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The Xbox 360 Controller Creator allows you to create the custom Xbox 360 controller of your dreams.
Modify the exterior options to match your favorite sports team, your favorite video game character or your personal style.
In addition to aesthetic modifications, Evil Controllers is world renowned for our world class gameplay mods.

Available Mods

On the Xbox 360, Evil Controllers offers the following mods, click on the mod’s page on the top of our webpage to learn which mods are compatible with specific titles:
Selecting our Master Mod on the Xbox 360 will give you all of these mods! An Incredible Value
Rapid Fire
Adjustable Rapid Fire
Akimbo Rapid Fire
Auto Burst
Auto Scope
Auto Run
Quick Knife
Drop Shot
Fast Reload
Left Trigger Rapid Fire
Auto Spot
Auto Aim
Active Reload
Auto Mark
Auto Reload + Rapid Fire
Auto Chainsaw
Sawed Off Auto Swap
Auto Revive

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