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  • Crazy Advanced Warfare Stats Revealed

    Sledgehammer Games has recently released a large infographic that contains a variety of information relating to player's accumalative stats in Advanced Warfare since the game has been released. In the infographic, details about player kills, weapon usage and grenade usage has been displayed. Other details give information about the exo zombie survival mode, whilst some stats share details on the various exo suit abilities.

    2,591,920,137, or roughly 2.5 billion exo zombies have been killed since the release of Advanced Warfare, and 223 million zombie waves have been cleared by players.

    Players have collected 1,397,836,776 supply drops, and over 2 billion items have been collected, with roughly 300 million of those being elite items.

    One of my favorite stats on the new info-graphic includes details about how far players have jumped with the new boost jumps in Advanced Warfare. Over 105 trillion jumps have been made by players online. Sledgehammer Games has stated that this is enough distance to cover the circumference of the earth 14 thousand times. Now that is a lot of boost jumping.

    Unfortunately the info-graphic did not give stats on player average kill ratios or any other information about player performance or weapon preference. The info-graphic did state that 24% of weapons used were assault rifles, 19% were SMGs, 16% were heavy weapons and just 13% were snipers.

    If you could learn any stats about Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, what kind of stats would you be interested to learn about? I personally think it would be great to see details about player performance and general weapon usage, instead of just weapon class usage.

  • Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Finally Arrives on Xbox

    advanced warfare havocThe first DLC pack for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has finally arrived on the Xbox, and it can now be picked up for both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 as part of an early access deal. The Havoc DLC will also be released for the PC and the PlayStation consoles at some point in February.

    The new Havoc DLC pack comes with a wide range of new content, including four brand new maps, and the anticipated exo zombies survival co-op mode.

    The four maps included in the Havoc DLC are Sideshow, Core, Urban and Drift. Sideshow is a shanty town built within a cargo ship. Core is within a large drilling station, and Drift is a small sized snow town. Finally, Urban is a packed city area.

    Before the Havoc DLC was officially released, two new weapons were also put out as part of the Havoc DLC pack. Season pass players were able to take hold of the weapons in the Havoc DLC earlier in the year. The weapons included a new laser AE4 Widowmaker rifle, and a direct variation of the same weapon.

    The most looked forward to feature in the Havoc DLC is the exo zombies co-op mode though, and similarly to Black Ops 2, the mode will have a set amount of missions players will be able to play through. It has been rumored that more exo zombies content will be released incrementally in each DLC after the Havoc DLC.

  • COD Advanced Warfare Zombies Trailer Released

    cod advanced warfare zombiesIn anticipation of the release of the new Havoc DLC planned for the end of January, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare developers, Sledgehammer Games, have just released a new trailer for the upcoming Exo Zombies game mode, which will be made available as part of the upcoming DLC.

    Interestingly, the trailer shares a bit of a backstory into why there is a sudden zombie outbreak, and why a group of soldiers are attempting to hold off the relentless hordes. In the trailer, the story is explained -

    "Untrained and unprepared, four Atlas employees must survive a horror unlike any other. John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan, and Jon Bernthal star in Exo Zombies, coming to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC in 2015."

    It seems as if the zombies mode will be released as an episodic co-operative multiplayer mode. Whilst we aren't entirely sure, it would make sense to assume that each episode of the zombies mode will release alongside each piece of DLC for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

    For zombie fans, I think that the new zombie mode in Advanced Warfare is worth getting excited about - the game will feature a new twist on the tried and trusted zombies gameplay we have seen in previous COD games by adding super fast exo zombies that make use of the exo skeleton featured in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

    So far, we aren't sure how much content players will be able to play through in the first episode of exo zombies, but hopefully there will be maps that players can play a more traditional round based version of zombies on.

  • You Can Dress as a Zombie in Advanced Warfare

    zombie in advanced warfareIf you have been keeping an eye on Advanced Warfare, you are probably already aware that the game comes with a brand new zombies mode that offers players the ability to fight against waves after waves of the living dead.

    However, for the first time ever, players will (sort of) be able to play as a zombie by playing Advanced Warfare. Similar to the clothing system in Call of Duty Ghosts, players will be able to unlock cosmetic gear by completing certain goals.

    If you manage to do well in the new zombie mode, you may stand a chance of unlocking zombie cosmetic gear to wear in Multiplayer. There are four different pieces of zombie clothing, and to unlock the full outfit you will need to complete various tiers of zombie mode.

    "Survival mode in COD: AW has 4 tiers, 4 maps in the first 3 tiers, 1 map (Riot) in the last tier. To unlock the 2nd tier, you need to complete 50 rounds overall in the 1st tier, to unlock the 3rd tier, you need 75 rounds overall in 2nd tier, for the 4th and final tier, you need 100 rounds completed in the 3rd tier. You receive 2 pieces of zombie equipment for unlocking the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tier.

    To get the final 2 pieces ('zombie top' and the zombie player head) you need to reach round 10 on Riot (the 4th tier) at which point a DNA bomb drops, and you then have to fend off a single wave of zombies for about 3 minutes before evacuating and getting shown that cut scene that leaked earlier. There is no 'zombies mode' or any extra reward for doing this. These are permanent items."

    Want help getting through these hordes of zombies? Check out Evil Controllers, they have the Master Mod which includes Rapid Fire, Quick Reload, and much more. These zombies won't stand a chance!

  • Dying Light Release Pushed Forward to January 2015

    dying light release dateWhilst Dying Light was originally planned for release in March, and then delayed to February next year, it has now been pushed forward to a January release, revealed developer Techland.

    The release date for North America has been set for January 27th for all platforms, whilst Europe has received a release date of January 28th for all platforms.

    Dying Light is a new open world first person survival game that mixes elements from games like Dead Island and Left 4 Dead with parkour elements similar to those from Mirror’s Edge. The result is a free-flowing zombie game that focuses on allowing players to use the scenery and environment to their advantage.

    Like Techland's previous IP, Dead Island, Dying Light takes a large focus on melee based combat, and a lot of the weapons that players will come across in the game will be melee based weapons such as knives, clubs or wrenches - pretty much what we've come to expect from any zombie game.

    I personally think the parkour element of Dying Light is enough to make it original, and it should offer players a unique experience within the rather watered down zombie survival genre. However, Techland will have to deliver the game perfectly, otherwise the parkour element may just be left as an overused gimmick that doesn't offer enough to make the parkour actually mechanically viable whilst playing.

    Dying Light will be available for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC upon it's release on January 27th 2015 in North America and January 28th 2015 in Europe.

  • Next Walking Dead Season 2 Episode Close

    Walking Dead Season 2

    The storytelling Walking Dead video game series by Telltale games has taken most of the gaming industry by storm. A game that has very little physical gameplay content has managed to sell by the truckload, and pick up multiple awards whilst it's at it too.

    I think it's great progress for the gaming industry, and I'd welcome more creative projects like this, and Beyond: Two Souls by Quantic Dream in the future.

    Although it wasn't long ago that the first episode for the season 2 of Telltale's Walking Dead was released, many fans are already eagerly awaiting the next episode in the series. It has been revealed this week that the next Walking Dead season 2 episode will be "around the corner."

    The news was revealed on the official Telltale Games twitter page, which was used to say, "Still. Not. Bitten. The next chapter of #TheWalkingDead Season 2 is just around the corner. Stay tuned for info!"

    So far, no solid date has been set for the release of the next episode of Telltale Game's Walking Dead season 2, but I don't doubt it will be fairly soon.

    Season 2 has focused it's main story around a young girl named Clementine, who, through the first season 2 episode, managed to pull through and stay alive, despite her size and age.

    For those that have not yet got it, the first episode for Season 2 was released on December 17th, 2013, and can be picked up on Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. You can also grab the season pass that will entitle you to free ownership of all five upcoming episodes on every available platform.

  • No Loading Scenes and Dynamic Zombies on Dead Rising 3

    One of the true wonders of the next generation is the inclusion of games with absolutely no loading screens at all. The current generation of consoles suffered from long waiting times and boring pauses in game whilst we waited for new content to be loaded on-screen.

    Dead Rising 3 will be one of the first games to truly show the awesomeness of having no loading times by having a huge open world zombie game, filled with various of items, vehicles and interactive scenery, and hundreds of zombies along with it.

    No matter where you go in the world there will be absolutely no pauses in-game for loading screens, and you'll have a hard time looking for any freezes whilst the game tries to load new things such as when you enter a building filled with zombies.

    Another thing that is cool is that the Dead Rising 3 art developers have worked hard to ensure you'll "never see the same building twice." Every texture in the game has been hand crafted, and there is no reuse of assets across the world, so you're not going to come across the exact same 24/7 garage 100 meters down the road.

    Zombies are obviously a core component to Dead Rising 3 the Xbox One Exclusive. To mix things up, each and every zombie will be randomly generated and will randomly pick prebuilt hair styles, clothing, gorey areas and other features from a big pool of zombie parts.

    This should make the zombies feel like individuals, and hopefully you won't come across zombie twins all that often.

  • Black Ops 2 Zombies Trailer and Details

    Blacks Ops 2 Zombie Info

    Black Ops 2 is now less than two months away, and as we get closer to release, we're likely to see some interesting footage and screenshots, and today we're going to focus on a certain part of Call of Duty that has helped to make the series such a success.

    If you've not seen it already, recently the world was introduced to a teaser trailer for what looked to be the return of a beefed up zombie mode. The trailer follows a bus as it travels through a torn down city whilst creepy nursery jingles are played in the background. Go check it out here.

    Recently Treyarch released a bunch of new info and a wicked new trailer for the new Zombies in Black Ops 2, and today we're going to do a quick overview of all the information that's been released.

    There will be not just one Zombie mode in the new Black Ops game, but in fact three, which will be dubbed Tranzit, Survival, and Grief. Grief is probably the most interesting new Zombie mode in Black Ops 2 and will be more story-orientated than previous games, following a group of zombie hunters riding a bus through an open world. You'll travel to different places locating parts and pieces for construction purposes whilst zombies are constantly trying to chase you down for breakfast. The second mode, Survival, will be similar to previous games; you'll choose unlocked areas from the open-world environment of Tranzit, and try to stay alive for as long as possible. Unlike previous games, you'll be able to customize the games options, changing game mechanics to allow you to play it how you'd like to, ultimately making it more enjoyable.

    The final mode known as Grief will put you and three team-mates in an arena against four other players. Zombies will occupy the arena and the aim of Grief is to stay alive for as long as possible. You'll be able to access different items in the game to send the zombies stumbling towards the other team, making for an extremely competitive atmosphere.

    Hyped for Black Ops 2's Zombie mode, then you may want to pick up a modded controller with our Zombie Imaging. The controller looks great and the mods available for Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops are incredible. Rapid Fire will also be compatible with Black Ops 2, so what are you waiting for?

    Written by Ollie Green

  • Black Ops 2: Zombie Modes

    This past week, Black Ops 2 information regarding their zombie mode has flooded the gaming industry, as the fans get ready for its release in November.

    Treyarch admitted that the zombie mode in World at War was just a time waster for the players but since the popularity around this mode has grown it was time for them to make this more than just that.

    The game will have three primary game modes regarding the zombie gameplay.

    Tranzit: This new mode is the primary one for Treyarch's new zombie gameplay. It involves a team of up to four players come together in a very large world fight the zombie hordes from place to place using, or not using, a bus to get from location to location.

    One cool option that Treyarch has implemented is the ablilty for players to build tools and weapons to help them through this journey.

    Grief: The most different mode coming to the zombie gameplay is Grief. Grief puts two teams of up to four people against each other in this zombie-infested world of Tranzit. The idea is the first team to lose all its members loses while the survivors are the winners. The catch?

    The other team cannot physically harm them so they must pit the other team in precarious situations. Treyarch said that new mechanics will be implemented into this mode especially.

    Survival: This is the classic zombie mode that the fans have grown to love. The basic concept is to hole up in a small world from the "Tranzit" maps and defend yourself from the hordes of zombies. A tried and true method that will let the purists indulge in the zombie apocalypse they know from the previous Treyarch Call of Duty games.

    If you aren't fully familiar with Evil Controllers, keep in mind Evil Controllers offers modded controllers for PS3 and Xbox 360 that are fully compatible with Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. These mods include Rapid Fire and Drop Shot with over 20 mods available on the site.

  • Amazon Hints at Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode

    Earlier this week Amazon listed the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 as having a "The inclusion of zombies in gameplay, both in as an option in multiplayer, and as a campaign option." You can view the new page here.

    Kotaku was able to get a screenshot of it before it was promptly taken down.

    Not too sure what all the secrecy behind the zombie mode might be but we do know that the game will be hitting the store shelves November 13th. We will follow up on this story if any new news about the zombie mode is released.

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