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  • New COD Ghosts Xbox One Update Affecting FPS Performance

    COD Ghosts Performance

    Usually, patches are made to fix things, but sometimes they end up creating more problems than there were in the first place. This seems to be the case with Call of Duty Ghosts on the Xbox One, which recently had an update pushed to the game that has caused some performance issues.

    Seeing as FPS and video quality was pretty much the big topic around the time of Call of Duty Ghost’s release, I could imagine that this will be quite a heavy blow for any Xbox fans out there, while PlayStation fans don't need to worry.

    I’m on neither side of the fence, and would happily enjoy playing on either console if there were games out there to make it worthwhile. However, this new patch has definitely not made playing COD Ghosts on the Xbox One worthwhile, and I feel bad for all of the people that have already paid full price for the Xbox One copy of the game, and maybe even more on top of that for DLC or season passes.

    So far, the frame rate on the Xbox One has been pretty smooth, but this new update that has been put in place to prepare the game for the upcoming Onslaught DLC has caused some issues, and you may now notice anywhere between a slight frame drop to a huge drop to half of the original frame rate in some areas.

    The frames seem to be most affected when you aim down sniper scopes or your iron sight, and drop down to an average of 30-35 FPS. This may not be a small enough frame rate for us to see the lagginess clearly, but whilst playing you’ll certainly notice the sudden drop in frames, and it’s really gonna mess up your games.

    No details have been given by Infinity Ward or Activision on whether these issues will be fixed anytime soon.

  • Infinity Ward 'Teases' Fans With Multiplayer Reveal Event Reveal Trailer

    So last week we let you know about an upcoming Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer reveal trailer. Well today the trailer has hit, and I've got to say i'm more than disappointed. Not because the multiplayer shown was lackluster or boring, but simply because the trailer that was shown didn't actually show any game play at all.

    Instead, we've been given a 36 second video that announces a few events that will take place across the world where we'll actually see the multiplayer in action.

    The first event will be August 15th, so although that date isn't too far away and we'll finally be able to see some actual gameplay footage, this new reveal trailer hasn't done the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game any favors.

    It would have seen some gameplay to hype us up for the release, and to be honest this new reveal or announcement trailer or whatever it is really only let players of the series down.

    Hopefully Infinity Ward can surprise us with something new and exciting on August 15th, because at the moment many gamers are complaining that the COD series is getting too old and repetitive.

    They'll have to be something new and spectacular in the new Call of Duty if Infinity Ward want to stay ahead of DICE's Battlefield 4.

  • Call of Duty Ghosts may Have 'Squads' Mode

    Although we've seen a bit about Call of Duty Ghosts, most of the game has been kept under wraps. Seeing as it's a Call of Duty game it's quite easy to take a guess at what's definitely making it to the game, such as a leveled campaign, and an online multiplayer with a ranking system- most likely the same prestige system from previous Call of Duty games like Black Ops 2.

    However, when it comes to new additions to the game, we're all out of guesses. It'll be interesting to see what game changes are implemented on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions compared to the current console generations.

    To keep us interested till the release of COD Ghosts, executive producer of Call of Duty Ghosts, Mark Rubin, has released a quick sneak peak at what looks to be a new game mode for the upcoming COD game.

    The peak is a small six second video that shows a quick look at the menu. The menu seems similar to the one found in Black Ops 2 and has a few options for 'Squads.'

    Previously Infinity Ward has stated that Call of Duty Ghosts will have a co-operative mode of sort, so perhaps Squads could be a brand new co-op game mode similar to the spec ops missions seen on older games like Modern Warfare 2.

    For those too impatient for release to find out just what Squads is, we may hear more about it this month in Infinity Ward's previously announced multiplayer reveal. It'll be interesting to see if they reveal any unique methods of play utilizing the Ps4 controller's touch pad.

  • Next-Gen Call of Duty in Development?

    Next-Gen Call of Duty Rumors

    I guess there is no stopping the big bad Call of Duty machine. Even before Black Ops 2 is out there are already indications of another installment that will most probably be available for the next-gen consoles. There is no indication whether it will be the very next iteration of CoD but if it is the case then it would mean the next gen consoles are most definitely coming out in 2013.

    There are multiple job listings and a resume from Infinity Ward that suggests that the studio's next game will for the next gen-consoles. According to the resume of Andrew Aye, Modern Warfare 3 engineer, Infinity Ward is currently working on an unannounced game which will be a available on PC with DirectX11 support, Xbox 360 and PS3.

    The game will also be available on TBA (to be announced) platforms. The TBA platforms as anyone can guess are most definitely the next-gen consoles which have been heavily rumored to support DirectX-11.

    This new reveal is not that surprising considering the fact that this isn't the first time we have seen evidence indicating Infinity Ward's next game will be on the next-gen consoles. There was a job listing put up in January which mentioned work on "next-gen technologies".

    Currently available listings on Infinity Ward's official site show that the studio is currently looking for a Senior Technical VFX artist "[who can] raise the bar for visual effects on current and next generation hardware” and a Senior Engineer "[to] implement gameplay systems and features for an exciting unannounced next generation console title."

    For now IW has been busy creating downloadable content for Modern Warfare 3 and is currently working on DLC that is supposed to be launched in September. So what do you think gamers - is it MW 4? Do you think they will be revealing what they are working in the upcoming Gamescom?

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  • Modern Warfare 3's Gamestop promotion

    Modern Warfare 3 promotional news sends chilling forecast of game's setting.

    There is some creative yet chilling marketing by Activision on promoting Modern Warfare 3(can be seen here). When you preorder the game at Gamestop you receive a two sided poster where one side is the game's logo and the other is a mock up TIME magazine front cover depicting New York at the time of Modern Warfare 3.

    The cover shows that of a ravaged Wall Street, heavily damaged by the invading ultra-nationalist Russian force. With the smoking rises in the back and the New York Stock Exchange and its iconic flag left damaged but still standing.

    The text of the cover talks about recent events in the MW3 world such as the search for both Soap and Price (claimed as Interpol's top two most wanted), the tension in Europe as aggression continues, and other news bits showing a world in crisis caused by the events in Modern Warfare 2.

    Thinking about this, it sends some kind of nervousness through my spine seeing New York like this, even if it is a video game. New York being damaged like that seems like it could possibly give a lot of New York-based gamers some uneasiness since we are coming close to the 10-year mark of September 11th. But this is war, even if it is fictional, and war is never pretty or easy todigest.

  • News on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    The next installment in the Call of Duty series seems to be getting closer.

    So looks like things are picking up for Activision and Infinity Ward, as they released a statement (you can find it here on Kotaku) that the next installment in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series will be pushing the envelope when it comes to what people expect. So knowing the series, they're going to go beyond the Michael Bay-like explosions and second-by-second action-filled storyline events, which is awesome.

    The storyline is what I'm really fixated on. A lot of people call the story and plots of the previous Modern Warfares to be very intense and be of something that you would see out of a hit blockbuster action movie like "The Rock" or "Blackhawk Down", but that's what the consumer audience like you and me like. But in addition to its adrenaline pumping settings, there's a lot of complex story elements that make you listen closely to what everyone says or does. So knowing how the current storyline is, I do wonder what will happen to people like Pvt. Ramirez and Sgt. Foley. Lot of questions need to be answered. "What's Moscow like currently?" "Is other countries getting involved like China?" We will have to wait.

    Going on to gameplay. When they said they were going to go beyond our expectations, it probably means they've been refining the MW2 engine or making a new one based on previous versions. Call of Duty redefined how and what an FPS should be, with the proof being other games mimicking them with success (like Medal of Honor).

    They did release that there will be bigger maps and more interactive elements to the game. When they mean interactive elements, they mean things like more detailed destructive environments. So we can probably expect that it is possible to blow up debris and buildings if they get in our way. Seems the developers did their homework and research, taking a bit of the page from Battlefield's book.

    Well more news about the next Call of Duty will be revealed at this year's E3. Until then, we will have to wait patiently until E3 or when Activision releases some more news about the game.

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