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  • Amazon Hints at Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode

    Earlier this week Amazon listed the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as having a "The inclusion of zombies in gameplay, both in as an option in multiplayer, and as a campaign option." You can view the new page here.

    Kotaku was able to get a screenshot of it before it was promptly taken down.

    Not too sure what all the secrecy behind the zombie mode might be but we do know that the game will be hitting the store shelves November 13th. We will follow up on this story if any new news about the zombie mode is released.

    If the listing were true what kind of controller would you create? Show us with our Controller Creator!


    Recently, a ton of Halo 4 content was displaced throughout Internet. Hypertrooper at the NeoGAF forums compiled a large list of all the news in order to make it easier for the Halo 4 lover in all of us. Check out the links below!

    Be warned though. Some links do contain spoilers of the campaign so read at your own discretion.

    Here is a video from Machinima showing off Dominion Mode in Multiplayer.

    This is a video from IGN, which shows off their campaign impressions.

    A preview posted on Joystiq about the campaign and the approach to the new game.

    A video interview with Frank O' Conner posted by Giantbomb.

    A preview article written by Shack News showing off the campaign.

    If this didn't satiate your appetite then head on down to the NeoGAF forums and show Hypertrooper some love for posting all the links.


    Don't know what to do until the new Halo comes out? Play with our Controller Creator to see what your Halo 4 Controller will look like before the game gets released.


    Hello everyone and welcome back to my second life that I like to call Minecraft!

    Last week I left you with bitter sadness coupled with the unknown frontier that lay before me. But this week, everything was starting to look a whole lot better... kind of.

    Off on the wrong foot...

    After leaving our dismantled home with sadness in our thoughts we set out to a new land, a land that would be much flatter and hopefully not as dangerous as the last. But before we even got to our destination my companion katycat37 and I were separated. I began to look for her like a mad man but with the sun coming down I knew we had to make a shelter. So I did what any good companion would. I left!

    Yes I felt bad! But what was I gonna do! Kill both of us? Stop being selfish!

    Anyways, as I left the jungle I came to the swamp biome. This particular land was filled with...nothingness. This biome is completely desolate. Except for the water surrounding it with a few swamp trees it was pretty empty, but it had to do.

    Forever alone and a rooftop garden...

    As I began to lay the first wooden planks of our new house I knew that night would quickly come so I had to make a rudimentary shelter. Did I? No I didn't. I decided that it would be better to create a two-story house at this time. Except I didn't have enough wood with me to build this house so, I was stuck with a house with no roof and stairs to no-where. That's just great.

    It's kind of like when you built something with Legos and you didn't have enough Legos so your battleship looks like a gutted fish. Yeah that was my new beginning. DERP!

    As soon as the dawn came my companion was able to travel to our new home and helped me construct it to a real glorious house with a rooftop garden no less!


    Ah yes. This was the Minecraft paradise that I have been searching for! A home with a nice ocean front view, two-stories with rooftop garden and a farm to provide sustenance, oh yeah this was it!

    But, I committed a sin. I did not know how to make a bed for our house and if you are new to Minecraft then know this: beds act as spawn points. Because I didn't know this and when I died I had to run from my old wreck house in the jungle to our new one in the swamps. So...

    I CHECKED THE WIKI! Oh the humanity! I did it! I did what I said I was never going to do. But at least I could spawn in my new house every time I died!

    Check in next week when my companion becomes a cat lady and we go boating!

    Thanks for reading!

    (Check out BHLGaming.com and join their forum for more Minecraft fun throughout the entire month of September.)

  • Halo 4 Xbox 360 Giveaway

    Halo 4 Xbox 360 Contest

    Date:Now until November 2nd, 2012

    One Grand Prize Winner Will Receive a Halo 4 Xbox 360 Bundle

    This includes:
    -An Exclusive Limited Edition Halo 4 Console
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    -Halo 4 Standard Edition Game
    -Exclusive Sounds within the console to match the Halo Universe
    -Redeemable Xbox Live Code for Downloadable Halo 4 Content

    Five days before the release of the new Halo 4 Xbox Bundle we will pick a random person from our newsletter group and give them a brand new Halo 4 custom Xbox 360.

    How To Enter:
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    2. That's it!

    To Enter:
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    Each household is limited to 2 entries. Must be 18-years-old at the time of the giveaway in order to accept the prize.

    This contest is available to anyone with no purchase required. Only participates in regions where this contest abides by all of their region's laws and policies are eligible to win.

    Winner will be selected at random and the announced Winner will be notified via email. If no reply is given within 72 hours of the sent email a new participant will be selected.

  • Metal Gear Ground Zeroes is NOT Project Ogre

    For a while now gamers everywhere have been waiting for the next big thing Hideo Kojima was working with. Initially we all though Metal Gear Revengeance would be his new project but it didn't take time for us to learn we were wrong.

    It was sometime later that Hideo Kojima revealed that he was working on a new engine, the Fox engine. In one of the interviews where Kojima was showing his new engine he revealed that he was working on a new game and that the video playing at the background (there was a computer in the background) was an actual game that was being rendered via the Fox engine. The game was later revealed to be "Project Ogre".

    So unsurprisingly when Hideo Kojima himself revealed Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes (an "open world" game running on the Fox engine) at this year's PAX, many gamers assumed that Project Ogre was the codename for MGS Ground Zeroes. I guess I can sort of see why people got the two mixed up since Project Ogre is also supposed to be an open world game running on the Fox engine.

    Well, this didn't please Mr. Kojima too much. So in order to clear things up he posted this frustrated tweet:

    "While I am happy to know people liked 'MGS Ground Zeroes,' I'm sick & tired of people keep asking me like 'is that project Ogre?' here in Seattle everyday. Project Ogre is what the project that Ogre appears. Ogre does not appear in 'MGS Ground Zeroes' trailer."

    I guess that will clear out whatever confusion people had. Not only that, the fact he mentions that we would have seen an "Ogre appear" makes it sound as if Ogre is a character. Since the rendered video of Project Ogre showed a forest, it makes me to wonder whether "Ogre" actually means an actual Ogre. You know, the fictional monster. Either way it seems Mr. Kojima has his hands full. With the revelation of MSG5 last June, it means he is currently working on 3 titles. That ought to get the fans all excited.

  • Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes - First Game Shown on Hideo Kojima's FOX Engine

    Big news for Metal Gear Solid fans! At this year's PAX expo Hideo Kojima himself came to show an almost 15 minute long gameplay video of him new creation, MGS Ground Zeroes. This was the first ever reveal of his new project. What's better is the fact that this new iteration is being made using the new engine Hideo Kojima has been working on for the last few years, the FOX engine.

    The demo was meant to to show off the capability of the FOX engine and from what was shown, the game looks great. Mind you that it is still a work in progress. There is every indication that the game is going to be HUGE. Hell, even Naked Snake (a.k.a. Big Boss) is making a comeback!

    Amongst the biggest changes is the fact that this game is going to be an OPEN WORLD game, a first for the series. During the demo other cool features were highlighted. Snake is now able to commandeer any vehicle within his reach. You can even call a helicopter at ANY time during the missions that you are currently in.

    What is the point of the helicopter? Well, it is sort of our "portal". It will take us to any destination we want and using it we can switch between missions. Since the game is an open world game, missions would be spread all across the world (in different countries), so having a chopper is a must. Also, as Kojima pointed out, the chopper comes with its very own theme song and players have the full freedom of choosing what song will play when the chopper approaches. A very simple and truly satisfying touch.

    During the last bit of the gameplay when the chopper lifts Snake away, we get to see a large part of the world below. Kojima pointed out at that moment that players have the freedom of accessing ALL those locations! It's like Skyrim but with Big Boss!

    As you can see, this is a treat for MGS fans and new comers alike. Even though they could only reveal a fraction of the new features, what we have seen is revolutionary for the franchise. To add to this all, Hideo Kojima himself will be personally supervising the whole project.

    With all this in mind, it is important to know that MGS Ground Zeroes is NOT MGS 5 but a prologue to it. MGS 5 has already been confirmed by Hideo Kojima back in June and is being designed such that it takes full advantage of the power of the FOX engine on release.

    In my opinion MGS 5 won't be out anytime soon mainly due to the release of MGS Ground Zeroes. Maybe it is being developed for the next generation console? With regard to the FOX engine Kojima added that the reason for making a new engine was that they wanted to have an engine they could really tweak and optimize. He continued to add that the demo was rendered on a PC and the final game would look like the demo.

    So there you have it guys, an open world MGS game. Who would have thought it? Now however it seems like such an obvious idea right? Like, "why didn't they do this before?" Well, at least they made it now. I can't wait to see what they reveal next. I still haven't been able to grasp the whole "open world" concept and I guess I need to see it in action to fully understand. As soon as anything else comes up you can count on us to fill you in so, be sure to keep an eye on our site!

    How would you design your custom controller to match the Metal Gear Solid theme?

    Blog by Shahriar Azad


    Howdy all, and welcome back to Part 4 of my Minecraft blog here on Evil Controllers! Last time, I left you all with a beautiful Minecraft sunset which seemed to hint that things were starting to looking brighter.

    Well, it was anything but bright.

    I hate creepers...

    After a long journey in the underground mine outside of our humble household I decided that it would be a great time to reorganize all my loot. As I was doing this I had this comforting feeling that my tools could face any enemy in the world of Minecraft. Spiders, creepers, skeletons and zombies all bowed before the heel of my boot in the underground cavern and it gave me a sense of serenity.

    Life was good.

    Then, all of a sudden, my character was thrown across the room from a powerful explosion! Half of my hearts were gone and my foundation was shaken to its core. I thought to myself,"What the hell just happened?" I then looked to where I was standing and saw this...

    It was one of the most disheartening experiences of my Minecraft life. I knew creepers were harmful enemies underground but to have them come to the front doorstep of my house was just frightening. Nowhere was safe.

    This was when I made the decision to pack up our bags and get the hell out of this jungle biosphere and find one that is much more open. I vowed that no creeper would touch my house ever again and make me rebuild it all. (Which, by the way, is incredibly frustrating.)

    But before I did that I found that you could have different skins for your character. So I chose to be one of my videogame heroes: Gordon Freeman. (Ahh yeah.)

    As Gordon I told my companion that this jungle was too harsh and that we needed to travel to the East and make a new house in a different biosphere. She reluctantly agreed with me and we began the upsetting process of taking our house apart for the wood planks.


    As we finished our job on scavenging the resources from our house we decided that it would be best if we left some behind in order to serve as a memorial as our first house in this big Minecraft world.

    When we left, the world almost knew what was going on and decided to put salt on the wound by raining.

    The sadness I felt was almost sickening. It was the same feeling I had when I destroyed a Lego creation in order to create a new one as a kid.


    Stay tuned next week when we start our new home in a not so far away land. This time our house was twice as big and our ingenuity went from Neanderthal to well not as stupid.

    (Check out BHLGaming.com and join their forum for more Minecraft fun throughout the entire month of September.)

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightening Returns - Major Detail Reveal

    Hey there gamers! Finally some details are being revealed about the new FF Lightening Returns and instead of beating about the bush I am going to summarize them for you. Before we move to the bullet points there are a few things to keep in mind.

    According to the initial reveals (which were later confirmed), this iteration of FF will be significantly different to the past. The overall game is tied to the notion of time. Players will have a finite amount of time to do what they plan before the game ends.

    Time is basically the health indicator of the world in which Lightning is in. The world continues to lose life and as expected, the game ends when the world does. Our actions will affect the world around us thus increasing or decreasing the time that we have in it. In any case, the world has a maximum of 13 game-days till it loses all its life.

    Now that we have that covered it will be much easier to get the points given below. The following key points were retrieved from an interview that was posted in Famitsu:

    1.The game currently 30% toward completion.

    2.This will be Lightning's last game. Shocking I know, but according to rumors at least her story is supposedly going to end on a happy note.

    3.The game is going to be "world driven". This basically means that the world around us will change in reaction to our actions

    4.In terms of time, there is a 13 day limit to the game, at which point it will end.  2 hours of our time (real time) will represent 1 day within the game. At certain points the in-game days will either pass faster or slower. Depending on our actions, the life of the world could decrease at a faster rate thus bringing the game to an end before the 13 day limit.

    5.The game is meant to be played several times over. Alternated endings perhaps?

    6.At points during the game we will come across people we can help but, helping those people will reduce the life of the world. I guess Square Enix is putting a bit of moral dilemma in the mix.

    7.On the other hand, defeating enemies and completing certain quests will increase the life of the world and thus give you more time.

    8.To keep reminding you of how much time you have left, the city will be littered with clocks which will show the progression of time.

    9.Now to one of the bigger changes, NO PARTY system. In this iteration Lightning will be completely on her own. According to Square Enix this will allow us to concentrate more than when dealing with a party of 5. The reason for this change is probably connected to my next point revolving around the combat.

    10.They are implementing quite a big change in the battle mechanic as well. The combat this time is going to be more action oriented. Like before there is going to be an ATB gauge but, instead of selecting menu command menus we can directly utilize different abilities which will be assigned to the buttons!

    11.We will also be able to move freely during battle however some elements of the combat system are timing-based.

    So as you can see guys, FF Lightening Returns is quite a change from the norm. I don't know how die-hard fans would view this but as for me, I am definitely looking forward to this. Although I don't think I will pre-order this till I see some favorable gameplay footage. What about you guys, like the new direction or not?

  • Bethesda Assures PS3 Owners that Dishonored Won't Be Buggy

    Since the moment I saw the first trailer for Dishonored I have been going on and on about how good it looks and how much I am anticipating it. But being a PS3 owner, I am sort of dreading how it will play on the PS3 as well.

    It is a well-known fact that Bethesda has been horrible to PS3 owners. Why do I say so? Well let's just take Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim into consideration. On PC and Xbox 360 it is perfect. On the PS3 there is a massive glitch that you only get to find out after playing the game for a while.

    On top of that, DLCs always take forever to get to the PS3 and even when they are released, it is full of bugs! You all know that the latest DLC for Skyrim, Dawnguard, took forever to release. What many don't know is that Bethesda had to work real close with Sony in order to get Dawnguard to even work properly on the PS3!

    The only ray of hope I see here is that Arkane Studios is mainly responsible for development. I hope they prioritized both consoles when developing the game. Recently a concerned gamer asked this question to Studio Head Pete Hines on Twitter “Will Dishonored run properly on the PS3? I don't want another Skyrim."

    To this Pete Hines replied, "Dishonored runs very well on PS3. Press have been playing it all month at QuakeCon, Gamescom, and here at PAX. Ask all the press playing the PS3 version if you don't believe me."

    Well I hope this is true and that Bethesda has learnt their lesson. The only thing we can do now is wait and see. If Bethesda doesn't pull their act together they risk losing a large section of the market which might even haunt them to the next generation.

    Thankfully Evil knows how to watch for their Ps3 fans having just released updated PS3 compatible modded controllers. Our PS3 mods now have the V2 update including mods like Spot Fire, Drop Shot, Akimbo Rapid Fire and more!

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • AbleGamers Foundation Releases Groundbreaking Document.

    The AbleGamers Foundation recently released a document explaining how to implement accessibility into video games.

    "Many of you have said to us, 'Okay. Accessibility is important. Now HOW do we implement accessibility?' And that's what this document is...", Mark Barlet, President of the AbleGamers Foundation.

    Includification outlines many problems that disabled gamers face and how the developers can tackle this problem. One of the tools that are given to developers in this document is a checklist. This list outlines things such as: does your game have subtitles, colorblind assists and remappable keys?

    As the document progresses it includes specific parts of a game such as the camera control and elaborates on that key aspect and how a certain disability might not be able to make large mouse movements while another may not be as precise.

    Not only do they give great advice for consoles and PC platforms but they also advise for mobile gaming as well.

    "Touch screen devices...Not everyone can touch them; many more struggle to use them with accuracy or comfort." Barrie Ellis, the Director OneSwitch.org.uk, a letter in the document said.

    There are many obstacles that developers have to tackle when developing games towards disabled gamers. Luckily, this document advises and helps struggling developers.

    "This document is far overdue and it is my sincere hope that you will consider these guidelines as you develop your games." Barlet said,"AbleGamers needs your help to enable the more than 33 million disabled gamers."

    See the document for yourself at Includification.com and be sure to spread awareness regarding the document.

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