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  • World of Warcraft has not reached its peak yet

    The world's largest MMORPG hasn't reached its peak and has lots of potential, according to Blizzard.

    Back in 2010, World of Warcraft obtaineda high number of 12 million+ subscribers to its game. But recently, the company's most recent stats show that the game has lost nearly 600,000 members. It is probably due to the rise of F2P (free to play) games showing up and taking people away from WOW, which runs on a paid subscription platform.With the rising number of free-to-play games, some think WOW's gone the way of the gaming industry's dodo, Everquest.

    Blizzard doesn't think so, and states you shouldn't either. In an interview with MCV, Michael Ryde (Blizzard's International Vice President)said that while a lot of free games are being released constantly, it leaves a lot of opportunities for Blizzard and WOW to grow. He stated with a launching in Brazil this year and the stated numbers from it losses report were made from data of China before they got their copies of the latest WOW expansion (Cataclysm), there are a lot of elements to show both the game and the company are growing. Which means we shouldn't worry about the drop in numbers.

    He then added that changes to the game's free trial (like having players trial run up to level 20 instead of 10) will contribute to getting more people interested in the game itself.

    Knowing Blizzard, in this Ambassador's opinion, they got something up their sleeves. And they are doing this while running Project Titan (an ultra-secret MMORPG), future Starcraft expansions, Diablo 3's release, and numerous patches to WOW. Blizzard will get their number of subscribers up and get back those who walked away from the game (like me and my level 85 Holy Human Paladin with 357 gear level armor and weapons on Shadow Council-US RP server).

  • Blizzard is serious on bringing Diablo to consoles.

    Blizzard contemplates on bringing Diablo III to PS3, XBOX, and/or Wii-U in the future

    Blizzard has in the pastshown interest about having Diablo III or a Diablo-related concept on gaming consoles when they were asked about such an idea. Well lately, it seems they are thinking more seriously about the concept more and more.

    Recently at Blizzard's press conference at Germany's Gamescom,Josh Mosqueira, Diablo III lead designer, stated that he is"very, very serious" about bringing some undefined "experience" to platforms beyond PC gaming. That interpreted means he and his team at Blizzard are likely on trying to bring the experience to consoles.

    "Today, we're trying to build the best console team at Blizzard...we're looking for programmers, designers and artists who think their dream job would be to bringDiablo to the console."

    While Mosquiera didn't state it was for the Xbox 360, the PS3, or the upcoming Wii-U console, he did say that we should be excited for such an idea and "stay tuned" for any upcoming news. Come to think about it, Blizzcon is coming up soon. One could guess that "stay tuned" means "wait until Blizzcon for our announcement".

    Knowing how Blizzard operates with windows of time between product announcements and shipments while maintaining their current games, there is no given or educated guess on when (or if) Diablo can be played on console system. One can hope that one of these days we can be playing Necromancer a high-definition cow level on Xbox Live.



  • Indie Developers Make a Cool $3 Million

    Game News - Independent Developers Report Profit

    A million dollars is a lot of money to make, especially when you're offering your product for whatever the masses will pay for it. In May and December of last year Indie developers grouped their games into a package referred to as the Humble Indie Bundle and offered it to gamers online for whatever they were willing to pay for it. Whether it was 1 cent or a few thousand dollars, the choice was theirs.

    At GDC this week it was announced that the two game bundles had actually raised around $3 million dollars. The Indie Developers immediately donated a million dollars to the charities Childs Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

    While Many gamers did pay a measly penny for some amazing titles. Over 30,000 gamers payed $10 with a few generous gamers paying ridiculous amounts like $3,333 and $1,337. A few games featured in these bundles are: Machninarium, Osmos, and my personal favorite, Braid.

    While it hasn't been announced I'm predicting a Humble Indie Bundle #3 coming out sometime this year.

  • Retail Video Game Chain Accused of Snatching Personal Information

    Gamestop accused of taking personal information

    As seen here about Gamestop, a California woman filed the suit on Wednesday of this past week, claiming that a Alameda County GameStop store recorded her personal information such as her name, her credit card information, and her PII (personal identification information) after purchasing items with her credit card. The woman, Melissa Arechiga, believes that GameStop uses the information like addresses and various other private pieces of information to benefit sales and future aspects of their store(s).

    In the view of the legal system of California, these actions of Gamestop are in violation of California's Civil Code in section 1747.08, which prohibits corporations from requesting that credit card users to provide their PII to be viewed and recorded.

    A class action complaint as been filed so far and has defined that all Gamestops in the state of California are having their staff perform these actions that are against the state's Civil Code. So far, Gamestop has given no interest or comment on the litigation.

    Now as from this blogger's opinion, I really don't know much about how California's laws and civil codes work nor can I compare them from here in Arizona. But I do know that it does seem like a bit of intrusion of privacy on the part of Gamestop. While most credit card companies do view information, if what Melissa Arechiga is stating is true, and Gamestop is using personal information to benefit themselves, that's a bit going over the line. I mean...there are other ways to find out other ways to improve sales.

  • Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack now with three new maps in March

    Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack now with three new maps in March



    It has been officially announced by Microsoft that a set of three new multiplayer maps will be available come March. For just 800 Microsoft Points, the new maps can be yours!! The three maps are, Condemned, which is set in space, Highlands, a large outdoor map mostly useful for a large number of players, and Unearthed, also an outdoor map which will cater to smaller matches with out to four players. A description of each of them maps can be found onKotaku.

    The maps were made in partnership withAge of Booty developer Certain Affinity, who also made maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops, World at War, and Halo 2. The new map pack is said to be in the similar format of the Noble Map Pack, which was released this past November. A series of images were released of the new maps, however they are in very low quality, but none the less, please enjoy!!




    Halo: Reach Defiant Map Pack: Condemned




  • New Super Mario Bros. Game 3DS

    Game News - Mario on 3DS

    The first Super Mairo Bros game was released by Nintendo in 1985, for over two decades the Super Maior Bro. was the best selling video game of all time. Since the release of the first game, there have been many other alternate versions. Vs. Super Mario Bros, which is in identical format with different stages and small differences and hidden items. All night Nippon Super Mario Bros, which was released in Japan and the graphic were based on Japanese radio show All-Night Nippon. Super Mario Bros. Special, a game that was a Japan release only. Super Mario All-Stars, which included all of the Super Mario Bro games. Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, which was released in 1999 for Game Boy Color. And nearly 25 years later they are still producing games. "In the interests of adopting new technology for the Super Mario Bros. tradition, I am now making a new Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo 3DS system," Miyamoto said. IGN said that, Given the recent success of Mario's 2D revivals on Wii and DS it seems likely to assume the game will be a side-scrolling platformer, but Miyamoto didn't add any clarifications about gameplay. In November he spoke about the benefit to jumping in 3D space with the new 3DS screen effects, which provide extra visual information about environment depth and object placement.

  • Square-Enix to learn from its costly mistakes.

    Game News - Square-Enix to reorganize from its Financial Mistakes.

    Whenever a new game in the Final Fantasy series is released, it is likely that all Square-Enix had to do was sit back and count the money from the profits coming in. But in the past years of 2009 and 2010, it seemed like that's not a reality. After the release of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan and shortly an American release in early 2010, the company saw its title as the fastest selling title ever for Square Enix, going at a record number of five million copies sold. However,in late 2010, they sent out Final Fantasy XIV, which was advertised to be a hefty MMORPG competition for World of Warcraft and a high profit maker for Square (which they put in a lot of money in its development). Sadly, with the game heavily bugged, glitched, and lagging in support, it was not. In result, the game designers got the pink slip over it.

    Final Fantasy can't always be there to carry the company, as Square Enix seeing a 76% dip in its profits upon its review of 2010. One of the reasons for the dip in profits was due in part to the high value of the Japanese yen in the world economy. Another reason, it was due to how all their games performed and were publicly received. This included looking into factors such as their short shelf life, as well as any certain game delays.

    "Consumers are getting more selective, and there's a big difference between games that sell and games that don't," said Square Enix's Yoichi Wada, one of the main heads of the company. He later on added that Square-Enix is rallying itself to make titles that consumers want to get. So don't expect to see a sequel to Mind Jack or an expansion to Final Fantasy XIV in the near future.

    In this blogger's opinion, hopefully Square will get back to its roots and know what makes them a profit while fulfilling every one of their followers demands. As long as Square listens to what the people want and give them what they want, everyone will be happy. Though...I don't think everyone will be happy if I keep demanding for more Thief Rikku from FFX-2. How about a new Final Fantasy Tactics on a non-handheld system?

    To learn more about the going-ons of Square-Enix, you can check it out here on Kotaku or here (provided you can read Japanese).

  • Can Journey Be The Next Video Games are "Art" Example

    Game "Journey" to be Made as Art

    Millions of gamers will run up to the plate to defend videogames as a legitimate art form, but not every game is truly artistic. The attribute of being artistic is a difficult attribute to define because every gamer and every critic has their own idea of what makes something undeniably Art. Without going down the path of trying to make a case of what makes a videogame artistic, or what doesn't, let's just say that every year a few titles come out that the general consensus agrees has artistic merit. In recent years these titles have been; Braid, Shadow of the Colossus, Limbo, Flower, Portal, and BioShock, just to name a few.

    Genuinely they come off as something more then a videogame because they do something particularly interesting. They do something very non-gamey. In BioShock it was the attention to narrative in a particular way in which BioShock drew attention to the fact that a gamer in any game never really has any freedom. They are stuck to the whim of the game's objectives. It destroyed the disillusionment of freedom confidently to the expense of it's own mechanics. To some gamers this had a powerful effect to the overall experience, to other gamers they found the game's narrative at odds with the game's structure.

    In an interview with Jenova Chen, the creative director of thatgamecompany and designer of the titles flOw and Flower, Jenova Chen begins to describe Journey in a refreshing way. Describing Journey as an online experience in which Journey is just like hiking. You go to hike a mountain, and there are other hikers you might meet and if you like them you can hike with them. This is an online game, but there are no lobbies.

    It's online title in which you travel from point A to point B never acquiring personal skills or abilities. Every skill is borrowed from your surroundings and there aren't any traditional enemies. It sounds like an interesting concept (although a little boring), but it is concerning that Jenova Chen in the interview often focused on the steps he took to make the game fun.

    From screen shots the game certainly has an interesting and cool aesthetic, but can a game about traveling where the developers are actively denying the player's the feeling of empowerment going to be a fun one? If there is anything that the games-as-art bandwagon has genuinely agreed upon, it's that artistic games do tend to still be fun, so it'll be interesting to see if this game ends up becoming the next, Games are Art proof, or if it'll be slid under the rug for having good concepts, but poor implementation.

    Journey's release date has yet to be announced, but will come out some time this year. For the full interview with Jenova Chen, Click Here.

  • Beat Dead Space 2, now you're number 1!

    Game News - Dead Space 2, Awesome New Weapon for more Pew Pew power!!!

    Leave it to the developers of Dead Space 2 to have a sense of humor. The game has barely been released and everyone out there has been informed of an easter egg of deadly and humorous force. Seen here, if you were to beat the game under its hardcore difficulty, you are rewarded with playing the game again...only this time with the most uniquely humorous weapon this blogger has ever seen. Introducing the Foam Finger "Hand Cannon".

    The stats, according to the video in the article, is that the "Hand Cannon" has +20% in both damage and speed. Not bad, but all serious stats aside, the real thing stands out is that firing the weapon makes Isaac say "bang bang" and "pew pew" while actually doing some real damage. And for added bonus, the description of the weapon is "Real Space. Real Terror. Real Foam".

    After seeing it dealing some serious damage to the Necromorphs, it makes you kinda look at those $25 foam fingers at your local sporting events differently, doesn't it?

  • 8-Bit Halo

    Retro Halo Game

    Ever wonder what Halo would be like if it had been done for the original Nintendo? Eric Ruth has answered the question by creating a retro 8-Bit Halo: Combat Evolved called Pixel Force Halo. Definitely a cool title to check out if you've been curious about the kinds of design decisions that have to be made when a game gets transformed from 2D to 3D or vice-versa.

    Pixel Force Halo is a Contra-like side-scroller that incorporates what makes Halo, Halo, in a way that makes the games feel like it's doing more then just simply creating a game with a Halo skin. The 8-bit versions of the weapons found in the Halo franchise actually work in the same way that they do in it's it's original 3D form.

    It's a shame that because the game is using a Microsoft franchise we won't be seeing it on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace, but on the other hand it means we get to play it for free.

    Definitely an awesome way to kill an hour.

    Check it out here.

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