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  • Goat Simulator is Now On Xbox One

    goat simulator xbox oneHave you got some change to spare? If you do, you might want to throw it at Coffee Stain Studio's genius creation/abomination Goat Simulator. The hilarious bug filled game has now made it's way to the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

    Whilst Coffee Stain Studios weren't in charge of the port, more than capable Double Eleven has managed to bring it to the Xbox platform without changing anything that broke away from that special Goat Simulation experience the PC version offered.

    As you can imagine, Goat Simulator can only be picked up from the Xbox Store as a digital download. The game currently costs $9.99 for Xbox One and the Xbox 360. The objective of Goat Simulator is to take control of a goat and use his strangely sticky tongue to attach to objects and destroy the world around him.

    The game is perhaps the most random non-game like monstrosity you'll ever lay your eyes on, and plenty of physics bugs have been left in the game to make it even more of a laugh to play through.

    If you aren't so sure you'll be interested in Goat Simulator don't worry about picking it up just yet, the game has already seen plenty of sales on other platforms so I wouldn't be surprised if Double Eleven's port will be featured in some kind of sale in the future. Goat Simulator is better considered as a fun arcade that can be picked up for a fun afternoon indoors.

  • Xbox Live downed by Hackers Again

    xbox live hackersThis week Xbox Live went down across the world and players were having trouble with connecting to the online service for a few hours. Whilst Microsoft did not explain what the issue was, a hacker group has already claimed that they were responsible for the shutdown.

    Last year Microsoft dealt with a large hacking problem around Christmas time and it stopped a lot of people from connecting to the Xbox Live servers for a few days. Whilst the latest attack was no way near as severe, it still shows that Microsoft's servers are still vulnerable to attack and this is causing a disruption to the service Microsoft provides to Xbox players.

    The hacker group claiming responsibility for the latest hacker attack is named TeamBudyBear and they have made statements on their Twitter to explain the attack.

    "We're doing these attacks to show everyone how bad big company's care about security. We as teenagers know how to fix their servers. Pathetic."

    Whilst TeamBudyBear are not using their technological expertise for any good, what they're saying does have an air of truth to it. If Microsoft's security was any better, none of these attacks from hackers would be possible. In fact, it's almost a little disappointing to see that despite the huge hacker issue from last year, hackers still find it incredibly easy to bring down Microsoft's servers.

    For the time being all of Microsoft's services are now working as intended and it looks like the attacks from TeamBudyBear have stopped.

  • Three New Tekken 7 Characters Announced

    new tekken 7 charactersAs part of a celebration on the 20th anniversary stream on Nico Nico, three more characters have been confirmed for Tekken 7, and they will be making their way into the game at various points throughout 2015.

    Two of the three characters are returning favorites, whilst one is a completely brand new character named Josie Rizal. Not much information has been shared about Josie, although it has been confirmed that her nationality is filipino. The release date for Josie Rizal has not yet been set, and Bandai Namco have simply stated that she will be added to the game "soon."

    For those that are aware of Filipino history, you'll know that the name Josie Rizal is way too similar to Jose Rizal for it to be a coincidence. Jose Rizal is considered a national hero in the Philippines and lived in the 1800s.

    The other two characters are two favorites that we all expected to see in Tekken 7 a lot sooner. The first is Jin Kazama, and the second is Devil Jin. Whilst Josie does not yet have a release date, Bandai Namco did announce on the live stream that standard Jin will be added to the game on March 31 as the first new character.

    One week later on April 7, Devil Jin will also be added to Tekken 7.

    I think it's great to see Jin being finally added to Tekken 7, and it's also quite interesting to see Bandai Namco adding a brand new character to the game as well.

  • New Master Chief Collection Patch Coming

    master chief collection april updateA new blog post has been posted by 343 Industries that details some changes that will be made to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in an upcoming patch. The new patch will be releasing in April as part of the "April Update," which will include new features to matchmaking and the game in general.

    Whilst a lot of the major issues with the Master Chief Collection that were apparent at launch have now been fixed, there are still some problems with the game that 343 Industries are trying to iron out. These changes include adjustments to the different game modes across various games in the collection.

    In the blog post it wrote, "Based on results and feedback, we'll be looking to update team sizes and player counts across existing and upcoming playlists, including Team Doubles, as we get closer to the next update. Lastly, SWAT and Team Snipers will both make a return into the rotation in the near future, and we'll continue to evaluate playlist data to determine which playlists become permanent additions."

    The next update will also "Address a variety of issues across the game, including specific improvements to ranking, new quit and betrayal penalties, and more as we prepare to roll out ranks to additional playlists."

    Whilst the full patch notes have not yet been published, 343 Industries plan to do so closer to the patch release. "We'll provide more about what's included as we get closer to the release of the CU." 343 said, "As always, full patch notes will be released once the CU becomes available."

  • Bungie Details their Plans for New Destiny Update

    destiny updateBungie have revealed details to release a new patch that will add new content and create a stepping stone between now and the House of Wolves DLC planned for later this year. All details for the update have not yet been given, but Bungie have revealed a number of features we can expect to see when the update is released.

    The new update details, as seen on Bungie's blog, can be seen below. We can expect to see these changes in the new update.

    Vault Space - We know you need more space to collect all the treasures you gain from your missions, and more gear is on the way.
    Raid Fixes - There are times when Atheon and Crota can be uncooperative, so we're tackling their worst bugs.
    Audio and Visual - Not everyone wants to see or hear a game the same way, which is why we’re looking at providing more options.
    PVP Ammunition - The Crucible team wants to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle.
    Strikes - The numbers tell us that there are some missions that are successfully completed far less than others, inspiring us to look at why people quit.

    Community manager David Dague also talked about how Bungie go about working on Destiny and improving the experience for the playerbase. "Ever since Destiny went live, there have been various teams at Bungie," Dague mentioned.

    "We're all working on Destiny, but different teams have goals for different projects.

    "We've specialized to meet the needs of this sprawling community. Each class of developer has a specific focus. Some of them are creating new adventures for your Guardian - those both revealed and still secret."

    The exact release for the new update has not yet been planned, but we'll probably hear more about it in the near future.

  • "No One is Gonna be Disappointed" with Forza 6, Coming this Holiday Season

    forza 6 release"No one is gonna be disappointed" is the exact words you’d expect to hear from a marketing manager, and it's exactly what XBOX EMEA social marketing manager Graeme Boyd said in a recent podcast over at Rectify Gaming in reference to Forza Motorsport 6. However, I think we do have enough reason to believe him.

    Whist Boyd wasn't kind enough to give up a release date for Forza 6, he did mention that "There will be lots of Forza news to come, and Turn 10 in particular is good at communicating with the community when they have stuff to talk about."

    Hopefully this means that leading up to the release of Forza 6, we'll see a lot of great content, including gameplay reveals, juicy high-res screenshots and more for us to feast our eyes upon. Even though Boyd did not mention a planned release date, in another podcast, Aaron Greenberg did list Forza among a variety of games that will be making it's way to the Xbox One this holiday season.

    It's certainly true that Xbox has a great lineup planned this year, and I absolutely cannot wait for some of the game expos, such as E3 to kick off so that we can get a great first hands look into what is to come from Xbox, and in particular, Xbox One this year.

    Forza Motorsport 5 was great. but I think Forza 6 will be better by a wide margin. Turn 10 have had a lot of spare time to work on the title since the launch of the Xbox One.

  • Soulcaliber II HD Online Announced for 2013 Release

    Namco Bandai have taken to this year's San Diego Comic-con to announce the release of their new HD remake for Soulcaliber II.

    A trailer has been shown to highlight the differences between the original game that was released for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Gamecube, and the new HD remake that will be making it's way to Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.

    The new Soulcaliber II HD Online will have a brand new online multiplayer system allowing players to battle with others online, and will have a newly remastered graphical update to better suit today's hardware.

    The trailer has shown footage of Hehachi from Tekken, a guest character in the original game, however footage of Link from Zelda and Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn was not in the footage, giving many the assumption that these two characters won't be making an appearance in Soulcaliber II HD Online.

    A lot of angry Wii U owners have vented their frustration online, stating that there should be a Wii U version that includes Link as a playable character.

    It's unlikely Namco Bandai will bring out a Wii U version, however the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will be launched this Fall, 2013.

  • New Beta Xbox Dashboard Update Adds Real Money but Games are More Expensive

    As expected, Microsoft has sent out a Beta dashboard update to their Xbox 360 consoles that will change gamers experiences worldwide. The new change will remove the Microsoft Points system from the system entirely and replace it with real-money purchases.

    For example, instead of having to purchase Microsoft Points for money and then spending money on games or downloadable content, players will now be able to go straight to buying the content they want with their own money.

    At first, this update sounded like a nice change to the Xbox market. One reason being that Xbox 360 owners would no longer need to "overspend" to buy the content they want. For example, most DLC packages were priced at 800 Microsoft Points, but instead of being able to simply buy 800 Microsoft Points, Xbox 360 owners would have to buy the package closest to 800 Points which at the time was a 1000 point bundle.

    The problem with the update though is that a lot of games seem to be even more expensive than it was when using the MSP system.

    This seems to be a UK-only problem currently, with 360 owners in the UK saying that the price increases are almost 33%.

    For example, 400 MSP games now cost (In pounds) 4.49, but 400 MSP used to cost 3.33, and 1600 MSP games now cost 14.99, instead of costing 13.33 when available for MSP.

    Microsoft has made a statement, stating that the problem was an "unintended error" but with Microsoft's recent try with the no DRM Xbox One and their back-tracking.

  • New Mass Effect 3 DLC Details, Will Include Two Download Packs

    Mass Effect Citadel DLC

    Mass Effect 3 has had a lot of modifications added to it since launch, including a more appealing ending to the fans, and a huge amount of downloadable extra content and weapons. A new DLC pack by Bioware sounds like the biggest yet though, and will include extra missions that will be available throughout the main game.

    Although not much information has been given about what it will entail, the new DLC, Citadel, will include Urdknot Wrekt, among other characters, and will be available at any point in the game where you have access to the Citadel.

    Although the missions will be spread out and available at any time, there will be a noticeable 'end point' to the download content campaign from which players will be able to carry on with the main story as usual.

    The new DLC won't affect the ending of Mass Effect 3 in anyway, however new mission will open up more opportunities to earn new war assets to improve your Galactic readiness.

    Finally, the new DLC will require two separate downloads because of the huge size of it. The first pack will cost $14.99, or Microsoft's equivalent, whilst the second will be available to download for free.

    As expected, the second pack won't be usable until you've purchased the first pack, although you will still be able to download it before downloading the priced one.

    Citadel will launch on March 5th. While you wait, be sure to check out our custom xbox 360 controllers in our Controller Creator!

  • Battlefield 3 End Game Coming March 5th

    BF3 End Game

    The Final DLC content pack for Battlefield 3 is definitely making a splash this March, and if you're on the right platform, you may be able to get your hands on the new downloadable content from March 5th.

    The Battlefield final 'End Game' DLC will include four new maps- Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad, Sabalan Pipeline, each of which are played out within a different season, adding weather effects to the mix. Three new vehicles will be added, including dropships and motorcycles, and two new game modes: Capture the Flag and an Air Superiority game mode that pushes players into the skies and forces them to fight one another in jet fighters.

    On top of this, 16 new ribbons, 5 assignments and 2 medals will be available to unlock.

    If you're a Battlefield Premium member, you will also get access to five more exclusive assignments, as well as an earlier download date.

    For PS3, the premium date is March 5th, and the normal date is March 19th, whereas the Xbox 360 and PC premium release is set for March 12th, and the normal release for these platforms will hit March 26th.

    Are you looking forward to the final Battlefield 3 DLC pack? Be sure to check out our modded xbox 360 controllers to up your game while you wait!

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