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  • Smartphone meets Video Games, finally!

    Console News - PSP to be combined with Smartphone

    Ever since smart phones have come out, it seems most of the apps offered through the iTunes store or Android markets are games. People have the ability to play Doom on their Droid X or Super Monkey Ball on their Iphones. Looking back, making games applications on phones was the first step to something unique and cool. There have been rumors going around about Sony coming out with a cell phone. Guess what, it's TRUE! It has been confirmed that Sony will be releasing a Playstation cell phone in the future.


    The phone codename is Zeus and was last seen running Android 2.0 OS. Sony has been quite about this project and continues to do so. I like that Sony is trying to keep this project under wraps until they have more details and features to show the public. When you look at the picture, I think Sony is just combing their PSP (new version) with an Android phone. It's about time! The Gameboy Color came out 1998, the PSP came out in 2004 and the android OS came out in 2005 which was later was purchase by Google in the same year. It is 2010 and the gaming world just started talking about combining video games with cell phones. I guess its better late, than never.

    If you do not see or understand the excitement of this, let me explain it too you. Smart phones will meet Playstation portable (PSP) and we will have mobile gaming with networking! Most games offered on phones today are either older or classic games like Pac-man, Tetris, or games from older systems like N64. Imagine how cool it is going to be to be on your phone and playing games like God of War, Kill zone and Red Dead Redemption. It will be awesome to have online game play on your phone. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing games on Iphones and messing with touch screen, but if I could be playing with a mini controller, I would. Make sure to keep up, while this project is still under development, it will definitely be a game changer for many companies like Apple and Nintendo. Get excited for product to come out!

    Written by Evil Ambassador "€œ Caleb King

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops "Is it the next game to be eclipsed by Modern Warfare 2?

    Games News - Black Ops to pass up Modern Warfare 2?


    EA marketed Medal of Honor in a way that suggested it could be the next Modern Warfare, although it was a decent attempt, it just didn't match up. Will Call of Duty: Black Ops fall flat on it's face in the same way? At this point it's a little difficult to tell. The Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch have never been given the same critical acclaim as those made by Infinity Ward, but with Infinity Ward's lead programmers, designers, and Engineers starting there own venture with Respawn Entertainment, I'm guessing Activision's paying special attention to this title.

    In many ways the previews remind me of Halo: Reach. Call of Duty: Black Ops promises more of what we love. A multiplayer with a robust feature set, but it's interesting that Activision has decided to shift the media's attention from the game's campaign and focus to the multiplayer. I've heard more about Black Op's wager matches and their Call of Duty Points then I have their campaign. I can't help, but suspect that has something to do with Medal of Honor's campaign getting railed by critics for bad A.I. pathing, a tame plot, and glitches forcing players to restart to their last check point. That last one I personally dealt with before unlocking my 2nd achievement.

    According to Treyarch the focus on multiplayer is to get players online and playing more then just the campaign. Claiming that a large percentage of Call of Duty fans just don't play online. So they're attempting to fix that with a number of admittedly cool multiplayer modes and improvements.

    • Increased Player Customization
    • Theater Mode
    • Enhanced Zombie mode
    • Wager matches
    • Call of Duty Points

    All of these seem like great additions as bullet points, but how do these features expect to get the uninterested, interested? And are they big enough to pull people away from Modern Warfare 2? I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.

    Written By Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • Zombie Farm!

    Gaming Review View - Zombie Farm!

    Forget Farmville. This Halloween, try out Zombie Farm for your iPhone or iTouch! Instead of farming cabbage, or broccoli, or whatever new vegetable Zynga has come out with, plant, harvest, and raise your zombies to create your own evil empire.


    Although visually almost identical to Farmville, Zombie Farm provides a little more humor to an already relatively addictive concept. Beginning the game, as an evil farmer you must choose between planting crops or zombies. After, just like in Farmville, you sell your zombies or crops to generate money to plant more. Is it redundant and mindless, just like FarmVille? Yes. But is it way cooler because it features zombies, which will never, ever get old? Absolutely.

    Try your hand at mutating your zombie into a Tomatohead Zombie instead of the Average Joe undead. After mutating your zombies enough, they will have enough speed and attack power to give you a solid, swarming army to invade neighboring farms. Charge and storm farms at will, plundering gold and brains. Your neighbors will automatically sync from facebook, leaving the decision on whom to raid completely up to you. Sick of dear old Mom posting her replies to friends on her own wall? Show her who's boss by sending over a minion to eat the virtual brains right out from under her.

    Zombie Farm is currently offered for free on ITunes. Check it out and have a terrifyingly bloody (and gutty) Halloween!

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • NBA Jam to have a Disc Release

    NBA JAM not downloadable but a physical video game!


    With NBA Jam already released on disc for the Wii, the PS3 and Xbox versions that were originally to be original downloadable content for delayed NBA Elite 11, will be now be a retailÂÂdisc release according to an EA Sports representative. EA Sports President Peter Moore stated that EA is going to ship NBA Jam as a standalone product in time for the holidays. This was sort of hinted at as Gamefly recently listed the game for a November launch which knowing Gamefly's rental service meant it was going to be a physical product.

    Jen Riley of EA Sports Vancouver had this to say:
    "The fact that retailers are showing the box is because we are shipping Jam in a box on [Xbox 360 and PS3]....we just haven't announced a firm date."

    With this statement and confirmation the project team is trying to get as much of the Wii's version content onto the PS3/360 version's release and likely point of a price from a matching fifty dollars to a present day standard of sixty dollars.

    Written by Evil Ambassador - Geroncio Copiozo

  • Evil Controllers is proud to announce the new EVIL D-PAD



    Well it's finally out, we've been excited for it's release for awhile now and it really couldn't have come out at a better time for you guys. Black Ops is just around the corner and Super Meat Boy is $10 until the end of the month. Both of these games, while massively different, benefit from our Evil D-pad.

    While shooters may not use the d-pad as often as the analog sticks, typically used for aiming and movement, the d-pad is still an essential part of the experience. Anyone that's played Gears of War to a competitive degree testify that the original Microsoft d-pad is often a failure in critical moments. Bungie ditched the use of the d-pad with Halo: Reach limiting it's use to that of a light switch: night vision goggles on/off. Medal of Honor on the other hand gives gamers four different commands with the d-pad, one for each direction, while it may not appear to be a big deal it's still frustrating to bring out a grenade launcher when I don't intend to. The problem is obviously a larger issue in online play when every second not utilized could be detrimental.

    ground up SMB

    Super Meat Boy on the other hand, is a side scrolling platformer that makes the use of the d-pad feel intuitive, the thumbstick suffers from being too tall to really feel as though you've got a grip on the action. Especially in a game like Super Meat Boy when you're climbing and sliding on walls, you want to feel as close to the action as you can. Those of you that have played N+ can probably imagine what I mean. For games like these, the Evil D-Pad is perfect. Super Meat Boy can require ridiculous precision in the later stages, I don't think anyone in the office has heard me swear like I have today. Just glad I have our new d-pad for it.

    Reading comments about our Evil D-Pad on news sites like is awesome, but a few of the critics commenting don't quite understand that diagonals are still easy to execute. It's not hard guys, you press two buttons instead of one. While the d-pad may not be as perfect for fighting games as a devoted arcade stick, the Evil d-pad is definitely the best option out there since an arcade stick is exclusive to fighting games while the Evil D-Pad is perfect for everything else.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • EA likes MMA and you should too

    Games - EA embraces Mixed Martial Arts and trying to get you to enjoy it also

    UFC and mix martial arts have been around for a few years. I mean if you go on to YouTube and type in MMA you will find some old highlights that people don't know even exist. Ever since UFC got their new president, Dana White, mix martial arts has been on the map. We always here about there pay per views, TV shows on spike and now video games.


    EA sports MMA video game might help the MMA community instead of hurting it like the last few games made. No offense to the creators of Tapout, but the world just wasn't ready to play a MMA game. UFC Undisputed did a good job with creating a career mode that fans would love. After all these years we EA has decided they want to hope on board and take MMA and make it their own.

    EA Sports MMA seems to have an understanding of what fans want out of a mix martial arts game. The first, and also the most important, thing that EA Sports MMA does right is the action in the ring. Gamers will use the right thumb stick to do most of their moves. They will be able to perform takedowns, have strike to pass and pass to strike moments as well. EA was able to understand there is a certain environment MMA fights have. When players are playing they will feel as if they were in a pay per view event. Even though the graphics and game play are good, EA still has some work to do for their next installment. Besides the basic campaign and online match making, the game does not have any other interesting modes. The good thing is, it is the first installment. EA next game will have to improve on that. I personally like this game and think all MMA fans should try it out.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • New Court Ruling to Used Game Dealers...things can get harder...

    Industry News - Trading in Games Got Harder

    With the age of DLC on every modern console threatening the used game dealers such as Gamestop, Game Crazy, and Play N Trade, the dealers will have to comply with a recent federal law. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided that software publishers can stop buyers from reselling their software to others, which differs from rulings in which software can be sold again under a "first sale" doctrine.

    According to Anthony Reese of the University of California-Irvine, the first sale doctrine is responsible for the bulk of public access via the existence of stores that sell used materials like books, records, and videos. He added in that this ruling can be used in other courts and impact their sight over other business types such as eBay and stores like Gamestop.

    To put in an example, around thirty percent of Gamestop's profits are in used games. Add in the domino effect, Gamestop claims that it will impact their new game sales as most of new games are bought with trade-in credit of used games. New game sales cover fourteen percent of their profit.

    But there could be some light to this subject at hand, as big retailers like Target and Best Buy offer used games now, and it is believed by legal experts that publishers are likely to negotiate an agreement about retail of used copies of their games instead of an all out ban of the practice.


    Written by Evil Ambassador - Geroncio Copiozo

  • Top games for rookie gamer girls (part 2 of 3)

    Girl Gaming - Top choices of Rookie Female Gamers, part two!

    Games for girls just starting out need to possess a few essential qualities: they need to be compelling, simple but not mindless, preferably a little on the lighter side (unless gory games are your kind of thing after all, no two girls are completely alike!), and above all, a lot of fun. Here are three more examples of great games for rookie gamer girls.

    Tony Hawk Series
    The Tony Hawk games can pit two to four players against each other for some wild competition, but, more than anything, the evolution of the single player modes is really what separates this series from any other skateboarding or even snowboarding game. With dozens of different levels in locations such as San Francisco, Chicago, or even the zoo, each game is bursting with different objectives for a player to spend hours achieving. Some tasks are easy, and some are tough, showing room for a player's personal improvement and giving them something to aspire to. Graffiti mode is also a fun way to play. Furthermore, a player has the opportunity to play as skater girl champs Elissa Steamer, Vanessa Torres and Stacy Peralta, the world famous Tony Hawk, or other well known skaters such as Jackass' Wee Man and Bam Margera, as well as Bob Burnquist, Rodney Mullen, and Chad Muska.

    Mario Party
    Another franchise from the Mario Universe, Mario Party games provide perfect entertainment for players in groups or on their own competing against the computer. With 8 games released since the 1998 original for Nintendo 64, these games have classic elements that contribute to their entertainment value. The tournaments play much like a board game, with each player rolling the dice and encountering a variety of options depending on which square they land on. Following each round, all players battle each other in mini-games. These mini games range from puzzles to battle rounds, but most of all just consist of random tasks. Since each one is different, no one player truly has the advantage since everyone has different skills. Best of all for a newbie, each mini-game has instructions on how to play and an optional practice round.


    Kingdom Hearts
    For one of the best RPGs for a gamer girl just beginning to delve into the role-playing game genre, Kingdom Hearts is a must. After all, what's not to like about a game where you can kick some butt and play as beloved Disney characters? Beginning with the first installment, which featured Disney characters, levels from Disney stories, and cameos from Final Fantasy characters, Kingdom Hearts has pumped out success after success with great action sequences, interesting storylines, amazingly developed levels, and even voice acting from renowned actors such as Haley Joel Osment, Hayden Panettiere, and Lance Bass. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the sixth installment, will release for North America this September, so go on and reserve a copy now.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Costume Quest

    Game Review - Costume Quest

    Costume Quest

    Developer: Double Fine

    Publisher: THQ

    If you've got a digital sweet tooth for role-playing games, Tim Schafer has got you covered in time for Halloween. From the mind that brought us Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle, comes Tim Schafer's first foray into digital gaming, Costume Quest.

    Although it's frustrating to see digital downloads go up in price. Costume Quest seems to be one title worth the fifteen dollar price tag. The look of the game is unique, and watching the costumes transform into their larger-then-life counterparts in battles is something that captures the imagination I felt as child every Halloween. I'm impressed, but not surprised since Costume Quest's lead animator is Tasha Harris, a former Pixar animator.

    Costume Quest Image 2

    Costume Quest is a turn-based role-playing game that takes place during Halloween and smartly utilizes that to give the game plenty of personality. Your experience is tracked on screen with an indicator that looks like a packet of smarties, and your money is measured through Candy. You travel from one neighborhood to the next trick or treating. Some homes will give you treats, candy, while others have nothing in store for you, but tricks (your typical turn-based battles). This is Halloween and it feels like it.

    If you haven't been sure of digital downloads in the past, check out Costume Quest, maybe you'll have a change of heart.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

  • Video game warfare a soldier does not make

    Industry News - You can't train a soldier with video games!

    Former US Marine and Iraqi Freedom veteran Benjamin Busch has come out with his opinion on the new Medal of Honor in his essay to National Public Radio (NPR). He discusses the creative changes that Medal of Honor has made in its latest game, such as changing "Taliban" to "Opposing Force"
    "I honestly don't like that Medal of Honor depicts the war in Afghanistan right now, because "€œ even as fiction "€œ it equates the war with leisure of games...change the name of the enemy doesn't change who it is"

    He went on to include that Medal of Honor cannot train its players to be actual skilled as special Ops, nor can it convert anyone into Islamic fundamentalism and that the game is to make modern war into a participatory cinema because that is what the creators do as a business.

    I took away from his essay that Benjamin is basically saying you cannot really hide from what something is truly about. Opposing Force whether it be in Modern Warfare, Medal of Honor, or whatever game is a representation of Islamic fundamentalists such as the Taliban or any of the cells of Al Queda regardless of what politically correct term you are going to call it. And that while we should recognize the truth behind the slapped on label of "Opposing Force", we must also recognize that these are forms of entertainment and far, far away from real training of those brave enough to serve our country.


    Written by Evil Ambassador - Geroncio Copiozo

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