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  • Bioshock 2 has the possibility of NO MULTIPLAYER

    Rumors in Games - Bioshock 2 No Multiplayer for you!

    bioshock possible no mult

    Ken Levine, the original creator of Bioshock has been leaning towards to removing online multiplayer in the next chapter of the epic series. Bioshock Infinite, which is to take place in the roaring 1910s and most likely a prequel, is going to be in the ranks of Metroid Prime, where being in a series that had multiplayer in one title of its series, then didn't have it in the next. While this isn't really set into stone for Bioshock Infinite, Ken Levine stated that adding multiplayer on games are both not all that interesting and can be a bit of a financial drain. He says that when people want to play multiplayer on consoles like the 360, they would rather play with a game that has a monopoly on online first person shooter multiplayer mode, such as Halo.

    Mr. Levine has a point, in a sense. At times if a game isn't primarily designed around online multiplayer during its development, it is likely that it won't be an attention-getter. Most games that just slap on multiplayer to their games, do it at the last minute, or do such a poor job on it that feels like it was slapped on in the last minute.

    I guess what Mr. Levine is trying to do is make us focus more on single player mode and not buy a game solely for the purpose of multiplayer where we focus more time on screaming at the guy from New Jersey who keeps mic spamming and hogging Big Daddy suit whenever it spawns instead of the rich full story in single player mode that keeps you coming back for more, and replaying on harder difficulties.

    But, like I said before, it's not set into stone and we have until its unknown release date in 2012 to find out.

  • More Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters revealed: two official, one leak.

    Gamer News - More Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters revealed!

    As if Capcom couldn't give us more of an excuse to get us fighting game fans to bulk up our fingers and prepare our Evil thumbsticks, just as of this past weekend, at Gamescom in Germany, it is revealed that both Viewtiful Joe (from Viewitful Joe) and Dormammu (the nemesis of Marvel's Dr. Strange) are going to be in the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3. In addition, if you were to search back, the confirmation of Dormammu has significance in the leaked possibility of the Silver Surfer for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

    Back around the end of July, in a Japanese video game magazine's interview with the producer of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Ryoto Niitsuma, the magazine accidentally revealed Dr. Doom (already confirmed a week or two ago), Dormammu (just confirmed now), and Silver Surfer. If Dr. Doom and Dormammu are already confirmed then most likely the Silver Surfer is probably now 95% confirmed. I left five percent, because the game is still in development, and he can be pulled out.


    Viewtiful Joe and Dormammu

    Silver Surfer

  • Scratching That Gears Itch: Vanquish

    Gears of War 3 won't be out till April 5th 2011, so until then, Sega's got your back.

    Vanquish is a third-person cover based shooter inspired by the success of Gears of War. The man behind the title is Shinji Makami, more famously known as the father of Resident Evil. Vanquish is Platinum Games' attempt to break into the American market. Something they weren't able to do with Bayonetta and MadWorld.

    Vanquish attempts to appeal to both the western and eastern audiences, but it's still a very Japanese game. It's got all of the Japanese trademarks: non-realistic settings, humans stylized like 3D anime, mechs, and ridiculously large boss sequences. Platinum games is doing to Gears of War, what's it's done to Devil May Cry with Bayonetta, adding a gratuitous amount of over the top action. However, it's also adding complexity to the game's core mechanic, cover based shooting. Gears of War fans may find the game's screen seemingly cluttered and not as streamlined as to what their used to, but the game shows enough promise to suggest that it could be a rewarding process to learn all of it's ins and outs.


    If you're a Gears of War fan it's definitely a title you'll want to look out for. While Gears of War games have always focused on narrow battlegrounds or enemies that funnel towards you, the previews of Vanquish show much larger, more open areas. This is apt to give the game a Gears meets Halo vibe to it. Playing it could help you maintain your evil edge for when Gears of War 3 comes out.

    The biggest downside is that Vanquish will not have any multiplayer components. Platinum Games promises to spend that time and energy developing a solid, detailed, action filled single player campaign. The demo comes out on Xbox Live Arcade on August 31st and with this pedigree it's definitely worth checking out.


    Publisher: Sega

    Developer: Platinum Games

    Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3

    Release Date: October 19th

    ESRB Rating: Mature

    Follow this link below to view the game trailer:

    Vanquish Trailer

  • Activision They Don't Find Female Protagonists Profitable Enough

    Gamer News - Activision not finding Female Leads to be Profitable

    Activision recently admitted they believe games with female protagonists do not sell, referencing a number of male fronted top selling games in previous years. As a result, Activision and other companies avoid using female leads in games directed toward the general gaming population, only showing female leads in licensed games such as Barbie and Dora. Furthermore, according to Gamasutra reports, companies like Luxoflux have even attempted to create titles with female protagonists but changed their concepts based on Activision's narrow-minded focus on current high sales of male driven games. Sadly, since little chance has been given for female fronted games to prosper, it looks like this trend will continue. This derives from a lack of faith in a potentially outstanding product, based solely on gender rather than quality itself.

    Luxoflux started to take a step in the right direction with their original notion for what is now True Crime: Hong Kong. Originally, the game was conceived as Black Lotus, headed by a tough, Lucy Liu inspired female assassin. Nevertheless, after 2007's top 3 sellers included Madden NFL, Assassin's Creed, and Modern Warfare, Activision pulled the plug on Black Lotus and specifically directed Luxoflux to "lose the chick," according to a former employee.
    What's sad is the fact that female characters can sell, such as with Tomb Raider's Lara Croft, Mirror Edge's Faith, and Metroid's Samus. Squaresoft's Final Fantasy X-2 and XIII ranked just as high in sales. However, the vast majority of female characters in video games generally follow the same stereotypes, alienating potential players and consumers. From reading feedback in gaming forums, it seems pretty clear that women would prefer to buy games with strong, capable female leads instead of ones with gravity-defying breasts. Games may be fantasy, but not all realism needs to be lost. However, most games seem strictly marketed toward a male fan base, completely overlooking the desires of female players which, if marketed to correctly, could create an outstandingly positive impact on sales in the industry. But perhaps the consumers most likely to buy female fronted games just aren't going for them because of the current quality of female leads. Today, at Best Buy, I personally noticed an entire section devoted to games for women, which included games about weight loss, the Jonas Brothers, "Petz", and even yes, not a joke jewelry making. Does it really seem that strange that a female fronted game about jewelry making isn't selling that well?

    Maybe if Activision would give a tough as nails, sexy but realistic chick a chance they could really make a profit on the basis of innovative breakthrough under the condition that the game play would be held at the standards of a game with a male lead. Even a Call of Duty with a female protagonist would still sell, based on its quality, not main character. But for now, seeing as Activision has yet to make profit on the matter, (because they have yet to try), it seems this is truly a concept of virtual reality.

    Lara Croft not profitable enough?

  • Xbox 360 Lives on... At least for Another Couple of Years

    Microsoft announced that it hopes to add 5 more years to the lifespan of its most recent console. Now the X-Box 360 has been released since its days back around 2005, and it has recently reported its first ever, profitable quarter. Microsoft believes that the Kinect and future services and features will contribute to this proposed lifespan. In this blogger's opinion, this could be a good thing and a not so good thing. I'll start with the not so good. If Microsoft is planning to expand its console's life by five years, there is a possibility that within those five years its competitors might drop a new console and eat up everyone's attention. I believe that could be a possibility because of the demand for new technology and technology's ever so rapid pace of evolving. But I could be mistaken on this because the X-Box 360 could be like the Dreamcast from SEGA. The Sega Dreamcast was still being played even after its bigger rivals (Nintendo and Sony) decided to bring in the Gamecube and the Playstation 2. These two managed to bring a vacuum that would suck up some of the fans of the genre that Dreamcast held tightly on (like fighting games and RPGs), but still the Dreamcast held strong and kept getting attention and even had games still being developed for it until 2007. Could the X-Box 360 hold on and repeat what Sega did with its Dreamcast? Well to quote a wiseman "I can't predict the future".

    Now the good news side of the view is that Microsoft can take advantage of being a more "bang for your buck" when it comes to its X-Box 360. Now in these economic times of doubt and panic, even gamers are suffering. Gamers will suffer more if they get news of a new console that's coming. They will feel the ones they own are totally obsolete. And when a new console comes out, it always goes at a hefty price. I'd like to quote from Sony's Ken Kutaragi from E3 2006:

    "The Playstation 3 will retail for 599 US Dollars."

    That's probably going to be around-average price for new consoles. It's new technology what can you do? It could also trickle down. New system means new games with new technology. Now replace the word "new" in that last sentence with "higher priced". Games now cost an average of sixty dollars. Wouldn't the next new console technology the competitors show be higher as well?

    Well, Microsoft is thinking smart and financially savvy. If it can expand the 360's lifespan, it will hold onto more people who can't plop down what seems like a small mortgage on a new console. Why spend so much on a new console that you can't predict the future of its success on when Microsoft sticks to its guns and says "hey, we won't break your wallet and we'll keep you just as entertained as the others can". This to me is a very good thing.


  • The Battle to Become The King of Kong Continues...

    Gamer News - Billy Mitchell to Continue being a Record Holding Champion

    Billy Mitchell was the first world record holder in the game of Donkey Kong, achieving this feat back in 1982, officially recognized by Twin Galaxies (Videogame authority). Billy has been recognized as somewhat of a prophet when it comes to arcade gaming, being called the "greatest arcade "€œvideogame player of all time". His score went untouched for years.

    In 2007, "The King of Kong: a Fistful of Quarters" came out, chronicling the journey of Steve Wiebe, a Washington state teacher, and his attempt to dethrone the hot sauce king. As a documentary there is obviously some bias involved, but the filmmakers do Billy Mitchell justice, portraying him as an egocentric, and incredibly arrogant human being. He talks a big game, yet refuses to actually play.

    Steve Wiebe went on to become the Donkey Kong record holder for both the live and recorded scores. On August 3, 2006, with a score of 1,049,100 points, Steve Wiebe took the title. The most recent record holder since then was Hank Chien, with a score of 1,061,700 in March of this year.

    Billy Mitchell finally decided to be a man and play in person to reclaim his title; something he vehemently advocated yet wouldn't do. On July 24, 2010 Billy won the top place again with a live score of 1,062,800 in Donkey Kong. He then simply walked away"¦only to respond, "Some say I'm being cocky. Some say I'm being lazy. I say I'm being Billy Mitchell." And the wait for a challenger continues.

    billy mitchell record champion donkey kong

  • Check Your Emails for an Exclusive Kinect Invite

    Gaming News - Check your Email for Kinect Invite Exclusives

    August 11,2010
    Excited for Kinect? Go check your email! Microsoft is offering a "limited audience" of Xbox 360 owners an opportunity to beta test Kinect and changes to Xbox Live before they are due out in November.

    If you receive an email, you may be sent pre-release software and hardware. Not everyone who receives an email will have the opportunity. But if they are one of the privileged few that do, they will get a chance to experience Kinect and the anticipated dashboard re-design before anyone else.

    Follow the link below for the full article.




    Industry News - Optic Gaming and Evil Controllers team up!

    OpTic Gaming is not only a gaming team, but a video game powerhouse producing hundreds of thousands of videos and channels with thousands of views each. They are a highly competitive team with some of the top snipers and players from around the world. With huge fan bases on youtube, facebook, twitter, and myspace, OpTic Gaming is taking the gaming world by storm.
    Evil Controllers is one of OpTic Gaming's sponsors and partners in crime. Evil Controllers produces modded controllers for Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 and other various other products. Evil Controllers are the originators of modded controllers. The company started three and a half years ago and has been producing great quality controllers and service ever since.
    Evil Controllers is pleased to announce the partnering with OpTic Gaming. Together bringing the best gaming team with the best modded controller makers, OpTic Gaming and Evil Controllers are helping each other to become even better. "With Optic being a powerhouse in the gaming world, it only made sense to join forces," explains Jonah Coe, Director of Operations. With OpTic Gaming producing videos for Evil Controllers and Evil Controllers sponsoring OpTic Gaming, the two organizations are pairing up for a great collaboration in the video gaming world.


    What to play this month, July 2010

    There was definitely a wide range of great games that were released these past few months and July was no exception. For Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 NCAA Football 11 took the cake. The PC game was obviously the highly anticipated StarCraft II. Nintendo Wii struggled and didn't have a great game this month. Nintendo DS had Dragon Quest IX. Nintendo DSiWare had Steamworld Tower Defense. Nintendo WiiWare also didn't have any great games unfortunately. For the Play Station Portable, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable was a great one. PSN came up with DeathSpank. XBLA had Limbo. And the iPhone game that was great this month was Archetype. For the article follow the link below.




    cosplay dodgeball costumed sports

    LA is known for so many things and now they can add having a video game-themed dodgeball team into the mix as well. People come out and play dodgeball dressed up as video game characters. It isn't a rule that you have to dress up every week, but who doesn't want to dress up as their favorite character and make them really come to life. Participants get creative with their costumes and display a wide variety of characters from Mario and Sonic to Duck hunt and Carmen Sandiego. This is just another way to bring video games to another level and to just have fun in a creative way. Follow the link below for more pictures and the article.

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