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  • Nintendo turns the big 25

    Console News - Nintendo is about the get the big 2-5

    nintendo 25th birthday - evil controllers

    Super Mario isn't the only one with a 25th birthday this year. October 18th, 2010, marked the 25th anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System's sale in the United States.

    In 1985, Manhattan's FAO Schwarz sold the very first NES that would later begin a nationwide craze. The NES sold for ten years in the United States, ceasing production in 1995 after having sold approximately 50 million consoles.

    The first titles released included Excitebike, Duck Hunt, Baseball, and Ice Climber. Within the 10 years the NES was manufactured, amazing franchises such as The Legend of Zelda and Metroid were born, and, of course, who could forget Super Mario's growth and development with the Nintendo Entertainment System?

    Most notably, women pieced the first systems themselves together. According to Kotaku, the initial home consoles had Printed Circuit Boards put together by women with magnifying glasses. Quite impressive, ladies!

    Imagine the world had the NES not broken through and created such a demand for video gaming. Would we even have Xbox, and PlayStation, or would everyone still be stuck having to go out to shopping malls and local arcades to get their gaming fix? We certainly would not have our Nintendo Wiis or Nintendo 64's to entertain us when hanging out with friends, and perhaps the internationally recognized characters such as Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Link would have no relevance. That would have destroyed the creation of hundreds of Halloween costumes, stationery, and above all, the games themselves and the millions of hours spent total by gamers growing up with the franchises. What a strange concept.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • King of Kong on the Big Screen?

    Industry News - King of Kong to be in a Theater near you?

    Billy Mitchell and Steve Weibe are known for the ongoing battle for the title of King of Kong. They both have spent a significant portion of time trying to get the best score on the original Donkey Kong game. Their documentary "King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" is greatly known throughout the gaming world and has developed a cult following. If you thought we couldn't get enough of these two, you were WRONG!

    There have been talks about making a featured film. They are currently working on the script and working with New Line Cinema. It is going to be interesting to see if they capture the magic from the documentary and put it a scripted film.

    There are some concerns about making this movie. The success of this movie was a complete shock to many. The timing and release of the original documentary helped to make it successful. The writers for the new film will need to address that we are in a different era, where Donkey Kong and Mario are not the face of gaming but Halo and Call of Duty. Instead, these games have moved into the classic realm of gaming. They represent gaming nostalgia. This should be interesting project for New Line to work on, can't wait for it to come out.


    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • Top games for rookie gamer girls (part 1 of 3)

    GIRL GAMING - Top Games for New Female Gamers

    If you're a female and haven't ever touched a video game controller, what have you been doing with your life? Gaming isn't just for boys (and girls with lackluster love lives) more and more, chicks are joining the ranks of both serious and casual gamers.

    But where to begin for the inexperienced? Well, there are plenty of games that generally tend to attract women, ranging anywhere from rookie to the expert. What's great about these games is their ability to appeal to everyone. These games are fun, compelling, and best of all, not so difficult as to totally lose you on your first gaming journey, but challenging enough to keep you hooked.

    In the first of a three-part article, I'll start with three series ranging from the very old to the very new.

    girl gaming Mario_Kart - evil controllers

    Mario Kart
    The Mario universe has churned out over a hundred games, including Mario specific games or ones where he simply makes an appearance. But, for the sake of a newbie girl starting out, Mario Kart has to be one of the best. With a multitude of levels varying in difficulty and system that can be mastered quickly, Mario Kart is a great multiplayer game for a friend show you the reigns on or to figure out on your own. Try playing with Toad or Peach lighter weight characters provide easier handling for beginners. With Mario Kart games on Wii, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, the classic on N64, and the upcoming Mario Kart 3DS to be released, there's a ton to choose from for any Nintendo console.


    Rock Band
    For one of the best games to play in a group (and not feel like a nerd), definitely choose Rock Band. Try your skills at virtual guitar, bass, or drums or show off your voice playing the role of front woman. Rock Band can be played at Easy through Expert and the different instruments are great teaching tools. You just might have a hidden talent in music just waiting to be unleashed! Maybe you won't be Jimi Hendrix at the guitar, but maybe you're amazing at the drums. Maybe you're so good you could play in a real life band! The franchise now has Rock Band 1-3 and few band specific ones. It plays on Wii, Xbox, and Playstation 3 (or 2). Best of all, there are so many songs in the Rock Band jukebox sang by women (Blondie, Lady Gaga, Carrie Underwood)!


    NHL Series
    Sports games are plenty of fun albeit a little confusing, especially for a girl who doesn't follow real life sports. That's why my pick for a sports game for girls would revolve around hockey (or even soccer). These no-nonsense games enact simpler rules and objectives than something like football, take less practice to get the hang aiming and scoring, and don't require too much strategy. Sometimes it's fun to just create your own team, name them after your friends, and beef up their stats to max that's definitely what I did back when I started with NHL 97. The upcoming NHL 11 will come out for PS3 and Xbox in September.

    So get out there and start gaming! Stay tuned for the next list to help you get started.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Infamous Cole is back!

    Gaming News - Infamous Back and Better than Ever!

    For gamers who enjoy free roaming and shocking enemies with their hands, wait no longer. Infamous 2 is coming out; Cole is back and stronger than ever.


    Infamous 1 is about Cole acquiring his super powers and learning about what it means to be a superhero in an unnamed city. Infamous 2 will take the story further with Cole's journey as a superhero. The second game was given a definitive place, a new city called Marais, which is based on New Orleans. Cole heads to this city in search of a scientist who is believed to hold the key to defeating the dark entity. As Cole learns more and more, he must harness his powers to save mankind.

    Sucker Punch seems to have kept a lot of the things fans loved in the first installment just made it better. Cole is still able free roam and has the ability to shock anything in his path. With the new game, of course come new powers for our friend. Cole is now able to pick up a car and launch it at someone. Once the truck is floating in the air and suspended by Cole's power, the player just targets whatever he/she wants to hit with the onscreen reticle.

    The storyline for Infamous is very unique. Gamers have the options of following a good path or a dark one. It will be interesting to see what plot twist Sucker Punch threw in to this sequel. Comics and video games go hand and hand and it seems Infamous has been able to catch the magic that makes it work. Infamous 2 will come out some time in 2011.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King

  • Redbox game rents going nationwide

    Industry News - Redbox to be everywhere!


    Redbox game rentals are going nationwide. As of now, the service is expanding to 24,000 Redbox kiosks, nicely located outside thousands of local grocery and convenience stores. Currently offering a wide variety of games at $2 per day, Redbox rents out titles for the DS, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. currently features a section where you can look up kiosks by zipcode and see which titles each specific one has as well, which definitely cuts down on drive time searching for any specific title.

    How well will this actually work? For someone who just wants one game, once in a while, this may be the best bet but a month of renting can reach the cost of flat out buying the game, unless the renter decides to switch it up with different games every week or so (which is very likely, as the majority of gamers can probably beat a game in way under a month). Furthermore, although gamers can best a game in under a month, generally it takes much more than one day or so to beat a game (not including the online multiplayer modes popular to games like Halo and Call of Duty) unless the person is so passionate as to maybe pull an all nighter playing but, in that case, those hardcore gamers may have already purchased the games themselves and are not looking to rent. And, for that matter, sites like GameFly allow renters to have one game at a time for as long as desired for $15.95 a month, equivalent to 8 days worth of gaming with Redbox. Therefore, Redbox's rental system will most likely work best for casual gamers who only want to keep a specific game for a couple of days, and don't intend on trying out new games for an entire month's span or more. All in all, however, Redbox's gaming rental system seems overpriced and many steps behind those of other companies, especially with potential new developments coming from Netflix, Google, and Apple in the future.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Test drive the new Chevy without getting off your couch

    XBOX 360 Console NEWS: Chevy and others advertise by XBOX

    The forces of Sprint, T-Mobile, and Chevrolet in using the Kinect from Microsoft in order to advertiseÂÂto gamers in a new way. When Kinect Joy Ride comes out later this year, Chevrolet will use the technology of the Kinect in order to have gamers test-drive vehicles in-game. In addition you can unlock other Chevy products such was the Cruze, Camaro, and the Corvette.

    chevy advertising by xbox live - evil controllers

    Sprint will be using Kinect by sponsoring the launch of Kinect Adventures by co-branding the experience on X-Box live and also holding a contest where people can get their pictures on the sponsored service. T-Mobile will be behind Kinect Sports, where they will have product placement in various parts of the game, and also like Sprint, they will hold various contests as well.

    It seems that the wall that stood between advertiser and consumer has been shattered thanks to the innovations of these companies, does it mean that it could be a new form of advertisement that will continue on and gain more companies to jump on the bandwagon? Only time will tell.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Geroncio Bonito Copiozo

  • Video game related injuries on the rise

    Industry News - Research finds Video Games connected to a number of injuries

    <h1>Industry News - Research finds Video Games connected to a lot of injuries</h1>
    Well, ladies and gentlemen we truly are living in the 21st century. According to aÂÂresearch team from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, video game related injuries are on the rise, especially with the increasingly popular trend of interactive video games.

    "These games are fun to play and differ significantly from traditional video games as the player must physically mimic movements in order to compete. Injuries sustained during these interactive games are likely to be similar to injuries sustained in real sports," stated Dr. Patrick O'Toole, lead study author.


    The study analyzed data from January 2004 through January 2009 and found 696 reported gaming-related injuries from the past five years, 604 of which resulted from traditional video games, and 92 occurring due to interactive games. 76 of those 92 injuries came specifically from playing the Nintendo Wii, although the study did not name specific games.
    Interactive games caused a significantly larger number of shoulder, ankle, and foot injuries, whereas traditional games generated every single reported case of seizures, eye pains, and all but one of 24 reported neck injuries. Furthermore, interactive games brought on an amount of bystander injuries as well, especially found in participants under the age of 10.
    Dr. O'Toole recommends using caution when playing games, giving yourself and other players adequate space and supervising players under the age of 10.

    Have you ever been caught in a disastrous video-game related injury, readers? Many gamers do tend to take competition very seriously, and play four hours at a time with absolutely no breaks, especially putting stress on the hands and fingers. Feel free to comment with any interesting game-related injury stories!

    Written By Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson

  • Gears of War: Not until Fall 2011

    Games - Gears of War Delayed

    Waiting patiently for Gears of War 3? Keep waititng. So sorry to inform you but Gears is being pushed back until Fall 2011.The game was supposed to be released in spring 2011, but Epic Games and Microsoft decided that was too early. Apparently they are pushing it back to benefit themselves as opposed to a customer related reason like quality of the game With the holiday's right around the corner, sales for this game should be great if released in the fall. Also, Microsoft made a point to announce they want Gears of Wars 3 to be the cover game for 2011, like Halo Reach. This might be a better move for the Gears of Wars series, with the line up of games coming out over the next year, Gears of War will have better luck with more attention and focus if it comes out in the fall . We know, and they know that fans are anxiously looking forward to this game and releasing it at a later date helps to build the anticipation.


  • Politics would be SO much cooler if they were decided by NBA Jam

    Games - NBA Jam sets Politicians against each other


    Taking a page from the old NBA Jam games, there will be political figures in NBA Jam. EA's latest game in the franchise will feature the political figures of today including Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, John McCain, and President Obama.

    Thankfully, both sides of the aisle will be represented and will have actual teams based on their parties of both Republican and Democrat and will have their own uniforms and home courts. So far it's been confirmed to be included on the Wii at the moment but they're likely to be on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions in an upcoming update.

    Now it's only a matter of time before we get the Fox News team slam dunk over the MSNBC team. Then the game will end when the pointless arguing makes the entire stadium fall asleep

    Written by Evil Ambassador Geroncio Bonito Copiozo

  • Can Medal Of Honor Be EA's Call of Duty?

    Games - Medal of Honor to be like EA's Call of Duty?

    Medal of Honor Game image provided by Evil Controllers

    Spending a lot of my time with Halo: Reach and other gaming distractions, I'm left to decipher the opinions of others when it comes to Medal of Honor. EA has obviously spent an incredible amount of money advertising this franchise, but even if this Medal of Honor turns out not to be that great, it won't all be superfluous. To be clear, EA hasn't spent money on just this game, they've spent the marketing dollars on a blitz to revive the name, the juggernaut, the franchise for the inevitable Medal of Honor 2.

    Reviews across the board are giving this game an adequate score., which aggregates review scores, informs us that Medal of Honor is a 75 out of 100, that's a C. I haven't received one of those since before I started trying in my second year of college. I dislike Metacritic as much as the next hardcore hippie gamer, but a game like Medal of Honor is marketed for the exact kind of people that would use Metacritic in the first place, and a 75 can't be what EA wants them to see. People are losing their jobs and the guys in charge of press relations are certainly getting assaulted by questions suggesting they don't know how to do their job. But how can they expect an average game to get anything more than an average rating?

    EA isn't a new kid on the block, EA's been around for awhile and generally has an answer for everything. They found Resident Evil 4's success to suggest that there was a market for survival horror and gave us Dead Space, then found God of War's market strangely untapped by anyone besides Sony's Entertainment Studios and gave us Dante's Inferno. They find a market they think they can break into and make a game for it. For a game with a triple-A budget, Medal of Honor is being poorly received, at least critically, but most people that play games aren't critics so maybe it won't matter. In anycase, I have problems believing EA wouldn't be ready for this kind of reception.

    I'm excited to get my hands on the title itself and see what I think, but I'm guessing EA released this Medal of Honor knowing that it was, "good enough." Good enough, to encourage consumers to pick up Medal of Honor 2 which will recuperate costs from this investment, and which will have more time and polish to be a quality title. From what I've read, this game seems to have problems with it's fundamentals. The campaign has scripted scenarios that can't be altered and at times just don't activate when they should. While the multiplayer suffers from an identity crisis as it tries to implement the best qualities of both Modern Warfare and Battlefield Bad Company 2. For a game that's trying to be a better version of Call of Duty, maybe it's just too much to expect the first attempt to stand a chance, but with what they've spent, I didn't expect them to release a title that has potential for such disappoint.

    Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes

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