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  • Project Cafe, the successor to the Wii.

    Nintendo confirms that the Wii's successor will be arriving in 2012.

    Nintendo has recently confirmed the release of the successor to the Wii. While no name has been announced for it yet, they are planning to reveal it at this year's E3 convention. They did release information that the new console will go on sale in 2012.

    While the sales of this new Nintendo console hasn't been included in Nintendo's forecasts (that go up till March 2012), it is believed we won't see it until something Spring 2012 or after.

    There is a code name for this project, it's called "Project Cafe". In addition, this console is to be a powerful machine that will surpass the 360 or the PS2 in graphics and technical specifications and will sport a controller that combines the traditional d-pad & buttons set up with a touch screen.

    Until we know more of Project Cafe's unveiling at E3, we will have to think about what Nintendo has in store for us. In my opinion, I do hope Nintendo learns from the Wii's success but also their mistakes. One mistake I want to point out is the five hundred thousand casual games for the Wii I see being sold everywhere. Nintendo, go back to your SNES roots and remember the gamers that made you what you are. You had a great run selling the console to casual gamers and everyone parental unit in America. It's time for you to be where you belong. Go back to your "PLAY IT LOUD" roots. Besides, I think everyone here can agree we don't need a console that support titles like "Walk it out" and "Project Runway".

    If you want to read more about the article about Project Cafe, follow this URL:

  • Nintendo 3DS outsold by the Ninteod DS?

    Gamer News: DS in March outsold the 3DS.

    Found here on Kotaku
    , the Nintendo DS outsold the Nintendo 3DS in the month of March. Sure, the DS had all of the MONTH of March to sell its units and the 3DS did have a smaller set of time to sell. The Nintendo DS sold at 460,000 units while the 3DS sold 400,000 units.

    When it was released back in 2004, the DS sold sold 500,000 units in its first seven days here in the US, while the 3DS sold around 400,000 during its US launch. Smaller, yet most likely contributing to that number of 3DS sold was because of the launch title numbers for the 3DS compared to the DS's launch title numbers.

    While these numbers make look like a bit of hit to Nintendo, the portable system will likely be more common as the DS when its software library picks up some more titles for everyone.

  • Nintendo's 3DS sold only half of its units so far in Japan

    Nintendo's 3DS units in Japan, only about half have been sold.

    According to this article (if you can read Japanese), when the 3DS was released, Nintendo claimed that 1.5 million of the 4 million handhelds were heading to Japan by the end of March. According to Japanese sales trackers like Media Create, there are a ton of unsold units in Japan. The sales trackerreports that only 836,000 3DS units have been sold, meaning Nintendo hasn't hit the one million mark in Japan. About 664,000 units from released are still waiting to be purchased.

    There are many probable reasons for this. The Earthquake is one of them. However the earthquake did have a bit of effect on the sales for the western side of Japan (which wasn't effected by the natural disaster). Other reasons could be the unfortunate timing for Nintendo and their poor decisions such as a lack of launch titles.

    Meanwhile the 3DS is competing with the PSP from Sony, and 3DS units are being sold as used in shops around the country.

    While this seems like some unfortunate news for Nintendo, they aren't giving up. While the struggle to be number 1 in portable gaming consoles continues, they will probably grow their numbers when more titles are released. Only time will tell.

  • Japan gets some more moral support from Capcom.

    Fighting Game Developers lend Moral Support to Japan

    As you know, last week we reported that video game companies are lending their support in the relief effort in Japan. Well just recently, Capcom is lending more of their support (morally) by providing some wallpapers to remind people to lend a hand.

    Seen and read here (if you can read Japanese), the developers of Capcom issued this statement:

    On March 11th, we felt great sympathy for those effected by the Earthquake here in Japan. In light of the disaster, we will not be doing any upcoming events that are Street Fighter related [like their upcoming Tekken vs. Street Fighter]. If you must know, we developers offer more than just entertainment, but also provide a great service. There is no reason why we cannot provide some support [to the relief effort]". Please support the relief by downloading these wallpapers.

    Personally, while it isn't contributing financially to the relief effort (though Capcom is doing that by another project), moral support is needed as well and these wallpapers serve as one. Also they serve as a reminder to all that Japan is going to need everyone they can to help recover.

  • Michael Bay Presents: Angry Birds

    If Michael Bay made a movie about Angry Birds, this would be it.

    Rooster Teeth done it again, in their weekly live action comedy shorts, the online comedy team that brought us Red vs. Blue and Achievement Hunter, have came up with a small fake trailer that is kind of a tongue in cheek to all the video games that have turned into movies. And the best part about it, it looks like what would happen if the director of Transformers and The Rock got his hands on the copyrights to Angry Birds.

    Well click on the link and watch. Then be amazed by what those wacky Austinians in Texas can do with those slingshot flying birds and lazy pigs.

    You know, with thecontinuing trend of video game movies, it's kind cool to see Angry Birds get one...despite it's just a fake trailer. Also to add, at least Uwe Boll didn't think of this.

  • AT&T announces its merger with T-Mobile - for 39 billion dollars

    This past weekend, AT&T announced that it would be purchasing T-Mobile and that the two companies would be merging, all for the low price of $39 billion dollars.

    Through this acquisition, AT&T will move far ahead in the game, and maybe people will stop hating everything AT&T does. Maybe. After the merger, AT&T will become the only GSM wireless provider in the USA, and taking over T-Mobiles network infrastructure will allow AT&T to be able to expand their 4G LTE network. As a result, coverage will increase vastly, allowing AT&T to be able to reach 95 percent of the US population – this will add 46.5 million subscribers to the companys database.

    Look out Verizon! While I may love your service this is certainly interesting. As shown in the picture below (from, this is going to magnanimously increase coverage and cut down on the amount of dropped calls and static-y service.

  • is not MW3 preview, but a fine fan-made live action Modern Warfare film.

    Website leads to epic live-action recreation of Modern Warfare scenes

    Yeah, so you, your friends, your friends' friends have probably thought the countdown site was going to be a upcoming preview of Modern Warfare 3, then all of a sudden,Activision comes in and says it isn't. So we wondered what the heck it was. Well the time was up and the site revealed something that Hollywood should learn from when it comes to making video game movies. Especially you, Uwe Boll, this is how you make a video game movie, unlike yourabominationsof Bloodrayne and FarCry. revealed itself to be two and a half minute trailer-like movie of Modern Warfare's best scenes recreated in high definition live action shots. The entire movie was made possible by Vancouver's "We Can Pretend" artist collective. Who I must say, did an Oscar-worthy recreation of one of the best series of this video game generation. The actors, the angles, the lighting. All perfect.

    Even if you have the slightest bit of love for Modern Warfare, I highly suggest you give this piece of art your full attention. Click here to see the movie.

  • Kinect Technology to Help The Blind

    German University students unlocks the capability of the Kinect to help the blind.

    At the Universität Konstanz in Germany, some graduate students have put together a project in using the Kinect to help the blind. Seen here, the students are using a helmet-mounted Kinect and its visual data to relay audio instructions to a wireless headset. These audio instructions would give the blind user warnings about upcoming obstructions and also general directions. They call this project the NAVI, Navigational Aids for the Visually Impaired.

    The device also includes feedback vibration motor on a belt, so that it will send out a pulse to the user about any upcoming alerts. The pulse will get stronger if the user gets closer to any objects in the way, like a chair or a wall. If you want to see the device in action, click on the link above and check it out. It's very awesome, and it's good to know that the Kinect is being used beyond what its creators have originally intended it for, and for a great cause.

    ~Written by Evil Ambassador Copiozo

  • Tips not to follow when trying to save

    Tips Not to Follow When Trying to Save Gas

    Every year without fail, the price of gas will yet again steal its fifteen minutes of fame in news headlines across the country. And it just so happens that the prices are currently stepping in the limelight and claiming its fame for its rapid rise. I dont know how you feel about it but, gas, is personally my lest favorite item to spend money on! I would much rather spend money on things that I want and desire than things that I logically need. For example, anything that sparks my interest like videogames, photography, independent films, ect. So when I know that my money will be going to something that is A: pricy and B: something Im not 100% thrilled about, I become frugal and attempt to save money in everyway possible. There are many tricks you hear down the road about saving a penny or two on gas, and for the most part I attempt to do just about all of them! But what ones actually work and which ones dont work when we are attempting to squeeze a few more miles out of that tank.

    Claire Bradley a writer for Investopedia was featured on the Yahoo Finance page with some tips on which tips not to follow! (Here is her article)

    Here are here suggestions on which tips NOT to follow.

    1:Turning off the AC

    2: Filling up when its cold outside

    3: Increasing tire pressure

    4: Pouring Additives

    5: Changing the Air Filter

    6: Keeping the engine running

  • Various Video Game Companies Give Support To Japan's Needs.

    Video Game Companies are giving aid to Japan to help recover from the Earthquake and Tsunami.

    With last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a lot of the world has come to the aid in helping it recover. In addition to major charities and governments giving a helping hand to the country of Japan, a number of video game companies are doing their part as well to help in the relief effort.

    One of the companies is Japan's own Square Enix. The Square Enix Group is giving 100 million yen (that's around $1.22 million US) to the relief effort. In addition, they will collect donations from its employees all over the world and also solicit donations through various Square Enix online services as well as amusement facilities that TAITO operates in Japan.

    Korean developer NCsoft is also contributing, bypledging an amount equaling one month of its Japanese revenue, totally nearly $6.3 Million US, to aid in relief. The donation stands out amongst the relief aids that are coming from South Korea as the $6.3 Million pledge is nearly five times larger than the country's largest automaker, Hyundai Motor Group, has given so far.

    Capcom also joins in the relief, as they will also beis donating 100 million yen to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Additionally, they have recently set up a donation program that is linked to their iPhone sales of Street Fighter 4. The proceeds from the worldwide sales ofSF4 onMarch 15th and the weeks onwardwill go towards the relief effort. The game only costs $0.99 or 115 yen.

    As the recovery continues on, various companies, charities, and governments are giving a helping hand to the country in its time of need. If you want give some relief to Japan, please check out with your local Red Cross and/or other various charity organizations in seeing what you can do to help in Japan's recovery.

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