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  • Borderlands 2 Includes Pearlescent Items with New Level Cap Release

    Borderlands new Legendary Items

    With a new level cap increase incoming, and an increased difficultly level being added, Borderlands is in need with some new weapons, and Gearbox has just shown off some photos of some high-end gear that will be available in the game after their latest patch.


    The new items will help players level up their Vault hunter past level 50 and on to level 61, whilst still having a chance at the new hardest game mode, the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.


    The new items will have their own 'pearlescent' item tier, putting them at a higher rank than the previous orange weapons. Not only will the pearlescent tier items have far better stats when compared to other guns at its level, but the pearlescent guns have level requirements all the way up to level 61.


    The new pearlescent items will be shown in aquamarine text, and will output damage far greater than the orange text legendary items, although they will be a lot harder to come by.


    The new pack that includes the new Ultimate Vault Hunter mode, the level cap increase to level 61, and the new pearlescent items costs $5 on the PlayStation store, or Microsoft's equivalent of 400 MS points on Xbox Live.

  • New Tomb Raider 1939 Map Pack

    New Tomb Raider Maps

    Although the most enjoyable aspect of the new Tomb Raider is obviously the action-packed singleplayer, Square Enix seem confident enough with their multiplayer to bring out a new 1939 multiplayer map pack already. The new map pack is for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PC, and will add two new levels to the multiplayer in the new Tomb Raider.


    The new 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack will also include new weapon packs and multiplayer characters that will tie into the new maps. New content will be able to be found within each new multiplayer map, and from the details page, things are looking quite interesting.


    The first map is named Dogfight and will involve a deadly stone maze that is filled with traps and other obstacles. The map features elements reminiscent of the World War 2 era.


    The second map is named Forest Meadow, which will involve big open spaces inside a forested meadow. There are both advantages and disadvantages to being out in the forest, and players should have man opportunities to interact with the environment around them.



    Another two map packs, including the Shipwrecked multiplayer map pack are also rumored to be available later this year, and will bring an extra four levels to the game, involving a shipwreck themed map, a mountain top map, and two other unannounced maps.


    Are you interested in more multiplayer maps for Tomb Raider?

  • Crysis 3 Patch 1.3 is Now Live

    Crysis 3 Patch Live

    Crysis 3 has now received the 1.3 patch and it will update to all platforms very soon, although the times and patch details for each platform vary slightly. The patches help to fix some issues including bandwidth problems, bugs with player combat, and other annoying features that ruin the overall gameplay experience.


    Although the patch changes are slightly different across the board, Crytek has worked hard to smooth out as many glitches and bugs as possible across all three platforms.



    Some patch features have also fixed and balanced some gameplay elements to make multiplayer fairer for all players, and overall the patch has covered a lot of spoken-about issues.


    Here are the full patch notes, with details-


    All Platforms

    • Reduction in bandwidth usage
    • Fixed issue where other player's weapons may not be visible when joining the game
    • The "Scout" perk now saves progress correctly
    • Fix for rip & throw items occasionally entering a state where players cannot interact with them
    • Fix for Relay not capturing correct if the carrier is within the cap zone when the friendly relay is returned
    • End of round audio now works correctly
    • Fix for nanovisor becoming locked in some cases
    • Fixed crashes/freezes of the game after the boss fight (some save games still might not be functioning 100% so a restart of the last level might be required)
    • Fixed issue with boss not being triggered correctly and thus not appearing at all (some save games still might not be functioning 100% so a restart of the last level might be required)
    • Fixed extended magazine attachment of the SCAR to not lose 10 clips anymore after each death of the player
    • Fixed secret email not unlocking properly after collecting all Intel in the levels
    • Fix for after match award dogtags failing to unlock



    • Option to turn off squad & clan support when balancing
    • Anti-cheat improvements
    • Ability to customize ADS sensitivity through console commands
    • Fixes for weapon customization when bound to a non-default key
    • Fix for vsync not applying on first boot of the game (even if on in menus)
    • Fix drawnear fov being reset every player spawn
    • AMD feature updates for Eyefinity, DBT and HD3D support
    • Improvements made regarding the SLI performance issues
    • Additional Fix for Limit number of muted DX debug runtime error to bare minimum to help tracking issues early


    Xbox 360

    • Minimised risk of crash when transitioning from SP to MP when in a party with active VOIP
    • Fix for aim assist not working correctly in some areas of maps
    • Fix for an issue that could cause host migration failures
    • Potential fixes for issues related to audio stuttering
    • Dog tags now unlocking properly



    • Fix for aim assist not working correctly in some areas of maps
    • Fix for an issue that could cause host migration failures
    • Dog tags now unlocking properly


    Update: The Crysis 3 1.3 patch is now live. Are you excited to see new changes within the game?

  • Black Ops 2 "Uprising DLC Announced"

    BO2 Uprising DLC

    Activision has now confirmed that the previously rumored Uprising downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will reach Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 will be receiving the DLC first, starting on April 16th, and will be followed by other platforms. The cost for the DLC pack will be 1200 Microsoft Points, or your currencies alternative, and of course will be free for those who have purchased a Black Ops 2 season pass previously.


    Uprising will feature four multiplayer maps as well as a new "Mob of the Dead" Zombies game mode. Mob of the Dead will have players playing in Alcatraz with four actors behind some of Hollywood's most iconic mobsters, including Ray Liotta, Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, and Michael Madsen.


    Treyarch studio head, Mark Lamia made a statement about the game:


    "With Uprising, the team has really outdone itself again. In addition to creating four amazing new multiplayer maps, the Studio has been hard at work on the Zombies front to surpass what we accomplished with 'Call of the Dead.' What they've done this time around is nothing Zombies fans have seen before -- and if you don't believe me, just wait until you get into Purgatory."


    Are you interested in the new Uprising downloadable content pack? What are you most looking forward to?



  • Dynasty Warriors 8 Coming to Western Markets

    Dynasty Warriors 8

    Dynasty Warriors 8 is a game that is usually released first to the Asian market, and if it sells well it is then brought to western markets, and it seems DW8 has now done well enough to deem itself a release over in Europe, the United States and other parts of the world.


    Tecmo Koei has just officially announced that it will launch Dynasty Warriors 8 for PlayStation and Xbox 360 in North America on July 16th, 2013, and in Europe on July 12th, 2013.


    Surprisingly, each region has had its region specific voice overs added to the game, and although Japanese with English subtitles is a choice for gamers, subtitles have been added for English, French, and German.


    The game was first released in Japan in February this year, so by the time it reaches release over in the western markets, it's likely most of the game issues will have been ironed out, which will include the story mode that involves itself around the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin, with a slight twist to military and political history similar to what would have been witnessed during the golden age of the three kingdoms of China


    There will also be plenty of additional content in Dynasty Warriors 8, including 40 repeatable stages, more than 70 characters, and different scenarios varying on the character the player chooses to play as.



    Are you interested in the squad based gameplay found in Dynasty Warriors 8?

  • Battlefield 4 release date on German EA page a "placeholder"

    Battlefield 4 Release October

    Excitement arouse when EA's German Facebook page made a post to let its fans know that the release date for Battlefield 4 will be on October 31st for PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.


    This has been previously rumored for the European launch date, but EA quickly made a statement on the post, and posted straight onto the German Facebook page.


    The statement on the Facebook page was made by EA and told fans-


    "We were contacted today about the release date of Battlefield 4, which could be seen on one of the tabs in this page. That one was merely a placeholder date, which was published by a technical defect. We apologize for this error. The correct release date will be available on the official Battlefield site."


    There could be two reasons that EA made this statement. Either the October 31st date really is just a placeholder date, or perhaps EA isn't quite ready to release the real date. The game will release some point this year, and as October was the release date for Battlefield 3, it would make sense for Battlefield 4 to release in October this year as well.


    EA may be being patient as they wait for the new Xbox to be announced and the PS4 release to be announced so that they can reveal a next gen release for Battlefield 4 alongside the current gen release.

  • Criterion Games working on 'Unannounced Racing Title' Due for Release in 2013

    Criterion Games Working on New Title

    Thanks to dedicated internet crawlers, information for an "unannounced racing title" due for release in 2013 has been found within the CV of one of Criterion Games' employees.

    Following on from this, the announced game has been listed on the LinkedIn profile owned by Need for Speed: Most Wanted developer's lead cinematic artist for marketing, positioned alongside the words "EA Games 2013."

    Further internet crawling has shown that the game has been shown on another Criterion employee's LinkedIn as well, meaning it's very likely for a new Criterion racing title to hit this year.


    No information from employees CVs has given any details on the game, and whether it's a game from a previous franchise or a new IP is also currently unknown.


    A bit of a tip from Criterion to help us guess what could be next followed when Criterion said last October that they are planning to return to Burnout at some point, but it was highly unlikely that they would ever develop a direct sequel to Burnout Paradise. This leads us to believe that Criterion are working on a new Burnout game, but it could just be a red herring hiding the real game Criterion are working on.


    Another possible game that could be released is a revival of bike combat series Road Rash, which Criterion released a teaser for a remake last year.


    The final possibility is that Criterion could be working on another unannounced Need For Speed title, which has been confirmed to be released at some point, and as Criterion has played a heavy role in NFS's development, it would make sense that they would be behind this game as well.


    Whatever game Criterion is working on, it sounds as if they will be busy for the foreseeable future.

  • Skyrim 1.9 Patch Finally Reaches Consoles This Week

    Skyrim 1.9 Patch

    The Skyrim 1.9 patch has been out for a while on the PC platform, however its port to the consoles has so far been a little behind track. However, Bethesda has finally confirmed on Friday that the title update 1.9 for The Elder Scrolls Skyrim is set for release on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Monday, April the 8th.

    Currently according to the Skyrim developer, the Elder Scrolls patch is undergoing the certification process for console release, and it won't be long before the update has passed the test and Bethesda have confirmed that the release is scheduled for later this week.

    The 1.9 patch update, which has already been released on the PC version of Elder Scrolls Skyrim removes the current level cap and allows players to reset their maxed skills in order to re-level them, similar to the prestige feature in Black Ops 2.

    Because of this, it's now possible to level up and unlock more perk points consistently, even past the previous level cap. The 1.9 patch update will also include a new 'Legendary' difficulty mode geared for the more veteran players who want a greater challenge from the game.

  • Third Arkham Game, Batman Arkham Origins will Reach PS4 and Xbox 720

    New Batman Arkham Game

    The two previous Batman games for the current generation of consoles, Arkham City and Arkham Asylum, have seen great success thanks to the great gameplay and story that fit perfectly into the Batman universe.

    A lot of fans may have been led into the games by the recent Batman films, but regardless, the games have been produced at top standards with beautiful scenes and story elements involved.

    Looking forward to a new Batman game on the next gen will be exciting for many reasons, and although the gameplay itself is sure to be very enjoyable, it'll be great to see what a new Batman game could make of the next generation hardware.

    It isn't confirmed but rumors have cropped up about the new Batman, Arkham Origins, which will be announced at E3 for next gen consoles. The Arkham Origins game is expected to be a prequel of the previous two games, following in the footsteps of Batman and his actions within the comics of the 1950s-1970s era.

    Despite the great game, two key players of the previous game's development won't be involved, including the great Paul Dini, a writer of Batman stories, and Mark Hamil, the voice of Joker.

    Story elements are currently unknown, but appearances by other DC super heroes such as the Green Lantern and Superman may make it into the game.

  • New Limited Edition Diamond Plated Rare Loot Box Specially Crafted for the Best of Borderlands fans

    New Borderlands Edition

    Usually you don't see re-releases for video game titles until a good 10 or so years after a games release, often in celebration for an anniversary of other accomplishment the video game may have achieved the developer, but it seems Gearbox doesn't want to wait years before their Borderlands series becomes a classic and instead they've wanted to release a new purchasable special edition that includes a whole load of features to make a Borderlands fan happy.

    At PAX East, Gearbox announced the Borderlands 2 Swag-filled Limited Edition Diamond Plate Loot Chest and its release date set for June. When Borderlands 2 was first released, gamers could get their hands on the Ultimate Chest Loot Box Edition, and the new Swag Filled edition seems to give those who previously didn't manage to purchase a loot box a second chance, included with extra in-game items and memorabilia.

    Although the loot box is quite similar to the previous one when it comes to shape and size, the newly announced box has a few different features to set it apart, specifically the color scheme and main design of the box innards.

    Inside the box the following can be found:

    • Diamond Plate Loot Chest
    • Loot Chest Certificate of Authenticity
    • A rare vacuform Goliath mask w/SHiFT code that unlocks the head in-game
    • 20 Trading cards with SHiFT codes that unlock Legendary items in game
    • Vault Hunters Wanted Poster
    • Window Decals for Hyperion, Jakobs, Maliwan, and more

    A copy of Borderlands 2 won't be included to avoid fans having to pay for more than two copies of the game, and the items included could change slightly before its release in June.

    There are also only 5,000 total boxes being manufactured, all of which will cost those that are interested $99.99.

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