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  • Console Players Will be Able to Rent BF4 Servers Soon

    bf4 server rental

    Whilst matchmaking systems can get players into games quickly, it can effectively ruin the potential that custom game lobbies have, and when it comes to games like Battlefield 4, which have dozens of variables to take into consideration, the overall game experience can get a little diminished. So far, custom game lobbies haven't been made available in Battlefield 4 for console gamers, however, just like with Battlefield 3, EA have plans to introduce a system that will allow players to rent out servers.

    Once a server is rented out, the server renter will be able to choose between plenty of variables, set up map rotation, and choose between various other multiplayer lobby options.

    Once a server has been rented, there are certain rules that need to be stuck to in order to keep your server from being removed from the "official server pool." Servers the official pool are very similar to official EA servers, and if a player chooses to quick join, there is a chance official pool servers will be picked, even if that server isn't an official EA server.

    However, if a server renter tweaks too many settings, the server will be removed from the official pool. This is a system that has been put into place to avoid unsuspecting players ending up in servers that could be controlled by potentially abusive server renters.

    So far, no details on pricing or availability for BF4 server renting, but it's likely to be made available fairly soon.

  • From Battlefield 13, to Battlefield 20, EA secures 8 new Domains

    Although EA has already had its hand on Battlefield websites two through to nine, It seems they've decided to 'preserve' their future a little longer and purchase 8 new domains, starting from to

    EA has strangely missed out on Battlefield 10-12, but I'm certain most of the discussion will be about why EA has secured such websites.

    It's only been very recent that EA purchased for $9 grand, so for them to buy out all these domains now is very strange.

    Perhaps EA decided to go on a spending spree, just to be safe and ensure they don't have to fork out another $80k on more websites just like they did for

    Or maybe these numbers mean something else. If you count every game since Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield 4, that makes a total of 12 games. Making the 13th (possibly Battlefield 5) title have relation to the domain

    The second theory is that EA have decided to a Madden and bring out a new game in the franchise every single year and changing the title names to Battlefield 13, Battlefield 14, and so on. The second theory makes EA sound like they might just be turning their favorite top selling FPS into a seasonal sports championship though, so perhaps they'll avoid that route.

  • New Battlefield DLC Announced

    New Battlefield 3 DLC

    Battlefield: Aftermath is a huge new DLC title for Battlefield 3 and has been announced for release over the next two months. Battlefield premium players will be able to access the new content as early as November 27th if you own a PS3, or December 4th if you own the game on a PC or Xbox 360.

    Non-premium PS3 players will be able to access the content on December 11th, whilst PC and Xbox non-premium players will have to wait till December 18th to play the new Aftermath DLC.

    So what will the new Downloadable content have to offer? Well I'm glad you asked because Aftermath is certainly putting a lot more on the table.

    They'll be four new maps based around the aftermath of the earthquake that took place in Iran within the single player game. You'll play as dusty and bloodied up soldiers in the wrecked city which has fallen victim to the natural disaster. The new maps will have plenty of opportunities to open up new routes by destroying scenery that has been strewn around the city.

    Inside the new maps players will find a new crossbow weapon which fires a range of deadly projectiles and three new vehicles; the Baruk, the Rhino, and the Phoenix. All three vehicles have been geared up to protect themselves from the recent earthquakes and following aftershocks that will occasionally occur whilst you are playing on the new maps.

    If that doesn't sound cool enough, DICE are also adding a completely new game mode exclusive to Aftermath which has been named Scavenger. In Scavenger, everyone will start the game with no weapons or equipment, and will have to scavenge for guns and supplies in the wrecked city. Ammo will be sparse, and so will the class system, so gameplay will be down to overall skill, and maybe a little bit of luck.

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  • Battlefield 3 DLC "Aftermath" Details

    Battlefield 3 DLC: Aftermath

    Finally we get to hear about the 4th installment, "Aftermath", of the 5 DLCs that EA had planned out for Battlefield 3.

    Here's a list of all BF3 DLC:

    "Back to Karkand" released on the December of 2011,
    "Close Quarters" released last month
    "Armored Kill" will be available next September
    "Aftermath" will be available in December
    "End Game" will be available on March 2013

    As stated above, Aftermath will be available this December although no exact dates have been mentioned. Regarding what to expect from this add-on, this is what the official site had to say:

    "Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and surrounding villages of a post-earthquake Tehran, Battlefield 3: Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation.

    With operational capacity severely compromised the opposing forces must adapt and engage in vertical and horizontal urban combat amongst the dust and rubble with cracks and fissures in the terrain providing unexpected cover and paths to objectives. Additional support comes in the form of heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles specially adapted to deliver deadly force to the enemy."

    So basically the "Aftermath" takes place in Iran and Tehran which have been devastated by an earthquake. We will be getting to fight both "horizontally" and "vertically", and will be taking cover in the "cracks and fissures caused by the earthquake". Well this already makes the gameplay sound real interesting doesn't it?

    What the DLC includes:
    -4 new maps
    -1 new game mode
    -New dog tag, assignments and achievements
    -Heavily modified troop transports and civilian vehicles

    As you guys can see that there was nothing mentioned about new weapons with this expansion. When asked about this there was an official reply saying that "Armored Kill" will not be having any new weapons but, "Aftermath" will have some. Nice!

    Also, as with all other DLC, PS3 players will be getting access to this a week before PC and Xbox 360 players. As you know, all the DLC are available for individual purchase but there is also the BF3 Premium Service which will give you access to all DLC for a ONE TIME payment of $49.99.

    The Premium Services offers a pretty big saving if you are planning on getting all DLC anyways and has been very successful as it raked in over 800,000 subscribers within 2 weeks of its launch. Not that surprising since Premium Service subscribers received a wealth of additional bonuses (double XP weekends, new in-game weapons, new dog tags etc.) along with all 5 DLCs.

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  • Battlefield 3 DLC "Armored Kill" Detailed

    Armored Kill DLC info for Battlefield 3

    Hey there guys, with only a few more weeks to go before we get our hands on Battlefield 3's 3rd DLC "Armored Kill" there has been a lot of information revealed surrounding what to expect from it. So we thought we would give you a low down on what to expect from this add-on. Before we get ahead check out the trailer for it:

    Armored Kill Trailer:

    As you can see it is all about the vehicles. This is what the official website for BF3 has to say about "Armored Kill":

    "Armored Kill" ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield can do. Featuring new drivable tanks, ATV's, mobile artillery and more, this expansion pack also delivers huge battlefields for an all-out vehicle assault. Armored Kill also includes the biggest map in Battlefield history".

    What to expect from Armored Kill:

    4 new maps - one of them being the biggest map in the history of Battlefield
    6 all new vehicles - tanks, tank destroyers, mobile artillery, ATVs etc.
    Players will get to bring back five new vehicle unlocks to the base game
    Opportunity to earn 20+ unlocks for the new vehicles in Armored Kill
    New game mode - Tank Superiority
    Also, all maps will be playable for all six game modes

    As you can see it is an all out vehicle war with the biggest map in Battlefield's history to make the whole vehicle vs. vehicle mayhem that much more epic! Unfortunately though we won't be getting any new weapons in "Armored Kill" and this fact has already been confirmed by EA. Who needs weapons when you get to wreak havoc using an AC-130!

    Yes you heard me right; addition of the AC-130 will be bringing a whole new experience to BF3. This is what Niklas Fegraeus (gameplay designer at DICE) had to say, "If your team wins control over a specific base, [the AC-130] starts circling the battlefield. When doing this, your team can use it as a parachute spawn and also man the weapon positions."

    As expected the AC-130 will be sporting a lot of firepower including heavy auto cannons, high-caliber shells and anti-aircraft machine guns. But players better be careful and get pilots to guard this baby as what it has in firepower it lacks in maneuverability. And it won't take time before enemies would want to blow your angel of death right out of the sky!"

    "Armored Kill" will be available for download this September and BF3 Premium Service holders will get early access to it; 2 weeks early access for PC and Xbox 360 owners while 3 week early access for PS3 owners!

    Oh and Niklas also mentioned that we will be getting Motorbikes in the appropriately named fifth and final BF3 expansion "End Game"! Be sure to keep an eye on our website as we will bring you all the recent info surrounding BF3 as soon as it is revealed.

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  • Medal of Honor: Warfighter vs Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Warfighter to Compete with Black Ops 2

    It seems every year now we gamers get to witness a clash between FPS superstars. Last year it was Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3 and this year it is Black Ops 2 vs Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Both these games are direct sequels to their respective predecessors and both of them show great promise.

    Since 2003 Call of Duty has been the reigning champ with little or no competition. Even though there are a lot of gamers annoyed by the COD franchise now because of the similar gameplay and old engine, they still continue to break sales records every year. It's no wonder the franchise doesn't seem too eager to set itself apart from their tried and tested formula.

    This is where Battlefield and MoH come into play. These guys desperately want to get to the top and that's why they are trying to improve on any and all aspects of the genre. We have all seen how amazing the Frostbite 2 engine looks and its potential for destructive environments. This year's MoH is expected to actually be better looking (slightly) than BF3.

    Not only is MoH bringing a better graphics to the table they are also bringing their secret weapon - globalization. Seems The Danger Close team has taken inspiration from Fifa in becoming more 'global'.

    In one of our previous articles we gave the complete list of the twelve Tier 1 Teams that were available from a total of ten different countries. The Danger Close team is banking on the local appeal of these teams and hoping the patriotism factor would kick in to get people that much more involved with game and the overall experience.

    Also another key difference between Black Ops 2 MoH this year is that MoH is much more grounded while Black Ops 2 (being set in the future) has gone a bit high-tech. A lot of fans have already expressed their dissatisfaction with Black Ops regarding this.

    But no matter what the online polls say or how many complaints there are, CoD has always come out on top. With this year's Black Ops being termed as the MOST ambitious of all CoD games, MoH has to bring its A game in order to have any chance of competing.

    It is obvious that there is no way that MoH can take the throne this year but, having a solid run will definitely help the franchise get a bigger cut the next time. Maybe in time we will see BF or MoH become the top dog but till then I hope the competition keeps on increasing. The stronger the competition, the better it is for us gamers.

    If you aren't sure which of these titles you will be picking up, don't fret. Our modded controllers are likely to be compatible with both titles. If you already have our Adjustable controller or our Master Mod you can fine tune our Adjustable setting to have rapid fire on day 1 of either release.

    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Halo 4: Campaign Gameplay Demo

    The first ever Halo 4 gampelay was shown at the Microsoft press conference at E3. All diehard fans of the franchise were a bit on edge about the upcoming game considering the fact that a completely new company was developing Halo 4. The return of Master Chief himself did little to calm them down.

    I remember watching a random late night talk show in which one of the hosts exclaimed "Why should we be excited about Halo 4 when strangers are making the game?". The fact that Bungie Studios split from Microsoft and the game was passed over to 343 Industries was not very well received by fans worldwide. A good analogy would be as if Santa Monica Studios had given the rights to God of War to an internal studio of Sony. It just wouldn't feel right.

    Fortunately though, the gameplay demo shown by 343 Industries at E3 blew away these concerns, wowed the crowd and got the fans excited yet again for a new Halo. If you missed the demo check it out in the following link:

    According to a select few in the gaming community who had the opportunity to play Halo 4, they said that it felt exactly like the previous iterations. Additionally the graphics just look insane. As expected, this installment is the most beautiful of all the games in the franchise.

    The gun play also appears a little altered in that it doesn't require a hundred bullets to take out an enemy which makes for a much more enjoyable and fast paced gameplay. Also, I think they put a bit more thought into the game this time around in terms of it's cinematic moments. If you watch the gameplay you will notice how the weapon evolves as Master Chief keeps progressing through the level.

    Be sure to check out the following articles where we take a look at other aspects of Halo 4, such as the campaign details, Spartan Ops and multiplayer.

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  • Battlefield 3: Premium Service

    Battlefield 3: Premium Service

    The Premium Service for Battlefield 3 is very much like the Elite service available for Call of Duty. Premium service was launched on Monday, June 4th and actually offers a pretty hefty saving.

    Premium Service owners will get all 5 expansion packs that are going to be released for BF3 in the future, which include:

    1. Back to Karkand
    2. Close Quarters
    3. Armored Kill
    4. Aftermath
    5. End Game

    The service is priced at $50 or 4000 Microsoft points and owners of the service will get the 5 expansion packs for the price of 3.5 (saving about $25). Although the saving would be a little less for gamers who have already purchased the first expansion Back to Karkand released a while back but, it still is a good deal none the less.

    In addition to this, players will essentially be getting a wealth of other in-game bonuses for free, like the following exclusive items:

    1. A new knife
    2. 20 new weapons
    3. 10+ new vehicles
    4. New dog-tags
    5. 10+ unique soldier camos
    6. Unique weapon camos
    7. 5+ unique assignments

    Owners of the service will also get an enhanced Battlelog with new features such as the ability to reset their Kill/Death ratio and Win/Loss ratio amongst other things. You will also get server entry priority which will basically allow you to enter the popular servers without having to wait in the long ques.

    Additionally, players will also get to save 5 of their favorite Battle Reports which otherwise tend to have a limited life span. In essence more bragging capability! You will also get access to exclusive events, videos, strategy guides (straight from the experts at DICE) and my favorite, Double XP Weekends!

    Premium service subscribers will also get early access, 2 weeks early to be exact, to all the newly released DLC. PS3 owners will get a sweeter deal, an added 1 week early release so they get to enjoy the new content 3 weeks earlier than Xbox360 and PC gamers!

    So all in all, this is a great deal considering that it is not a monthly subscription but, only a onetime $50 investment. If you are a fan of BF3 this is something you should seriously consider getting and if you already have it, then you already know how sweet the deal actually is.


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    Rapid Fire
    Adjustable Rapid Fire
    Drop Shot
    Auto Scope
    Auto Run
    Auto Spot

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

  • Peter Molyneux to cover E3 news with Spike TV

    Peter Molyneux at E3

    E3 is only a few weeks away, but Spike TV has announced that they will have Peter Molyneux as their guest host while covering everything related to the world's biggest gaming expo.

    Peter Molyneux is the mind behind the popular Xbox franchise, Fable and has recently departed Microsoft to start his own indie studio. While his studio 22 Cans has yet to release any titles, Molyneux is definitely an industry giant. Paired with Geoff Keighley and Kotaku editors you can expect much smarter coverage of E3 this time around on Spike TV.

    The live E3 analysis will begin on Monday, June 4 at 11:30 AM (ET)/ 8:30 AM (PT) and will cover the big Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, EA and Ubisoft press conferences to start, but since E3 will be going on till June 7th you can expect a large amount of quality content and quality analysis. Definitely worth watching for people that can't go to E3 and it will be interesting to see what Molyneux's view points will be now that he no longer has any ties to Microsoft.

  • Nexon Rumored to Buy Electronic Arts

    South Korean Company Nexon to Bid on EA for Takeover

    Accord to Joystiq, Nexon, the South Korean MMO company that created Maple Story is a pretty big player in the East. It's so big, it's thinking about and looking at possibilities of buying out a competitor from the West, Electronic Arts. Yes, THAT Electronic Arts. MK Business News, a South Korean newspaper, has reported that Nexon's Japanese headquarters spoke with EA about acquiring the company. However, it is unclear what the negotiations have come to. EA isn't saying anything according to all of its representatives.

    But the bigger question is if this deal is possible in the first place. Many people don't think so. Michael Pachter (Wedbush Securities analyst and host of Pach-Attack on sated that it is highly improbable.

    "There are few, if any synergies, and no reason to believe that Nexon could run EA's assets more efficiently. Nexon shareholders would own a completely different company than what they bought in the December IPO..."

    So for now, it seems all these talks about an EA takeover is interesting to talk about. But it's highly and very unlikely for a deal to be happening in the near future.


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