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  • Master Mod Compatible With Titanfall

    Evil-Controller-1-485x363Our Master Mod has always been about providing the best experience for gamers whilst playing every major shooter game, and Titanfall is no exception. Just like with Battlefield and Call of Duty, you'll be happy to hear that our Master Mod is 100% compatible with Titanfall.

    Evil Controllers are the only place that offers the Master Mod for the Xbox One, which means this is the place to be if you're looking for top of the range latest generation modded controllers.

    Two of the most notable features of our Master Mod are Adjustable Rapid Fire and Auto Run, both of which are capable of being used in Titanfall, along with other great features. If you already have an Xbox One Master Mod controller from us, then get excited because that controller already has support for Titanfall.

    If you are interested in getting an Xbox One Master Mod controller, you'll be able to use our custom controller creator to create the perfect controller for your own preferences, and once it has arrived, you'll be able to use all of it's great functionality on Titanfall, and many other games such as Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

    We are always thinking ahead, so any modded Xbox One controller from us will always be capable of playing the latest and greatest supported shooters as they are released in the future.

    You can check out our custom controller creator here, and also have a look at the various pre-built controllers available on our store page.

  • Custom Xbox One Controllers Now Available!


    Evil Controllers offers custom options for Xbox One, allowing gamers to personalize controllers before the official Microsoft Xbox One Release!

    Tempe, AZ. (November 2013) - Evil Controllers announces custom Xbox One controllers. Available November 20th, 2013, gamers can take advantage of the new Xbox One Console through the creation of completely personalized Xbox One controllers. The new controllers come straight from Microsoft and are customizable both internally via modifications, and externally via aesthetics.

    Evil Controllers is well known throughout the gaming world as the go-to stop to create custom accessories for all your gaming needs, aimed at adding personalization through customization, these internal and external changes improve your gaming ability, while allowing you to create something one-of-a-kind.

    Xbox One controllers will be available via http://www.evilcontrollers.com/products/custom-controllers/custom-xbox-one-controllers.html. Custom options will include countless decals and colors, as well as custom buttons, bumpers, and thumbsticks. Xbox One Controllers will also house internal modifications capable of improving your game play.

    "Evil Controllers is a company that celebrates all things gaming, and we are excited to offer fully customizable Xbox One Controllers prior to the release of the Xbox One,"   said Adam Coe, CEO of Evil Controllers, "Evil prides ourselves on our superior products, customer service, and creative options, and we cannot wait to show our fans the brilliant options we have in store  for Xbox One!"

    Evil Controllers has also unveiled custom options for Playstation 4, currently available at http://www.evilcontrollers.com/products/custom-controllers/custom-ps4-controllers.html. Evil will also continue transforming standard products into exceptional necessities for both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. To build  your custom controller visit our controller creator at http://www.evilcontrollers.com/controller-creator.html.

  • Evil Controllers' New Vision Controller Receives a 90 out of 100 from Gaming Trend

    See the full review at Gaming Trend by clicking on the following link:

    This Evil Controllers Review focuses on the benefits of the Evil Backplate in addition to giving readers a quick snippet on the evolution of gaming controllers. For those of you that want a bit more info it's a great resource to get a third party's opinion.

    Gaming Trend Considers the following the major pros of owning an Evil Controllers Vision Controller:

    -Slick presentation thanks to carbon printing
    -Uses Xbox 360 shell as a reference so it's not a '3rd party' controller
    -Far better ergonomics
    -Battery life is pushed from 15 hours to 60 hours
    -Decent-length included Mini-B USB cable
    -Logo is flawlessly printed
    -Underside gives real estate for HUGE logos, gamertags, or images

    The Special Gaming Trend Controller was created specifically for Gaming Trend, but stayed tuned as hardcore gamers will get an opportunity to have their own special gamertags or PSN IDs featured on their controller as well.

  • Evil Controllers Exclusive: Master Mod V3

    Evil Controllers Master Mod V3

  • Going Green with Evil Controllers


    Evil Controllers Promotes Family Gaming and Energy Conservation with Video Games

    Tempe, AZ. (2012) - Next Month Evil Controllers is participating in Game Hour. Game Hour takes place on December 7th and promotes friends and family to play video games together and to conserve energy.

    Game Hour is a yearly event in which the world is asked to set aside their individual wants to play a single game together, in a single room, while the electricity is turned off in the rest of the house. Energy saved in this way may appear minute, but if the entire nation participated in Game Hour, the event could save 55,226,417 kWh. Only 34,770,000 kWh are required to power 37,100 homes for an entire month.

    "Gamers have a bad reputation of being unmotivated or disenfranchised by everything outside of their television, but the reality is that gamers are actually as motivated as the rest of the world," explains Carlos Reyes, Operations Manager of Evil Controllers. "Penny-Arcades' Child's Play Charity and Evil's Accessible Gaming department are great examples of how much gamers care."

    Evil Controllers believes that conserving energy and coming together as a family should go hand and hand. That is why Evil Controllers is participating in this year's event.

    In addition to spreading awareness, Evil Controllers will be raising awareness and participation for the event by offering one participant a Free Evil Controller.

    More information regarding Evil Controllers' Game Hour contest is available at facebook.com/evilcontrollers. To learn more about custom Xbox 360 controllers made available at Evil Controllers, go straight to www.evilcontrollers.com.


    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.



    Evil Controllers asks gamers to make a pledge for the perfect Xbox 360 controller: A Rechargeable battery powered controller with a more comfortable ergonomic design.


    Tempe, AZ. (October 2012) - Evil Controllers announces a new Xbox 360 controller at Kickstarter.com. Currently unavailable, gamers can pledge as little as $50 to take advantage of this evolution. The Kickstarter project unveils a new wireless Xbox 360 controller back plate that comes with a lithium ion battery and a six-foot mini USB cable to use for recharging the battery's life.

    The Evil back plate will be available as a DIY Kit for easy installation on any official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, but can also be awarded to any pledger that pledges $80 or more on a brand new controller. Installing the Evil back plate on any compatible controller will make the controller more comfortable, rechargeable and lighter.

    "A lot of things keep the controller from evolving; it comes to money when it comes to production, some things need to be left out, sometimes it's good for the gamer and sometimes it's not." Adam Coe, President of Evil Controllers explained in the Kickstarter video why this innovation hasn't come along yet, "I think this is going to be the final piece to make the 360 controller what it needs to be."

    Release date is to be announced, as the project will need to adequately funded before Evil Controllers will begin production. Evil Controllers believes this product is a no brainer to the right audience. Not having the resources of a large multi-million dollar company Evil Controllers can utilize the potential of Kickstarter to produce a product gamers deserve and empower them to help in the products production.
    Check out the "Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller" Kickstarter page at the following link:


    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.

  • Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller

    Evil Controllers: The Ultimate Gaming Controller

    Evil Controllers is the industry leader of modified Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers:

    Evil Controllers is the industry leader of modified Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers: Most aftermarket modified controller companies have ignited and slowly faded from the industry in the last 5 years. Evil Controllers on the other hand has survived after creating the industry and has grown tremendously as a result of consumer feedback and word of mouth marketing.

    Evil Controllers is now here on KickStarter because Evil has the concept for the greatest Xbox 360 Controller. The improved controller is more comfortable and capable of holding a longer charge. It won't require the user to purchase AA batteries and can be charged via USB.

    The controller will continue to use Microsoft's patented technology on the inside, but with a newly designed back plate that is easy to install and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The new back plate is also compatible with Play N Charge cords.

    What Makes the Back Plate Special?

    -More comfortable design. (Yet maintains the feel that you are used to.)
    -Increased battery life.
    -Saves you money as it doesn't require AA batteries.
    -Lighter weight.
    -Easy to install.

    What makes the Evil Back Plate Special is all of those reasons, but there's also an underlying message if this project succeeds. That message is -Gamers Notice.

    Gamers are smart consumers, they notice when large companies could have spent a little more money to make a better design. Gamers deserve the most comfortable experience when playing their favorite games and our back plate delivers that experience. With the Evil Back Plate you can expect well over 10 hours of straight gaming between each full charge.

    Who is Evil Controllers?

    Evil Controllers modifies official Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers to deliver enhanced enjoyment by fulfilling the requests that gamers make. These enhancements can range from game specific modifications like Rapid Fire in first person shooters or Auto Spotting your targets in Battlefield 3, to accessible gaming modifications.

    Partnered with The AbleGamers Foundation, a foundation dedicated to bringing mainstream gaming to everyone. Evil Controllers fulfills hundreds of requests for custom accessible controllers and has designed controllers for one handed veterans, children with muscular dystrophy and for quadriplegic gamers.

    When it comes to gaming controllers you don't have to look further for a more qualified expert.

    The Design: The Controller You Deserve

    Maintaining the familiar feel of the 360 controller was essential during the product mock ups. The new back plate's design includes the following features:

    -Familiar Xbox 360 Controller Ergonomic Feel
    -Reduced Weight
    -Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. (Holds over 10 hours of game time.)
    -Kill Switch (To disable your controller if it gets turned on by accident.)
    -Air flow Vents (To ensure your battery lasts a lifetime.)
    -6 ft mini USB Cable (To charge your controller.)
    -Maintains Play N' Charge Compatibility (Charge with a Play n' Charge cord.)

    What do you get?

    You receive a brand new controller that has a superior design to what is currently available. If you love your current controller or just purchased a brand new controller and aren't quite ready to invest in an entirely new controller, then you can still pledge to pre-order our back plate DIY Kit. The DIY Kit will not require soldering and will have an easy installation. Simply unscrew the original back plate off of your controller and screw on the new one with the lithium ion battery laid into place.

    What you get will be dependent on how much you pledge, but once the project is backed and our pledge rewards have been distributed to all of the pledgers we plan to offer the back plate in 2 different ways.

    Method 1 will include a back plate pre-installed on a brand new Microsoft Controller packed with a six foot USB cable that can be plugged into your Xbox or PC/Mac for easy charging.

    Method 2 will include the back plate, a T8 Security Tool, the six foot USB cable, the Lithium Ion Battery and a set of instruction to help you install the Evil Back Plate on to your own controller without needing to purchase a brand new controller.

    Why KickStarter?

    Without Kickstarter, this product could be left to the way side. With all new consoles potentially being released in the next few years this becomes a concept that needs to be proven before it gets released. Depending on the number of pledges and essentially the number of pre-orders we receive will determine whether this is a venture worth pursuing. With new consoles on the way, this is a project that Evil Controllers can't afford to lose money on. The transition to new hardware is just around the corner. So we need your help!

    We believe the Evil Back Plate is a piece of gaming hardware that each Xbox 360 household will want to have in their home and by offering gamers the opportunity to get on board via KickStarter the louder the message will be to the larger companies. These companies are about to sign off on the designs for their next gen hardware. Let's make sure they have gamers in mind.

    So what's the schedule after a successful campaign?

    Week 1:Once Funds have been dispersed (2-3 weeks after Campaign) 
    Send out thank-yous to all of our pledgers. Give our manufacturers the 'okay' to begin production. (Production will take 3-4 weeks)

    Week 2:Begin devising marketing material and instructional information. Send out pledge rewards that don't include a pre-order.

    Week 3:Release marketing materials, press materials and create buzz for the product's official release.

    Week 4 and 5:Fulfill pre-orders.Receive feedback and feature pledgers on our facebook with their new back plates.

    Week 6 and 7:Make our back plate available to our fans onEvilControllers.com

    Reward Details

    Everyone that pledges $50 or more will be featured on our facebook page once they have submitted an appropriate picture of themselves with their new controller.

    Pledge $80 or more and you pre-order 1 Evil Controller with our Evil D-Pad, Evil Back Plate and our Evil Sticks. To follow with Kickstarter policies on 'design' projects no pledge reward will grant you more than 1 back plate pre-order, however you can still pledge more money to save big on fully custom xbox 360 controllers.

    Stretch Goals

    15,000 - Will fund the project

    25,000 - New Color Options Added: Microsoft's Red and Microsoft's Blue to match the colors of the original red and blue Xbox 360 Controllers that have been released in previous years.

    Red and Blue Evil D-Pads are currently available in these color.
    Red and Blue Evil D-Pads are currently available in these color.

    35,000 - Everyone that pre-orders will be receiving additional Evil Controllers merchandise. These goodie bags will be given out to every pledger that pre-ordered with $20 worth of Evil Controllers Merchandise. This can include: T-Shirts, Hats, Keychains, dogtags, Evil Stickers and more. By representing Evil Controllers you can also represent your contribution to the industry.


    Our greatest challenge will be ensuring the design is exactly as we promise it and that the final design is exceptionally easy for anyone to install. No soldering is required and anyone will be able to install it with ease. Our current prototype can achieve everything shown in our video, but could use some additional tightening on the design to ensure easier installation. We believe this product is something that all Xbox 360 owners will want to have in their home.

    We can overcome this challenge with the experience we have. We have already designed a front plate that is easy to install on Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers and we are familiar with the processes involved with production. By securing the funds required for the project not only can we afford a full run of Evil Back Plates, but it will also indicate support and interest. This means that even if 'worst case' scenarios arise we could afford to front the payment on additional costs without necessarily hurting Evil Controllers.

    Ultimately the project is to provide gamers with the controller they should have received initially with their Xbox 360.

  • Awareness Gamer Spotlight # 1


    Gabriel Cordeiro Jr is this week's gamer for our Awareness Spot Light and has a chance to win a Free Evil Controller!

    Gamertag or PSN ID: MannyDaSniper73
    Favorite Evil Controllers Imaging: Blue Skullz
    Favorite Game System: Xbox 360
    Favorite Video Game (Single-Player): Arkham City
    Favorite Video Game (Multi-Player): Black Ops
    What Game(s) are you playing the most right now: Arkham City and Max Payne 3
    What New Game are you looking forward to Most: Black Ops 2

    Learn More about our Awareness Spot Light by participating in our Awareness event:



    Design your own Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 controllers in real time with over 10 billion combinations. Share, Tweet, Pin your creations.

    Tempe, AZ. (August 2012) - Evil Controllers has released a new innovation to revolutionize the way controllers are made. This innovation gives gamers a complete visual on the controller they are designing before they order it. With over 10 billion combinations, gamers can spend a lifetime finding the 'perfect' controller.

    The launch of Evil's Controller Creator includes more than 60 shell options and dozens of add-ons to choose from. Gamers can design a fully unique controller with a Carbon Fiber shell or Skull Imaging print then add custom triggers, thumbsticks, buttons and more. Many of the options available are only available at Evil Controllers. These include upgrades like sensitive buttons, sensitive triggers, the Evil D-Pad and Evil's own professional thumbsticks. If gamers can envision it, Evil will build it.

    "We knew for this industry to move forward this technology needed to be established. Our development team is dedicated to delivering the highest user experience to our customers," said Jonah Coe, Chief Operating Officer of Evil Controllers. "In just 4 days over 40,000 controllers have been created on the new site." He estimates the site will hit a million creations in the next 2 months.

    Gamers can share, pin and tweet their controller designs. Creating controllers that match their favorite sports team, video game franchises or personal style has never been easier. The added functionality allows the designer to share their custom controller with their personal circles before they receive it and before they order it.

    The fidelity of Evil Controllers' new controller creator gives gamers the opportunity to add more than aesthetic upgrades. Other potential upgrades include gameplay enhancements like rapid fire, but also include game specific modifications. These enhancements supercharge a player's potential to improve their gaming abilities.

     To celebrate the launch of the Controller Creator, Evil Controllers is discounting all controllers made with the creator by 20% until September 1st. In addition, fans of Evil Controllers and gaming can share their designs on Evil Controllers' facebook event "Win a Controller - Contest: Controller Creator Unleashed" for their chance to win a free Xbox 360 or PS3 Controller.

    Evil Controllers' Controller Creator can only be found at EvilControllers.com, the industry leaders of modded controllers.

  • Evil Controllers Spreads Accessible Gaming A Little Further


    Evil Controllers donates an accessible controller to the AbleGamers' 2012 Children's Grant Program

    Tempe, AZ. (August 2012) - Earlier this month, the AbleGamers Foundation announced their AbleGamers 2012 Children's Grant Program. The program will award children 15 years or younger a onetime grant for the use of gaming equipment. Evil Controllers is proud to announce that they will be donating one accessible controller to the grant program.

    Evil Controllers is the industry leader of custom controllers and accessible controllers with over six accessible controllers available from their online stores. These controllers assist gamers with limited mobility by allowing them to play games more comfortably and to play games that they otherwise would have been unable to play. "Our mission is to bring accessibility to everyone who wants to game," said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. "Evil Controllers continues to be an amazing partner in the accessible gaming movement. Together, we have enabled hundreds of disabled gamers with the Adroit controller and custom-built controllers. This donation to the AbleGamers' Children's Grant program is just one example of the good that can come from Evil."

    Evil Controllers receives hundreds of custom requests every week and works closely with each inquiry to make an accessible controller that is tailored specifically for the gamer making the request. By donating an accessible controller to The AbleGamers Foundation, Evil Controllers expects to work closely with one of the awarded grant winners to make them a controller that feels 'just right'. "We have been doing custom controllers for over 5 years and have yet to find a mobility issue that we can't find a solution for."

    The Ablegamers Foundation has begun taking applicants and will continue to do so throughout the month of August. Applications must be filled out and submitted no later than August 31st.

    AbleGamers' 2012 Children's Grant program:

    About Evil Controllers:

    Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. These controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. Evil Controllers creates custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation services. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.

    About The AbleGamers Foundation:

    The AbleGamers Foundation is a 501(c) (3) public charity that runs AbleGamers.com, which provides news and reviews on the accessibility of mainstream video game titles, as well as consultation on assistive technology. As an alternative to Serious Gaming, mainstream video games supply many disabled individuals and veterans with rehabilitation as well as social stimulation in situations where they may be otherwise shut out of society's idea of normal everyday life.

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