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  • Modded Controllers: Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload

    Modded controllers:Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload

    For any gamer out there who plays FPS games like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor, you got two priorities, Rapid Fire and Fast Reloading.

    The Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload is probably the modded controller that every gamer needs. And those who have tested it out can says that when it comes to fast reloading, it's a prime choice. This function is highly valued amongst gamers because those seconds between reloading can be vital to gameplay and whether you win or lose the round.

    In addition to its fast reloading function, this controller includes a Universal Rapid Fire feature that make nearly every gun you play in FPS I(first person shooter) games turn from a semi-auto to a full auto-machine gun. The Universal Rapid Fire feature is something every FPS gamer needs especially if they need to get a bit of the edge over the competition, that edge being able to shoot faster in the smallest amount of time.

    This modded controller has also the ability to be compatible and work on all firearms in FPS games like the Call of Duty Series and Battlefield. The settings are adjustable on the controller and can easily adjust from one setting to the next. For example, you can switch from Battlefield: Bad Company 2's settings and then easily switch over to Halo: Reach's settings when needed.

    Evil Controller's Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload, like all of Evil Controller's line of controllers are modified from Official Microsoft packaging, meaning you will not be getting a modified third party controller.

    Finally, Evil Controllers offers more customization for your Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload, such as Evil Sticks, the Evil D-Pad, and LEDs. These features are there to add more function and customization to your modded controllers . With these additional features and the standard features of the controller, the Stealth Adjustable Fast Reload is something that every gamer needs and wants.

  • Modded Controllers: NOMAD

    Modded Controllers: NOMAD Controller

    This controller is based off the gamer Randy Fitzgerald, who is also known as N0M4D. Despite his challenges he faces on a day to day basis, he continues to inspire people today with his gaming skills and overcoming all obstacles by his highly skilled gameplay in various various like Call of Duty and Halo. So in honor of him, Evil Controllers introduces the Nomad controller, the most adaptable modded controller there is out there.

    With this modded controller, you may have either 2 or 4 additional buttons mapped to the backside of the controller. These buttons are considered 'blank' to the controller, but can be assigned and re-assigned up to 10 different functions. With these buttons on the back of the controller, gamers will have the ability to use their other fingers to perform the same functions like those buttons on the front and reduce the delay that occurs from the joystick on the front to a button on the front. This allows for accuracy during those crucial moments in gaming, where split second decisions are needed to made even faster. In addition, a player with this controller can reassign buttons to keep gaming the same no matter what. To put in an example, they can re-assign melee to the back of the controller regardless of what button is required for the action.

    But Evil Controllers didn't forget about some great additional features. These additional features include Evil Imaging, Evil Sticks, an Evil D-Pad, LEDs, and other customizations for a more comfortable, durable and customizedmodded controller.

  • Modded Controllers: Master Mod 3 Pack

    Modded Controllers: Master Mod 3 Pack

    The diehard gamer wants everything in their modded controller. They want adjustable rapid fire, auto burst, universal rapid fire, everything, the works. But they shouldn't buy multiple controllers, each with a single function. Introducing the Master Mod, which now comes in a Master Mod 3 Pack. The Master Mod is the daddy of all controllers and can work with first person shooters such as Black Ops, Halo: Reach, Medal of Honor, the sky's the limit!

    The Master Mod has the best of all Evil Controller's featured models of modded controllers. With nine different modes and nineteen different features, it's something the hardcore gamer of today should pick up. The Master Mod has got everything you or anyone else could want, it has Auto-Burst, Fast Reload, Universal Active Reload and Rapid B for chainsaw/melees, Universal dual rapid fire, and Adjustable Rapid Fire are all included. With all these features it's something for the hardcore, die-hard gamer or their friends. Speaking of, the Master Mod now is available in a pack of three modded controllers. Normally, this would be a $1050 value, but right now the Master Mod 3 Pack is for $599. Additionally, free Evil Sticks and LEDs are thrown in for customization.

    Now that's value for the hardcore gamer and his/her friends. If you need to know more about this offer and others, click to know more about modded controllers.

  • Evil Controllers is featured in Inc. Magazine's February 2011 issue!

    Evil Controllers is on Inc Magazine

    Inc. Magazine's February issue hit news stands and Evil Controllers is featured inside! The article discusses some cool new video game devices to keep your gaming fresh. One of those 4 cool new devices? THE EVIL D-PAD! The article is available online and in print on page 48!

    The article may not put the devices in a ranked numerical order, but we will happily take the number 2 spot after a little something called the Kinect. This article only reaffirms that Evil is the only place to go for customizable controller mods. We are so excited to unveil what we have in store next...

  • Evil Controllers 12 @ 12

    Thanks to everyone that stayed up late with us this past Saturday night for our 12 @ 12 sale. We sold out of all inventory within about 8 or 9 minutes!

    We were so happy with the sale we have decided to hold it again on Wednesday, January 12 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. We all know you gamers stay up late and play so a midnight sale should be a piece of cake! Who knows, maybe there might be more controllers this time!

    Congratulations to Seth who snagged a Standard controller for $2 and to Jonathon who picked up 2 controllers. With one 12 @ 12 under our belts now, we will have the kinks worked out for next time. No other coupon codes will be valid during the sale and there is a limit of 1 controller per customer.

    Thanks again everyone and wishing you all very evil holidays!

  • Evil Controllers is proud to announce the new EVIL D-PAD



    Well it's finally out, we've been excited for it's release for awhile now and it really couldn't have come out at a better time for you guys. Black Ops is just around the corner and Super Meat Boy is $10 until the end of the month. Both of these games, while massively different, benefit from our Evil D-pad.

    While shooters may not use the d-pad as often as the analog sticks, typically used for aiming and movement, the d-pad is still an essential part of the experience. Anyone that's played Gears of War to a competitive degree testify that the original Microsoft d-pad is often a failure in critical moments. Bungie ditched the use of the d-pad with Halo: Reach limiting it's use to that of a light switch: night vision goggles on/off. Medal of Honor on the other hand gives gamers four different commands with the d-pad, one for each direction, while it may not appear to be a big deal it's still frustrating to bring out a grenade launcher when I don't intend to. The problem is obviously a larger issue in online play when every second not utilized could be detrimental.

    ground up SMB

    Super Meat Boy on the other hand, is a side scrolling platformer that makes the use of the d-pad feel intuitive, the thumbstick suffers from being too tall to really feel as though you've got a grip on the action. Especially in a game like Super Meat Boy when you're climbing and sliding on walls, you want to feel as close to the action as you can. Those of you that have played N+ can probably imagine what I mean. For games like these, the Evil D-Pad is perfect. Super Meat Boy can require ridiculous precision in the later stages, I don't think anyone in the office has heard me swear like I have today. Just glad I have our new d-pad for it.

    Reading comments about our Evil D-Pad on news sites like is awesome, but a few of the critics commenting don't quite understand that diagonals are still easy to execute. It's not hard guys, you press two buttons instead of one. While the d-pad may not be as perfect for fighting games as a devoted arcade stick, the Evil d-pad is definitely the best option out there since an arcade stick is exclusive to fighting games while the Evil D-Pad is perfect for everything else.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • Quadriplegic Gamer Calls For Custom Button Remapping In Console Games - Evil Controllers

    The call of Chuck Bittner and his request for action to re-map controller buttons

    Chuck Bittner has spoken. His call to action to access the technology to re-map buttons on today's great games has not gone unheard. Bittner is a Quadriplegic "Able Gamer" who is frustrated by the lack of attention that Developers, Publishers and Hardware creators have given to this community. A community that is filled with fans and competitors who will be able to participate on the same level and beyond if given the proper access to that technology. Evil Controllers has a great relationship with Randy "N0m4D" Fitzgerald, who is probably the most famous "Able Gamer" in the world. When Infinity Ward first created Modern Warfare they included the ability to remap buttons to Randy's specifications with the GAME!!! Pop in the first MW and you can find the "N0m4d" button configuration under controller options. But when MW2 shipped no such thing was included with the game.. Bringing the question back to Mr. Bittner... Who should we look too? The Game Developers or the Hardware developers.. I think that it should be both, but if we can mass produce controllers that have the technology to re map buttons out of the box, it would solve the gaming publishing problem. We here at Evil have developed that technology and have built hundreds of controllers for "Able Gamers". But that tech is still pricey because we have to work with 3rd party from Microsoft.

    You can follow the article over at Kotaku found here..

    He has also started a online petition that you can sign up for here...

    If you have questions about creating a custom controller.. You can contact us at [email protected]


  • Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller

    What you need to know about the
    Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller from Evil Controllers

    If you've heard about Evil Controllers before, you know they're at the forefront of the world of modded Xbox 360 controllers. If you don't know about them, you should at least know about their Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller . This entry level in their Trigger series of modified Xbox controllers is a great way to improve your gain without spending countless hours practicing. If you're a casual gamer who just likes to pick up the controller and have fun, this modded controller is for you.

    Working with all the top games (from Halo 3 to Call of Duty World at War to Gears of War 2), the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller is toggled on with the press of a button. After you turn it on, the controller has the ability to turn a single shot or semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon. That's right, this modded Xbox 360 controller can have you walking around blasting away your enemies straight out of the box. No longer do you need to worry about modifying your own controller or keeping up with all the video game patches that are released.

    Evil Controllers takes care of all those details to make sure the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller just works. By making using a modded controller simple, they've opened up a whole new gaming world for a lot of people around the world. From beginning gamers to casual gamers to full time professional gamers, people of all skill levels will get something out of using this controller. In the hands of a newbie it is a powerful force, but in the hands of a pro, it's guaranteed deadly. No matter where you fall on the skills chart, this controller can help you with your favorite game.

    And speaking of favorite games, that's one of the best things about the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller - that it works with all the popular games. Not only that, Evil Controllers works very hard to make sure their modified controllers for the Xbox 360 will work with games that are just now being released. So, if you're afraid to buy the controller because it only works with current generation games, you can push that fear aside. Evil Controllers is in it for the long haul, and they've done a great job keeping up with all the new great games hitting the market.

  • Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller

    What you need to know about the Universal Standard Rapid Fire from Evil Controllers

    As you probably know, the video game industry is booming. Whether you're one of the new "part time" or infrequent gamers or an old pro who plays multiple hours everyday, there's a company called Evil Controllers that is really bringing the pioneer spirit to market through their rapid fire controllers for the XBox 360. Their base unit, the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller, can give gamers the ability to turn a single shot or semi-automatic weapon into fully automatic mode. That's right, as you can imagine, that's going to give you a lot more power in the game.

    Speaking of games, the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller works with all your favorite video games and is constantly updated to include great new games being released. Evil Controllers is constantly on the move making sure their modified Xbox 360 controllers work flawlessly with all the games advertised. (The list is quite impressive.) This takes a lot of time, but it really makes this modified controller worth the money. And this being a base unit, it's a great place to start if you're not sure if a modified controller for the Xbox 360 is right for you or not.

    The beauty of the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller is that you just have to hit the fire button and hold down and it will switch into auto-fire mode, allowing you to blast away at your enemies, even if you just have a single shot weapon in the game. This technology has been around a while, but Evil Controllers makes it easy to keep up with the power game players that utilize modified controllers to make themselves competitive on the virtual battlefield. From Call of Duty World at War to Gears or War 2 to other popular titles, Evil Controllers has you covered.

    Gone are the days of having to modify a controller on your own and hope you can keep up with the video game companies releasing patches to the games. The smart people are purchasing the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller and letting Evil Controllers take care of all the "grunt work" of keeping up with the technical side while you just "hold the button down" and reap the benefits of their hard work. If you're ready to up your game, it's time to get a modified controller that will allow you to excel at any game you choose.

  • Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller - Expect Even More

    Evil Controllers Information on:
    Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller

    Evil Controllers, the family run company that specializes in modified Xbox 360 controllers, has outdone themselves. Building on their Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller, they have a slightly more expensive model that adds the ability to program the mods on the controller. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, keep reading.

    On the exterior, the Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller looks like most other factory made Xbox 360 controllers. Inside, though, there are not only modifications to your favorite video games, you can adjust the settings on the modifications. The modded controller comes with three factory settings for "rate of fire" that is fine-tuned to specific video games - Halo 3, World at War, and Gears of War 2. Beyond that, you can adjust a fourth setting for any supported video game.

    The ability to tinker with the settings of a particular weapon in a particular game can give gamers a distinct edge. All of this happens behind the scenes, though, as this modified Xbox controller looks like any other non-modded controller. Stealth is more than just a word in the name of the controller, it's a feature as well. While this controller might not be for everyone, there are many people who are going to be drawn to the fact that it is adjustable for personal preferences - and can be saved for later use.

    There are a lot of modified Xbox controllers out there that are easy to spot as mods and they don't have the ability to adjust the controller for a specific game or weapon. This is why the Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller is proof of Evil Controller's commitment to making video games more fun for players of all ages and all skill levels. With products like this, they are continuing to pioneer within the ever growing video game industry.

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