Lefty Controller

Button Sensitization on each Accessible Controller
Originally the gamer is required to press a button with 160 grams of force, Once all button are sesitized, the gamer is required to press a button with only 1 nano gram of force.
  • Relocated Buttons Sensitized: ABXY, RT, LT, RB, LB, and thumb-stick clicks (once relocated)
Main complications: Limited right hand mobility
Console: Xbox 360

Description: Designed for people with no right hand mobility. A, B, X, Y, RT, RB and Right Stick are relocated to a more accessible position.

Button Modifications:
  • The D-pad housing will be replaced with the Evil D-pad shell
  • The Evil D-pad functions will be replaced with the ABXY functions so that your left thumb can reach all four buttons
  • The A, B, X, Y location is replaced with the D-pad functions
  • The RT and RB will be relocated to the underside of the controller so that your middle and ring fingers can reach them
  • The Left Stick click will be relocated to the topside of the controller below the left stick

Additional Options:
  • The Right Stick Assembly will be relocated to a small box that can be mounted to the users discretion (Ideally: secured to the floor so you can use your foot or another limb to move the stick)