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  • Call of Duty 2017 Going Back in Time

    Call of Duty 2017Over the past few years, the Call of Duty franchise has made plenty of changes thanks to a big transition towards future based combat. Unfortunately for Activision, it hasn't exactly been received that well.

    The Call of Duty franchise has been one of the biggest and most successful first person shooter series of all time, but it was clear after Infinite Warfare that the fan appeal had started to wither away.

    Due partly to the poor performance of Infinite Warfare and arguably partly due to the success of Battlefield 1, the Call of Duty title planned for this year has been confirmed to be going back to the series roots.

    The information comes straight from Activision as they have looked back at and shared their successes and failures in 2016. Whilst Activision has now confirmed that the upcoming Call of Duty game will take inspiration from previous games, nothing was said about how far back the publisher would be going.

    It was confirmed that the next Call of Duty title will be developed by Sledgehammer games, however. Considering Sledgehammer has already had experience with developing Modern Warfare 3, perhaps the next Call of Duty game will return back to the modern combat setting. Alternatively, Activision may have meant even further back through Call of Duty's roots, all the way back to the original world war games during Call of Duty 1-3.

    What are your thoughts on Sledgehammer Games and Activision taking a step back in time with the 2017 Call of Duty title?

  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands Open Beta Coming

    ghost recon wildlandsStill not sure about whether to purchase Ghost Recons: Wildlands? An upcoming open beta will be the perfect time for you to give it a try before you buy.

    There has already been a limited closed beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, but Ubisoft has now confirmed that an open beta will be made available to the public before the game releases.

    No definitive date has been set for the open beta, but considering that the game releases on March 7, it's definitely going to be put online sometime between now and early March.

    It could be possible that the open beta will be put online as close as the weekend before the game releases, as this has been a tactic used by Ubisoft in the past. While the word beta was synonymous with glitches and bugs, the open beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands will hopefully be mostly bug-free. The servers may struggle a little bit, but this should be the perfect test for Ubisoft to ensure everything is in working order before the final release on March 7.

    Once Ghost Recons: Wildlands is on shelves both digitally and in-store on March 7, players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC will be able to purchase and play. It's also expected that the open beta will be available for all three aforementioned platforms.

    What are your thoughts on Ghost Recon: Wildlands so far? If you haven't purchased it yet, make sure to get in on the action when the upcoming open beta is released.

  • 6 Melee Dreamhack Tournaments This Year, 4 Featuring Smash for Wii U

    melee dreamhack 2017It's going to be a big year for the Super Smash Bros. competitive community. Dreamhack has 6 events planned for this year alone.

    If you're a viewer or player of any of the Super Smash Bros. games then you've got a lot to be excited about this year. Dreamhack has just confirmed that a total of 6 events will feature Super Smash Bros. tournaments this year. 4 of these events will be in North America and the other 2 will be on an international level.

    The first Dreamhack event will be Dreamhack Austin. It will take place from April 28 to April 30 and will feature both Melee and Smash 4. The prize pool will be $10,000 for each game.

    The next event will be Dreamhack Summer, featuring just Smash Bros Melee and will take place from June 17 to June 19.

    Following this will be Dreamhack Atlanta from July 21 to July 23, Dreamhack Montreal on September 8 to September 10, and Dreamhack Denver from October 20 to October 22. All three of these events will feature both Melee and Smash 4.

    Finally, Dreamhack Winter will take place on November 30 to December 2 and will feature just Super Smash Bros Melee

    The prize pool for all six events will be $10,000 and the prizes will be split as shown below.

    1st - $4,700
    2nd - $2,000
    3rd - $1,000
    4th - $700
    5th - $500
    6th - $500
    7th - $300
    8th - $300

  • Kolin Will be Introduced to Street Fighter V on February 28

    Kolin Street Fighter VCapcom has revealed that Kolin will be introduced to Street Fighter V on February 28, and one more character will follow every month following Kolin's release.

    In the statement, a small look into the lore behind Kolin was provided: "After working in the shadows for Gill and the secret Illuminati organization, Kolin makes her Street Fighter V debut. First appearing in Street Fighter III, Kolin works behind the scenes in order to fulfill the Prophecy of Miraha and stop any who dare stand in Gill's way. She is typically calm and collected, but can suddenly fly into a rage when anybody threatens Gill and his plans."

    It was also mentioned that "Kolin excels in the Russian martial art of Systema, utilizing the opponent's momentum against them and executing various slash-like attacks and knife hand strikes. Gill has bestowed upon her the power of ice, allowing her to augment her fight style with frigid blasts and deadly icicles. She is often heard speaking condescendingly towards her opponents, knowing they don't stand a chance before her, let alone Gill."

    Kolin's unique counter allows her to "deflect and automatically punish incoming moves with ease," while a full V-meter can allow Kolin to "slam the ground twice with her foot, each time shooting out a path of sharp icicles across the floor. In addition to damage and stun, this move freezes the opponent's stun gauge. While in this special state, the stun gauge will not deplete and if Kolin is successful in stunning the opponent, they will be frozen in place."

    Are you excited to see Kolin be introduced to Street Fighter V?

  • For Honor Open Beta Announced

    for honor betaA new open beta has been planned for For Honor, so if you're interested check out the details in this article.

    Ubisoft has confirmed that the dates for the open beta will be from February 9 to February 12. During these dates, the beta will be playable. The upcoming open beta will include the game modes from the previous beta, as well as a few new inclusions.

    Making a debut will be the Elimination mode - in this mode, players will be placed on two teams of four. The objective is simple - eliminate the players on the other team. Once a player dies, they'll have to sit out until the next round. The Elimination mode features a best of five format, so the first team to three rounds wins the match.

    Making a return to the upcoming For Honor open beta will be the Brawl, Duel, and Dominion modes, as well as 9 out of the 12 total playable heroes. The War of the Factions persistent game mode will also be returning in the February For Honor beta.

    For Honor will get a full release later in the month on February 14, 2017. The game will be made available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

    Are you interested in the seemingly unique title from Ubisoft? We think For Honor has the chance to be an absolute hit on both console and PC platforms. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment.

  • CEO 2017 Game Lineup Revealed

    CEO 2017 gamesThe game lineup for the next major fighting game event has been revealed.

    CEO 2017 has now published information about what games they will be hosting tournaments for, along with other important details on event dates and attendance.

    There's no doubt that CEO is one of the tournaments the fighting game community loves the most, so if you're interested in some epic matches to tune into, or are interested in attending the event yourself, pay close attention to the information provided below.

    It's now been confirmed that CEO 2017 will have a total of 11 different fighting games. First things first, both Smash Bros Melee and Smash Bros Wii U will be making an appearance. Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 will of course be making a show. Unfortunately Mortal Kombat XL will not be on the agenda for CEO 2017, but there are a number of other games that will take it's place.

    This includes both Injustice 2 and Killer Instinct as well as the following: The King of Fighters XIV, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator and Pokken Tournament.

    As for the dates and location, CEO 2017 will start on June 16th and the final day will be on June 18th. The event will take place at the Wyndham Orlando Resort.

    Will you be interested in taking part in CEO 2017? Which of the eleven games takes your interest the most?

  • Astralis Take Record Breaking ELEAGUE Win

    Astralis ELEAGUEWhether you're into Counter Strike or not, the latest ELEAGUE win from Astralis should make any eSports fan happy.

    The story behind Astralis' win is a very big one. Despite being a top performing team, the Astralis players, who had previously played under other names, such as TSM and Dignatas, had never managed to break out of their 'semi-finals' curse.

    It seemed as if every major CS:GO tournament that the Danish lads entered would see them with a loss in the semi-finals. This time, things were different. The Atlanta ELEAGUE major, which was televised on North American channel TBS, saw Astralis take the win in an incredibly close battle between them and the Polish team, Virtus Pro.

    After a scary loss on the first map, Nuke, and an unsettlingly close half on the second map, a win for Astralis almost seemed out of the question. Fortunately for Astralis though, they managed to pull it back, taking the second and third maps, although not without hardship.

    With over 200,000 people tuned into the TV channel, and over 1 million viewers between Twitch and GOTV, it was a milestone in eSports history.

    Astralis must be happy with their results, too - the team took home $500,000 in prize winnings, and also showed their recent new sponsor, Audi, that there was a lot of potential in eSports sponsorships. This is the first time such a reputable worldwide brand that's known outside of the eSports scene has stepped in to offer a sponsorship.

  • Battlefront 2 is Coming 2017

    battlefront 2 2017It's almost been two years since the first DICE Battlefront game, and now another one is on the horizon.

    The first DICE-EA Battlefront tile may not have been accepted well by the community, but DICE has had chance to learn from their mistakes and they're hoping Battlefront 2 will be appreciated by FPS and Star Wars fans alike.

    First things first, the new Battlefront 2 game is slated for a Holiday 2017 release, which means it'll most likely arrive around the same time of the year the first Battlefront title did in 2015. DICE will also be getting help this time round from another studio. The studio which has been hired to help out is none other than Criterion, the same guys behind the explosive Burnout video game series.

    Another newly formed development team named Motive Studios will also be helping out. So far we're not sure how much of a part either of the other two developers will play in the development process, but DICE will be the main team, with Criterion and Motive offering additional support.

    Battlefront 2 will feature a number of changes when compared to the original. Firstly, Battlefront 2 will have a single player campaign, which is an area that the original received a lot of complaints for. Battlefront 2 will also feature gameplay from all Star Wars eras, so this could include the original trilogy, episode 1, 2, 3 and all of the newer movies.

  • PS4 Controllers Currently Available

    PS4 Controllers LimitedThere are a number of different PS4 controllers currently available, including controllers with aesthetic changes and gamepads with physical improvements.

    In this article we have listed some of the most wanted PS4 controllers available on the market.

    20th Anniversary Edition

    Both rare and a homage to days past, the 20th anniversary edition features the iconic gray colors seen on the original PlayStation One controllers twenty years ago. Getting hold of a 20th anniversary edition DualShock 4 controller is hard today, and that only makes it even more valuable.

    Gray Blue

    The Gray Blue DualShock 4 controller was launched alongside the Limited Edition Uncharted 4 PlayStation 4 bundle - it's not as limited as the 20th anniversary edition, but it's a nice change from the standard colors.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Edition

    This is one of the more sought after PS4 controllers currently available, mostly due to it's unique orange and metallic gray color scheme.

    DualShock 4 Standard Color Range

    As well as the limited edition pads above, Sony has released a number of unlimited DualShock 4 variants, all with different colors. The standard colors include Maga Red, Glacier White, Urban Camouflage and Blue.

    Razer Raiju PS4 Pro

    Razer and Sony have teamed up to offer a PS4 Elite controller - this gamepad has a similar price tag to the Xbox One Elite, and it comes with a fairly similar offering. The Razer Raiju is bulkier than your standard DualShock 4.

    PS4 Custom Controllers

    The Raiju doesn't have as many customization options as the Xbox One Elite, so if you're looking out for something with more of a competitive advantage for casual play, esports, or anything in between, you may prefer something that takes things to another level.

    However, neither Razer, Microsoft, Sony or any other major player in the hardware space can give you the customization options we have to offer.

    PS4 Pro Controller: The PS4 Elite Controller You Have Been Looking For

    We aren't going to pretend that we aren't tooting our own horn, but we've been in this business for close to 10 years and the features we offer in addition to the quality of our controllers are completely unmatched.

    Customers email us every day telling us how great our PS4 Pro Controller is and how it's exactly what they've been looking for. While we do offer Pro Controllers for Xbox One and we do offer an Xbox One Elite Send In Service for our Microsoft fan customers, we believe it's truly important that our Sony customers get an equally awesome controller. That's where our Pro Controllers come in.

    Our PS4 Pro Controllers include:
    + Magnetic Pro Thumbsticks (they function exactly like Microsoft's Elite Thumbsticks.)
    + Pro Buttons placed perfectly along the back of the controller. Easy to Press
    + Pro Button Remapping is done with no tools, no apps, no accessories
    + Sensitive Buttons
    + Hairpin Triggers
    + Black Matte Grip

    If you're looking to take your gaming to the next level, our PS4 Pro Controllers are the way to go.

  • Available Xbox One Elite Controllers

    xbox one eliteGetting your hands on any available Xbox One Elite controllers has proven tricky. Availability has always been an issue, forcing those interested into purchasing specific bundles and console packages.

    In this article we've shared some of the different ways Xbox One owners can get their hands on an Xbox Elite Controller.


    The easiest way to get an Elite Controller is from the website - if they have any in stock. On the shop on the website, standalone controllers can be found for $149.99. Other details about what the controllers can do, and how they can benefit competitive play and esports can also be found here.

    Xbox One Elite Bundle

    If you are in the market for a new Xbox One, the Xbox One Elite bundle may appeal to you. Not only is it another route to go for a custom Xbox One controller, but it ends up being an incredibly valuable deal as well. For example, the Microsoft store currently lists the 1TB variant of the bundle for just $229 - this bundle includes the 1TB Xbox One console and an Xbox Elite wireless controller.

    Alternative Options

    If you can't find the Xbox One Elite controller on the official Xbox and Microsoft websites, your next best bet is to visit places like Amazon, GameStop or eBay. Any other local retailers may also have some in stock.

    Alternatively, you could skip getting an Xbox One Elite controller completely and instead opt for custom Xbox One controller with additional features and personalization options.

    Limited Xbox One Elite Controllers 

    Microsoft themselves have offered a few Xbox One Elite Controller Bundles, but for the most part they lack variety. The Gears of War Elite Controller was available for a limited time, but is now only available for $300+ dollars from resellers.

    Customize a Brand New Xbox One Elite Controller

    Thankfully we have your back. We understand that owning a one-of-a-kind controller with all of the special features you would like is extremely important. While we do offer our own Pro Controllers with features that we believe our superior to the standard Microsoft Xbox One Elite Controller model, we think the option for an Evil Pro Controller or an Evil Customized Elite Controller should be your decision to make, not ours.

    You can learn about our Pro Controllers, or you can order a customized Elite Controller.

    Modding Your Elite Controller

    If you already have an Elite Controller, but would like it modified with our Master Mod or with a custom shell, our Xbox One Elite Controller Send In Service is available. Starting at $109.99 we add our Master Mod to your controller. The most elegant aspect of our service is that it leaves your 2nd profile completely unmodded. Profile 1 features all of the mods you love, rapid fire, drop shot, fast reload, etc. However, if you want to play a game in which our mods are not available, you can quickly disable all features by sliding the controller to Profile 2.

    If you have any questions about our modded Xbox One Elite controllers feel free to give us a call at 1-877-880-3845 or send us an email here:

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