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  • ZombiU Will be Coming to Xbox One and PS4


    Thanks to a new listing on an Australian Ratings Board, we've managed to find out that the exclusive Wii U title, ZombiU, might just be coming to the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. As you'd expect, the 'U' in the ZombiU has been dropped, and the cross platform version will just be called Zombi.

    The ZombiU game did look very promising, and the poor Wii U sales have lead the game to get little traction, despite it being quite a decent game, so it makes sense that the developers are trying to bring the game to other platforms. It would make sense that porting ZombiU to other platforms would be a little more difficult than porting a non-Wii U title, simply because of the various game controls and Wii U mechanics ZombiU takes advantage of.

    It may be a while before we hear anything official about a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Zombi, but it's very likely it will be coming. The same Australian Ratings Board has been very on point with these kinds of listings in the past, and many games have been discovered early thanks to its listings.

    The fact that the game has now reached a ratings board suggests that development for the ported version has already somewhat began, but there is unfortunately no way of knowing just how far the ZombiU developers have gotten with the port until an official announcement is made. So far Ubisoft has not commented on the ported version of ZombiU but we'll let you know as soon as we hear something.

  • Details for GTA 5 Alleged Zombie's Leaked

    GTA 5 Zombies DLCRockstar have already mentioned in the past that they have plans for new DLC content for Grand Theft Auto 5, however unlike previous GTA games, the developer has solely focused on releasing new free content for the online portion of the game since it's release.

    However, despite this, Rockstar still have been quietly working out their plans for new singleplayer DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5, and thanks to new rumors, we may now know a fair amount about the new upcoming content.

    Allegedly, Grand Theft Auto 5 will soon be receiving a brand new DLC pack that will include some kind of zombie related content. The rumors surrounding this report are very loosely based on some leaked code found within Grand Theft Auto 5, so we'd better take this with a very large grain of salt.

    However, we've also been hearing a lot about a set of casino based DLC content from a few various sources, some of which suggest that the new DLC pack will include multiple casinos, three mini games 12 new assassination missions, as well as other missions for Trevor, the IAA and other characters.

    So, can we expect a brand new zombie themed DLC pack alongside a casino DLC pack for GTA 5 in the near future? Honestly, we have no clue, but it could be possible. Hopefully we'll hear something official from Rockstar as soon as the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game are released.

  • Zombie Shooter on the Wii U

    If you haven't gotten enough of the Zombie trend that's been going on, then definitely be sure to check out this trailer for an interesting Wii U Shooter. It shows the use of the Wii U Controller being used in unique ways that Xbox 360 controllers or PS3 controllers simply can't match right now.

    The real question is, are these additions compelling to the experience?

    Click here to see it in action:!

    Zombie mode in Black Ops was a hit and a lot of fun. If you're a fan of Evil and didn't know, we have an Evil Exclusive mod just for it. It's Auto Aim and it's available on our Stealth Adjustable with MW3/BF3 functions. So you definitely don't want to play that game without it.

    ZOmbiU is being published by Ubisoft in addition to a handful of other titles. While Ubisoft seems to definitely be behind the Wii U it'll be interesting to see if other third parties decide to show interest as well.

    Are there any Wii U games you're interested in?

  • Zombie Farm!

    Gaming Review View - Zombie Farm!

    Forget Farmville. This Halloween, try out Zombie Farm for your iPhone or iTouch! Instead of farming cabbage, or broccoli, or whatever new vegetable Zynga has come out with, plant, harvest, and raise your zombies to create your own evil empire.


    Although visually almost identical to Farmville, Zombie Farm provides a little more humor to an already relatively addictive concept. Beginning the game, as an evil farmer you must choose between planting crops or zombies. After, just like in Farmville, you sell your zombies or crops to generate money to plant more. Is it redundant and mindless, just like FarmVille? Yes. But is it way cooler because it features zombies, which will never, ever get old? Absolutely.

    Try your hand at mutating your zombie into a Tomatohead Zombie instead of the Average Joe undead. After mutating your zombies enough, they will have enough speed and attack power to give you a solid, swarming army to invade neighboring farms. Charge and storm farms at will, plundering gold and brains. Your neighbors will automatically sync from facebook, leaving the decision on whom to raid completely up to you. Sick of dear old Mom posting her replies to friends on her own wall? Show her who's boss by sending over a minion to eat the virtual brains right out from under her.

    Zombie Farm is currently offered for free on ITunes. Check it out and have a terrifyingly bloody (and gutty) Halloween!

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

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