Button Sensitization on each Accessible Controller
Originally the gamer is required to press a button with 160 grams of force, Once all button are sesitized, the gamer is required to press a button with only 1 nano gram of force.
  • Relocated Buttons Sensitized: ABXY, RT, LT, RB, LB, and thumb-stick clicks (once relocated)
Main Complications: Unable to move most limbs whatsoever, requires additional switches
Console: Xbox 360

Description: Designed for those with disabilities that require additional switches for their setup, who are unable to move most limbs whatsoever. This feature allows them the freedom to relocate as needed.

Button Modifications:
  • The additional 3.5mm plugs are “Blank”, so they can be assigned a button function or even toggle-able.
  • With the “blank” plugs the user can apply any buttons necessary for their setup
    • Ex: Placing two switches, one in the left and right side of your head (you would “click” the button by pressing your head against the placed switches) You could assign the left switch to be A and the right switch to be B (or any other combination)
    • Ex: When playing Call of Duty, users press and hold the left trigger to aim down their sight, allowing them to focus on their target while freeing their finger that was originally used holding down the trigger. The LT would be relocated to a button or a switch that requires only one click to toggle on (no holding necessary) and a second click to toggle off.
    • Ex: When playing Call of Duty it might be ideal for the switch near the left foot to be programed with the LT, however, when playing a different game it might be ideal for the switch that was near the left foot to be connected to the A button command. In every case this is doable. Users are able to connect different switches to different commands as freely as they wish depending on the users individual game preferences.

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