Evil Controllers

  • DUST 514 Launching on May 14th

    EVE Developer CCP Games has announced that DUST 514 will enter full release on May 14th, opening up the game to the public and allowing anybody with a PS3 to jump in and play. The game had previously been in Beta whilst CCP tweaked parts of the game, but now that the DUST 514 release date is seen just two weeks ago, it won't be long before all PS3 players can enjoy the experience.

    DUST 514 was developed to be a free to play massive multiplayer online shooter that allowed players to fight over territory and make decisions that would directly impact the gameplay of CCP's other popular game, EVE Online. 

    EVE Online players can also get involved with DUST 514 players by sending orbital strikes and other equipment down to a planet that PS3 players may be playing on.

    If players are interested, a limited edition EVE Online box set can be purchased for $149.99, and will include a 190 page hardbook cover explaining EVE's success since its launch in 1997. Players will also receive a mystery code that will offer "special privileges" in the future, although these privileges haven’t been explained, and whether they have an effect on DUST 514 hasn't been stated either.

  • New Trailer Released For Beyond: Two Souls

    Details and footage of Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls has been recently shown off at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27th. Quantic Dream's director for the game, David Cage revealed details about the games overall length and average game experience for most players at the Film Festival, saying that Beyond: Two Souls will take players on average 10 hours to complete, giving it a similar completion time as David Cage's other well-known title, Heavy Rain.

    The game does have multiple choices to make in the game that will affect the ending in some way, giving the player an incentive to play through the 10 hour storyline again to experience all of the possible story that Beyond: Two Souls carries.

    Although the Tribeca Film Festival showed footage of Beyond: Two Souls, anyone that missed the event and is interested in watching what the game has to offer can watch the new trailer that has also been released alongside the Tribeca Film Festival reveal. The trailer shows beautiful graphics for the game, and explains for the emotional driven interactive story line that David Cage has helped initiate into Beyond: Two Souls.

    Are you looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls? The game releases on Oct 8th.

  • Microsoft Finally Announces Next Gen Xbox Reveal

    The wait has been ridiculously long, but it's finally here, Microsoft have announced that they will be revealing the next generation Xbox this year via a press release and similarly looking emails sent to Xbox Live subscribers.

    The new Xbox, Xbox 720, Xbox Next, or whatever Microsoft decide to call it will be revealed on 21st May, which is a date that Microsoft has started sending out press invites to.

    The event will take place at Microsoft's Xbox campus near Seattle just a month before E3 makes the headlines.

    Microsoft have obviously planned this release to help build up hype for E3, where they have said that "At E3 we'll continue the conversation and showcase our full line-up of blockbuster games," in their press release.

    Although Sony didn't reveal what the PlayStation 4 actually looked like at their press event, they did announce it to the world, and excitement has been rippling through the PlayStation community. However, if the Xbox want to get a good head start over the PS4, it would make sense for Microsoft to actually show the new Xbox at their press event on May 21st instead of only talking about hardware specs and software capabilities.

    Whatever Microsoft have up their sleeves to show on May 21st, it's bound to get gamers excited, and we can all hope that something groundbreaking reaches our living rooms later this year.

  • Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection Revealed

    Every now and then a game developer will bring back all that they've made in a series and throw it together with other goodies on the side, into one big mega bundle. This is what is happening right now with Konami and the newly revealed Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection.

    Although we don't know all that much about the international version yet, the Japanese version includes Metal Gear Solid 1, Metal Gear Solid 2 HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD Edition, and the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD Edition. The newest games, Metal Gear Solid 4 and the Metal Gear Solid VR Missions will be included as well.

    Players who purchase the Legacy Collection in Japan will also get their hands on the original MSX Metal Gear games, two interactive comic books, a Metal Gear Solid graphic novel and Metal Gear Solid 2: Bande Dessinee.

    Obviously, this isn't everything that Metal Gear has its name on, but it's a considerably large chunk of it, and it's all available in one package.

    It's important to note though that these are the details for the Japan edition, and the International version may not include some features such as the graphic novel.

    Currently the edition is being sold for 7980 Yen, or around the USD equivalent of $80, however it would make sense that Konami take away some features to move the price further down to allow more sales on the product.

    If there was something missing from the Legacy Edition International version, what would you get rid of and what would you keep?

  • Skyrim Legendary Edition Finally Confirmed by Bethesda

    Product listings for the Skyrim Legendary package have occasionally been spotted on unknown retailers from across the world, but since we haven't seen any product listings from more reputable retailers, it's been hard to believe the rumors of the Skyrim Legendary edition actually being a real thing. However, Bethesda on their bethblog has just recently announced that yes, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition is a real thing, and it will include a lot of the features that Bethesda has been working on since the original version's release.

    The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Legendary Editions will cost $60 for Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3, and will get you the full Skyrim game, Dawnguard, Hearthfire and the Dragonborn DLC packs, as well as every added feature from patches and other extra features that Skyrim has also added such as more player housing features.

    Some of the features that have been added through patches that ring a bell for most gamers is the addition of the Legendary difficulty which makes enemies even tougher, and the skill cap removal, making it possible to keep leveling past the previous level caps for all skills.

    The release date is quite far away still. The Legendary edition will make its way to North America on June 4th, and June 7th for Australia and Europe.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaked Box art by Tesco

    Last week we talked about the PS4 date potentially being leaked by UK chainstore Asda, and it looks like this week another popular UK chainstore, known as Tesco, has just leaked a tad too much information on the new Call of Duty title.

    Although we've been unsure about what Call of Duty game will reach the market, everyone is 90% certain that a COD game will come this year, following on from their current annual scheme. This year's game should be scheduled to be under development by Infinity Ward, and the leaked box art from Tesco shows just that.

    Whilst at the bottom of the box art it states Infinity Ward, the rest of it is occupied by a soldier with most of his face concealed, whilst wearing a Call of Duty-like scarf and gloves.

    The title for the game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, has already made it's rounds in the gaming community, with the biggest ripple to start it all off being from a Youtuber named Drift0r, who has said he has been supplied information from a very legitimate source, and that Activision will announce the title around May 1st.

    When most people with a fairly unknown background come onto the internet to explain their connections with the industry and the leak out information about an upcoming game, it usually turns out to be false and misleading information, but now along with Tescos fumble, perhaps Drift0r is right, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, a game that is rumored to take the futuristic feel of Black Ops 2 even further, may really reach retail this year.

  • Three New Trailers for GTA V Hitting April 30th

    Rockstar Games has suggested to its fans via their official website that three new trailers will soon be revealed, giving players more details on the three playable characters in the new GTA V, currently known as Trevor, Franklin, and Michael.

    GTA V will be the first game to include multiple protagonists to play as in the series, according to Rockstar, who first revealed the details about the three characters earlier last year. The details also stated that in some cases, players will be able to swap back and forth between the characters when they are involved within the same mission.

    All three characters will have different skills and abilities, and I can imagine that the overall gameplay experience for all three characters will feel distinctly different from the other two, so it'll be interesting to see what these new trailers show us.

    Previously, two trailers for GTA V have been released, but no real gameplay has been shown. The trailers scheduled for April 30th may or may not show gameplay, but as the game is still a few months from release, I can see Rockstar not revealing playable gameplay footage just yet.

    Grand Theft Auto is currently scheduled for launch on September 17th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U after its original release date was rescheduled.

  • New Gears of War Judgment Maps This Week

    The developers of the new Gears of War: Judgment have taken some bold steps to change up the overall multiplayer experience of the game, and although the game has had some decent improvements, many players of the title couldn't express enough about the small amount of maps available on launch.

    However, it has just been announced that a new map pack, called the Call to Arms Map Pack will be released on April 23, and will include three new maps and a brand new multiplayer mode.

    The Call to Arms map pack is the second Gears of War Judgment map pack, which according to the press release, explores the 'darker side' of the Gears universe.

    The three new maps include Terminal, a map that includes close quarter combat within Locust infested terminals as the COG protect what was once Halvo Bay, Blood Drive, a map that mixes things up by placing the battle within a sanctuary and a hospital, and Boneyard, a deep and chilling grave yard.

    The new maps have also been set up to play alongside the new game mode, Master of Arms, which follows a similar game style found in other FPS games such as Black Ops 2 or Battlefield 3. In Master of Arms, players will start with the same weapon whilst trying to aim for a total of 20 kills. Once each kill is reached, a new weapon will be given to the player. However, unlike other game modes similar to this in other games, melee and grenade kills will not count, forcing the player to use the new weapon each time they are given one, hence the name Master of Arms.

    The new map pack also includes an extra 10 achievements to unlock, allowing players to get a total of 250 more Gamerscore from GoW Judgment.

    Are you going to get the new GoW Judgment DLC pack?

  • Injustice: Gods among Us Now Released

    After months of rumors, speculation and trickled out information about the game, Injustice: Gods among Us is now available in the US, Europe, and the UK, as Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment has now announced the UK launch of the DC super hero based game.

    For those that don't know, Injustice: Gods among Us is a super hero based game that fits into the fighting game genre, intertwined into a brand new story created by the award winning NetherRealm Studios, in collaboration with DC Entertainment and  Justin Gray and Kimmy Palmiotti, of which both are successful comic book writers.

    Players will be able to play as many different characters in the DC universe and test out the powers, gadgetry, and other unique abilities of famous villains and heroes such as the Joker, Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, and so on.

    This is certainly a good step for the fighting game genre as we've seen too many rehashed Tekken and Street Fighter games, and whilst these usually turn out to be good titles, throwing Injustice into the mix will breathe fresh air into the somewhat stale genre.

  • Project CARS Delay Longer than you Might Expect

    Although we already know that Mad Studios revealed a few months back that Project CARS has been slated for a slightly unexpected 2014 release, the racing game developer has now revealed more information about the release date, and some of those looking forward to the game may be a little disappointed, as although many have expected the release to be very early 2014, it turns out it will be even later than that.

    On Slightly Mad Studio's forum, a moderator has posted to confirm that Project CARS is currently slated for a quarter 2 2014 release, which means at the earliest, the Project CARS game will reach retail in April. The late release date for Project CARS could possibly mean that the game game may make it onto next generation consoles on top of current gen consoles like it was originally planned to be.

    If you're not satisfied with the huge delay in Project CARS, you can check out a video by a YouTube user named 'ADRIAN1esp' on Youtube. The video shows the YouTube user's hands and wheel while racing via the user's helmet cam.

    The video has been edited by the user to show his hands and steering wheel instead of the ones found in-game, but the Project CARS aspect makes it interesting to watch.

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