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  • Black Ops 2 - Zombie Mode to be Revealed

    Treyarch is pretty much done revealing both their single player and multiplayer modes. Now we just have to wait for the reveal of their final mode which has gotten as popular as the multiplayer mode, yes I am talking about the Zombies mode.

    The Zombies mode started out very simple in World at War and in Black Ops it got a major overhaul. Tryarch hasn't been shy about telling us what to expect from the Zombies mode in Black Ops 2, without letting us know too much that is. Based on what they have revealed, the improvement we are expecting to see in Black Ops 2 is HUGE.

    On the 25th of August a very simple tweet was posted on the official Black Ops 2 Twitter page which quite clearly hints at the upcoming reveal. This is what it read, "Something's coming...". The tweet was posted along with the picture of a door stained with a bloody handprint. I guess this is a subtle enough hint towards the imminent full reveal of the Zombies mode in Black Ops 2.

    This is what we know about the Zombies mode for now. It is going to have its own story mode. It will also have MUCH bigger levels than what we have seen in Black Ops. The biggest of the reveals thus far was the new mode that will allow a total of 8 players (two teams of 4 vs 4) to play together! From what we know for now, the objective of this mode will be to outlast the other team.

    Surprisingly, the amount of fans (including me) excited for the new Zombies mode might just be equal to that looking forward to the multiplayer. I guess Treyarch understands that fact which is why they put this much effort overhauling Zombies. I wonder if Treayarch plans a huge reveal at the upcoming PAX West? Either way we can expect the official reveal pretty soon.

    COD Black Ops 2 is sure shaping up to be a good one, even though every one of us had their doubts; an old engine, annual release etc. Well I guess we can find out for ourselves when it hits the stores on the 13th of October for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Be sure to keep a check on our site to stay posted on recent news about Black Ops 2.

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    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • COD Black Ops 2 - New Wildcards System Detailed

    The new 10 point system Create-a-Class in Black Ops 2 has created a lot of buzz purely because it is such a big game changer. This is the first and biggest change made to the Create-a-Class system that the franchise has seen since COD4.

    You guys might have heard about the Wildcard system that works along with Create-a-Class system but only recently more details were provided about that. As you can already guess, the Wildcard system is also a brand new addition to COD franchise.

    Players spend the 10 points allotted to them when creating their class. Everything you select costs 1 point, ranging from perks to attachments for your weapons. What this system allowed developers to do was to balance the game according to each individual item instead of balancing each weapon mod for example.

    As before, each weapon can only support a max of two attachments. Here is where one of the Wildcards come into play. The Wildcard called Primary Gunfighter allows players to equip an extra attachment to their weapons (3 in total). Equipping a Wildcard like this will also cost you 1 point.

    In all the previous games there was never really a need to use three attachments to your weapons since the perks were the main factors behind weapon efficiency (e.g. slight of hand). But this time around, weapon performance is only improved via attachments so adding more attachments is definitely the way to go. For example, the attachment Fast Mags has replaced the perk Slight of Hand. Similarly, Laser Sight is the new Steady Aim.

    The following is the list of ALL the Wildcards that you can expect to see in Black Ops 2:

    - Danger Close - Equip lethal grenade instead of tactical grenade (twice the amount of tactical grenades)
    -Tactician - Equip tactical grenade instead of lethal grenade (twice the amount of tactical grenades)
    -Primary Gunfighter - Equip 3rd attachment for primary weapon
    -Secondary Gunfighter - Equip 3rd attachment for secondary weapon
    -Overkill - Equip two primary weapons
    -Perk 1 Greed - Equip more than one perk from Tier 1 perks
    -Perk 2 Greed - Equip more than one perk from Tier 2 perks
    -Perk 3 Greed - Equip more than one perk from Tier 3 perks

    So as you can see, the addition of the Wildcards along with the new 10 point create-a-class system really adds a lot of variability to types of classes one can make. As Treyarch said, the new system is designed to allow players to make their classes according to their playing styles.

    I really can't wait to see the diverse playing styles that are going to evolve due to this system. Check out the screenshot of the Wildcards below. Black Ops 2 is set to be released on the 13th of November for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. For more Black Ops 2 related news make sure to keep an eye on our site.

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    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • Black Ops 2 -Top 5 Multiplayer Features

    Treyarch has repeated time and time again that they are going to make the whole Black Ops 2 experience epic and from what we have seen from GamesCom, they sure did keep their word. In this article I will bring to you what I feel were the top features of Black Ops 2 multiplayer (shown till now).

    Class Creation - 10 Point System

    Treyarch has completely redefined the create-a-class feature that has remained pretty much standard since the first Modern Warfare. They have implemented a new 10 Point System with which players can now build their class (points are used to equip weapons, equipments etc.). This system removes the restraints of having fixed number of grenades, equipments and weapons, and will essentially allow players to make their very own unique class that suits their playing style.

    Killstreaks replaced by Scorestreaks

    Black Ops 2 will also be utilizing Scorestreaks instead of Killstreaks (similar to that seen in Modern Warfare 3). This system will allow players to collect points towards their rewards (care package etc.) in ways other than just killing enemies.

    New Scoresteak Rewards

    New killstreak rewards are always fun. To go with the new scorestreak mechanic that they have implemented, Treyarch has provided several new scorestreak rewards that surpass the predecessors. Amongst the reward are

    New Predator Missile-basically a scatter bomb which affects a larger area of the map

    The Guardian-heat-based weapon which primarily incapacitates targeted enemies but also kills them if they are too slow to avoid it

    Mech-a mech which is deployed on the battlefield and can be controlled by the player himself or be left on autopilot to search and kill enemies

    Performance of Weapons

    This time around the weapon performance cannot be influenced with perks like Steady Aim, Sleight of Hand and Stopping Power. Instead in order to improve weapon performance players have to utilize the different attachments given e.g. Quickdraw-ergonomic handle for faster aiming. It is a pretty clear concept, attachments improve weapons, perks improve players.

    The Shoutcast

    The new Shoutcast feature allows any multiplayer match to be streamed to anyone who would like to watch it. This feature also has an option to allow one to act as the commentator while they watch the game. This might not be a huge feature but still a cool one.

    This could be a completely different way how players can interact with each other as well as add a new layer of detail for friends who play together. But most importantly this feature is going to be an asset in pro matches. One can learn a lot by watching pros do their thing.

    As I said earlier, there is so much being revealed about Black Ops 2 that it is very hard to some up in one or even ten articles! But these for me are the top features that caught my eye. Keep an eye on our website as we list out more cool things about Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Zombies mode in our future articles.

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    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • New Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Details - Description of Attachments and Details of Stats Modified

    More Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Info

    Welcome back Black Ops 2 fans! This week surely has been really good to all who were dying to get info on Black Ops 2 Multiplayer but it is still far from over as more info keeps on popping up everywhere!

    Today I bring to you guys a picture which lists out several of the attachments that we will be seeing in Black Ops 2 along with their description and stats modified by them. The picture (given below) was first put on Note that Black Ops 2 is still in development so the things shown in the picture might not accurately represent what we will finally see in the game upon release.

    Oh and the list is not yet complete so don't be surprised if new attachments appear in the near future. Still, this is a very good insight into things to come. As you can see the hi-tech additions are the Millimeter Scanner and the Target Finder.

    According to the description the Target Finder "identifies enemies and notifies when an enemy is in the crosshairs" which makes it quite similar to the "spotting" mechanic seen in the Battlefield series. The Millimeter Scanner on the other hand "detects lingering heat signature from stationary enemies through materials at up to 25 meters".

    Both of them sound really cool and the Millimeter Scanner seems to be a way to root out all the campers but, the main concern that everyone has is since this is so much better that the traditional Red Dot, doesn’t it make the Red Dot sort of obsolete?

    I guess you can always argue that the kind of attachment you use depends on your playing style but people would generally lean towards one good attachment which could mean everyone might be running around with the same loadout. I guess Treyarch is going to take all these into account before releasing the game so we might see some changes made before the release of the game.

    Black Ops 2 is set to be released on the 13th of Novermber 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Be sure to keep a check on our website as we keep you posted on all info related to Black Ops 2 Multiplayer and Zombies Mode.
    (Click Image to enlarge)

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • New Black Ops 2 Mulitplayer Info - Maps, Domination Changes, Perks and Emblem Editor

    Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Maps

    With the reveal of Block Ops 2's multiplayer at GamesCom there is just TOO MUCH info available on everything. I think Treyarch is planning on blowing away everybody with all the details surrounding the multiplayer. One post is not nearly enough to cover it all but we shall take a look at some of the more prominent info they have made available.

    First thing we are going to take a look at is the Emblem Editor which is making a comeback from the first Black Ops. If you guys remember Emblem Editor allowed players to create their very own custom emblems using layers of clip-art graphics which could be modified in a million ways (color, size, angle etc.). According to David Vonderhaar the emblem editor in BO2 is going to be "bigger and better than ever".

    Amongst the perks to make a comeback is the Scavenger Perk. Just like before this perk will allow you to replenish ammo and lethal grenades from fallen enemies. But this time the perk will also allow you to replenish your equipment. So basically you can pretty much go on an unlimited Tomahawk rage, IF you don’t miss that is.

    Also they made a little change to Domination matches to help balance them out. The Domination matches will now take place over 2 rounds. Everyone knows that where your team spawns in a map has a huge influence on your ability to win the game so, having two rounds will not only balance out the spawning advantage (by swapping spawn points) and prevent spawn trapping but also allow players to try out different strategies.

    Last but not least I present you with pictures of the maps that Gamescom attendees were able to play on. The maps include Cargo, Yemen, Turbine and Aftermath. It is believed that these maps have already been balanced out for gameplay so what you are seeing here is pretty much what you will see in the actual game when it is released.

    Be sure to keep a check on our website as we bring you more details about Black Ops 2 which is currently set to be launched on the 13th of November 2012 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

    Our fans have made Evil emblems in Call of Duty ever since the feature was originally added. We look forward to seeing what our fans will do in Black Ops 2 thanks to their love for our modded xbox controllers. What emblems do you plan to make?

    Blog by Shahriar Azad

  • Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Playable at GameStop Expo

    Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Info

    GameStop is joining in on the fun and will be throwing their first ever expo this year. The GameStop Expo will be taking place on the 29th of August in San Antonio, Texas. Those who are lucky enough to be around San Antonio around that time, I urge you guys to try and get to it.

    A lot of big publishers are going to be there including Ubisoft, Activision, Electronic Arts and Sony. You will get to try out Assassin's Creed, Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell Blacklist at the Ubisoft booth. You can get hands-on experience with the new Skylanders Giants products at the Activision booth.

    Few games EA will be showcasing at their booth include including Medal of Honor Warfighter, Crysis 3, Fifa 13 and Madden 13 amongst others. The Sony Playstation booth will feature several of their upcoming games and accessories for both the PS3 and PSVita such as:

    Games will include:

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3 and VITA)
    Little Big Planet Karting (PS3)
    God of War Ascension (PS3)
    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS3 and VITA)
    Little Big Planet (VITA)
    Papa y Yo (PSN)
    Wonderbook: Book of Spells (PS3)

    Featured Accessories:
    PS Move Wireless Racing Wheel
    GameStop Exclusive Gold DualShock 3
    Premium Wireless Headset

    Attendees will also get a sneak peek at Nintendo's next-gen console, the Wii U and also the new Wii U gamepad. But all this is just the icing on the cake. The main reason people should be going is that for the first time ever Black Ops 2 Multiplayer will be playable at GameStop Expo! This is a good enough reason for one to fly to a different country let alone a different state!

    Finally we will be able to get a look at the new class system and the perks and such! I hope we get to see the Zombies mode as well. We will keep you posted as more news surfaces so make sure you keep an eye on our site.

    For more details on the GameStop Expo check out the official site:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

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