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  • New Copilot Controller Mode Comes to Xbox One

    copilot controller mode xbox one insiderA brand new Xbox One Insider update showcases some of the new upcoming features we can expect for the Xbox One, including a brand new Copilot controller mode.

    The new Copilot controller mode will allow players to assign two controllers to a single control input. This opens up the opportunity for better accessibility for those with disabilities or better support for parent-child gameplay.

    Here's an example of the Copilot controller mode in action: A parent can switch on copilot mode while watching their child play the new Yooka Laylee game. The parent can spectate, but when the child comes across a part they're finding too difficult, the parent can jump in to help with their own controller. Both the parent's controller and the child's controller will be able to control the characters in Yooka Laylee.

    Alternatively, if a user has a disability that makes it difficult for them to access all of the buttons on a single controller at once, they now have the option to split the controls across to controller, giving them more accessibility.

    This new feature is still in the 'beta' phase in the Insider version of the Xbox One dashboard, but it should be pushed out to the live Xbox One dashboard soon. So far, the feature seems to be working as it's intended. We think this is a great new feature that should bring new opportunities for everybody to the living room.

    What do you think of the new copilot controller mode?

  • New Titanfall 2 Update Goes Live

    titanfall 2 new updateA brand new Titanfall 2 update has gone live on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

    The new Titanfall 2 update is named Colony Reborn and it's completely free to all Titanfall 2 owners. The new update adds a brand new map, a new weapon and a number of other changes and overall tweaks.

    Besides the free content, there are also two new prime titans and 20 new camos, banners and patches are available for purchase. The two new titans are named Northstar and Legion. The first is a lightweight, speedy Titan, while Legion is a bulkier titan, equipped with a gattling gun.

    The new free map is called Colony - this is actually a map that first made its appearance in the original Titanfall game. Old school Titanfall players should be happy to get their hands on this in Titanfall 2 - it's a close-quarters map that gave those on foot plenty of buildings to travel between while fighting titans.

    The new weapon is the R-101 - this is also a throwback to the original Titanfall game. The R-101C was the standard weapon players would start with and despite being available to low leveled players, it was one of the most versatile options available. It's great to see it back in Titanfall 2.

    A brand new execution has been added as well. Nicknamed curb check, this execution will show your enemies that you really mean business.

    Have you checked out the new Titanfall 2 update yet?

  • Destiny 2 Announced, Call of Duty WW2 Rumored

    destiny 2 announcedDestiny 2 has been announced and rumors of a Call of Duty WW2 release in 2017 are circulating the internet.

    The biggest news this week comes from the Bungie camp. Finally, after months of us knowing it was coming, Bungie has announced Destiny 2. The upcoming game is set to release later this year and should come to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

    This time around, Bungie may have learned from their mistakes on their first release for the Destiny universe. So far, we have had a single Destiny reveal trailer, and it already showcases more character and liveliness than perhaps the entirety of the first Destiny game.

    Fans that were disappointed about the lack of story and scale in the first Destiny title are definitely going to be excited about Destiny 2.

    We've also heard rumors that the next Call of Duty game will be inspired by the events of WW2. After seeing EA's back-in-time success with Battlefield 1, it comes as no surprise that Activision may have ordered one of the three COD developers to work on a world war shooter again.

    The new Call of Duty game will be developed by Sledgehammer Games. According to rumors, the title will simply be Call of Duty: WW2. Quite honestly, we're excited about seeing Call of Duty go back to its original roots, even if Battlefield did beat them to it first.

    We'll share more news about Destiny 2 and Call of Duty WW2 as it comes in.

  • Orisa is Now Available in Competitive

    orisa available competitive overwatchAfter a short induction period in quick play, Orisa is now available for play in competitive mode in Overwatch.

    For those out of the loop, Orisa is a brand new hero that recently got added to the Overwatch roster. Orisa can be found in the tank category. Players have remarked that she offers a utility kit somewhat in between Bastion and Reinhardt. For example, Orisa has the ability to lay down shields that can block incoming damage, just like Reinhardt’s shield. Orisa's basic weapon is also fairly similar to Bastions' turret ability.

    Orisa's ultimate allows her to boost the damage of players in her vicinity. For now, many players are still getting to grips with Orisa and we're not sure where she'll sit on the competitive meta if anywhere at all. With Reinhardt, Zarya and Roadhog still dominating the tank game, and other picks like D.Va and Winston still being relevant, it's hard to see where Orisa will fit in on the table.

    It'll certainly take some more time to see what Orisa is truly capable of. For now, she's considered a well-rounded champion and her skills offer a lot of utility to the team. With that in mind, however, she's missing that special something to make her a star tank player currently.

    We wouldn't say Orisa need a buff but it'll be some time before high tier competitive players get to grips with her. We'd love to see her be a regular pick in competitive games.

    Have you tried out Orisa yet? What are your thoughts on this new tank hero? Think she could be a new game-changer, or is she lagging behind the top tanks?

  • New Infinite Warfare Weapons and Voice Packs

    infinite warfare weapons voice packsInfinite Warfare has received a new update which includes new weapons, new voice packs and more.

    Although the Infinite Warfare update cycle may soon be nearing its end, a recent update has been pushed out to PS4, Xbox One, and PC servers. The new update, which is patch 1.12, introduces a number of new features and purchasable items within the Infinite Warfare store menu.

    First things first, two new voice packs have been added to the store. The first voice pack is a run-of-the-mill UK Special Forces pack. The second is a little more exciting. The next voice pack features phrases and words of advice from Method Man, an American rapper perhaps best known for his part in the Wu-Tang clan.

    Two new weapons have also been added to Infinite Warfare in the latest update. First up is the VPR - this is a full-auto ballistic SMG. It has dual barrels and dual magazines for faster fire rate and reload times.

    The second new weapon is the X-Eon - a brand new full auto energy rifle. It has accurate hip fire and built-in detection optics with its default scope.

    Three new animated camos have also been added in the latest update. This includes a circuit board style camo, an energetic red light wave camo, and green pulse heartbeat sensor camo.

    A number of other tweaks have been released in the latest 1.12 update for Infinite Warfare, including small changes to the infected lunge range and various leaderboard fixes.

  • Overwatch: Lucio is Getting a Damage Buff

    overwatch lucio damage buffWith the new public test realm live on the PC, we can start to see some of the changes to Overwatch's Lucio.

    For a long time, Lucio has been considered to be one of the top tier support heroes in Overwatch. His ability to heal his entire team with an automatic area of effect has proven to be the game winner in countless situations. Lucio's ultimate ability has helped teams fight off enemies in scenarios that would otherwise be unsurvivable.

    In the public test realm, all of that is about to change, although he'll be getting some buffs to his own personal performance alongside these changes. Soon, Lucio's radius on his area of effect ability will be limited from 30 meters down to just 10 meters. This is quite a big jump and will make a massive difference in team fights where Lucio's team is spread thin.

    To balance this change a little, the healing done from Lucio's healing song has actually been increased by 50%, so if you are within the radius of Lucio, you'll get even more heals. This will put pressure on Lucio players to actually travel between players that need healing. This will mean Lucio players will be required to adopt a more active playstyle to heal their teammates, in a similar fashion to Mercy or Ana.

    Lucio will also be getting a buff to his own abilities. The projectile speed of his basic weapon will be an increase from 40 to 50, and his wall running will give Lucio a 30 percent movement speed boost. Jumping off of a wall will also temporarily boost Lucio's speed. By the sound of it, Lucio will become even harder to hit, and his additional speed will help him to travel between heroes that need his support.

    Many Overwatch players are considering this patch to be a nerf to Lucio, but with a more active playstyle, Lucio players could potentially benefit from these new changes.

  • OpTic Take Halo World Championship Win

    optic world championshipOpTic gaming has managed to hit their second consecutive Halo World Championship win this month after they faced up against EnVyUs in the grand finals.

    OpTic has been dominating the Halo scene recently. Unfortunately, they didn't quite perform as well as they may have liked to throughout the majority of the Halo World Championship. EnVyUs, on the other hand, looked as if they had the entire championship in the bag.

    Even though they had performed incredibly well during the tournament, we weren't ruling out the nV grand final win. In fact, to begin with, EnVyUs had won 12 games in a row. By the time EnVyUs had reached the finals, they had only lost a total of two games. With the two teams facing off in the finals, it looked as if EnVyUs could have easily taken the game from OpTic's grasp after the incredible performance from EnVyUs earlier in the tournament.

    Things took a turn for the worst on EnVyUs's side, however. While EnVyUs scored a quick 2-0 lead in the first game, which was CTF, OpTic managed to pull it back to score themselves a first win with a 3-2 scoreline.

    The next game was Slayer. It was also incredibly close, but OpTic took the win 50 kills to 44. nV took a huge lead over OpTic in game three, but OpTic pulled it back with a 100-65 scoreline in Strongholds.

    With game 4 on the way, things were now looking in OpTic's favor. It was a tight race, but game 4 CTF saw OpTic pull out a 1-0 victory.

    As a result, OpTic gaming are now two time Halo World champions and they happily took home the $500,000 first place prize. Team EnVyUs, on the other hand, took home $200,000 which is still something to write home about.

  • Dark Souls 3 Gets New Patch

    dark souls 3 patch pvpA brand new patch has hit Dark Souls 3 that adds a number of new PVP features and increases the frame rate for PS4 Pro owners.

    The frame rate increase for PS4 Pro owners will be automatically activated, so players will not need to do anything to make use of their PS4 Pro console. As for the time being, there aren't any additional graphics settings for PS4 Pro owners.

    The new 1.11 patch adds PvP arenas for the game's Undead Match modes. The new PvP arenas are called Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof. The new patch has also made it possible for friends to stick together on the same team. Previously, players could join games with their friends in, but players were assigned to teams randomly.

    It should be noted that the new Dragon Ruins and Grand Roof PvP maps are exclusive for those who own the Ashes of Ariandel DLC pack or The Ringed City DLC pack, the latter of which will officially launch on March 28.

    The new Dark Souls 3 patch has also made a number of smaller gameplay tweaks and overall bug fixes. Many balancing tweaks have also been implemented in the latest 1.11 patch, and some preparations for the upcoming The Ringed City DLC have been made.

    The new patch went live on March 24 for PS4 and Steam players. Have you managed to try out the two new PvP maps yet? If you have, let us know your thoughts on them.

  • Overwatch Hero Orisa Now On Live Servers

    overwatch hero orisaAfter a short time on the public test environment on the PC, Orisa, a new hero in Overwatch, has been added to the live servers for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

    The new hero, named Orisa, is a brand new tank hero for Overwatch. To begin with, Orisa will not be available in competitive play. For the first few weeks, Orisa will be limited to Quick Play, Arcade and the Play Vs. AI modes. Blizzard has explained that they'd like their player base to get to learn how Orisa works before she is thrown into the competitive meta.

    While Orisa is a tank, she has an arsenal of abilities to help protect her team, which makes her a viable support as well. Her main weapon is called the Fusion Driver - it can deal consistent damage to enemies, but Orisa is slowed down the longer the weapon is used as a throwback. Her alternate fire is called Halt and this allows Orisa to create a small detonated charge that can slow enemies.

    Orisa's ultimate ability is called Supercharger. With this, Orisa can fire a device that can buff the damage output of all nearby enemies. Orisa's other abilities include Protective Barrier, which is a static shield that can block incoming damage, and Fortify, which reduces the amount of damage Orisa can take for a short period of time.

    In other news, a recent patch in the public test environment brought a number of changes to Lucio. These changes will soon go live to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and public PC servers.

  • New Horizon Zero Dawn Patch, Details Inside

    horizon zero dawn patchA brand new patch has been pushed out for Horizon Zero Dawn on the PlayStation 4. Patch 1.10 should now be live. The new patch fixes a number of major bugs and gameplay progression issues. A few quality of life features have been added in the latest patch as well.

    In the new patch, players will be able to buy multiple items at once from merchants by holding the X button on their control. The X-axis controls can also now be inverted via the in-game settings menu.

    Some small changes have been made to the way items drop in Horizon Zero Dawn. The costs of items have been adjusted to reflect this game as well. These small changes all add up to make an overall tweak to the in-game item economy.

    Some adjustments have been made to humanoid AI within Horizon Zero AI, although we're not yet sure what exactly has changed here.

    If you've had any issues with progressing through the Horizon Zero Dawn campaign, you'll be relieved to hear that many progression issues have now been fixed in the latest patch. In the patch notes, it was mentioned that if you have any progression issues while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, you should perform a manual reload by loading a recent quicksave or manual save.

    While this patch hasn't done anything to change gameplay, it's great to see that Guerrilla Games are working hard to iron out all of the bugs that got past them before the game went gold. Let us know if you're still having any progression issues after the new 1.10 patch.

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