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  • White PS4 Releasing As Standalone Product After Destiny Release

    white ps4 bundleA Destiny bundle featuring a white PlayStation 4 has already been officially confirmed by many retailers across the globe, but recently Sony revealed plans to sell the white version of the console separately from the Destiny bundle after the game launches later this year.

    According to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony plan to release the 'glacier white' PlayStation 4 console as a standalone product shortly after Destiny is released, so if you're not interested in Destiny but like the idea of a bright white PS4 console, you'll be able get your hands on it with just a little patience.

    "In Europe, we're going to launch the bundle with Destiny on September 9th, but after that, later this year, we're going to release the white standalone PS4 as well in Europe," Yoshida mentioned.

    Oddly, Sony have not yet made any comments about a white PS4 console bundle being released in any other territories, but it would seem odd to limit it specifically to Europe. At E3 earlier this year, Sony announced the glacier white PS4 bundle, and mentioned a $450 price tag, suggesting that the bundle will make it's way to North America, even if the standalone white PS4 doesn't.

    The white PlayStation 4 will have the exact same hardware and hard drive capacity as the original black one, and in terms of appearance, the only difference will be the color of the console; everything else will be the same as the original black variant.

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  • New Gameplay Tweaks Being Made Alongside BF4 Dragon's Teeth DLC

    dragons teeth bf4Battlefield 4 had a rocky start when it first released, and the game was filled with various bugs, crash problems and balancing issues, and DICE are still working on adjusting the issues that made it into the game on day one. In fact, the next upcoming DLC pack for Battlefield 4 will be launched alongside some major core gameplay changes that DICE believe will keep a lot of Battlefield fans happy.

    Firstly, a few changes will be made to Rush mode, one of the most played games on Battlefield currently. The new changes to Rush, according to DICE will help improve the game's balance and flow, and DICE are currently testing these changes in a live environment on Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311 and Operation Locker. Some of the changes to Rush include a reduced radar sweep range around attacker's bases, the removal of commander by default, and changes to MCOM placement and cover passes.

    The ballistic shield will also be getting a nerf so that one-hit kills with it are no longer possible, and tank AP-rounds can now annihilate players carrying shields, just like they should be able to.

    Finally, DICE will be making adjustments to overall gun mechanics, including recoil and ADS changes. Most of these new changes will go live when the next Battlefield 4 DLC, Dragon's Teeth is released across all platforms. Players should also soon see an improvement in server performance over the coming months, as DICE have just finished testing server and network performance.

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  • Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth Detailed for July

    Dragons teeth DLCNew leaked listings have revealed the upcoming fourth DLC pack for Battlefield 4, as well as detailing the content that players will be able to expect from the installation. The fourth DLC has been named Dragon's Teeth, and it will come with a variety of new maps, weapons vehicles and equipment.

    The main focus of the new Dragon's Teeth DLC is on the four new maps. All four of the new DLC maps for Battlefield 4 will be based in Asian cities, and have been named Lumphini Garden, Pearl Market, Propaganda and Sunken Dragon.

    So far, we haven't got any solid footage or images of the four new maps, but I'm certainly interested to see what kind of gameplay we can expect from the Asian city based maps. Dragon's Teeth will also add a few new weapons into the mix, a ballistic shield which has the ability to block incoming bullets, and the R.A.W.R - a new vehicle that can be remotely controlled and is heavily armed.

    There is also a new territorial capture game called Chain Link, and 10 new assignments with new unlocks for each of these.

    The Dragon's Teeth DLC has been rumored to release in July for PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The full price of the fourth Battlefield 4 DLC has not yet been revealed, but it will be available for free to anybody that purchased the $50 season pass, along with the other four DLCs.

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  • New Official Xbox 360 Controller Released

    new camo xbox 360 controllerMicrosoft has just announced a brand new controller for the Xbox 360, despite a lot of their effort now focusing on their latest console, the Xbox One. The new Xbox 360 controller follows the same design as previous controllers for the console, although it has been printed with a brand new skin.

    This skin has been named the Arctic Camouflage skin, and can be seen in the picture above. This skin is another attempt by Microsoft to offer players customization when it comes to buying accessories for their console, and is certainly not the first official skinned controller.

    This particular Xbox 360 pad will set you back $54.99, and will be available in North America next month.

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    In other news, Microsoft has revealed plans to fix the drivers for the Xbox One controller so that gamers can use the new controller with their PC. Currently the Xbox One controller has a few compatibility issues with Windows PCs, but these bugs should be fixed in the upcoming driver updates.

    So far details on what controllers will work is unclear. It would make sense that you'd need to use a wired connection for the controller, although a wireless option may be possible in the future. We'll keep you update with any news on this as it is released by Microsoft.

  • God of War:Ascension PlayStation Bundle Released

    God of War PS3 Bundle

    If you haven't got your hands on God of War Ascension yet, then there may be a deal that could really appeal to you, especially if you're a fan of the series. Sony has teamed up with the devs behind the PlayStation exclusive to bring out a special limited edition PlayStation 3 with God of War skins on dual shock 3 controller included in the bundle.

    Obviously, the bundle includes a copy of God of War itself, and in fact the bundle includes the special edition version of God of War Ascension.

    The console model is a classic white super slim PS3 with a 500GB hard drive, and the controller has a design similar to the God of War Ascension boxset art. The bundle itself costs £249.99, and at the moment is only available in Europe, however translated to US dollars, it would set you back around $375 for the bundle, and also any additional shipping costs that may occur to get the bundle into the States and on your front door step.

    If you didn't know already, the special edition of God of War Ascension includes a multiplayer double XP unlock, an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme, and a PlayStation 3 avatar, as well as the audio soundtrack, all packaged in a pretty impressive steelbook case.

    There has also been news of a God of War bundle including a garnet red PS3 hitting shelves in the United States, however it seems unlikely that the controller will be included.

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  • New Dishonored DLC Gets Release Date

    New Dishonored DLC

    A new downloadable content pack for Dishonored has been announced, and its release date is slated for April 16th 2013.


    The new DLC has been named the Knife of Dunwall and will be the second DLC pack for Dishonored, adding more content onto the base gameplay.


    In the Knife of Dunwall, players will play as the fiends that made acquaintance with the protagonist earlier in the game in his quest for revenge. You'll play specifically as an assassin named Daud as he seeks forgiveness for his evil actions, taking the game to brand new locations, filled with new enemies, environments and objectives, as well as a whole host of new skills to use whilst playing as Daud.


    I for one am looking forward to the new DLC and I'm happy that the developers have been creative by adding a new plotline with brand new scenery, enemies and skills, instead of just adding new missions to the main story.


    The Knife of Dunwall will be available for around $10, or Xbox Live's equivalent in Microsoft Points on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    The PS3 release will make it a day later than the April 16th release for the PC and Xbox version, however it will still land without missing out on any features included in the PC and 360 versions.


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  • New ACIII DLC Turns Connor into an Eagle

    New Assassins' Creed DLC

    Ubisoft has recently revealed a trailer that shows Assassins' Creed in all its nature.

    The new trailer shows off Ratonhnhake:ton and his new eagle abilities which will be usable in the new downloadable content pack.


    At first I thought it a bit strange to see the assassin character transform into a ghost bird, but it's important to remember that the world you play in in Assassins' Creed 3 is in fact a virtual reality, meaning anything is quite possible.


    I still personally think things like this, and the previous invisibility cloak almost ruin the immersion of the game, and I'd prefer to stick to a game that is more relatable to real life.


    The new DLC pack has been named The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal, and currently prices for the pack haven't been announced, however the trailer does show that the new DLC is available for free to all of those who have purchased the season pass.


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  • Metal Gear Rising Revengeance DLC Now up for Free for 2 Weeks

    Metal Gear Rising Free DLC

    We all know the devs behind the Metal Gear games have always had a strong relationship with Sony and PlayStation, and it's only been till recently that they've given up their exclusivity and offered the game on platforms other than the PlayStation.


    However, a new move by Konami has shown that their bond with the PlayStation platform is strong, which sees Sony offering DLC for free for a limited period of time.


    The recently released VR Missions pack adds 30 missions to the game, and although it had a pretty low price before in terms of downloadable content, it is now accessible for free from the PlayStation network till April 2nd.



    The VR Missions pack is still only available as a purchase on Xbox Live, and will cost Xbox players 240 Microsoft Points.


    It's still cheap, but it makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes with Sony and Konami.


    Two other DLC packs will also be added this April, with information straight from Konami telling us that one DLC pack will focus on Sam, whilst the other will focus on the Blade Wolf character.


    "The first DLC pack, Jetstream, will be a side story featuring Sam as a playable character. The second pack, Blade Wolf, will allow players to control the enigmatic Blade Wolf and will showcase his side story. Both DLC packs will feature multiple hours of gameplay including unique abilities and characteristics for each character, while also expanding on each of their storylines and origins."


    Do you think console exclusives should still be released? Or do you think developers should work on bringing their games to as many platforms as possible?

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  • Kojima Talks about Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

    Metal Gear 5 Will Be More open-world

    According to Kojimi, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes will be revealed at GDC, giving us all more information on the game.

    Although GDC is now less than two weeks away, those impatient can still find out a bit of information on the new Metal Gear Solid from an interview with Kojima from PlayStation.


    The first thing that really interested me was that Kojima hopes for Ground Zeroes to be an immersive open world experience, and in fact, all his previous games he had hoped to create an open world environment, but due to the limit in hardware capabilities in the PlayStation 1, he has stuck to a leveled environment instead.


    It looks like Ground Zeroes may be different though, and Kojima has in his interview, "As far as stealth is concerned, you don't normally just start in a building. If you look at spy and action movies, how the hero gets to that point is a very important part of the story and part of the action. Do they get there by plane or by some sort of disguise? There are many ways you can approach that element of infiltration."


    "My ultimate goal is to give players even more freedom," he explains, "not only to figure out how they're going to get there but really have everything factor into it. So, do you want to get there by helicopter, or do you want to get there by plane, are you going to ride in a vehicle, or are you going to take a bike? Basically have all of these options available to the player."


    By opening multiple possible routes of action into the missions in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, you're immediately giving the player more freedom, which for me will make or break a stealth game.


    I'm really excited to see how 'open-world' the new Metal Gear Solid will be, but either way, I know it's going to be a great game.


    Currently, release details are not known, so it'll be interesting to see which consoles the game releases on.


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  • New Turtle Beach Headsets Unveiled at MLG Pro Circuit Dallas

    New Turtle Beach Hardware

    Turtle Beach has long been a well-known sponsor for many MLG players and leagues, and when crystal clear communication is relied on heavily in competitive team-based games, it makes sense that Turtle Beach would take the opportunity to flaunt their gear.


    This year Turtle Beach aren't just flaunting their already released gear though, as they have announced a new range of headsets which will all reach the shelves later this year.


    The new headsets have been named the P SEVEN for console, PC and Mac gamers, the Z SEVEN for just PC and Mac gamers, and the PX22 Universal Headset for PC and Mac gamers.


    The two SEVEN headsets feature a removable microphone, an optional in-line microphone, and lay-flat ear cups. You can change the headset setting to PC, Mac or Xbox 360, and quickly switch between the different options with ease.


    The other headset hasn't been given much information on, but one other piece of hardware has been announced as well, which helps Turtle Beach owners communicate. The TM1 is a 6-channel audio mixer that allows communication for up to six players on the same team, or two teams of three players.


    These top of the range products don't come without top of the range prices though, so for those with small budgets, or those who can't get sponsored to get products for free, you may struggle to get your hand on a pair of Turtle Beaches.


    The pricing for the new hardware is as follows:


    • XP SEVEN-MSRP $279.95


    • Z SEVEN-MSRP $249.95


    • PX22 Universal Headset-MSRP $79.95


    • TM1 6-Channel Tournament and Broadcast Mixer-MSRP $249.95


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