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  • Fallout 4 May Be Shown at VGX 2014

    fallout 4 vgxAh, the elusive Fallout 4. We keep hearing whispers and rumors about the game, but we never actually see anything official. If we are lucky, that may all be changing soon however, as it has been revealed by an insider that Fallout 4 may in fact be shown off for the first time at VGX 2014.

    That insider is Geoff Keighley, host of VGX. According to Keighley, some kind of new announcement is planned for VGX by Bethesda, and a cryptic tweet almost suggests that it will be Fallout 4.

    Of course, nothing is confirmed at this point - the reveal at VGX 2014 could be anything - Bethesda may decide to give another look into their new DOOM game, or they may have something completely else planned.

    However, if Bethesda were to announce Fallout 4, VGX would be a good place to do it. In the past, Bethesda have used VGX (or Spike TV) to make new game announcements, and in fact, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim was announced at VGX for the very first time at VGX 2010. The game then released a year later.

    If we do see Fallout 4 we will let you know - VGX 2014 will be happening on December 5th this year, so whatever Bethesda has planned, there’s just enough time to start getting excited about it.

    We would absolutely love to see a new Fallout game, but nothing is confirmed yet, so take this post with a healthily large grain of salt.

  • Skyrim Trademarks "Fus Roh Dah"

    "Force, Balance, Push" is Now Trademarked

    "Fus Roh Dah", the shout from Skyrim that has become an Internet meme is now officially trademarked. Yes, the shout that sends things flying across rooms like a candy wrapper in a tornado, was gaining so much popularity, its creators had to lock down the ownership of the slogan.

    Bethesda's parent company, Zenimax, went into the process of filing a number of trademark applications that are directly related to the saying. This includes things from merchandise to it's use in future games. When reached for comment about this, Bethesda claimed that they were protecting their brand as they have noticed its popularity; from unofficially produced shirts to appearances in music videos to pieces of memorabilia, they had to do something.

    So the next time you want to shout "force, balance, push" while opening a supermarket door, remember, that's property of Bethesda and Zenimax. Oh well, at least we still have "Raan Mir Tah" so we can summon a bunch of squirrels to fend for us in tough situations.


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