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Why Us

Why Us

Exclusive Mods

Our mods are designed in house by our professional programmers that develop mods specifically for the newest games. These mods, literally, cannot be found anywhere else.

In The Media

Unlike our competitors, Evil Controllers is in the press on a monthly basis due to our innovations. You can find us and our products mentioned on the biggest gaming sites and channels. Click here to see us on Game Informer. Back to Top.

Customer Service

We offer our customers a large number of ways to reach us. We will not stop until you are a 100% happy with your product. Don't be surprised if you get an email 2 months from now asking how your controller is treating you. We're that serious. Back to Top.


The quality of our mods is un-matched, every controller is tested in our Evil Lab by a 12 point system to ensure quality products before we ship them out. We also ONLY use brand new Microsoft Xbox 360 controllers before adding our mods or custom options.Back to Top.


You don't have to look far to see a positive review of an Evil Controller. Our products speak for themselves and our customers promote them as fans.


It’s rare for a company like ourselves to get the compliments that we receive from Microsoft. Most people would assume that Microsoft would like nothing to do with Evil Controllers, but Evil Controllers has been invited to Redmond, Washington to be apart of Microsoft's round table discussions on the Xbox 360 Kinect.Back to Top.


Evil created the entire modded industry, we have been featured in every big name gaming magazine. We have been to Microsofts Headquarters, to test the kinect for our accessible gaming products. Basically, we are as serious as it gets when it comes to the modded controller market. We guarantee you will be happy with your experience at evil. Back to Top.


Evil Controllers is more a culture than a brand. Evil Controllers modifies controllers with gameplay enhancements, but Evil also modifies controllers to make them more accessible for gamers with limited mobility. We have received countless heart felt emails on behalf of our work to get gamers that didn't believe they could game anymore the opportunity to head-shot their opponent once more.Back to Top.


Evil Controllers offers a standard 6 month warranty with any controller, the longest in the industry! For $14.99 more you can protect your controller for an additional 12 months. Evil Controllers' warranty covers parts of the mod chip and labor. Back to Top.

Why Not Them


Competitors are very known in this industry for using used or third party products claiming there brand new. Once you get the product and they get their money, they suddenly stop answering their phone.Back to Top.



We order a controller from every competitor, we commonly wait 2-3 weeks before we receive our product. We use our personal name to give them a fair shot. One competitor still hasn't shipped our product in almost 3 months.Back to Top.

3rd Party Code

Our competitors use and share a generic code, which means your rapid fire is not custom. What is the difference between all of these companies if their codes are all the same.Back to Top.

False Advertising

We purchased a product from a competitor because we were so impressed by the packaging. When the controller arrived there was no fancy packaging just a ups box. The controller had clearly been damaged because it wasn't in a secure box.Back to Top.

Intentionally Confusing Website

Our competitors set up their products to misrepresent costs. One competitor charges $70 for the cost of just a standard out of the box Xbox 360 controller, which retails for $50. At a glance the controller appears to be at a low price, when you checkout and actually select the products in the picture, you spend much more money. These products are not cheap to make, but they try and trick you with their convoluted checkout systems.Back to Top.

No Customer Service

Go Ahead give them a call see if they answer. Once they get your money competitors will disappear. They do not care if your happy with your products. We receive 10-20 calls a week, with their customers asking us to fix their broken controllers. We always help them out even if they did not buy from us. See our testimonials to get an idea.Back to Top.

Quick Buck

Evil's opinion is that competitors are not in this for the long haul. They are all about the quick buck, that is why they do not care about customer service. Evil has thousands of articles and videos in the press, they have zeroBack to Top.