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  • Quadriplegic Gamer Calls For Custom Button Remapping In Console Games - Evil Controllers

    The call of Chuck Bittner and his request for action to re-map controller buttons

    Chuck Bittner has spoken. His call to action to access the technology to re-map buttons on today's great games has not gone unheard. Bittner is a Quadriplegic "Able Gamer" who is frustrated by the lack of attention that Developers, Publishers and Hardware creators have given to this community. A community that is filled with fans and competitors who will be able to participate on the same level and beyond if given the proper access to that technology. Evil Controllers has a great relationship with Randy "N0m4D" Fitzgerald, who is probably the most famous "Able Gamer" in the world. When Infinity Ward first created Modern Warfare they included the ability to remap buttons to Randy's specifications with the GAME!!! Pop in the first MW and you can find the "N0m4d" button configuration under controller options. But when MW2 shipped no such thing was included with the game.. Bringing the question back to Mr. Bittner... Who should we look too? The Game Developers or the Hardware developers.. I think that it should be both, but if we can mass produce controllers that have the technology to re map buttons out of the box, it would solve the gaming publishing problem. We here at Evil have developed that technology and have built hundreds of controllers for "Able Gamers". But that tech is still pricey because we have to work with 3rd party from Microsoft.

    You can follow the article over at Kotaku found here..

    He has also started a online petition that you can sign up for here...

    If you have questions about creating a custom controller.. You can contact us at [email protected]


  • EVIL IMAGING: Brought to you by the Good People at Evil Controllers

    Evil Imaging
    Reveal your Evil

    Evil Controllers has commissioned a new monster forged in the depths of the EVIL LAB: EVIL IMAGING
    Fueled by the need to stray away from common man, Evil Imaging accesses the highest in imaging and application technology to generate the future of video game controllers.

    A state of the art process, Evil Imaging is the ONLY way to enhance the graphics of your controller.
    Along with a unique look Evil Imaging takes the application of the image to the next level.

    This is not a STICKER! This is not a SKIN! This is EVIL IMAGING!!!!!

    Evil Imaging is the peak of controller enhancements. Pulsing with the beat of EVIL, you can be sure that the high quality and durability of Evil Imaging will withstand even the most fearsome gaming competition.EVIL IMAGING: EVIL SKULLZ

    Beyond graphics, Evil Imaging creates a custom finished feel only possible of being EVIL.
    From a variety of choices, including EVIL SKULLZ or the Custom military EVIL DIGITAL CAMOUFLAGE, you will find a top quality image with a finish that demolishes all others.

    Evil Controllers is the only place you can find EVIL IMAGING.  Now shipping World Wide!!


  • The AbleGamers Foundation and Evil Controllers Partner to Bring More Disabled Gamers into Console Gaming

    Evil Controllers teams up with AbleGamers to Aid those who wish to Game

    Harpers Ferry, WV "€œ The AbleGamers Foundation is proud to collaborate with Evil Controllers to make a line of controllers targeted to the needs of gamers with disabilities. "I just think this is a great opportunity for the disabled community to be able to leverage some cutting edge technology," says Mark Barlet, President and CEO of The AbleGamers Foundation, "Evil Controllers has a track-record of quality and out of the box thinking, with proven experience working with gamers with disabilities and I am proud to lend our name to the project."

    Evil Controllers is currently working on bringing a web portal that will allow "Able Gamers" to access information on our developing technology.

    Adam Coe, CEO of Evil Controllers "We are very excited to be working in a direction that allows us to develop technology for accessible gaming." " We are proud to help broaden the video game world as a whole and have enjoyed working with the AbleGamers Foundation".

    The AbleGamers Foundation has worked closely with Evil Controllers to prototype a one-handed Xbox controller that is currently being field tested by an AbleGamers Community member, with a second version around the corner.

    In addition to lending our name to the line of controllers, Evil Controllers will donate part of proceeds to the AbleGamersFoundation.

    About The AbleGamers Foundation

    The AbleGamers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that runs provide news, reviews, and advice on disabled technology and the accessibility of mainstream video game titles. As an alternative to Serious Gaming, mainstream video games supply many disabled individuals and veterans with rehabilitation as well as social stimulation in situations where they may be otherwise shut out of society's idea of normal everyday life.

    About Evil Controllers

    Evil Controllers is an Arizona based company that used patent pending technology to modify existing controller designs to bring greater functionally and flexibility to the gaming experience.

    For more information about this topic, the AbleGamers foundation,, or to schedule an interview with Mark Barlet, CEO of AbleGamers, Steven Spohn at [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information regarding

  • Young CEO of Evil Controllers Sits at National Conference for Handicap Gamers

    Adam Coe attends Games Beyond Entertainment Week

    May 10th , 2010- Adam, 21, will sit on a panel at Games Beyond Entertainment Week.
    The weeklong event will transpire on May 24-27 2010 in Boston, MA. The function will serve to unite those involved in the gaming industry to explore the wider use and potential of games to provide an impact on a wide variety of needs and communities around the world. The event also seeks to identify emerging and non-traditional markets for gaming. Games Beyond Entertainment Week is developed by the organization behind the Serious Games Initiative and the Games for Health Project.
    Adam, the CEO of Evil Controllers, will be participating in Games Accessibility Day, on Tuesday, May 25. He will be sitting on a Question and Answer panel with the legendary Ben Heckendorn, affectionately known as "Ben Heck", famous Modder. The panel will be discussing the future of gaming for the disabled, and where the technology is going. It is the only event dedicated to improving access to all games for people with disabilities and improves their lives through games. They will cover research, development, case studies, advocacy issues, accessibility techniques and deployment.
    Evil Controllers is a company that has been at the forefront of bringing games to the disabled. With the development of new technology and ingenuity they have been able to create specialized game controllers that allow people to approach gaming in a unique and individual way. These controllers enable people to play and compete on a level that otherwise was not possible. It is no longer because of a disability that someone cannot do what he or she enjoys, and Evil will continue to make this possible through dedication to the community of disabled gamers.

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