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  • Resident Evil Remake Confirmed by Capcom

    resident evil remakeLast week, a few rumors spread the net regarding what sounded to be some kind of Resident Evil remake, and this week Capcom have spilled the beans.

    Out of nowhere, Capcom have revealed their plans to release a brand new Resident Evil Remake that will be the second makeover for the first Resident Evil title released for the PlayStation 1. The first rendition, which was adapted for the GameCube in 2002 was dubbed REmake, and the new Resident Evil Remake announced this week by Capcom will be an HD re-imagination of the same GameCube title.

    Once the remake of REmake has been released, Capcom will release it directly to their digital store, where players will be able to download it. It's likely a physical copy will be released for the new Resident Evil Remake too, however details for this have not yet been revealed.

    Capcom have however announced that the new Resident Evil HD version will be made available for Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One PS4 and the PC, and will run at 1080P at 30FPS on new consoles.

    On top of this, the new Resident Evil remake will come with newly engineered 5.1 surround sound support. Capcom have also added a new scrolling camera that will follow characters as they move to the edge of the screen. This new feature will help the game to feel more seamless, and will also help the upsized 16:9 aspect ratio from 4:3 to feel a little more natural.

    So far, Capcom have set the new Resident Evil remake for a release in the first quarter of 2015.

  • The Last of Us Movie Will be "Quite Different" To the Video Game

    last of us movieIf you hadn't heard already, Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann is currently working on a movie adaptation of The Last of Us, and he recently revealed more information on the content that the movie would portray of the Sony exclusive title.

    Whilst the Last of Us movie will still be based on the same story the video game was created for, changes will be made to the movie to help it fit on the big screen. Neil Druckmann revealed that In two hours you can't tell the same kind of story that you can in a game like The Last of Us, which is 15 hours," which suggests that the upcoming The Last of Us movie will be stripped down to ensure the experience captures the whole story basis within the limited time available.

    Adapting a book to a movie can often be a difficult task, but adapting a video game into a movie is an entirely different world. Neil Druckmann mentioned the difficult task ahead of him in an interview with MCV. "I'm in the middle of [writing] it now, and it's been super difficult because there's so much that happens in The Last of Us, even just in the cinematics, that can't fit in a film, let alone all the gameplay in-between and dialogue."

    "It's been really difficult to cut certain things out, but what I'm starting to get this is really focused narrative that's about these two characters. Some parts will be similar to the game and some parts will be quite different, but it's kind of interesting in helping me understand this other medium and its strengths compared to video games."

    Hopefully the The Last of US movie will capture the same strong storyline the video game captured.

  • More Darksiders Games May Come From Gunfire Games

    new darksidersCrytek have been undergoing a lot of pressure recently, but the former CEO for the USA division of the company, David Adams, has revealed plans to keep marching on through the video games industry.

    David Adams has recently established a new independent development studio by the name of Gunfire Games, and with various assets acquired at Crytek, we may even see some familiar franchises being revived from the newly formed Gunfire Games.

    At this point in time, everything is still early days though, especially considering Adams only left Crytek just three weeks ago amidst claims about Crytek's financial troubles.

    If Gunfire Games grows into a fully fledged development studio, Adams has revealed that they have put some consideration into working on a new Darksiders title, and would think more about creating a game within the franchise. Gunfire Games have already approached Nordic Games, the owner and publisher of the franchise IP, so we may be hearing more about Darksiders in the near future.

    It's important to note that everything is til in idea phase at this point. David Adams himself stated, "That is one of the options we are exploring," when asked about a new Darksiders game. "But we don't want to jump into something immediately. We want to weigh our options.

    Nordic Games has already revealed that they are currently looking for a creative team to take the reigns of the Darksiders franchise in the future, so it's very likely something will come of the series in the future, whether it's from Gunfire Games or not.

  • Destiny Beta Progress Will Be Wiped at Launch

    destiny betaRegardless of how many hours you may have put into the beta stage of Destiny last month, your progress and characters will be deleted in time for the full launch date for the game, Bungie has confirmed.

    Unsurprisingly, all data made in the Destiny beta will be wiped, similarly to how alpha content was deleted before the beta was launched. However, Bungie have mentioned that the beta wipe will be the last time players will have to say goodbye to their characters and saved data.

    Whilst this may not be much of an issue for the majority of you, it's understandable that some players may be frustrated with the wipe after coming across rare gear or weapons that they may not have much luck with in the full game.

    However, as the game was in beta stage, players should have expected their gameplay progress to be wiped before playing, so there's no real reason to get angry at Bungie for the new beta wipe.

    The main cause for the wipe is because Bungie have been constantly tweaking the balancing of the game, changing experience rewards, loot drops and more, and these changes would make it unfair for those players who didn't get the chance to play in the beta.

    A designer at Bungie, Tyson Green, wrote on a blog to address the wipe, "Since the Beta, we've continued to tune and adjust the game. The way you earn experience has been adjusted up and down a bunch of times. Items have been added and removed. New features toggled. Although there's no single monumental change, the sum of the tweaks leaves characters from the Beta Build in strange shape that would be confusing at best, broken at worst."

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  • New August Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced

    xbox live games with gold augustWe've just rolled into a new month, and that means it's time to talk about the next Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup. We've got quite a few treats in store this week, including some Xbox 360 retail titles, as well as a couple digital-based Xbox One games.

    Firstly, Xbox One owners with Xbox Gold will be able to treat themselves with Crimson Dragon, an Xbox exclusive that saw itself as one of the few available Xbox One launch titles the day the console was released. Crimson Dragon is an indirect sequel to Panzer Dragoon, a game that made it's rounds on the Original Xbox many years ago. Crimson Dragon will be available all the way throughout the month.

    Alongside Crimson Dragon, Xbox Live gold subscribers will be able to get their hands on Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, which made it to reality after successfully being backed on Kickstarter. Both Xbox One games are available till August 31st.

    As for the Xbox 360, players will be able to pick up Motocross Madness, a Trials lookalike till August 15th, whilst later on in the month, Dishonored will be available from August 16th till August 31st.

    All of these games are still fairly new, so Microsoft are being pretty generous with month's round of Xbox Live free Gold games. This is possibly one of the best months we've seen since the Xbox Live Games with Gold loyalty reward program began.

  • Dead Island 2 Playable Demo Will Make Appearance at Gamescom

    dead island 2 gamescomDeep Silver have a lot planned for this year's Gamescom, but perhaps the most exciting thing to come from the developer is a hands-on look at Dead Island 2. Those visiting Gamescom will have the chance to play Dead Island 2 for themselves, marking the first time Deep Silver have let the game go public.

    Whilst we may not get a fully featured official gameplay showcase of Dead Island 2 at Gamescom 2014, we can expect to see a large amount of gameplay content hit the internet as soon as the world gets it's hands on the Deep Silver game booths available at the event.

    In total, Deep Silver will have 150 different PC and console gaming stations scattered around Gamescom 2014, which should be enough to give a large amount of players a chance to experience Dead Island 2 over the days the event is held.

    Dead Island 2 has been set for a release in Early 2015. Unlike previous titles in the franchise, Dead Island 2 will be developed by Yager, a team that has not previously worked on Dead Island at all.

    On top of having Dead Island 2 gameplay showcases, Deep Silver will also be giving visitors of Gamescom 2014 the chance to play Dead Island Epidemic, Metro Redux, Risen 3: Lords, Sacred 3, and Emergency 5.

    Gamescom 2014 will take place from August 13th to August 17th in Cologne. This is definitely one of the biggest events of the year for Deep Silver, and we'll have a lot to talk about as soon as Gamescom is under way.

  • August 11 Reveal Planned for Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

    advanced warfare multiplayerThe next game in the Call of Duty franchise has been revealed to be Advanced Warfare, a title that will be solely developed by the series's third developer, Sledgehammer Games, for the first time.

    So far, we have been treated with a wide range of teasers and content reveals for the story and setting for Advanced Warfare, but our multiplayer taste buds have not yet been touched. However, that is about to change, because Sledgehammer Games have revealed their plans to showcase the multiplayer in Advanced Warfare at Gamescom 2014, on August 11th.

    The brand new multiplayer gameplay reveal for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will be in Microsoft's hands, and Major Nelson has revealed that he and the creators of the next COD title will be ready to show off multiplayer content of the game soon.

    As well as showing off the content to those attending Gamescom 2014, Microsoft will be streaming the whole event on Xbox Live for the world to see. Along with gameplay content, Microsoft has said to be giving live interviews with some of the developers who are working on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, so we can expect to learn a lot more about the new game later this month on August 11th.

    We're hoping that Advanced Warfare will have enough to bring back the old Call of Duty crowd, many of which felt that the latest game in the franchise, Ghosts, was a big let down.

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  • Call of Duty Ghosts New DLC Videos Released

    Call of Duty Nemesis DLCActivision has just released a brand new set of gameplay video trailers showing off the latest DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts, which has been named 'Nemesis.'

    The new Nemesis DLC pack for Call of Duty Ghosts will feature three brand new maps to the game, along with a brand new co-op mission for the Extinction game mode, and a remake of a map from a previous Call of Duty game. The Nemesis pack will be released on Xbox One and Xbox 360 this week, whilst other consoles and the PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts will get it some time next month.

    As mentioned before, one of the four new Call of Duty Ghosts maps in the Nemesis DLC pack will be a re-imagining of a map previously used in an older Call of Duty Games. The remade map will be Shipment, a level that was seen in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    Shipment has been known for it's small size, and it currently holds the record for the smallest map in the whole history of Call of Duty. For the other three maps, players can watch the brand new gameplay reveal trailers to get an idea of what they can expect when playing the new DLC.

    Like other DLC packs for Call of Duty Ghosts, Nemesis can be purchased for $14.99 and is free for season pass holders. Nemesis will be the final DLC pack for Ghosts before Advanced Warfare releases later this year.

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  • Sunset Overdrive with White Xbox One Leaked

    sunset overdrive white xboxSunset Overdrive has been seen as one of the most interesting and unique exclusives for the Xbox One so far, and it's clear that Microsoft don't want to let it's release go unnoticed. Along with a pretty decent marketing campaign following Sunset Overdrive, Microsoft may be teaming up with Insomniac Games to release a brand new Xbox One bundle to promote Insomniac's new game.

    The new bundle will allegedly include a copy of Sunset Overdrive, along with a brand new white version of the Xbox One console. The bundle will also come with a white Xbox One controller, and a Kinect unit, which will still be black.

    So far, we aren't too sure how likely it is that the Sunset Overdrive white Xbox One bundle will actually make it to retailers, as the only information we have on the new bundle is a product listing from a French online retailer by the name of Micromania, who have since removed the listing from their website.

    If the new white Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive bundle is really happening, we'll probably hear more about it at Gamescom later this month.

    The product listing for the white Xbox One bundle was priced at €399.99, which can roughly translate to $535 US dollars. A kinect Xbox One with a game can be picked up for around $450-$500, so the $535 price tag for a limited edition white Xbox One doesn't seem too far fetched.

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  • Details for GTA 5 Alleged Zombie's Leaked

    GTA 5 Zombies DLCRockstar have already mentioned in the past that they have plans for new DLC content for Grand Theft Auto 5, however unlike previous GTA games, the developer has solely focused on releasing new free content for the online portion of the game since it's release.

    However, despite this, Rockstar still have been quietly working out their plans for new singleplayer DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5, and thanks to new rumors, we may now know a fair amount about the new upcoming content.

    Allegedly, Grand Theft Auto 5 will soon be receiving a brand new DLC pack that will include some kind of zombie related content. The rumors surrounding this report are very loosely based on some leaked code found within Grand Theft Auto 5, so we'd better take this with a very large grain of salt.

    However, we've also been hearing a lot about a set of casino based DLC content from a few various sources, some of which suggest that the new DLC pack will include multiple casinos, three mini games 12 new assassination missions, as well as other missions for Trevor, the IAA and other characters.

    So, can we expect a brand new zombie themed DLC pack alongside a casino DLC pack for GTA 5 in the near future? Honestly, we have no clue, but it could be possible. Hopefully we'll hear something official from Rockstar as soon as the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are released.

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