Adroit Controller
The Adroit Controller was created with the help of the Able Gamers Foundation to make a controller that could easily be configured for any gamer regardless of their specific range of motion.
Adroit Features:
Remap Ability: Change any Xbox 360 Controller function to any switch of your choice.
Toggle Ability: Functions can be customized to allow switches the option of imitating hold functions
(example: Crouching in Call of Duty: Black Ops)
Turbo Ability: Functions can be customized to allow switches the option of imitating Rapid button presses while simply holding a switch.
Multi Button Press: Use one switch to press Multiple Buttons.

Console: Xbox 360

Description: It features the functionality listed above and allows any gamer with limited mobility the capabilities to experience the joy of gaming. The Adroit controller features both toggle and turbo abilities, which imitates functions that might be more difficult for to perform otherwise. The rumble motors and analog sticks are located in small mountable boxes to allow gamers to tailor their controller specifically for what is convenient for them. With the Adroit Controller, Gaming is for Everyone!

Using the Adroit:
  • Any 8mm switch can be used and assigned a function.
  • The Adroit itself allows for full customization, but specific switches must be purchased to use with this controller.
  • The Adroit includes multiple save slots to allow you to save your function layout for specific games while still having the freedom to play different games.

To order an Adroit Controller send an email to [email protected]
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