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  • Xbox 360 Titanfall Update Goes Live

    xbox 360 titanfall dlcRespawn Entertainment has just released it's second update for Titanfall on the Xbox 360, and it brings a bunch of changes to the game, along with a whole host of bug fixes. Whilst there's no massive gameplay changes, everything has been done to further smooth out gameplay and offer a better experience for those playing on the Xbox 360.

    Perhaps one of the most notable feature changes is the private match player count change - you will now be able to create a private match with just 2 people. Strangely, before this update, private matches required at least 6 players.

    Another change makes tweaks to the party system. Players in your party will now show up on the mini map with green colors instead of the standard blue colors usually used for team mates in-game. Your party members will also have green name plates on scoreboards, on the in-game matchmaking lobby, and in-game.

    Other than that, all of the other changes are pretty unnoticeable. These new changes have gone live just before the upcoming release for the next DLC pack, which has been planned for availability at some point in June.

    This DLC pack, Expedition, has already been released on Xbox One and the PC, however the Xbox 360 port has so far been pushed back. The expedition DLC pack is available as part of the season pass, so if you have purchased the pass for the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, you'll be able to pick up Expedition for free.

  • Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising DLC Releasing this Tuesday

    DR3 Chaos Rising

    Microsoft has now confirmed that the next DLC pack for Dead Rising 3, the third in a series of single player related add-on content, will be available for purchase on Tuesday, February 25th.

    The upcoming Dead Rising 3 DLC will be the penultimate add-on, and has been named the 'Chaos Rising expansion pack.' So far, Operation Broken Eagle and Fallen Angel have been released, making Chaos Rising the third DLC pack for Dead Rising 3 released in the last two months.

    So far, details for Chaos Rising have not been confirmed, which is quite surprising, considering that the release date is just tomorrow.  However, like the last two packs, it's likely that Chaos Rising will include a new chunk of story content, and it may also focus on a new protagonist, and most likely will add a bunch of new weapons and a few new vehicles to Dead Rising 3.

    Chaos Rising and the other two released DLC packs have been confirmed to all be part of the 'Untold Stories of Los Perdidos' series, and after Chaos Rising, there will be one more DLC release before the four part DLC is wrapped up and finished.

    Like many other DLC offerings for the Xbox One, there is a season pass available that will allow players to get access to all four DLC packs as they are released at an overall discounted price tag.

    No details have been given on whether there will be another set of DLC after the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos series, but if there is, it's safe to assume that there will be a separate season pass for any more additional content.

  • Titanfall Beta Had 2 Million Unique Players

    Titanfall beta 2 million

    As far as beta's go, Titanfall's was pretty damn successful. In fact, the developers behind Titanfall have revealed that the game had received around 2 million unique players after the beta was opened up to the public.

    Respawn Entertainment have revealed that the upcoming FPS shooter title has been very successful in it's beta stage, and the huge amount of players have helped the development team to spot some bugs and game mechanic exploits thanks to the dozens of players that live streamed or uploaded video footage to thousands of viewers.

    Many gamers were making the remark that a beta this late into a game's development isn't really a beta at all, and is instead just a glorified demo. Whilst it's true that any major gameplay decisions can no longer be adjusted, I do think that the beta did some good for the development of Titanfall.

    Firstly, Respawn's servers were put under pressure, and what better way to test servers than to open up the game for everybody to play for free for one weekend? I'm pretty confident that there will be very little server issues when Titanfall is released fully.

    Secondly, thanks to all of the streams, videos and social media, the Titanfall developers can easily track big game breaking bugs and exploits, and these should be patchable and ready for fix as a day one update, even if the game has gone gold.

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  • Police Themed Battlefield May Be Planned for 2014

    battlefield 2014 police

    We've already got Titanfall planned to shake up the first person shooter scene for this year, but it's not going to stop both EA and Activision from putting their developers to the test on yet another round of Battlefield and Call of Duty games.

    However, it's quite clear that the development teams behind both FPS titles are starting to realize that the same old content just isn't working anymore, and new, original ideas will need to be put into place to make sure the franchise continues successfully.

    One new idea may end up making the next Battlefield game completely different. This idea is a concept that will take the modern military warfare concept and replace it with a police themed environment.

    Unfortunately apart from a report from Polygon, no details have yet been given on what a police themed Battlefield game would entail. It could potentially be a very different game to the current offering in the series, but on the other end of the spectrum, it could end up being painfully dull, and a simplistic new "skin" plonked on top of the same game modes, same game mechanics and same core Battlefield class system that has been in the game franchise for donkey's years now.

    I personally wouldn't mind hearing a bit more about a police themed Battlefield, it would certainly be the first time any AAA developer has worked on such a game.

    The 2014 release date seems like a longshot unfortunately, but the same report from Polygon does suggest this date for a release window on the alleged new Battlefield game.

  • Killzone Shadow Fall Patch Adds Left-handed Controller Support

    A new patch for Killzone: Shadow Fall has been released and it brings a bunch of new features and fixes, including the inclusion of a left handed control setup for any lefties out there finding it hard to play with the regular button layout. Guerrilla Games have also addressed a few other issues and made some changes to balancing in the game in both multiplayer and singleplayer. You can read the patch notes below:

    • Several UI issues fixed
    • Error messages in Multiplayer amended to have better indication of the error
    • Edge-case crashes related to friends lists fixed
    • Additional integrity fixes for the patching system

    Guerrilla games have said that the patch should download and install automatically, but if you have problems with installing it, you'll receive an error message when trying to play in multiplayer. To fix the issue you'll need to reboot the PlayStation 4 to begin the installation progress. The new patch will also prevent errors with installing any future patches or hotfixes. Although this patch has been designed to fix bugs and game issues, keep an eye out in the future for more content, as Guerrilla games have revealed that they will be patching in new content for the game in the future instead of charging for DLC content. The DLC content has been planned to include new multiplayer maps, and all players will be able to download them for free. I definitely have to give kudos to these guys for not trying to milk money out of their FPS franchise.

  • Battlefield 4 will have "Deepest Online Career Ever"

    All of the hype that has gone towards Battlefield 4 has gone straight towards the online multiplayer portion of the game, and whilst there will be a story driven campaign as always, all eyes are on online.

    DICE seem to understand that because they have put a lot of effort into making sure the Battlefield online multiplayer experience is better than any other previous game in the series. In fact, DICE are calling the online multiplayer on Battlefield their "deepest online career ever."

    So, what gives DICE such a strong pride towards their online multiplayer on Battlefield 4? Apart from the all new customizable weapons system, weapon and vehicle camo's, and the brand new progression system, there is actually quite a lot to be proud of.

     "While sharing similar basics with Battlefield 3, we are now offering a cleaner upgrade path, clearer Ribbon and Medal progression, and an increased focus on richly rewarding great team play."

    On top of the ranking system which starts at 0 and ends at 100, there will also be new redesigned ribbon awards, making all of your actions in Battlefield 4 that much more worth it.

    "We know our fans can spend literally hundreds of hours on the Battlefield. With Battlefield 4, we want to make sure players have goals to aspire to at the end game, while at the same time rewarding players at earlier ranks as well. Ribbons are the quick fixes, whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to the series."

    "You typically can get one or more of these in a single round if you perform well. They can be awarded for anything from repairing vehicles, capturing flags, or reviving team mates. There are 45 unique Ribbons in the game, and you can earn each of them an infinite number of times."

    The ribbon system was a good addition to the Battlefield online system because it added more goals to achieve within a game, and this is especially important for making those long game modes more enjoyable and more engaging.

  • Evil Controllers Exclusive: Master Mod V3

    Evil Controllers Master Mod V3

  • God of War:Ascension PlayStation Bundle Released

    God of War PS3 Bundle

    If you haven't got your hands on God of War Ascension yet, then there may be a deal that could really appeal to you, especially if you're a fan of the series. Sony has teamed up with the devs behind the PlayStation exclusive to bring out a special limited edition PlayStation 3 with God of War skins on dual shock 3 controller included in the bundle.

    Obviously, the bundle includes a copy of God of War itself, and in fact the bundle includes the special edition version of God of War Ascension.

    The console model is a classic white super slim PS3 with a 500GB hard drive, and the controller has a design similar to the God of War Ascension boxset art. The bundle itself costs £249.99, and at the moment is only available in Europe, however translated to US dollars, it would set you back around $375 for the bundle, and also any additional shipping costs that may occur to get the bundle into the States and on your front door step.

    If you didn't know already, the special edition of God of War Ascension includes a multiplayer double XP unlock, an exclusive PS3 dynamic theme, and a PlayStation 3 avatar, as well as the audio soundtrack, all packaged in a pretty impressive steelbook case.

    There has also been news of a God of War bundle including a garnet red PS3 hitting shelves in the United States, however it seems unlikely that the controller will be included.

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  • New Dishonored DLC Gets Release Date

    New Dishonored DLC

    A new downloadable content pack for Dishonored has been announced, and its release date is slated for April 16th 2013.


    The new DLC has been named the Knife of Dunwall and will be the second DLC pack for Dishonored, adding more content onto the base gameplay.


    In the Knife of Dunwall, players will play as the fiends that made acquaintance with the protagonist earlier in the game in his quest for revenge. You'll play specifically as an assassin named Daud as he seeks forgiveness for his evil actions, taking the game to brand new locations, filled with new enemies, environments and objectives, as well as a whole host of new skills to use whilst playing as Daud.


    I for one am looking forward to the new DLC and I'm happy that the developers have been creative by adding a new plotline with brand new scenery, enemies and skills, instead of just adding new missions to the main story.


    The Knife of Dunwall will be available for around $10, or Xbox Live's equivalent in Microsoft Points on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    The PS3 release will make it a day later than the April 16th release for the PC and Xbox version, however it will still land without missing out on any features included in the PC and 360 versions.


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  • New ACIII DLC Turns Connor into an Eagle

    New Assassins' Creed DLC

    Ubisoft has recently revealed a trailer that shows Assassins' Creed in all its nature.

    The new trailer shows off Ratonhnhake:ton and his new eagle abilities which will be usable in the new downloadable content pack.


    At first I thought it a bit strange to see the assassin character transform into a ghost bird, but it's important to remember that the world you play in in Assassins' Creed 3 is in fact a virtual reality, meaning anything is quite possible.


    I still personally think things like this, and the previous invisibility cloak almost ruin the immersion of the game, and I'd prefer to stick to a game that is more relatable to real life.


    The new DLC pack has been named The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal, and currently prices for the pack haven't been announced, however the trailer does show that the new DLC is available for free to all of those who have purchased the season pass.


    What are your opinions on the new DLC? Is turning into an Eagle cool or un-cool? Swing by our Controller Creator and design your own modded controllers.

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