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  • New Payday 2 DLC Pokes Fun at Battlefield

    payday 2 dlcPayday 2 developers StarBreeze have just released a new DLC pack that is currently only available on the Steam PC store. The new DLC pack includes new guns, melee weapons masks and gun mods for just $4.99.

    The new Payday 2 DLC has been dubbed the Gage Assault Pack, and it's promotional art, as you can see above, uncoincidentally resembles the splash art from Battlefield 4. It's clear that Payday 2 has been designed to be a lighthearted game with a humorous approach to gameplay, so this fun-poking at Battlefield from StarBreeze is pretty funny.

    Whilst the $4.99 Gaga Assault Pack is currently only available for PC via Steam, it's expected that the DLC pack will eventually be released for other platforms as well, including the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

    A more-in depth look at the Gage Assault Pack reveals that there will be a total of four new guns, four melee weapons, four masks, 28 gun mods, new mask materials and patterns, and a total of 10 new achievements. Unfortunately the new pack does not add any additional heists or extra gameplay content.

    Like previous Payday 2 DLC, players can still join up with one another regardless of what DLC each player has. In fact, the original Gage Weapon Pack for Payday 2 added grenade boxes to the game, and players without the DLC could use grenades when partnered up with a player who owns the DLC.

    We'll let you know if we hear anything about a PS3 or Xbox 360 release for the Gage Assault Pack.

  • New Silent Hill by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro In the Works

    new silent hillsHere's something to get excited about: it has been revealed that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are teaming up to create a brand new Silent Hill game. With Del Toro's great storytelling, and Kojima's amazing ability to translate a story into a playable experience, I personally think we can expect to see something absolutely wonderful from the pair.

    Despite the new revelations about the Silent Hill game, Kojima has been teasing the game on twitter and other streams for a few months. He also mentioned that he'd love to create a game including 3D captures of both Ryan Gosling and Norman Reedus.

    Low and behold, Norman Reedus will be making an appearance in the new Silent Hill game, and although an appearance by Ryan Gosling is pretty unlikely, it's still quite exciting to see the star from The Walking Dead stepping into the world of video games.

    If you're interested to learn more, you can download an interactive trailer for Silent Hills, the new Silent Hill game, from the PlayStation store.

    Details on release date and supported platforms are currently unclear, although it's pretty obvious at this point that the PlayStation 4 will be a platform that Silent Hills will be available on. We'll make sure to keep you updated as more information about the new Silent Hills game is revealed. Hopefully we can expect to hear something a bit more substantial about the game shortly.

  • Civilization Beyond Earth Planned for October Release Date

    civilization beyond earth release2K Games has finally announced the release date for the next Civilization game. Civilization: Beyond Earth will be available for players to purchase on October 24th this year.

    Beyond Earth will take the core gameplay of Civilization 5 and breathe new air into it by offering new experiences, and most importantly, the ability to send your civilization to space, which is a first for the franchise.

    So far, Civilization: Beyond Earth has been set for an exclusive PC launch, and details for a console release have not yet been given. However, if you're still interested, you'll be able to purchase Beyond Earth for $50.

    If you decide to pre-order Civilization: Beyond Earth, you'll also receive a fairly decent pre-order bonus in the name of a new map pack. The map pack has been named the Exoplanet pack and it comes with six different maps.

    So far it is unclear whether the Exoplanet map pack will be exclusive for early adopters, or whether it will be made available after the release date of Civilization: Beyond Earth as a DLC pack.

    The Exoplanet pack will come with the following maps; Kepler 186f, a forest-based planet similar to Earth, Rigil Khantoris Bb, a continental based planet, Tau Ceti d, a planet filled with sea and expensive resources, Mu Area f, a hot desert planet, 82 Eridani e, a planet with limited water, and Eta Vulpeculae b, a planet filled with 'mysterious terrain.'

  • Space Hulk: DeathWing Set to Be Warhammer 40K FPS Game

    space hulk deathwingGame developer Streum on Studio have just announced a brand new title with Games Workshops' Warhammer 40K universe, and from it's first reveal, things are looking pretty interesting. It’s certainly not the first time a Space Hulk game was announced, but it may be the first time a lot of people start to get truly excited. We've already seen many Warhammer adaptations, but none have quite been as action packed as we could have hoped.

    Warhammer Space Marine 40K was probably the first title that shared the potential a set of well-developed Warhammer games could have on the industry, so this new announcement by Streum on Studio for a brand new Warhammer game is very good to hear.

    The new Warhammer game has been named Space Hulk: DeathWing, and unlike other adaptations of the well known Warhammer board game, DeathWing will be an action packed first person shooter experience, and it is headed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

    In Space Hulk, players take control of a group of heavily armored Space Marines who adventure onto a space hulk, a word used to describe a huge collection of wrecked ships, asteroids and other space debris. These space hulks are usually crawling with Tyranid, a race of devouring space aliens.

    It sounds like a pretty good premise for a game, and hopefully we'll hear more about DeathWing leading up to it's planned 2015 release date.

  • Titanfall Sequel Could be Cross-Platform

    titanfall ps4

    Titanfall has only just been released, and we're already talking about the sequel. However, we have good reason to. Titanfall was never originally planned to be a Microsoft exclusive, however it seems that Respawn decided to partner with Microsoft after being sent the offer to, most likely for extra revenue reasons.

    It's probable that the choice was on EA's hands, but even though Titanfall has been confirmed as an Xbox and PC exclusive, the rights to Titanfall have not been sold to Microsoft, which means it's completely possible that the Titanfall sequel could be cross-platform.

    Vince Zampella stated on Twitter that Respawn have not sold the rights to Titanfall to Microsoft, and although there hasn't been any confirmation, many Respawn developers have hinted that a Titanfall sequel for all consoles could be very possible.

    Titanfall 2 will most likely be made, and EA seem to be very confident that the title could do extremely well as a franchise, but EA would be stupid to leave out the potential of the PS4, too. For this reason, I think it's very likely that Titanfall 2 will be made available for the PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One and PC. Of course, it's hard to guarantee that at this point, but it would make perfect sense if it did happen.

    When that will happen is a different story, though. EA seem to be keen on focusing on Medal of Honor and Battlefield, still, so it may be a three year development cycle for future Titanfall games.

  • Titanfall Leaks Reveal Generations Mode

    Titanfall Prestige Mode

    Somehow, it looks as if pretty much all information about Titanfall has been let out into the wild, and through all of these leaks, we can learn a bunch of new information about the upcoming Microsoft exclusive first person shooter.

    The most interesting leak that's been picked up after the maps leak is something that pertains to the information of a prestige system similar to the ones found in Call of Duty games.

    According to the leaker, the prestige system in Titanfall will be called Generations, and when a player decides to reset their rank to Generation 2, they'll lose all of their unlocked perks, and they will start back at level 1.

    The bonuses of Generation 2 is that players will receive 110% XP at all times, and a unique badge to show off in-game. All burn card earnt in Generation 1 will be kept, and no details have been given on whether there will be any more Generations, and what bonuses players may receive for prestiging more than once.

    It has also been revealed by the same leaker that there will be a new game mode called Pilot Hunter. In this game mode, players will only be awarded points for killing enemy pilots; the real players in the game. This will mean killing titans and AI will not award players points, focusing the game on traditional FPS player combat.

    Finally, the leaker suggest that there will be 9 campaign levels that players will be able to play online. These 9 levels will be played out as Attrition and Hardpoint modes, and players will be able to decide whether they want to play as the IMC or the Militia before playing.

  • World of Tanks Probable for Next Gen

    World of Tanks is at the forefront for PC free to play ports on console, and we're now seeing more developers consider the move to both next and current gen.

    CEO of Wargaming, the developers behind World of Tanks, has stated that "I see no reason why we won't eventually do next gen." And that it's "Just a matter of letting the new console grow it's user base."

    If you're enjoying World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 this may mean you'll also be able to enjoy the game on the Xbox One some time in the future, so don't fret if you're scared to leave your 360 behind in the dust.

    The CEO of Wargaming, Victor Kislyi stressed that it was important to let the Xbox One user base grow before they could move it to the next gen Microsoft console. "In free-to-play, you have to have millions and millions of players. On the PC, we have 77 million registered users worldwide. More than 75 percent of our players never pay us anything. We monetize only a small percentage who deliberately, from time to time, give us something in the range of the price of a movie ticket. So one million, say, is not enough of a user base for a free-to-play game. However, let them come out."

    World of Tanks has proven to be a popular past time for many gamers and has even managed to make a mark in the competitive scene. Wargaming haven't stated whether accounts from either the Xbox 360 or PC will be playable on the Xbox One if it were to make it to the next gen console.

  • 5 DLC Packs Confirmed for Payday 2

    If you're enjoying the criminal life in Payday 2, you'll be glad to know that you'll be able to enjoy it even more as the developers of Payday 2, Overkill Software, plan to release a total of 5 different DLC packs in the future. David Goldfarb, the game's director, has said that Payday 2 is "just like it's predecessor, Payday: The Heist' and that it's 'a living thing."

    All of the 5 DLC packs are planned for release over the next year, however details on what these DLC packs will include has been kept behind bars for now.

    If you're not up for spending on new DLC packs, Payday 2 has also been planned to have free content updates according to David Goldfarb, meaning you'll be able to enjoy some new content for the game in the future without having to pay. Once again, no details have been given on what exactly this new content will include.

    Will you be buying the DLC packs for Payday 2? Many have been playing this game recently and despite it being an underdog in a time very close to GTA V's launch, it has proven to be very popular and many gamers are now enjoying the game.

  • GRID 2 DLC Incoming

    Codemasters has announced a few upcoming DLC packs for GRID 2 including a DLC pack that adds the Demolition Derby mode previously seen in the first GRID game.

    According to Codemasters, the developers of GRID 2 plan on releasing a free community patch that adds multiple changes on the game that reflect players feedback since the release of the game. The free patch will include the demolition derby mode, along with some other changes and will hit GRID 2 this August.

    Some of the changes make differences to the custom playlist, hardcore playlist and an update to the level cap, increasing the highest level from 30 to a huge 99. A lot more changes will be made to the game in this free update including a few tweaks to the racing system and an overhaul to the anti cheat system.

    Community manager Ben Walke also went on to discuss two new DLC track packs.

    "These packs will each contain a new circuit, some cars and also include new achievements and trophies for you to obtain. We'll have all the info a bit closer to their release and we think you'll like them."

    Although the two DLC packs do cost money, it's nice to see GRID 2 have a patch that adds content that doesn't cost anything on top of the original cost of the game.

  • Total War: Rome II Announced

    'Total War: Rome' Sequel Announced

    Sega has just announced the sequel, Total War: Rome II, which has been in development at The Creative Assembly. It is only available for the PC and is currently set to be launched at the end of 2013.

    I am a MASSIVE fan of Rome: Total War which came out about 8 years ago. Even though the first game got me hooked to the series, none of its successors had been successful in surpassing the original in my opinion. I don't know what I loved about that game but, I have finished the campaign with pretty much every faction.

    The sequel will be keeping the signature top view perspective for RTS combat. Like always you can zoom all the way down to one soldier or backup to see your whole army. Amongst the changes made to the game, three are most prominent.

    First is the graphics which look superb! The level of detail on each unit is just amazing. Second are the large scale battles that we know so well. But this time around, the numbers are MUCH higher. Finally, the last bit is new to the series - naval combat! Using ships we will be able to drop troops directly on to beaches and launch attacks from there.

    Mike Simmons, Creative Director, said that they are pushing the game to its limits. They are trying to reach a level of unprecedented detail and scale. They plan on not only making the battles epic but also so detailed that the players can even sense the drama all the way down to a single soldier. This attention to detail seems to have added a cinematic flair to the whole experience.

    Rob Bartholemew, Brand Director, also stated that they plan on setting another benchmark in gaming. Now that is promising! Amongst the other new features revealed at the moment is the fact that individual armies will also gain individual traits based on their battle experience. This would provide another layer of personality to the armies themselves which were only applicable to the generals in the original. Also they seem to have developed a better AI that would challenge even the most adept of players.

    It is obvious that these guys understand it won't be easy surpassing Rome: Total War which got excellent reviews from gamers and critics alike. I hope they are using this as motivation to wow us once more. Considering that the 25th anniversary for The Creative Assembly is coming up, I remained quite hopeful that all of us are in for quite a treat! For now check out the live action trailer for Total War: Rome II. Is it just me or does this trailer kind of suggest the three main ways of winning the game?

    Cinematic Trailer:

    Check out the developer interviews for more details:

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    Blog Written by Shahriar Azad

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