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  • New August Xbox Live Games With Gold Announced

    xbox live games with gold augustWe've just rolled into a new month, and that means it's time to talk about the next Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup. We've got quite a few treats in store this week, including some Xbox 360 retail titles, as well as a couple digital-based Xbox One games.

    Firstly, Xbox One owners with Xbox Gold will be able to treat themselves with Crimson Dragon, an Xbox exclusive that saw itself as one of the few available Xbox One launch titles the day the console was released. Crimson Dragon is an indirect sequel to Panzer Dragoon, a game that made it's rounds on the Original Xbox many years ago. Crimson Dragon will be available all the way throughout the month.

    Alongside Crimson Dragon, Xbox Live gold subscribers will be able to get their hands on Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, which made it to reality after successfully being backed on Kickstarter. Both Xbox One games are available till August 31st.

    As for the Xbox 360, players will be able to pick up Motocross Madness, a Trials lookalike till August 15th, whilst later on in the month, Dishonored will be available from August 16th till August 31st.

    All of these games are still fairly new, so Microsoft are being pretty generous with month's round of Xbox Live free Gold games. This is possibly one of the best months we've seen since the Xbox Live Games with Gold loyalty reward program began.

  • April Lineup for Xbox Live Games with Gold Revealed

    games with gold aprilAnother month has gone by already, and that means another lineup of free games for both the PlayStation network and Xbox Live. For those that didn't know, both Microsoft and Sony have been running a monthly loyalty program that offers players free games to download each month in return for paying a monthly subscription to their services.

    So far it's been a pretty successful venture, but a lot of gamers have criticized Microsoft for not offering a decent rotation of games. The team behind the Xbox Live games with Gold program have recently revealed that they plan to improve the program over the coming months, and it looks like April is looking to be the first month to showcase these new improvements.

    Until April 16th, if you are a paying Xbox Live Gold member you will be able to download and play Hitman Absolution for free. Once downloaded, the title will stay in your game library, even after your Gold membership is cancelled.

    Hitman Absolution is a great game, and if you haven't had the chance to play it yet I'd definitely suggest checking it out this month.

    After April 16th, Hitman Absolution will be replaced with Deadlight, a side scrolling horror arcade game, which despite looking fairly cheap on the graphics, is a great way to pass the time.

    Hopefully the Xbox Live games with Gold program will continue to improve, as so far Sony's offering has been far superior to Microsoft's.

  • Games with Gold Free Game Offering May Improve

    games with gold new game

    As it stands right now, the PS Plus loyalty offering completely trumps what Microsoft has to offer to their monthly Xbox LIVE subscribers, but Phil Spencer has tried to explain why at SXSW. However, no matter how much explaining is done, there is no denying that the PS Plus offering is miles better than the Games with Gold offering.

    One reason why Phil Spencer feels as if the Games with Gold offering is a little different to the PS Plus games collection is that players can still get access to games, even after their subscription ends. Whilst this is true, surely Sony is putting a lot more effort into their deals to even think about allowing players to get access to games that are only a year old. In the case of Microsoft, most Games with Gold titles are five to eight years old already.

    Phil Spencer stated at SXSW that, "One of our issues with Games with Gold, differences between the other system we get compared to, is the fact that with Games with Gold, you get to keep that game, regardless of whether you continue to subscribe. The business around Games with Gold, for us, is just fundamentally different from some of the the other programs that are out there, which does put a different financial picture on a - you're going to go buy a game that's brand new, the cost of putting that in, just to be kind of blunt about it."

    However, despite all of the explaining, Phil finally revealed that he's been sitting down with the guys behind the project, and that in the future he thinks "you'll see at least something that feels more true to what I think Games with Gold should look like with the constraints that are there." He didn't seem to mention what these constraints were.

  • Civilization Revolution Free in Xbox Live Games with Gold Promotion

    games with gold civilization

    Just as information about Sony's free game lineup for March was released, we're hearing rumors about what games may make it into Microsoft's similar loyalty program, Xbox Live Games with Gold.

    So far, nothing has been made official, but according to WorthPlaying, a pretty reputable source when it comes to this stuff, Civilization Revolution will be one of the titles made available in this month's Games with Gold promotion.

    Civ Revolution is a pretty fun game, but it has been out since 2008 now, and whilst Microsoft is offering 6 year old games to their loyal gamers, Sony is giving away free copies of Tomb Raider, a game that was released just 1 year ago.

    Of course, Microsoft could be giving no games away at all, so we shouldn't really complain at these free titles, but still, it would be nice if the guys behind Xbox decided to put a bit more thought into the loyalty rewards for those paying a monthly subscription to get the most out of their consoles.

    So far, there's no details on what game will be accompanying Civilization Revolution later on in the month, but let’s hope it's something enjoyable. If you haven’t played any Civilization games, Revolution is definitely a good way to get into the series. Back in 2008 I absolutely loved it. You'll have till the end of the first half of the month to download Civilization Revolution to your games library, at which point the game will be replaced with the next March title planned this month.

  • Far Cry Original Remake Released

    Far Cry Classic

    Over the last half decade, it's become quite a popular thing for developers to make remakes of their old games. I'm not just talking about new re-imagined versions of games, either, I'm talking literal ports of ancient titles with nothing new added to it other than an HD skin, in most cases.

    Personally, I always feel the idea behind playing an old game is for the nostalgia value, and HD remakes always ruin that for me a little, however if you're a fan of HD remakes, you may want to keep get your wallet out because the original Far Cry game is about to join the likes of Goldeneye, Halo: Combat Evolved, and Fable: The Lost Chapters, among others.

    A Far Cry Classic remake has been rumored for a while now, and it has finally been released to the public, however details are still a bit blurry. Ubisoft seemed to have messed up a little with the promotion of the project, and despite development time being put in the remake to add revamped cutscenes, enhanced graphics and a new interface, it's unclear whether Far Cry Classic will ever actually make it to North America in the same manner as other regions.

    If you're living in Europe, you'll be able to pick up 'Far Cry Wild Expeditions' which comes packed with all of the Far Cry games ever released, as well as Far Cry Classic for PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

    If you live in North America, the same bundle is available, but Far Cry Classic has been excluded - the bundle for North America has also been renamed to the 'Far Cry Compilation' and is available for $39.99

    Despite this strange bundle mishap, both regions can grab a digital copy of Far Cry Classic for just $11.99 from Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network.

  • Dead Island Will be Free as Part of Games for Gold in February

    games for gold dead island

    This month's PS Plus lineup is looking to be pretty gold - PS Plus subscribers will be able to get their hands on Bioshock Infinite and Metro 2033, despite both games only being released around a year ago.

    Unfortunately, I can't really say the same for the Xbox Live Games for Gold promotion - you won't be able to grab yourself a free copy of Bioshock Infinity or Metro 2033, but if you do have an Xbox 360, and you also have Xbox Live, you'll be able to pick up Dead Island 3 for free this month, so you've got that going for you, which is nice.

    Dead Island was a very enjoyable game, and if Left 4 Dead were to take more of an RPG turn, then perhaps Dead Island would be the result. If you haven't yet played through the Dead Island series, and you're a fan for Co-op games like Left 4 Dead, but also love the open nature of FPS rpg games, then definitely check out Dead Island this month.

    There is also a Dead Island 2 out, which could probably be picked up pretty cheap from a retailer that sells second hand games, the second game is called Dead Island: Riptide.

    If you don't fancy dealing with any more zombies this month, then on February 16th, you may instead want to download Toy Soldiers Cold War. Toy Soldiers will be the second Games for Gold title this month, and it will take Dead Island's place two weeks after the start of February.

  • Jail System Added to Stop Quitters in Killer Instinct

    killer instinct quitters jail

    One of the most frustrating things I've come across in matchmaking for beat'em ups is the terrible behavior some players use when trying to avoid ruining their perfect win/loss ratio. One of these tactics involves turning the console off at the socket when they smell the scent of defeat, and another one simply involves quitting to the dashboard or home screen.

    When you're an innocent player trying to slowly make his way up the ranks, this can be an incredibly common and frustrating sight. Luckily though, Killer Instinct developers will be putting a system into their free to play Xbox One game to stop quitters and allow fairer gameplay.

    The new jail system will automatically but players who have quit percentages higher than 15% into the "jail pool." That allows the player to get the occasional power cut or other problem go by unharmed, but will punish those who repeatedly abuse the game by quitting when near defeat.

    Once you're in the jail pool, you'll be there for 24 hours, and to make it worse, you'll only ever be able to play against other jailed players, so if you do get sent there, be prepared to get a taste of your own medicine.

    Once out of the jail, offenders will keep their quit percentage, and if they fail to stop quitting, each trip to the jail will result in an increased 24 hour penalty. So the first visit will be 24 hours, the second will be 48 hours, and so on.

    Players will have to play in the jail system to bring their quit percentage below 15% - as soon as it hits 15% again, they will go straight back to jail.

  • Next Walking Dead Season 2 Episode Close

    Walking Dead Season 2

    The storytelling Walking Dead video game series by Telltale games has taken most of the gaming industry by storm. A game that has very little physical gameplay content has managed to sell by the truckload, and pick up multiple awards whilst it's at it too.

    I think it's great progress for the gaming industry, and I'd welcome more creative projects like this, and Beyond: Two Souls by Quantic Dream in the future.

    Although it wasn't long ago that the first episode for the season 2 of Telltale's Walking Dead was released, many fans are already eagerly awaiting the next episode in the series. It has been revealed this week that the next Walking Dead season 2 episode will be "around the corner."

    The news was revealed on the official Telltale Games twitter page, which was used to say, "Still. Not. Bitten. The next chapter of #TheWalkingDead Season 2 is just around the corner. Stay tuned for info!"

    So far, no solid date has been set for the release of the next episode of Telltale Game's Walking Dead season 2, but I don't doubt it will be fairly soon.

    Season 2 has focused it's main story around a young girl named Clementine, who, through the first season 2 episode, managed to pull through and stay alive, despite her size and age.

    For those that have not yet got it, the first episode for Season 2 was released on December 17th, 2013, and can be picked up on Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. You can also grab the season pass that will entitle you to free ownership of all five upcoming episodes on every available platform.

  • "Substantial" single player DLC coming for GTA V in 2014

    GTA V Story DLCThe Grand Theft Auto V storyline was one of the most enjoyable single player experience I've had this year, and despite there being some great releases this year such as the Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and so many more, there's nothing out there that could replace the GTA experience.

    If you've enjoyed Grand Theft Auto V but have run the bloodstream dry out of the current single player offering, you may be happy to hear that Rockstar have some great things planned for the story line in 2014.

    Just like with Grand Theft Auto IV, GTA V will have some extended storyline content added through DLC packs. Rockstar has confirmed that the DLC content will be released in 2014 and will continue the story's of Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

    On top of this, a lot of work is going into the GTA Online experience, and 2014 will be a great year for the multiplayer portion of the game. In 2014, Rockstar will fully release the content creator, introduce new missions and mission variants, and open up heist missions that can be completed with buddies over Xbox Live or PSN.

    A few changes will be made before the end of 2013 as well, including a new game mode called capture -

    "Up to four squads battle to steal contraband, trucks, buses or whatever from opponents' bases using high-speed vehicles, explosive weaponry and cunning teamwork. Craft, cooperation and team tactics are key. The free Capture update will bring a host of new jobs to GTA Online, accessible via the open world and also directly through your phone. Capture is broken down into four variations - 'Raid', 'Contend', 'Hold' and 'GTA'."

  • Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks Run Rampant

    Despite Sony's and Microsoft's best attempts to keep hackers and modders out of the gaming communities on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, it seems more and more people are finding ways into the system to cheat online and ruin gameplay for others.

    Call of Duty has never been perfect for this, and when it comes to modded lobbies and cheats running around in-game, the average Call of Duty gamer has probably heard at least something about such things existing.

    Unfortunately, it looks as if hacks and cheats on Call of Duty Ghosts have hit an all time low. Many players are reporting issues with players using hacks to give them access to perks all the way through a game, and others have accidentally found themselves inside a modded lobby, where players are boosting and gaining thousand’s more points per minute than actually possible.

    On top of the hacking problems within the game itself, news has hit that a team of hackers have managed to release a torrent file for the Xbox One version of Call of Duty Ghosts, despite the next gen console not actually being available in retail yet.

    The torrent would allow pirates to illegally play the game by downloading it onto a blank blu-ray disc.

    Despite all of these reports, Infinity Ward have yet to make a comment about the problems, and many players are concerned that the issues will never be addressed at all.

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