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  • One of the coolest Portal Shirts ever and it can be yours!

    Ben Heckendorn, creator of the Portal Shirt

    When it comes to hacking hardware, Ben Heckendorn is considered something along the lines of a god. Mr. Heckendorn has been known to make hacks of hardware such as the Xbox 360 laptop and the Nes-On-A-Chip portable device. Well this time he went a different route and instead of focusing on a console, he focused on apparel and one of this year's best selling games, Portal 2.

    Ben created the world's first Portal shirt. Yes, you heard me, a portal shirt,which you can read in this link. The shirt is the first of its kinda where you can look at someone's stomach area and see exactly what's going on behind them. What's even better, it can be yours via our friends at AbleGamers.

    As you read in the link above, AbleGamers received the shirt from Ben Heck for them to auction off at PAX Prime this August. But before they auction it off to raise funds for AbleGamers, they are giving the general public a chance to give a high offer for the shirt. So if you wanted to contribute greatly to AbleGamers and their cause, now's a great chance to do so and get a portal shirt!

    If you want to know how Ben created the shirt just follow this link to how he constructed it.

  • Evil Controllers donates to Susan G. Komen to help find a cure for breast cancer

    Although we're a little late on the announcement, its never too late to give to charity and especially never too late to support the fight against breast cancer. As we had announced we would on our blog on February 1st, we recently donated proceeds from all Pink Camo controllers sold in February to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

    However, thats not all. The campaign went so well that we decided to heck with Breast Cancer awareness month at Evil Controllers – lets make it a Breast Cancer Awareness Forever! Therefore, Evil Controllers extended the time for Breast Cancer Awareness efforts and will now donate proceeds each month from every Pink Camo controller that continues to sell! We look forward to helping raise more money to find a cure, and to continue celebrating all of the ladies in our lives.

    Keep it coming on the Pink Camo, readers!

  • Various Video Game Companies Give Support To Japan's Needs.

    Video Game Companies are giving aid to Japan to help recover from the Earthquake and Tsunami.

    With last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a lot of the world has come to the aid in helping it recover. In addition to major charities and governments giving a helping hand to the country of Japan, a number of video game companies are doing their part as well to help in the relief effort.

    One of the companies is Japan's own Square Enix. The Square Enix Group is giving 100 million yen (that's around $1.22 million US) to the relief effort. In addition, they will collect donations from its employees all over the world and also solicit donations through various Square Enix online services as well as amusement facilities that TAITO operates in Japan.

    Korean developer NCsoft is also contributing, bypledging an amount equaling one month of its Japanese revenue, totally nearly $6.3 Million US, to aid in relief. The donation stands out amongst the relief aids that are coming from South Korea as the $6.3 Million pledge is nearly five times larger than the country's largest automaker, Hyundai Motor Group, has given so far.

    Capcom also joins in the relief, as they will also beis donating 100 million yen to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Additionally, they have recently set up a donation program that is linked to their iPhone sales of Street Fighter 4. The proceeds from the worldwide sales ofSF4 onMarch 15th and the weeks onwardwill go towards the relief effort. The game only costs $0.99 or 115 yen.

    As the recovery continues on, various companies, charities, and governments are giving a helping hand to the country in its time of need. If you want give some relief to Japan, please check out with your local Red Cross and/or other various charity organizations in seeing what you can do to help in Japan's recovery.

  • Evil Controllers would like to thank...

    Thanks for your contributions!


    Evil Controllers wants to give a shout out to everyone that donated products to our raffle on Thursday, November 18! The party was a huge success and we were ale to donate far more to the Phoenix Children's Hospital than we expected! So thank you to everyone, we could not have done it without you! Your generosity does not go unrecognized!

    Thank you:

    Zuma Grill

    Divaz Boutique

    Ski Pro

    Utility Board Shop

    D'Arcy McGee's

    Jon Ric Salon

    Kona Grill

    California Pizza Kitchen

    Four Peaks Brewery

    True Rest Float Spa

    7 Day Salon and Nails

    Oasis Massage Center

    Absolute Chiropractic

    Scottsdale Cigar Club

    Republic Ramen

    Galvin, Gaustad, and Stein Wealth Management


    Stratum Laser Tag

    My Big Fat Greek Restaurant

    Firerock Country Club

    Mojo Yogurt

    Toby Keith's

    Cowboy Ciao


    Thank you all so much from everyone at Evil Controllers!

  • Marky Mark and Microsoft give a funky bunch of 360s to charity

    Industry News: Marky Mark with a Big Heart to give out 360s

    Mark Walhberg (known to this blogger as Marky Mark) has teamed up with Microsoft in providing thousands of Boys & Girls Clubs across the nation with Xbox 360s and Kinects. For more than a hundred years, the Boys & Girls Club of America has been helping underprivileged children become more productive and caring people as they grow. Today, they have nearly four thousand clubs and serve more than four million young people across the country.

    boys&girls club

    Mark Wahlberg was once a member, and he's giving back with some help from Microsoft by giving out Kinects and Xbox consoles. "I've experienced firsthand the positive impact organizations like Boys & Girls Clubs have on the lives of young people", said the rapper turned actor.

    Cyndi Court, executive Vice President of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, said ""The first time we saw Kinect, we knew it would have a special ability to bring kids, their families and mentors together. This is gaming and entertainment that encourages teamwork, fair play and creativity.... "We're so excited to provide Kinect for Xbox 360 to our local Clubs, and are thankful to Mark Wahlberg and Xbox for supporting our mission to keep kids healthy and active."

    ~Written by Geroncio Copiozo

  • IGN combines video games with charity to support the Children's Miracle Network

    Industry / Accessible Gaming News: IGN works with Children's Miracle Network


    Video games for charity! Who doesn't love a business with a heart? Combining video games with an amazing cause,ÂÂIGN andÂÂExtra Life are pairing up for a 24-hour video game marathon to support the Children's Miracle Network.

    On October 16, a team of IGN editors will play video games for charity for 24 straight hours with absolutely no breaks.

    Readers and supporters will choose their favorite IGN editor and have the option to donate any amount of money ($1, $20, $50, etc.) to the Team IGN pot, where all funds will go to the Children's Miracle Network and the Children's Hospital and Research Center in Oakland.

    Supporters can also register and solicit friends for donation, much like the style for Race for the Cure or Relay for Life.

    Here is the link to the original article on IGN. Everyone get out there and support! Video games are an amazing way to spend a day, and topping it of with a good cause shows that you can do wonders for this world from your own home, partaking in your favorite pastime. IGN truly shows why they are such a highly esteemed outlet for video game news, and, above all, video game innovation. Good luck to all competing editors, including: Levi Buchanan, Ryan Geddes, Arthur Gies, Craig Harris, Daemon Hatfield, Dana Jongewaard, Nick Kolan, Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Charles Onyett, Jim Reilly, Mark Ryan Sallee, Kristine Steimer, and Nicole Tanner!

  • Justin Wong Sets World Record at E3 2009

    Evil Controller News - E3 2009 - Justin Wong Sets World Record

    Evil Controllers, a family owned company that produces and sells custom and modded Xbox 360 trigger rapid fire controllers, was recently on hand at E3 2009 to experience all the excitement and also let people know about their products. They wanted to bring a little extra to E3, and decided to have professional video game player Justin Wong at their booth for a little Street Fighter showdown against anyone and everyone.

    Wong was able to set a world record at this year's E3 with a 300 win streak while playing Street Fighter IV against E3 visitors. There was no charge to play and each contestant was entered into a raffle for an Xbox 360 Elite. The successful attempt by Wong was recorded by Twin Galaxies, who are official gaming record keepers. The record was previously held by Zak Bennett, with 108 consecutive wins.

    Evil Controllers donated a can of food to Saint Mary's Food Bank Alliance (a local food bank) for each and every win that Wong racked up. The Tempe Arizona based company knows that there are people out there who need a little help - whether it's with video games and gaining an edge or with something simple like getting enough food to eat every day. And this was a way for them to show they could help with both.

    "When we realized how many people were expected to attend E3 this year, Justin and I saw this as the perfect opportunity for Evil to do some good in the world," said Jonah Coe, Director of Operations at the company.

    Evil Controllers was able to achieve that goal at this year's E3. The company didn't let their giving mood stop there. Every person who challenged Wong during E3 were entered into a raffle for a red Xbox 360 Elite. This helped draw a lot of people to the booth and caused a bit of excitement at the convention.

    Although there was only one winner who took home the Xbox 360 Elite, everyone else was able to take a look at the Evil Sticks, a recently introduced ergonomic thumbsticks controller for the Xbox 360. Other custom and modded video game controllers were on display as well. Add to that legendary gamer Justin Wong, and you had a booth that managed to generate a little buzz and energy, even in such a large sea of excitement.

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