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  • Ryse: Another Great Cinematic Game that Lacks Enjoyable Gameplay?

    Despite Beyond: Two Souls lacking much actual gameplay, it is a fun game that has been tied into a deeply immersive story. It's an interesting way to create an interactive experience, but from day one, the developers' goals for the game were always clear.

    Ryse: Son of Rome on the other hand looks like an enjoyable, brutal game that could take us and our controller as close to living inside of 300 or Gladiator as possible.

    Unfortunately though, if recent reviews are anything to go by, Ryse: Son of Rome’s actual gameplay might be just a little underwhelming.


    Crytek have been pretty well known for making amazing visual experiences, but under delivering on the actual gameplay content of games, and according to many professional reviews, the gameplay in Ryse seems a little too boring, repetitive and easy.

    Game informer's aptly titled review states that 'Ryse: Son of Rome is as fun as dialing phone numbers.'

    According to Game informer, the gameplay in Ryse seems very uninspired, and  leaves the player pressing the same buttons over and over when using the dull combat mechanics.

    Joystiq also seems to agree, saying that you'll be 'clobbering time and time again' in Ryse, and finally Shack News says that Ryse: Son of Rome is 'pretty boring.'

    This is pretty disappointing to hear, but it looks as if Ryse may not be the action packed gladiator game we hoped for. The graphics are nice though, and along with the cinematics and story plot, Ryse could make for an interesting viewing experience. Personally it sounds as if the actual experience for the player may be a little dull, unless they are already prepared to be met with dull combat mechanics that present themselves to the player.

  • Skyrim and Minecraft Mash-Up Coming to Xbox 360

    Bethesda has just teamed up with Mojang to announce a new DLC pack currently exclusive to the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.
    The new DLC content will replace some of the existing materials in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with Skyrim themed versions, as well as adding completely new items and equipment into the game.

    The new mash-up pack will include a range of new features -

    Skyrim themed texture set that replaces the textures for all blocks in-game with Skyrim themed versions.

    40 Skyrim character skins that can be chosen from the menu. This will include some well-known races and creatures from Skyrim such as an Orc warrior, a Khajiit merchant, an Argonian mage, an Orc blacksmith, a frost troll and more.

    Skyrim themed menu and user interface

    Skyrim music score will replace the original Minecraft music. Includes Watch the Skies, Dragonborn, Awake, From Past To Present, The City Gates, Dragonsreach, Distant Horizons, Dawn, The Jerall Mountains, Secunda, Frostfall, Unbound, Far Horizons, The Streets of Whiterun and others.

    Pre-made world will be included in the pack and will include landmark locations from Skyrim, such as Whiterun, Riverwood and Bleak Falls Barrow.

    The Skyrim mash-up pack is now the second Xbox 360 mash-up following on from the Mass Effect themed DLC pack, and will be available for 3.99 Dollars/ 2.69 Pounts / 3.79 Euros

    Although this content pack is only available for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition at this time, it may also become available on other platforms when it is released to other consoles.

  • Gears of War Could Come to Xbox One

    Along with Halo, Gears of War is one of the most popular Xbox exclusive franchises that help to paint a picture of the Xbox gaming experience for most gamers, and Microsoft seem to like the idea of having the Gears of War franchise continue on the Xbox One.

    In September, Microsoft Game Studios Vice President Phil Spencer was asked whether Gears of War would make a return on the Xbox One. His answer was a short, "Ask Epic."

    Phil has since been interviewed by IGN, and he has delved deeper into the possibilities of a Gears of War game on the Xbox One.

    Phil said, "I want to find a great Gears game, and I thought we did a good job with Judgment but I don't think it hit the level of quality we saw in the previous games."

    He continued by saying "I think review scores showed that, sales showed that, and I really think that we need to take a step back with Epic and think about - I don't want to call it a reboot, because it's kind of an overused term - but think about where that franchise goes and how to expand what it was."

    Along with many other gamers, I'd love to see a new Gears of War title hit the Xbox One, but it is true that Judgment didn't deliver to the standard we had expected, and to really make Gears of War special again it would take months of careful thinking, planning and game development.

    Even then there's no guarantee that Epic Games can continue the Gears of War legacy successfully. Despite selling well, franchises like Call of Duty clearly show that after a while, gamers get bored of the same thing, and the love we once had for a certain game or series of games dies out.

  • New Vine Video Shows COD Ghosts Leaning Glitch

    Call of Duty: Ghosts will be the first game in the franchise to include the ability to lean round corners. This feature has been present in many other FPS games including the Battlefield series for some time now, so it's nice to see it finally make its way into Call of Duty.

    There is currently one problem with the leaning glitch, and this has been pointed out by a Vine video showing the leaning ability in action.

    The Vine video shows one player leaning out of cover, however from another player's view, the player cannot be seen leaning out at all.

    Despite the player that is leaning out of cover being able to see past the cover clearly and take shots at other players, others cannot see or even shoot the player.

    This problem seems to be due to an animation not playing for the character when a player goes to lean, and it shouldn't be a very easy problem to fix.

    In fact, Infinity Ward's Tina Palacios sent out a tweet on twitter to completely dispel the issue-

    "Nice footage of a stolen game that isn't supporting our work. That is going to be fixed in TU1."

    I'm in two minds about the Vine video and the person that recorded it and uploaded it to the internet. Whilst it's true that piracy is damaging and unsupportive towards developers, if it wasn't for this Vine video, a lot of people would be abusing this glitch while Infinity Ward worked on fixing it.

    Thanks to this video, we should now have this bug fixed as soon as the game is launched through a day one title update.

  • New PS4 Games to Be Announced at November 14 Spike TV Event

    We're now all pretty clear about what games to expect for the PlayStation 4 upon its launch later this month, however we haven't heard much information about any video games that will be released after the launch window period.

    If you're dying of curiosity and can't fathom waiting for more information on upcoming releases, Spike TV has come to your rescue.

    American gaming TV personality Geoff Keighley will be hosting yet another Spike TV event this year, and it will be streamed online on November 14th for everybody to watch.

    Geoff Keighley took to twitter to make the announcement with a tweet saying "Get ready for an epic night of @PlayStation world premieres and announcements. #PS4ALLACCESS, Live from NYC in 2 weeks, 11/14, 11PM on Spike."

    He was then asked by a follower whether the PS4 All Access event would showcase new games for the next gen Sony console, to which he simply replied "Definitely."

    We haven't heard anything about games after launch,  so it will be interesting to see what Geoff Keighley and co. will have on show on November 14th.

    I personally cannot wait to see more information on upcoming games for the PlayStation 4, and hopefully the Spike TV All Access event will show the world something exciting.

    The series of confirmed launch titles are enough to whet our gaming appetites for the time being, but 2014 and beyond better have some extraordinary titles waiting for us all.

  • Warner Bros. Working to Fix Batman Arkham Origins Save Issues

    After an increasing number of reports about save game bugs and issues, Warner Bros. has made an official statement giving information on a variety of Batman: Arkham Origins problems that they are aware of.

    In the official statement, Warner Bros. has listed all of the bugs and issues, however they have not yet made a fix for "rare" corrupted save problems, and it's unlikely that those who have encountered this bug will be able to get their saved content back.

    "We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues," Warner Bros. said in its statement.

    The list of bugs includes both small issues like occasional crashing and freezing and more serious game breaking problems like corrupted save files and bugs that stop players from being able to access and play the story mode.

    Although Warner Bros. haven't released any information on how to avoid these bugs from happening, they have mentioned a few times in their statement that they are working hard on ironing out game breaking bugs and plan to send out fixes via patches that will be made a necessity to be able to play the game once they've been made available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The full statement can be read below.

    Known Issues

    • 1) Infinite Falling/Falling Out Of World - All platformsSome players have been stuck in an endless loop of falling, making it impossible to complete certain missions and progress through the single-player campaign. We believe we have identified the issue and are currently testing the software update, which will push most players back to their previous save so that they will not be stuck in an infinite loop.
    • 2) Unable To Continue Story - All PlatformsSome players can see their story progress in the main menu, but once they choose the story slot they don't see an option to "Continue" and only "New Game" shows up. This issue should be resolved and the "Continue" option will once again be available.

      3) FreeFlow Focus mode not unlocking upon reaching "Shadow Vigilante" rank 3 will be fixed - All Platforms

    Specific to the PC, an update that addresses the above issues, as well as the following, recently went live:

    • Fix for progression blocker keeping some players from navigating through the vent in the Burnley tower.

    We have not yet solved the following rare issues and are continuing to investigate.

    • Corrupted Saves - Xbox 360 onlyPlayers have reported losing their saved game to data corruption. Specifically, when you try to choose a story slot to continue, it says "Corrupted" and if you select it, an error message appears which says, "The save is corrupt. Please delete it." We believe we know what is causing this and need a few more days to validate before pushing a patch through.
    • 2) Ongoing Crashing/Freezing Issues - Xbox 360 onlyPlayers have reported recurring crashing and freezing while playing the game. We have been working hard to track down and resolve the problem as quickly as possible. We believe we know what is causing these issues and need a few more days to validate before pushing this patch through. In the meantime, some players have managed to avoid the freezing by disconnecting their console from the Internet while playing.
  • Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC Announced

    After a successful launch on PC and current gen consoles worldwide, DICE has announced four new maps that will be available in their first upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC pack, which has been named Second Assault.

    All four of the maps available in the BF4 Second Assault DLC will be redesigned versions of Battlefield 3 player favorites, with changes to graphics and appearance, thanks to the new Frostbite 3 engine.

    The four maps have been confirmed to be Operation Firestorm, Operation Metro, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman.

    We'd already heard rumors of such a DLC pack being made available shortly after the launch of Battlefield 4, but it has now been confirmed by both DICE and Microsoft in an official streamed Xbox Live event.

    As well as the graphical enhancements made to the four Second Assault maps, DICE has revealed that the maps will be "enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4."

    The new features will most likely be some kind of Levolution integration that will add more destructible environments and a more dynamic environment that changes as the game progresses.

    The Second Assault DLC pack will be the first of five planned DLC packs for Battlefield 4 and will be available on the Xbox One, along with the game launch on November 22nd, as part of a timed exclusivity deal.

    The Second Assault DLC pack will then be made available to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 a few months after the Xbox One debut.

  • Titanfall Not Coming to PS4

    It has been rumored by many that Respawn Entertainment's next gen first person shooter, Titanfall, would be making its way to PlayStation 4 after the Xbox One and other Microsoft platforms' timed exclusivity ran out, despite Microsoft officials not mentioning a timed exclusivity for the title.

    However, it's been revealed this week that Titanfall will not be making its way to PlayStation 4, or any non-Microsoft console at all.

    The rumors started when Microsoft's Major Nelson started an 'ask me anything' session on Reddit and attempted to avoid a question on the details of the Xbox One exclusivity rights for Titanfall.

    Major Nelson's answer to the Reddit AMA question was "As far as being an exclusive that's really a question for Titanfall. I’m not worried about it though." This made many immediately assume that Major Nelson avoided this question because the previously announced exclusivity for Titanfall wasn't 100% what they made it out to be.

    However, it's been made clear that Nelson's roundabout answer was because it is Microsoft's policy for representatives to not talk definitively for another company.

    To make things clearer, EA has responded to the rumors by confirming that Titanfall will be a lifetime exclusive to the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

    Blake J. Jorgensen, the CFO of EA stated that "In the case of Titanfall, it's a brand new IP," said Jorgensen, "and it's exclusive only, for the life of the title, on Xbox One and Xbox 360 and PCs."

  • Title Update and First Stimulus Package for GTA Online This Week

    It has been confirmed by Rockstar that the first GTA Online title update will arrive this week, along with the first stimulus package containing $250,000 for all players that have had to deal with the GTA Online launch problems on the first week.

    The 1.05 patch should be out sometime this week, and will fix some issues with character save problems, loss of data, reputation level, and other in-game personal belongings like cash and personal vehicles.

    Because of all of the trouble players have had to deal with since the launch of the online portion of the game, Rockstar has previously revealed that they will be gifting $500k in-game money to all players that play the game within the first month of release.

    To stop the influx of money from completely ruining the in-game economy and stock trading systems, Rockstar has decided to split the $500k gift into two $250k stimulus packages.

    The first Stimulus package was meant to be gifted to players in the first week of November, but due to a few of the issues still not being fixed at the time, Rockstar decided to delay the Stimulus package until all major issues had been fixed.

    Later this month, Rockstar will also release their first free DLC content pack that will bring in brand new vehicles, clothing, tattoos, and missions, along with the first part of the GTA Online content creator tools which will allow players to create their own races and deathmatch jobs and play them with their crew online.

  • COD Ghosts Current Gen Version will have Limitations

    Despite many of the launch titles being available for both current generation and next generation consoles, it's looking like Infinity Ward and Activision are having to make some sacrifices to the current generation version of Call of Duty Ghosts to ensure things run smoothly.

    Thanks to a new leaked image of the back cover for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty Ghosts, we now have found out that the online multiplayer will only feature up to 6 versus 6 combat, with the largest games only having a total of 12 players, instead of the standard 18 seen in previous COD games.

    On the next gen version and the PC version of Call of Duty Ghosts, the 18 player standard is present, so it looks as if sacrifices have had to be made. Although we haven't seen a PlayStation 3 copy of the game, it's likely that PS3 will only support up to 12 players online as well.

    The leaked image also gives us information on the mandatory download for COD Ghosts on the Xbox 360. Luckily, it will only take up 3GB of storage space, which means that even if you don't have a hard drive, you'll still be able to install the game onto your hard drive and play the full game once you've cleared a little space.

    It will be interesting to see what other sacrifices have had to be made to make sure Call of Duty Ghosts run smoothly on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Details are quite sparse at the moment, but I'm sure we'll notice a difference once the game releases.

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