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  • Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller

    What you need to know about the
    Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller from Evil Controllers

    If you've heard about Evil Controllers before, you know they're at the forefront of the world of modded Xbox 360 controllers. If you don't know about them, you should at least know about their Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller . This entry level in their Trigger series of modified Xbox controllers is a great way to improve your gain without spending countless hours practicing. If you're a casual gamer who just likes to pick up the controller and have fun, this modded controller is for you.

    Working with all the top games (from Halo 3 to Call of Duty World at War to Gears of War 2), the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller is toggled on with the press of a button. After you turn it on, the controller has the ability to turn a single shot or semi-automatic weapon into a fully automatic weapon. That's right, this modded Xbox 360 controller can have you walking around blasting away your enemies straight out of the box. No longer do you need to worry about modifying your own controller or keeping up with all the video game patches that are released.

    Evil Controllers takes care of all those details to make sure the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller just works. By making using a modded controller simple, they've opened up a whole new gaming world for a lot of people around the world. From beginning gamers to casual gamers to full time professional gamers, people of all skill levels will get something out of using this controller. In the hands of a newbie it is a powerful force, but in the hands of a pro, it's guaranteed deadly. No matter where you fall on the skills chart, this controller can help you with your favorite game.

    And speaking of favorite games, that's one of the best things about the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller - that it works with all the popular games. Not only that, Evil Controllers works very hard to make sure their modified controllers for the Xbox 360 will work with games that are just now being released. So, if you're afraid to buy the controller because it only works with current generation games, you can push that fear aside. Evil Controllers is in it for the long haul, and they've done a great job keeping up with all the new great games hitting the market.

  • Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller

    What you need to know about the Universal Standard Rapid Fire from Evil Controllers

    As you probably know, the video game industry is booming. Whether you're one of the new "part time" or infrequent gamers or an old pro who plays multiple hours everyday, there's a company called Evil Controllers that is really bringing the pioneer spirit to market through their rapid fire controllers for the XBox 360. Their base unit, the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller, can give gamers the ability to turn a single shot or semi-automatic weapon into fully automatic mode. That's right, as you can imagine, that's going to give you a lot more power in the game.

    Speaking of games, the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller works with all your favorite video games and is constantly updated to include great new games being released. Evil Controllers is constantly on the move making sure their modified Xbox 360 controllers work flawlessly with all the games advertised. (The list is quite impressive.) This takes a lot of time, but it really makes this modified controller worth the money. And this being a base unit, it's a great place to start if you're not sure if a modified controller for the Xbox 360 is right for you or not.

    The beauty of the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller is that you just have to hit the fire button and hold down and it will switch into auto-fire mode, allowing you to blast away at your enemies, even if you just have a single shot weapon in the game. This technology has been around a while, but Evil Controllers makes it easy to keep up with the power game players that utilize modified controllers to make themselves competitive on the virtual battlefield. From Call of Duty World at War to Gears or War 2 to other popular titles, Evil Controllers has you covered.

    Gone are the days of having to modify a controller on your own and hope you can keep up with the video game companies releasing patches to the games. The smart people are purchasing the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller and letting Evil Controllers take care of all the "grunt work" of keeping up with the technical side while you just "hold the button down" and reap the benefits of their hard work. If you're ready to up your game, it's time to get a modified controller that will allow you to excel at any game you choose.

  • Evil Controllers and Their Evil Sticks

    Evil Sticks - Made by Evil Controllers to help enhance your gaming!

    The company with a slightly evil name has come out with a mod for your Xbox 360 controller that isn't evil, but it can help improve your game. If you really want to bring your A game, Evil Sticks are an Xbox controller mod that you should look into. The company that brough the world the Universal Rapid Fire controller mods offers this add-on for existing or new controllers.

    The premise behind this modification is simple. Take the Xbox controller stick and make it easier and more comfortable to use. Evil Controllers has made that happen with their Evil Sticks. From their amazing accuracy to the superior (and ergonomic) convex shape, this enhancement for your Xbox 360 controller can really improve your game. With a name like Evil Sticks, you know they are going to help enhance your game play skills.

    Evil Sticks are textured to give a truly non-slip surface that will keep your fingers where they need to be when you are playing your favorite video games. With maximum durability and force feedback, this Xbox controller stick mod will have you getting into the game (and playing better) before you know it. Whether you are a professional or advanced or even a casual gamer, this enhancement can help improve your game playing, which leads to a lot more enjoyment out of your favorite video games.

    If you are looking for something to give you a little edge on the virtual battlefield, Evil Sticks are a great enhancement for existing controllers, or as add-ons to one of the company's Universal Rapid Fire controllers. (Evil Sticks are decidedly more "evil" when used in conjunction with other mods from the fine folks at Evil Controllers.)

  • Ring-of-Light Mod: Stylish, Cool and Lots of Options

    You need to know about the Evil Controllers Ring-of-Light Mod

    Started in a dorm room, Evil Controllers knows about video games, gamers, and what the latter likes to see in accessories for video games. The cool factor is definitely something that went into this relatively simple modification that can make your Xbox 360 controller stand out from the rest of the crowd. The Ring-of-Light Mod comes in blue or red, and allows you to light up the buttons on your Xbox controller with style.

    The other attractive feature about the Ring-of-Light Mod is that you can get it added to an existing controller or have it pre-installed on a new modded Xbox controller from Evil Controllers. These options are another reason this is such a hot mod for Xbox enthusiasts and casual gamers who want to spice up their video game set-ups.

    The Ring-of-Light Mod may not make you perform better when playing your favorite games, but it can be a great way to stand out in the crowd, especially if you play video games with a group of people. If you are looking for a conversation starter, this Xbox controller mod should do its duty well. Sometimes, video games are about the small things like looking down and seeing a glowing red or blue light that reminds you that you are different.

    Whatever reason you go with, there are quite a few to check out this Xbox controller mod from Evil Controllers, the company who knows cool and is constantly striving to stay on the edge of the rapidly expanding video game industry. The Ring-of-Light Mod is just one of their products, but it is a popular one that many have enjoyed.

  • Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller - Expect Even More

    Evil Controllers Information on:
    Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller

    Evil Controllers, the family run company that specializes in modified Xbox 360 controllers, has outdone themselves. Building on their Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller, they have a slightly more expensive model that adds the ability to program the mods on the controller. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, keep reading.

    On the exterior, the Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller looks like most other factory made Xbox 360 controllers. Inside, though, there are not only modifications to your favorite video games, you can adjust the settings on the modifications. The modded controller comes with three factory settings for "rate of fire" that is fine-tuned to specific video games - Halo 3, World at War, and Gears of War 2. Beyond that, you can adjust a fourth setting for any supported video game.

    The ability to tinker with the settings of a particular weapon in a particular game can give gamers a distinct edge. All of this happens behind the scenes, though, as this modified Xbox controller looks like any other non-modded controller. Stealth is more than just a word in the name of the controller, it's a feature as well. While this controller might not be for everyone, there are many people who are going to be drawn to the fact that it is adjustable for personal preferences - and can be saved for later use.

    There are a lot of modified Xbox controllers out there that are easy to spot as mods and they don't have the ability to adjust the controller for a specific game or weapon. This is why the Universal Stealth Adjustable Rapid Fire Controller is proof of Evil Controller's commitment to making video games more fun for players of all ages and all skill levels. With products like this, they are continuing to pioneer within the ever growing video game industry.

  • Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller

    Evil Controllers Information on:
    Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller

    Leave it to a company like Evil Controllers to come up with a modded Xbox 360 controller like the Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller. Like their other modded controllers for the Xbox 360, the Stealth version comes with all the modifications you know and love - from turning any single shot or semi-automatic weapons into fully automatic by holding the button down to all the other modifications for your favorite video games, Evil Controllers has it.

    The Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller is a little different, in that it allows you to keep the fact that you have a modded Xbox 360 controller a secret. Unlike the other controllers from Evil Controllers, the stealth model doesn't go into "modded mode" until you press a secret, two-button combination on the controller. This means your competition doesn't have to know you're using a rapid fire controller. Stealth mode added to the Universal Rapid Fire Xbox 360 controller is a genius idea.

    Evil Controllers isn't stopping with this. The family run company is hard at work pioneering other modified controllers for the rapidly growing video game industry. When you add the Universal Stealth Rapid Fire Controller to the other pre-modded Xbox 360 controllers they have for sale, you can see why this young company is experiencing such great growth, even in a tough market. And with their past track record, you can be sure to expect even better improvements to their controllers, including compatibility with all the new great games coming out for the Xbox 360.

  • Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller a Good Place to Start

    Evil Controller Information on:
    Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller

    The Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller by Evil Controllers is a great way for gamers to get their feet wet when it comes to modded Xbox controllers. This base model of the Evil Controller line of trigger rapid fire controllers is good if you do not mind if other people know you have a modded Xbox controller.

    On the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller, rapid fire is activated by the right trigger. The controller mod doesn't activate until after a gamer toggles the mod with the tap of a button. After the modded controller is turned on, simply holding the trigger imitates "ridiculously fast right trigger pulls!" For most video games, this is going to give the gamer a distinct advantage and allow them to compete against more skilled players.

    This modded Xbox controller, along with others from Evil Controllers, works with all modern popular video game titles, as well as video games that haven't been released yet. If you want to press a button to get the rapid fire working on your controller (for multiple games), this modded Xbox controller by Evil Controllers is one you should check out.

    Available in black or white, the Universal Trigger Rapid Fire Controller looks good and feels good, but it is the modifications behind the scenes that really make this Xbox controller special. Even professional and advanced gamers will get something out of the modded controller. In the hands of a video game expert, this controller can improve an already top performance.

  • Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller is a Hit

    Evil Controller Information on:

    Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller

    When it comes to video games and the millions of potential opponents all over the world, it is sometimes difficult to stay competitive enough to have fun while playing. This is where a family run business in Tempe, Arizona comes into play. Evil Controllers has helped pioneer new ways of playing video games with their Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller.

    Their Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller is meant for the Xbox 360 video game console. The "Universal" means that it works with more than one video game. So, instead of having to have a complex code or special controller for every video game, gamers can buy one controller that will enhance their game play for a large (and growing) list of video games.

    Their modded Xbox controllers are not going to be favorites of the competition, but if you want a little edge on the virtual battlefield, this video game controller has been modified to make your favorite games easier (and more enjoyable.) Instead of spending countless hours practicing a video game, you can pick it up when you have the time and get just as much enjoyment out of it with your virtual enancement.

    The premise behind the Universal Standard Rapid Fire Controller is quite simple on paper. Basically, it has the ability to turn any single shot or semi-automatic weapon into a "hold down the button and fire" type weapon. As you might imagine, this ability is a game changer. Evil Controllers goes beyond the rapid fire controller, though, with other video game controllers that are specially designed with different types of gamers in mind.

    If you are looking for a modded controller for the Xbox, Evil Controllers has created a product that has been a hit for gamers all over the world.

  • Best Modded Xbox 360 Controllers?

    Features of Evil Controllers

    When it comes to modified controllers for the Xbox 360, what does it take to be the best? Some might say this is entirely subjective, but when you look at the modded Xbox 360 controllers from Evil Controllers, there is strong evidence that they're on the top of the pile.There are some qualities that all good modded controllers should have.

    Here are some of the features that make the Universal Modded Controllers from Evil Controllers some of the best on the market:

    • In Game Modifications - This is what makes a good controller great. When your controller can actually change your in game experience, it takes your gaming experience to the next level. If you're looking for a way to keep up with your nephew or grandson, Evil Controllers can provide you with an ace up your sleeve so you can keep up.
    • Style Modifications - Beyond making the video game better, sometimes it is all about making the video game controller look different and stand out from the crowd. Using a custom modded controller that is ergonomically designed for comfort (with gameplay in mind) can really change your gaming experience - for the better.LED lights also make a controller look cooler.
    • Adaptability - If a modded controller doesn't work with the most popular games and isn't updated frequently, what use is it? This is the question Evil Controllers asked and vowed to take to heart. They are constantly scrambling to keep up with all the great new video games coming out as well as all the patches for your current favorite games. This growing company has what it takes to keep up, as shown by their recent track record.
    • Gaming Genre Controllers - Evil Controllers understands that certain types of video games can benefit from controllers designed with their specific gameplay style in mind. This is where products like their "evil stick" really shine. Between that and their rapid-fire controllers that work with multiple games, you would think they would be busy enough, but Evil Controllers is continually looking for new ways to be pioneers in the video game industry.

    As you can see with just this short list of benefits, there are many reasons the modded Xbox 360 controllers from Evil Controllers should be considered the best on the market.

  • Modded Xbox 360 Controllers Making a Difference

    Evil Controllers - Changing how you play!!!

    While they may only be making a difference on the virtual battlefield, the line of Universal Modded Controllers for the Xbox 360 are indeed changing the way you play some of your favorite games. From Call of Duty: World at War to COD4 to GOW2 to Halo 3 (and many more), these controllers can help you turn any in-game weapon into a "rapid fire" version.

    Evil Controllers don't rest after they sell you the controller, hoping it keeps working with every patch released for every game. Instead, they take an active role in making sure their controllers keep working with all your favorite games - including new ones that are constantly being released. They strive to insure they keep up with all the game companies and games.

    Beyond making video games more fun, Evil Controllers also strives to make a better looking controller that is also more ergonomic. From LED modifications to controllers that "feel good," this company is more than a one-trick pony. In fact, the rapid fire feature is only one of many. Some games, like Gears of War, have special modifications that allow for "active reloads."

    Whether you are a casual gamer who wants an edge to make up for lack of practice or an advanced gamer looking to own the battlefield in your favorite game, Evil Controllers has modded Xbox 360 controllers that are making a difference. With new games and modifications added all the time and striving to keep up with current popular games, the company is pioneering new ground in the rapidly expanding video game industry.

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