    The player on the turret is vulnerable, while players inside the Insurgent Pickup are safe from bullets. To fully upgrade the vehicle with the best armor and weapons, players must first purchase the Pickup, then upgrade it in the mobile operations center.

    If you haven't managed to get access to the new gun running content yet, you'll be happy to hear that some of the bunkers are now on sale. For a limited time, you can now get 30% off the full price of the Farmhouse Bunker, 25% off the Smoke Tree Road Bunker, and 10% off the Grapeseed Bunker. All upgrades and style improvements for each bunker are now 25% off.

    In other news, the Power Mad adversary mode is still rewarding players with double GTA dollars and RP.

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