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The Xbox 360 Controller Creator allows you to create the custom Xbox 360 controller of your dreams.
Modify the exterior options to match your favorite sports team, your favorite video game character or your personal style.
In addition to aesthetic modifications, Evil Controllers is world renowned for our world class gameplay mods.

Available Mods

On the Xbox 360, Evil Controllers offers the following mods, click on the mod’s page on the top of our webpage to learn which mods are compatible with specific titles:
Selecting our Master Mod on the Xbox 360 will give you all of these mods! An Incredible Value
Rapid Fire
Adjustable Rapid Fire
Akimbo Rapid Fire
Auto Burst
Auto Scope
Auto Run
Quick Knife
Drop Shot
Fast Reload
Left Trigger Rapid Fire
Auto Spot
Auto Aim
Active Reload
Auto Mark
Auto Reload + Rapid Fire
Auto Chainsaw
Sawed Off Auto Swap
Auto Revive

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Q: Does the Evil Vision Backplate come with a charging cord or is it separate?

Posted On: 1/28/14 By: Matt E.

A: Matt, Thank you for your question! The Evil Vision backplate includes a charging cord as well, everything you need with this product will be included. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information! Evil Controllers 877.880.3845
Q: Wow just discovering this site from In Game Network (IGN) and was so excited but got dissapointed because we arent yet able to create an xbox one controller besides that this site is outstanding but when would this controller be available to customize?

Posted On: 11/20/13 By: Cole

A: Cole, Thank you for your inquiry! Evil's PS4 and Xbox one controllers will be added to the controller creator this week. You will be able to create your one of a kind Evil Controller very shortly! Best, Evil Controllers
Q: Does adjustable rapid fire work with Battllefield 4? Will it?

Posted On: 11/7/13 By: kyle holman

A: Kyle, Yes, the Adjustable Rapid Fire feature is compatible with all major FPS games including Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts! Best, Evil Controllers
Q: when you turn the mods off can you play games that arnt compatible if you don't use the mods

Posted On: 10/25/13 By: preston

A: Preston, You can choose which mods you want active at any given time! If you decide to keep the features turned off then your controller will function as if it is a non-modded controller and will not cause any issues in your gameplay. Evil Controllers 877.880.3845
Q: Where does the ID get put on the controller?

Posted On: 10/20/13 By: Chloe

A: Chloe, The Evil ID is etched in the right-hand side of the controller. In the coming weeks we hope to have a left or right side positioning option available. Evil Controllers 877.880.3845