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  • Assassin's Creed Unity Gets Live Gameplay on Twitch

    AC Unity live streamAssassin's Creed is now very close to launching, and Ubisoft have been revealing all there is about the game leading up to it's launch. Over the weekend, Ubisoft hosted a stream to showcase a whole ton of Assassin's Creed Unity gameplay, and there was a lot to take in from this event.

    The livestream event that was hosted on Twitch was hosted for around 9 hours, and within this stream, a good chunk of that time was spent on streaming live gameplay from Assassin's' Creed Unity.

    The live stream showed off a bunch of interesting elements of the game, including the brand new character customization options and a look into some of the story missions available in Assassin's Creed Unity.

    The live stream also showed off the versatility available within all of the side missions within Unity, and focused on the brand new environment that has been set in France. Quite frankly, Ubisoft have done an amazing job with AC: Unity, and it looks absolutely stunning, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

    Perhaps the most interesting part of the livestream is the segment where Ubisoft focused on the multiplayer in Assassin's Creed Unity. Multiplayer has always been a tacked on add-on to the main story, but in Unity, it does look very enjoyable and will be an integral part of the game.

    Assassins' Creed Unity will be released on November 11th for the PS4, the Xbox One and the PC in North America, November 13th for the same consoles in the UK, and December 4th for Japan.

  • The Division Gameplay Shown

    the division gameplayAt EGX this year, Ubisoft held a developer session of upcoming Tom Clancy’s The Division, showing off in-game footage, screenshots and details of the game's progress.

    If you have been interested in the Division at any point, then I'd definitely suggest checking it out. Ubisoft have been working alongside developer Massive to create Tom Clancy's The Division, and it has long been one of my most anticipated games for the new generation of consoles.

    After the huge hype following Watch_Dogs, it's easy to be way of whether The Division will live up to what it's trying to portray, but the 20 minute developer session really does the game justice, and I hope that the game will play like that in the hands of the average gamer.

    For those unaware, Tom Clancy's The Division is aimed to be a new third person MMO game with cover based shooter elements. The game will focus on a world that portrays the vulnerability of the society within the United States, and follows events after a disease spreads through the country, causing collapse to the US, within just five days.

    The concept behind Tom Clancy's The Division is really impressive, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it. Hopefully we will see more footage of the game as we near closer to the release date of Tom Clancy’s The Division.

    The Division will be released at some point next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

  • New The Division Trailer Shows Off Quick Gameplay Shots

    the division trailerA brand new trailer for The Division has just been released by Ubisoft, and it reveals a few things about the Xbox One version of the game, as well as showing a short glimpse at real gameplay footage.

    Firstly, the new trailer for Tom Clancy's The Division reveals that Ubisoft are planning to share details on the Xbox One version of the game for the first time at this year's Gamescom. On top of this, the trailer shows off a few off-screen glimpses of gameplay from the E3 demo for The Division.

    I'm very interested to learn more about Tom Clancy's: The Division, and hopefully Ubisoft will be willing to share a few details about the game at this year's Gamescom, which is under way this month.

    Whether Ubisoft will open up a real playable demo to visitors of Gamescom, or whether they'll keep gameplay to themselves is currently unknown, but I expect we'll be seeing some kind of Xbox One based gameplay footage very shortly at Gamescom.

    Tom Clancy's The Division is looking to be one of the most unique titles announced for the new gen, and many gamers are incredibly excited to see exactly what the game will consist of.

    So far, we know that The Division will be a "massive" multiplayer online third person shooter title that is based within a fragile, complex futuristic society that breaks down after a disease spreads through the US.

  • PS4 Owners Will Be Able to Play Far Cry 4 With Their Friends Without Owning a Copy Themselves

    far cry ps4 inviteUbisoft has recently revealed a brand new feature for Far Cry 4 that will allow your friends to get in on the action, even if they don't own the game themselves. The new feature is a PS4 exclusive that we'll probably be seeing a lot more of in the future. If you own Far Cry 4 when it releases, you will be able to send an invite to your friends, encouraging them to come and play the game with you.

    Players will be able to accept their friend's Far Cry 4 invites, and they'll be able to join in on the action regardless of whether they actually own the game or not. For this to happen, players will have to download a Far Cry 4 client onto their PlayStation that allows them to play when invited by a friend.

    This new feature will restrict those that don't own the game to co-op play with friends that have invited them personally, but I still think it's a great initiative by Sony, and we'll probably see many more games in the future supporting this same approach.

    Far Cry 4 is set for release this year on November 18th in North America and November 20th in Europe for Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. Ubisoft have already revealed details for a $30 season pass for the game, but so far details of what it will include are unknown. The season pass is currently not available.

  • Watch_Dogs Is Fastest Selling Game in Ubisoft History

    Watch_Dogs SalesDespite constant complaints about frame rate, resolution and game graphics in Watch_Dogs by the gaming community, Ubisoft's recently released open world title has been incredibly well received by the public.

    In fact, Watch_Dogs has been so well received that it has been titled the fastest selling title in all of Ubisoft's history. No other game published or developed by Ubisoft has managed to sell as many copies as Watch_Dogs has within a 24 hour period, which really is quite impressive, considering Ubisoft have been the driving force behind many great franchises, including Assassins’ Creed and Far Cry.

    So, I'm sure you're wondering exactly how well Watch_Dogs has sold, and how that compares to other similar titles like Grand Theft Auto V. Ubisoft recently announced that Watch_Dogs has sold more copies in 24 hours than any of their other titles, but details on just how many copies were sold has not yet been revealed.

    Grand Theft Auto V managed to sell a staggering 12 million units in just one day, and one of Ubisoft's most sold titles, Assassins' Creed 3 sold just 7 million in one week. So, whilst Watch_Dogs has done Ubisoft proud, it's unlikely it has reached the success of the GTA franchise by a long shot.

    Despite GTA still being a whole lot more popular, the idea behind Watch_Dogs was 5 years in the making, and after such a long development cycle, we've been handed a game that has a solid gameplay concept that can deliver hours of open world fun.

  • Watch Dogs Receives Praise, Despite Concerns of Poor Graphics

    watch dogs releaseEver since Ubisoft revealed Watch Dogs for Xbox and PlayStation, we have constantly seen criticism over the gameplay reveals and leaks for the open world game. No complaints were made about the actual core gameplay, but instead gamers were moaning and groaning about graphical quality, frame rate and resolution.

    Personally, I don't really care at all about this. From what we've seen, Watch Dogs doesn't look absolutely terrible, and despite claims about the Xbox 360 version looking like a PS2 game, the graphical quality across all platforms really isn't that terrible.

    Besides from the graphics, critics and reviews seem to be pretty excited about Watch Dogs. The concept behind the title is a pretty interesting one to say the least, and gameplay is both enjoyable and engaging.

    The whole idea behind being able to hack into the world around us is quite a neat idea, and Ubisoft have presented it well to us. Overall, it feels like an open world game similar to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and Just Cause, but the new hacking mechanics and interesting backstory make it unique, and a great milestone for next gen developers to build from.

    On next gen versions, Watch_Dogs is looking pretty presentable, and there really isn't anything worth complaining about when it comes to the graphic quality on either the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

    Watch Dogs was released on the 27th May for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

  • Ubisoft Warns of Early 'False' Watch_Dogs Reviews

    watch_dogs early reviews

    Ubisoft doesn't want you to learn anything about Watch_Dogs until it's finally released, but that hasn't stopped some early birds from playing through the game and putting up a review online anyway. It seems that some review websites have managed to get their hands on a copy of Watch_Dogs early, and they have played through the game and given it a verdict.

    One such website is WCCFtech, and despite being quite a well known online news portal, Ubisoft have warned that any reviews online at this point are 'false' and should be avoided. Whilst they didn't directly mention WCCFtech, it's pretty clear who Ubisoft are talking about here.

    WCCFtech gave a fairly positive review towards Ubisoft's new game, and they gave Watch_Dogs a score of 7.5, which to be frank isn't entirely terrible, however despite this, Ubisoft seem to be uncomfortable with the review.

    If you're wanting to get an early idea about what Watch_Dogs is like, feel free to read through the reviews online - they certainly aren't false, and they'll give you a good idea of what to expect from Watch_Dogs when it is released on May 27th.

    Of course, we won't get a full rounded up verdict on the game until the actual release date, at which point we'll be able to read reviews from multiple different sources that should offer different perspectives on Watch_Dogs.

  • Far Cry 4 Announced By Ubisoft

    Despite the release of Far Cry 3 not being all that far away, Ubisoft have already announced the next title in the series; Far Cry 4. The new game in the Far Cry series will take place in a fictional Himalayan territory named the Kyrat, which will be ruled by what Ubisoft have called "a despotic self-appointed king."

    Ubisoft plan to take the Far Cry franchise "to the next level" and create a game that will "surprise and exceed fan expectations." So far, not many details have been revealed on exactly how Ubisoft will plan to do this, but we'll definitely hear more about it at E3 in June.

    Like previous Far Cry games, the new title in the franchise will most likely have a focus on makeshift weapons, vehicles and interactions with wildlife and animals in the world.

    Surprisingly, Far Cry 4 has been set for a release on November 18th this year in North America, and two days later for Europe. Far Cry 4 is being developed for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and the PC.

    Ubisoft have confirmed that pre-ordering Far Cry 4 will reward gamers with a free upgrade to the limited edition which will include three exclusive single player missions that feature Hurk, a character seen in DLC from Far Cry 3. We'll keep you updated on any more information about Far Cry 4 as it's released, but we probably won’t hear too much about it till E3.

  • Watch Dogs' Drop-in Multiplayer Can Be Turned Off

    watch dogs drop in multiplayer

    Watch Dogs will have an interesting multiplayer options that will allow other online players to join uninvited to an open sessions, from which they can choose to do a variety of things.

    The full multiplayer experience has not yet been detailed, but it's understood that the system will allow other players to drop in and out as they please, and this opens up open lobbied players to a lot of potential griefing.

    Whilst the option is there for players to work together, Ubisoft has taken into consideration that some bad eggs may attempt to join open lobbies simply to ruin the experience of others, and according to lead game designer Danny Belanger, there will be a bunch of integrated features to allow lobby hosts to combat griefing.

    Firstly, if players simply want to play on their own, they can completely switch off the drop in, drop out multiplayer, which will completely cut any ties with any other players, and allow people to play through the game by themselves as a single player experience.

    Danny Belanger also says there will be other mechanics in the game to make it harder for players to ruin the fun of others. A system called the shield will be integrated that will stop players from repeatedly connecting to another person's game, unless that particular person is also aggressively joining other's lobbies.

    So far, no more details have been given on the shield or any of the other multiplayer options, but I expect more will be revealed by Ubisoft shortly.

  • New Watch Dogs Gameplay Has Majorly Downgraded Graphics

    watch dogs bad graphics

    A new comparison of various released footage of Watch Dogs has revealed something - as the game has progressed, the graphics seemed to have been downgraded, and from the first footage we saw in 2012, to the graphics shown this month in March, there is a considerable difference between the graphical quality of both builds.

    In a world where console fans argue about the importance of 1080p over 720p, this is a huge thing, and there has been a lot of backlash about it.

    The new story trailer that was released this week shows that the graphics in Watch Dogs have certainly been reduced from the original build shown in 2012, and since then fans have been pretty angry at Ubisoft for doing this.

    A Ubisoft PR member talked about the whole controversy on twitter, and she discussed that, although graphics are great, gameplay is more important. On top of this, she seems to suggest that the graphics have not been downgraded in any way.

    It's important to note that this was from the personal twitter account of a Ubisoft PR team member, so we're not entirely sure if we can take her word for it. There is certainly a change in graphical quality in the latest shown trailer, but is it going to be enough of a difference to turn you away from purchasing the game? I'm certainly not going to let it get to me. Hopefully Ubisoft will officially clear up the speculation with an official statement later on in the month.

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