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  • Civilization Beyond Earth Revealed

    civilization beyond earth trailerA new trailer has been shown off at PAX East by Firaxis Games to showcase a brand new Civilization game, under the title Beyond Earth. Civilization Beyond Earth will be a brand new title in the game series, and as the name suggests, it will take players into ambitious new environments.

    Civilization Beyond Earth will give players the opportunity to take their civilizations up into space. The trailer that Firaxis created has stated that, "As part of an expedition sent to find a home beyond Earth, lead your people into a new frontier, explore and colonize an alien planet and create a new civilization in space."

    The release date for Civilization Beyond Earth has been set for a release later in this year in 2014, most likely this Fall. The trailer has strangely only suggested that the title will be available on Civilization Beyond Earth, but hopefully it will be adapted for consoles as well.

    Firaxis has been well known for it's great strategy franchises, with XCOM Enemy Unknown being their latest release.

    However, the civilization games have always received the biggest bundles of praise for being fully featured and unique strategy game experiences, and taking the franchise into space could really make things ever more interesting.

    We'll keep you updated on Civilization Beyond Earth as more information comes in - hopefully we'll see some proper gameplay footage closer to the launch date, which as mentioned before, will most likely be later this year in Fall.

  • New Mass Effect Game Now in Playable State

    There's still no real information on what kind of game the new Mass Effect game will be, but BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn revealed that the game is now in a "playable state" and it feels "fresh, but recognizable."

    It's already been confirmed that the new Mass Effect game won't be a direct sequel or prequel to the Commander Shephard series, and will instead focus on an entirely different story within the Mass Effect universe.

    In fact, Commander Shephard and his crew won't play any part in the new Mass Effect game at all, and the gameplay will be entirely different to what we remember from the first trilogy.

    Whilst this doesn't give much information about what kind of gameplay the new Mass Effect game will offer, it suggests that the game will offer a different gameplay experience to the action shooter RPG we've recognized in ME1, 2 and 3.

    This could mean we could end up with a Mass Effect golfing game for all we know, but it's much more likely to involve some kind of combat. Perhaps we'll end up with a team based shooter that has a larger focus on squad tactics.

    new mass effect game

    Or perhaps BioWare will go with the trends and turn the new Mass Effect game into an online multiplayer experience, an MMO? FPS deathmatch game? Who knows..


    We'll have to wait till BioWare releases more information about the upcoming title, unfortunately.

  • Modern Era Screenshots Shown for Assassins Creed: Black Flag

    It's easy to get caught up in the events that happen within the Assassins' Creed animus, but the truth of the matter is that within the game world, the Animus is not what is being played out in the real modern world.

    In Assassins' Creed IV Black Flag, game director Ashraf Ismail has previously said that within Black Flag, the modern era areas will work as a place where players can meet and interact with each other.

    Ashraf Ismail has said “The feeling and the mood of the present day will be a big surprise for people. Imagine when you exit that workstation, you have this building that you can explore and you can find stuff. So we really push it. For us, that part is an homage to our fans."

    It seems as if the modern era area will work out to be some kind of online lobby, and judging by the screenshots, the place certainly looks like quite a nice place to hang out.

    Do you think the developers of the Assassins' Creed series need to work hard into integrating the animus into the story or do you think the whole idea of the animus should be dropped?

  • New Batman Arkham Origins Screenshots

    We've heard bits of info on Batman Arkham Origins here and there, but so far we haven't seen any in-game 'evidence' of the game. No screen shots and no videos have previously been shown. That is till now though, as Warner Brother's has just released some images on the upcoming title, and they are good enough to convince us that the third Arkham game may be the best one yet.

    While we've discussed the strange combination of enemies found within Arkham Origins, there's no denying that the new screenshots really show how amazing the characters look. Villains like Deathstroke, Black Mask, and the slightly slimmer version of Penguin have been redesigned a little to better reflect the dark atmosphere in Arkham Origins and they fit right in. Of course, Batman is looking just as good as ever.

    Are you looking forward to Arkham Origins? The game is releasing on October 25th for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and the PC.

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaked Box art by Tesco

    Last week we talked about the PS4 date potentially being leaked by UK chainstore Asda, and it looks like this week another popular UK chainstore, known as Tesco, has just leaked a tad too much information on the new Call of Duty title.

    Although we've been unsure about what Call of Duty game will reach the market, everyone is 90% certain that a COD game will come this year, following on from their current annual scheme. This year's game should be scheduled to be under development by Infinity Ward, and the leaked box art from Tesco shows just that.

    Whilst at the bottom of the box art it states Infinity Ward, the rest of it is occupied by a soldier with most of his face concealed, whilst wearing a Call of Duty-like scarf and gloves.

    The title for the game, Call of Duty: Ghosts, has already made it's rounds in the gaming community, with the biggest ripple to start it all off being from a Youtuber named Drift0r, who has said he has been supplied information from a very legitimate source, and that Activision will announce the title around May 1st.

    When most people with a fairly unknown background come onto the internet to explain their connections with the industry and the leak out information about an upcoming game, it usually turns out to be false and misleading information, but now along with Tescos fumble, perhaps Drift0r is right, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, a game that is rumored to take the futuristic feel of Black Ops 2 even further, may really reach retail this year.

  • What's New with Gears of War Judgment

    Gears of War Judgement Info

    If you didn't know already, Gears of War Judgment is Epic Games upcoming title and will be a prequel to the current trilogy, in which the campaign puts you back into the aftermath of Emergence Day in Gears of War 1. You'll follow Kilo Squad, including members Lt. Damon Baird and Private Augustus, as they are accused of treason after a bloody battle against the Locust in Halvo Bay.

    The campaign is likely to be equally as stunning as the previous games, but what brings players back again and again is the competitive multiplayer that stands out from other top shooter games.

    In Gears of War Judgment, we'll still be able to play the normal versus multiplayer modes, but we'll also get some new gameplay modes,one of which is named OverRun.

    OverRun will pit the COG against the Locust in a territorial massacre. As the COG, your objective will be to protect two sealed emergence holes and a hammer of dawn beacon, whilst the Locust seek to destroy it. The game mode will consist of five player teams and each team will have a turn at playing both the COG and the Locusts.

    Epic Games will also include a new Free-For-All Mode which will allow players to fight in a bloody arena where for the first time you'll be able to play against other COG soldiers as a COG soldier yourself.

    The two new gameplay modes will add a great deal of content to the multiplayer experience, and here's hoping that they will be as successful as previous attempts by Epic Games.

    If you are a huge Gears of War fan you will want to pick up our Master Mod or our Stealth Adjustable v2 with Gears of War 3 functions as these modded controllers are compatible with Gears of War 3. Featuring advanced Gears of War 3 specific mods such as, Auto Mark, Active Reload, Auto Swap, Auto Chainsaw, Rapid Fire, Active Reload and more!

    Written by Ollie Green

  • Dead or Alive 5 vs Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    How do they stack up:
    Dead or Alive 5 vs Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    Dead or Alive 5 and TTT2 are both great games, and both the DOA and Tekken franchises have been going on for a long time now, so when it comes to comparing the two, it's hard to say one is better than the other. Both games have different play styles, which means both may be as equally great in their own ways, but you may find yourself leaning towards one game more than the other for various reasons, so I'll try to round up a few comparisons to help you out.

    Both games include incredible graphics, and stunning arena visuals, but the fact that DOA's stages have multiple levels of interactive scenery make for a more diverse combat experience, adding environmental features that greatly affect gameplay.

    Many of the characters in Dead or Alive follow traits strictly within the storyline, and although you'll learn about the developing personal tales of each of DOA's Characters, the character list in Tekken games has always been huge, and that's no different in Tag Tournament 2. In TTT2, each and every character has their own dynamic costumes and it's easy to distinguish the characters.

    Apart from the predefined costumes and wacky avatars, DOA has always lacked any sense of personal flare to the characters you fight with, and this is where Tekken is a clear leader. In TTT2 you'll have the ability to create costumes for your favorite characters by spending earned cash on items in-game.

    Whether their customization options are as great for the Tekken characters as they are for our modded controllers is still up for debate.

    There's not much to offer when it comes to immersive storylines in games like DOA and Tekken, but Dead or Alive 5 has had a great improvement regarding the story, integrating it further into the game, and along with each of the personal character developments throughout the storyline, the characters and environments become easy to relate to. For the first time in a long while, the team behind DOA5 have also included English voiceovers.


    It's really down to preference when it comes to choosing between the two fighting games, and this is no different for the combat systems. Dead or Alive 5 focuses on different fighting styles attached to each character, allowing the user to find a fight style their comfortable with and stick with it, whereas Tekken's fighters may also have their own fight styles. They more closely match one another to make playing different characters a bit easier.

    Which series do you prefer?

  • Assassin's Creed 3: New combat and Game Features

    Assassin's Creed 3 Info

    We all know the basis of Assassins Creed, and as the franchise grows, the same features we've seen in every game will come back again and again, but what will make the 5th game in the series any different, and what will give us enough excitement to follow the story even further?

    The combat mechanics in the new game aren't going to change much from its predecessors, which makes sense since the controls have been smooth enough since the beginning, but as Assassins Creed 3 is set a little closer to home in regards to history, we'll often come across many weapons in the game that require a little change of tactics, and the controls have been adjusted to allow them to fit comfortably with other game mechanics. As the game is set in the American Revolution, we're going to be dealing with a lot more guns and a lot less sharp poles and swords. Some of the abilities added in-game to help deal with the new environment include varied counter-attacks to prevent enemies driving their weapon's bayonets through your body, or grabbing another human to use as a meat shield against oncoming projectiles.

    It'd still be very foolish for a highly skilled assassin to go into the thick of combat without a weapon to give extra protection from long ranged projectiles, and that is why in AC3, you'll be given the use of a weapon known in-game as Sheng Biao, a rope dart weapon capable of reeling in enemies from a distance. If you can't think of any examples where the new rope-dart weapon could be put to good use, imagine grappling enemies off the edge of tall buildings as you sneak in the alleyways below, or pulling unaware revolutionary guards into a thick patch of grass, hiding yourself and the body from the rest of the world.

    That's just the start of many new features to be included in the game, and upon release in October you'll be able to indulge yourself in many of the game's offerings such as hunting wildlife, commandeering your own ship, and other features that will feel right at home in Ubisoft's vast world of action and adventure.

    While we don't have any mods available for Assassin's Creed at the moment, stay tuned as we may release an unexpected mod to add to our modded controller arsenal.

    Written by Ollie Green

  • Dead or Alive 5 - New Characters

    Dead or Alive 5 Character Info

    The fifth game in the fighting franchise, Dead or Alive 5 was released not too far back and although most fighting games lack story, the team at Tecmo have done a great job at portraying all of the character's personal tales within the base story of the game itself, giving players many reasons to choose their favorite fighting characters besides their 'profiles.'

    So who have we gotten in the fifth installment to the main franchise?

    Dead or Alive 5 includes 24 characters, many of which have been included in previous games. These will include the 20 starter characters listed below:

    Brad Wong, Ayane, Bass, Bayman, Christie, Eliot, Hayate, Helena, Hitomi, Jann Lee, Kokoro, Kasumi, Leifang, La Mariposa, Tina, Zack, and of course, Ryu Hayabusa.

    You'll also start with two new characters from the beginning, a mysterious hooded figure by the name of Rig, and Virtua Fighter superstar, Mila.

    Unlockable characters will also include three other Virtua Fighter cameos, Gen Fu, and the notoriously tough-as-nails Alpha 152 from Dead or Alive 4.

    When I get my hands on the game, my main goal is to unlock alpha 152, to make up for the times the character in Dead or Alive 4 tormented me for months.

    What custom controller would you make to represent Dead or Alive?

  • New Trailer for Assassin's Creed 3 Shows off Anvil Next Engine

    Assassin's Creed 3 is going to be epic and there are several reasons for that. Since the first Assassin's Creed game no other game in the franchise had so many years in development; a total of 3 years according to Ubisoft. That was a smart move since the players were already getting a bit tired of the annual releases (just like with COD).

    However the biggest reason why it is going to be great, aside from the epic proportions of the game, is Connor, our brand new Assassin. And according to Ubisoft's new trailer their new engine, Anvil Next, is what gels the whole experience together.

    The trailer tells us a bit more about the Anvil Next and explains how it has allowed Ubisoft to radically improve the overall Assassin's Creed experience. As the trailer describes, Anvil Next is able to "render seamless worlds of infinite possibility". I guess by that they are referring to the dynamic weather system (affecting the Frontiers, cities and high seas) and also the randomly wild animals that are a first for the franchise.

    This proprietary technology has also allowed them to create single sequences within which players will encounter up to 2000 non-player characters! This would indicate the bustling cities of Boston and New York and also the massive battles expected to take place in the Frontiers.

    But at the center of it all lies Connor, Ubisoft's "most complex and technically advanced assassin to date". Ubisoft has designed 1000 new animations for Connor and thanks to this fact they have labeled him "the most detailed third-person action character ever created".

    New assassin with killer dual wielding combat technique, and amazing accuracy and fluidity in his movements; massive natural landscapes inclusive of wild life; epic battles and massive cities containing 2000 NPCs; naval battles; and powering it all a brand new engine - the Anvil Next. What is there not be psyched about AC3?

    Check out the Anvil Next trailer here:


    Blog by Shahriar Azad

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