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  • Destiny Beta Progress Will Be Wiped at Launch

    destiny betaRegardless of how many hours you may have put into the beta stage of Destiny last month, your progress and characters will be deleted in time for the full launch date for the game, Bungie has confirmed.

    Unsurprisingly, all data made in the Destiny beta will be wiped, similarly to how alpha content was deleted before the beta was launched. However, Bungie have mentioned that the beta wipe will be the last time players will have to say goodbye to their characters and saved data.

    Whilst this may not be much of an issue for the majority of you, it's understandable that some players may be frustrated with the wipe after coming across rare gear or weapons that they may not have much luck with in the full game.

    However, as the game was in beta stage, players should have expected their gameplay progress to be wiped before playing, so there's no real reason to get angry at Bungie for the new beta wipe.

    The main cause for the wipe is because Bungie have been constantly tweaking the balancing of the game, changing experience rewards, loot drops and more, and these changes would make it unfair for those players who didn't get the chance to play in the beta.

    A designer at Bungie, Tyson Green, wrote on a blog to address the wipe, "Since the Beta, we've continued to tune and adjust the game. The way you earn experience has been adjusted up and down a bunch of times. Items have been added and removed. New features toggled. Although there's no single monumental change, the sum of the tweaks leaves characters from the Beta Build in strange shape that would be confusing at best, broken at worst."

    Evil Controllers will still be creating the Master Mod which is anticipated to be compatible with this first person shooter! Check out our site and see what designs we have in store!

  • New DOOM Game Beta Will be Current Gen Only

    doom betaIt's been known for a while now that the upcoming Wolfenstein title, The New Order, will come packed with beta access for a brand new DOOM game that is currently in the works and being published by Bethesda.

    However, so far details on the beta, it's availability and the platforms it will run on have been pretty unclear. This week, we've uncovered a bit more information about the beta, and it has now been announced that the DOOM beta will only be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

    To get beta access, gamers must pre-order a copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order. As expected, a PS4 pre-order will allocate the owner a PS4 beta key, an Xbox One copy pre-order will allocate the owner an Xbox One beta key, and pre-ordering for the PC will grant owners a beta key for the PC version of doom.

    It has also been revealed that players will need an active Xbox Live Gold membership to play DOOM online, but PlayStation 4 owners will get off the hook, as they will not need a PS Plus membership to give the DOOM beta a spin.

    So far, the beta release date has not been revealed, and at this point we couldn't make a decent estimate, but it's likely to be between the release of Wolfenstein and some time next year. A FAQ was created to give a bit more clarification. It stated that, "Although you'll receive the Doom beta key code with your copy of Wolfenstein: The New Order, the Doom beta won't begin until a later, yet-to-be announced date. We will be providing more information on the specific content and duration of the beta test at a later time."

  • Some More Details On Titanfall Content Expected at Launch

    Titanfall Launch Content

    Titanfall hit Beta late last week, and at first I was taken back at the epic, super exciting gameplay the seemed to unfold in every single game. There is rarely a break in action, and sometimes that action intensifies and it's incredibly enjoyable.

    The problem with the Beta is that the fun doesn't last - after a few hours of playing, the same two levels get boring, and playing with just four weapons with little customization options can make it feel almost pointless to carry on getting exp and completing challenges.

    I hope that this issue will be addressed at launch. Right now the level cap is 14, which can be reached in less than 10 games, and once you've done that, there isn't that much left to do other than play the same things again and again.

    One thing you can do though is keep unlocking burn cards, because some of these have a little peak at what content we’ll see in the future. Firstly, there seem to be two primary weapons available from burn cards that aren't yet loadouts, and that includes a more powerful sniper that can do more damage than the DMR, which takes 2 body shots to kill currently, and then there is an LMG, which from my experience feels like a very decent gun that can beat opponents from close to long range.

    It's also been rumored that there will be a total of 14 maps playable after a player digged into the data files, along with a few more weapons and Titan and Pilot perks.

  • French Retailer Suggests February Titanfall Beta Launch

    Titanfall beta launch february

    There's been talk about it, and after the successful closed alpha stage, I'm pretty sure Respawn Entertainment would be happy to release a beta for upcoming FPS Titanfall. New information from a French retailer suggests that there will be a Titanfall Beta, and it could be available as early as next month.

    Posters have been shared in the stores of French retailer Micromania that suggest the Beta will start on February 14th, just in time to give you an excuse for forgetting all about Valentines day. According to the French poster, the beta will run through to February 19th, and it will be exclusive to those who pre-order through Micromania.

    As Micromania is in fact a child company of GameStop, it would make sense that once again GameStop has bagged the goodies for the next big shooter game, and beta exclusivity may be for those who pre-order from GameStop or Micromania.

    Seeing as February 14th isn't really that far off, I expect there will be an official announcement for this information by next week. If not, it's likely this was a slip up on Micromania's behalf, and we may need to wait a little longer, and that's if a beta for Titanfall actually ever comes out.

    It's likely the supposed beta will mainly be for server testing purposes, and it's probable that the game has already been balanced out and tweaked for it's launch later this quarter on March 11.

  • TitanFall Alpha Extended, Users Upload Clips Under NDA

    TitanFall Alpha NDA

    Although Respawn Entertainment aren't yet sure on the status of a Beta for their upcoming FPS game TitanFall, an Alpha has been going on for the last few days, and a lot of players that have managed to get into the closed alpha are very impressed with the game so far.

    It seems Respawn has loved the positive response to their game so much that they decided to extended the closed alpha to Monday, and whilst most players kept their lips sealed whilst under the NDA that prohibits the recording of alpha gameplay footage, like pretty much every public closed alpha or beta out there, some bad eggs decided to break the rules and record footage anyway, and then upload it to the internet.

    What this means for us is that we get to have sneak peak of the game before it's full release. We get to see unscripted, real, live bug-filled alpha gameplay in all of it's glory, and as expected, it's looking pretty amazing.

    One thing I do have gripes with though is the AI performance - from what I've seen the most common AI, the grunts, are absolutely incapable of landing a kill on you. Instead, they crouch there, occasionally spraying bullets into your back before you have enough time to finish what you’re doing, turn around, and kill them within seconds.

    Respawn has said that the grunts will most likely stay this way, but I'm not sure if many players will be happy with this. Hopefully balancing will be done upon release.

  • Xbox One Beta Planned for Project Spark Next Month

    Project Spark Beta february

    Project Spark is an interesting venture for develop Team Dakota - the idea is that you take your typical open sandbox world even further by opening up new options and opportunities for players to turn their world into a unique playing experience that other players can then get involved with.

    Project Spark has been dubbed the video game that lets you make video games - whether or not it’s actually officially considered a game or just a software studio is unclear, but the compelling nature of the games shown within the creator have certainly turned a few eyes.

    To make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible Team Dakota has confirmed that they will be running a beta to test drive everything before full release. The beta has now been announced on their Facebook page to be planned for next month.

    On top of the announcement, Team Dakota’s Facebook page has information on how players can access a beta key, and how they can redeem it.

    For those playing on Windows 8, your key can be used on Xbox One, and the same goes for any Xbox One beta key owners who may want to play the game on Windows 8.

    Project Spark is planned to be a free to play title, but beta access will be limited so that Team Dakota can focus on any issues that arrive instead of a huge surge of new players all at once.

  • Will There Be a Titanfall Beta? - It's a Possibility

    Titanfall devs, Respawn Entertainment aren't quite sure whether there will be a Titanfall Beta or not yet, but they are certainly considering it at this point in time. Vince Zampella, co founder at Respawn confirmed that they are "definitely thinking about it" when asked about a possible Titanfall beta, however at this point in time it's unclear what kind of access would be available for such a thing.

    Titanfall Beta

    If a Beta does come about, it could be possible that it could be restricted to pre-orderers only, or it may end up being even stricter, but right now it's hard to speculate.


    I think that it would be best for Respawn Entertainment to release a Titanfall Beta because with the massive scale of most FPS games these days, it's rare that a FPS console game ever releases without bugs, exploits and issues on day one. A beta would help Titanfall to iron out gameplay kinks and focus on server stability.

    Vince Zampella also commented on Kinect integration by saying that it just "didn't fit the game," meaning that there won't be any added Kinect functionality to Titanfall, leaving players with just their trusty controller in their hand.

    Personally I cannot wait for Titanfall to release, and a Beta would definitely be a good way to give us a little sneak peak at what's to come in the full release.

    We'll keep you updated on any new information that comes out about the beta.

  • Destiny Release Date Pushed to Late 2014

    Destiny Release Delay 2014

    When Destiny was first announced, it gave us all the impression that Bungie were gearing up to release the game as a launch title for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, or at least a game that would make it to release within the launch window.

    However, with Bungie being Bungie, things have been pushed back a little. Instead, both the full release and the BETA have been delayed to later down the line in 2014.

    The final dates have been set as September 9th for the full release, and sometime in Summer 2014 for the BETA release. Interestingly, Bungie have also teamed with Sony to offer a timed exclusivity for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 players, however details haven’t yet been given on whether this exclusivity will be strictly for the BETA access or for the full release as well, and a date for the Xbox versions hasn’t been given.

    Bungie released this information in a new statement, along with information on how close they are to reaching their final goals and original vision for the game. It has also been confirmed that the BETA date will work similarly to an early access launch, and everybody that pre-ordered the game will be able to play through the BETA and onto the full launch without any wipes or character save data being erased.

    It is likely that the game will undergo a huge amount of balancing changes whilst in BETA, so although early access through pre-order will be a viable option for those who want to get in and play early, you may miss out on the full, final experience that Bungie are working towards.

  • New Obliteration Mode Added to Battlefield 4 Beta

    Despite only launching with two different gameplay modes, Conquest and Domination, DICE have just rolled out an update to the Battlefield 4 BETA to add another multiplayer game mode.

    The new game mode is named Obliteration and should be available to play on all platforms that currently support the Beta. (PS3/Xbox 360/PC)

    In Obliteration, a bomb will spawn in a randomly selected location on the map, and two teams will fight to pick up the bomb and then plant it in one of the three team's objective points.

    As you can imagine, the bomb spawn point will be incredibly hectic, and once the bomb has gone off at an objective point, both teams will then have to fight for a new randomly placed bomb on the map.

    Once a team has destroyed all three of their objectives, they will win the game. Alternatively, the game will end after the timer runs down.

    In the full version of Battlefield 4, there will be a total of seven different multiplayer modes and ten different maps, however Obliteration is only the third available game mode on the BF4 Beta, and there is only one map available to play on.

    No news has been given on whether any more game modes or maps will be available in the Beta.

  • World of Tanks Currently in Beta Stage for Xbox 360

    It's always nice to see more PC games cross the bridge to console gaming. And, as announced at E3, World of Tanks will soon be making its way to Xbox 360. The game is currently in a console Beta which will take place on a few different weekends and will be available to those who previously registered their interest in participating in the Beta.

    It'd be nice to see how well the game ports over to the console, especially considering World of Tanks on the PC has quite a complex menu system and varying different tank controls in-game. Once World of Tanks is available to play for everybody, the game will be free to play, just like it is on the PC.

    Xbox Live Gold members will be able to play it to their heart's content, whilst Silver members will have a 7 day 'trial period.'

    World of Tanks features 15 a side tank warfare as each team fights over control of certain strategic points on the map. The game includes a complex tank tier tree branching into various different tank types and countries.

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