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  • Video Games Live Could Be Coming to Smaller Venues in the Near Future

    The Orchestrated Video Game Music Tour Could Be Appearing in Smaller Venues and Areas

    To celebrate it's decade of success, Video Games Live will celebrate in 2012 by heading to smaller venues and towns across the globe. Their reasoning to shy away a bit from populous places like New York and Chicago, was due to demand from their fans and their success.


    "We continually receive thousands of emails a year from families and gamers who would love to experience our show, but find it hard to travel to major cities and have to deal with travel expenses, overnight stays, getting the kids out of school, etc. and we would like to try to accommodate as many people as possible to share in the experience..."

    ~Video Games Live creator and executive producer Tommy Tallarico


    Since they are open to suggestions on where to play, you can make your suggestion on their site by signing up for their mailing list and noting your city/state/country details. The top 10 cities with the most sign-ups will be announced next month and added to the 2012/2013 tour. Also as an added bonus, audience members in those chosen locations will receive a free poster, program and Video Games Live album.

  • Donate Bandwidth to XBOX LIVE for Avatar Items!

    Free Avatar Goods for Bandwidth!

    So are you like me? You want to add a little style and pizzaz to your things but don't got the cash for it? Or in this case of your XBOX LIVE avataar, points? I mean while I do want a evil scientist lab coat for my fat little avatar, I don't really want to fork over ten bucks for it. Well looks like our prayers been answered. Now you can exchange your time and bandwidth for stuff for your avatar!

    Microsoft needs help in testing the Xbox Live network, so they set up a volunteer program where donating up to six hours of your 360's time will reward participants with with crazy scientists attire when the testing is done. The testing will be done through the month of March in various regions.

    To volunteer, simply access your Xbox 360's community section and download the tiny Xbox Live Labs app. Once installed, you just turn it on and leave it running. But there is a warning that your console will be taking a lot of bandwidth during its run, somake sure you don't cap out your allowed ISP's cap.

    There are three levels of testing ranging from half an hour, an hour and six hours. Each one gets you various scientist theme items like evil scientist hair (Doc Brown would be so proud of you). So if you're willing to spend some bandwidth for free stuff. Go for it!

    ~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo, creating the evil science of combining turkey on rye in his "laboratory of evil".

  • Kinect Technology to Help The Blind

    German University students unlocks the capability of the Kinect to help the blind.

    At the Universität Konstanz in Germany, some graduate students have put together a project in using the Kinect to help the blind. Seen here, the students are using a helmet-mounted Kinect and its visual data to relay audio instructions to a wireless headset. These audio instructions would give the blind user warnings about upcoming obstructions and also general directions. They call this project the NAVI, Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired.

    The device also includes feedback vibration motor on a belt, so that it will send out a pulse to the user about any upcoming alerts. The pulse will get stronger if the user gets closer to any objects in the way, like a chair or a wall. If you want to see the device in action, click on the link above and check it out. It's very awesome, and it's good to know that the Kinect is being used beyond what its creators have originally intended it for, and for a great cause.

    ~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo

  • Kaz Hirai predicted to be next Sony CEO

    Hirai to favored be next CEO of Sony.

    The man who basically made a internet meme of himself at E3 back in 2006(you don't remember? here's a hint: "Riiiiiiiiidge Raceeeeeeeeeeeer!"), Kaz Hiraiis likely to be the next in line for Sony CEO, replacing Ken Kutaragi. Seen here on this Joystiq article, it's being reported that a corporate realignment will have Mr. Hirai be named as an "executive deputy president". In addition to the realignment, he will be heading up Sony's consumer products unit, one of two core post-realignment groups for the corporation.

    Hirai won't take his office at Sony until the first of April (and no, it's not an April Fool's joke) andhe is far from having full CEO power. The board of Sony have been talking about succession planning and promoting Hirai is only part of their first step of many. Also noted is that Hirai faces some competition for the full position fromHiroshi Yoshioka, who will be heading up Sony's other core division which covers business to business areas like batteries.

    Frankly in this blogger's opinion I hope Mr. Hirai does get the full CEO position. Because frankly, Sony's main revenue generator is consumer products like televisions and Playstation 3 consoles. While Sony has a lot of interest in business areas that deal with semiconductors and such, everyone associates Sony with one thing: high qualityentertainment. Also, I could imagine seeing Kaz start all meetings with "RIDGEEEEEEE RACERRRRRRRRRRR!"

    ~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo

  • No Super Meat Boy on Nintendo.

    No Meatboy on Wii due to Memory Limitations

    Team Meat's creation will not be on Wii according to this Kotaku article, due to the fact that Super Meat Boy cannot wedge itself into the size limitations set for Nintendo's WiiWare software. Team Meat tried to get a publisher for a retail release, but they have confirmed that the Wii version will not be happening.

    The original game of Super Meat Boy is over the 40 megabyte cap limit for WiiWare. It is possible to fit if there were sacrifices but Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenses (creators of the meat based game) stated that they do not find that acceptable at all (which is likely that the part that would be sacrificed would be the soundtrack). They tried for an option as a budget retail game but no third party interest was to be found.

    While there won't be a Meat Boy on Wii, the creators are working on software with the video game giant.

    So in this blogger's view, it seems that it stinks that Meat Boy won't be on my Wii. The controlls are simple enough and are logically fit for the Wii's remote (if played sideways like a classic NES controller, not with the nunchuck). I would have dusted off my Wii just for this game if it was on. I guess my Wii will still be stuck on playing Mad World and Naruto: Clash of the Ninja series.....sigh.

  • Soon your PS3 saves will be in thin air.

    Console News - PS3 Saves, No Need for Memory Cards!

    As seen here, Sony introduced to its developers of one of its newest feature, the ability save your games via "cloud storage". What is "cloud storage" you ask? "Cloud storage" is where instead of saving data to hardware on the PS3, you may save your data remotely on a server. This method would mean that you can play your PS3 games' saves anywhere atanytime without the need of a memory card.

    There are two catches to this feature. First, the service will only be available to those with the Playstation Plus subscription service. Secondly,Sony stated that developers have the option to opt-out of using the cloud storage service. This meaning that developers can have their games not support the service, thus their customers will not be able to use the cloud saving system for their saved games.

    This cloud storage service (which Sony will call "Online Saving") will be available on the 3.60 firmware update for the PS3.

  • Playstation on your Android?

    Console News - Take your Sony Playstation anywhere!

    At Sony's Tokyo Press Conference, Sony announced that they would get into the Android market by releasing PS1 titles, but instead of having their customers download titles one at a time, they would have a program that would act like a suite for the games. The Playstation Suite will also be available on PSP2 as well.

    Among the first PS1 games to launch on the service will be Wild Arms, Cool Boarders 2, Rally cross, Medievil and Syphon Filter.

    This is great in this blogger's opinion. Because there really isn't that many games for my Android phone aside from the usual. Though I would be concerned about the memory and battery life of my little Samsung moment. But we will just have to wait and see what this Sony Playstation Suite android app can do.

    You can read more about the Playstation Android Application here.

  • Record Xbox 360 sales in the last month of the last year

    Console News - Record Sales for Microsoft's XBOX 360

    Looks like Microsoft hit its record sales on the Xbox 360 at the closing of the last year, so big that Microsoft had to even pull from January and Februarys 360 inventory in order to keep pace with demands.

    According to NPD, a U.S retail tracker, Microsoft sold approximately 1.9 million Xbox 360 consoles in December alone, closing up what Microsoft referred to as their biggest year. Apparently, 2010s sales rose up by 42 percent from those of 2009. Because of this, although Microsoft assures plenty consoles are still available, the demand was so high in December that they experienced out of supply situations during the holiday season that an estimated supplies constraint will occur in both January and February.

    As someone who purchased their first 360 just two days ago, I personally saw both the Costco, Sams club, and Target in my area hold low on supply or be out of stock on the 360s. Costco, for one, explained to me that they had received one small shipment since December, but had now run out of those and had no word on when they would be receiving more. (Best Buy had the best price, however, and actual consoles in stock.)

    Why did the Xbox sell so exceptionally well then, and especially all within one month? Well, besides the obvious holiday season, according to David Dennis, Group Product Manager with Xbox, the Kinect launch in the last third of the year played the largest factor. With the Kinect appealing to an entire new demographic of gamers, the Kinect was such an accelerate to the business and drove so many console sales that this was a situation we hadnt seen before, said Dennis to IGN. Black Friday brought in huge demand, that by the beginning of December sales rose so much higher than expected, leading the supplies issue.

    According to Dennis, the amount of supply should be back to normal within the next 30 to 60 days.

  • Wii Fit proven to improve those with disorders

    Wii Fit to Improve Health

    Jo Collinge was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease 18 months ago, in result her nervous system was effected greatly and was having difficulty with simple tasks such as walking. But thanks to the Wii Fit, she was able to recover greatly. Using the Wii Fit for45 minutes a day, the business analyst played multiple games such as Wii Fit's boxing, step aerobics and the hula hoop mini-games, she was able to regain her life again.

    The Wii was originally a Holiday gift to her daughters, but now Jo recommends it to anyone suffering from t
    he sickness. To professionally back up her claim, a university from Belfast received a grant to study the positive effects of the Wii Fit after they noticed the overwhelming feedback from people with the same or similar disorders.

  • Xbox Match Making

    Finding love with XBOX LIVE

    Many parents dread the life of video games for their children, mostly because they fear it will lead to an anti-social life style. Fortunately there are companies like Gaming Passions, and Game Crush and there is even a facebook group, Xbox Live Dating , that are here to help take the burden off of meeting new people through video game social networking.

    The Facebook group, Xbox Live Dating, mimics the concept of online dating sites. It is a place where players can go to let the gaming world know that they are interested in meeting new contacts who would love to bond over their favorite games. However, this facebook group will not match you up with potential companions, it is each players own responsibility to put themselves out there in the social limelight.

    When logging onto the Game Crush site, the first line pretty much sums up what their intentions are, Meet, talk to, and play with the hottest gaming community on the Web. Dont just play what you want. Play who you want. The site allows users to chat live with over 8,000 PlayDate games, view exclusive images and videos and give them access to casual and console games when they join for free.

    Gamming Passion is also a website that offers free online dating and social networking for their users. They want you to, meet other video game lovers who get it. Much like Game Crush they too service console game and PC game lovers. Joining Gamming Passion gives users the opportunity to discuss strategy over chatrooms, message boards, and emails and arrange online competitions.

    However, while mingling online with new friends please stay safe and dont revile any personal information that may danger you or loved ones. Stay safe and game hard!!!

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